The alarm went off and the news came on the clock radio sitting on the nightstand in Kyle's bedroom for the second time. The young man rolled over looking at the digital display on his alarm radio indicating 06:00, so he sat up shutting off the alarm leaving the radio going. Normally, Kyle was up and moving by 05:30 every morning. Before Kyle got out of bed he glanced over at the inviting ass of his new bed partner thinking he would rather remain in bed with him, but he knew that he needed to get up and take care of his morning wood.

There had been no sex between them; however, sex was in Kyle's thoughts. He was thinking how nice it would be to bury his face between those creamy white buns. Kyle hadn't had sex in a few weeks and was horny. He put the thoughts out of his head and stood up.

Kyle began stumbling through the darkness of the bedroom towards the nightlight in the bathroom. He finally found the dimly lit bathroom and switched on the light. He then stood over the porcelain throne admiring his morning hard on. He began to stroke and tug on it before he unleashed a powerful stream of pent up piss.

The urine was hitting the water in the toilet bowl causing some splashing. The sound of the stream was as if Kyle had turned on a garden hose and held it over the commode. Once his morning piss was complete Kyle's morning wood began to lose its length and girth. No sooner had he finished taking a leak and shaking the last few drops from his flaccid penis than the homeless waif appeared in the bathroom to take care of his morning business.

'Morning,' Kyle said as he bent over the sink to flush his eyes and face to wake up.

'Morning,' Came the sleepy reply from Shawn as he peed.

Kyle wanted to go back to bed and engage in sex with the homeless waif, but there was a new day ahead and he'd already overslept. He left Shawn in the bathroom returning to the bedroom where he switched on the light. Kyle pulled on his workout gear just as Shawn entered the bedroom.

'You want to go with for a run and workout this morning?'

'Sure,' Shawn replied, 'but I don't have any sweat pants and shirt.'

Kyle walked over to the dresser and pulled the bottom drawer out. He reached down and picked out a set of sweats and handed them to Shawn saying, 'Here these are tight on me, so they may be a little larger for you but they should do the trick.'

Shawn began pulling on the sweats. Once both were on his body he said, 'These things fit okay.'

'You can have them.'

The two men left Kyle's apartment for the parking lot for a few warm up exercises where they were joined by a couple of other morning risers doing their warm-ups ready to tackle the running trail. The two were a man and women couple that Kyle knew and would run with on occasion. After introductions the foursome headed out for a five mile run.

When the foursome finished the run Kyle and Shawn broke off from the couple who planned on swimming. Kyle explained, 'My cousin doesn't have any swimming gear or we'd join you.'

The two went to the community weight room where they knocked out a few sets on the weight machines. Back at the apartment both men showered and dressed. They then walked down the street to the café that Kyle often frequented for breakfast.

After breakfast was over Kyle sipped his coffee and then asked, 'You still interested in remaining in the area for a while?'


'Okay, I'll take you into work with me and introduce you to my boss as a cousin from out of town that is looking for some temporary work until you decide what you're going to do.'

'Great,' Shawn replied, 'Thanks for all you've done, Kyle.'

'You deserved better than what you were doing to earn money when we met. Come on let's get over to the office.'

The two began walking down the street and after about four blocks Kyle turned into a group of buildings. He approached a glass door on the second floor pulling it open with Shawn behind him Kyle entered the office. Kyle waved at the boss in his office. The boss waved for Kyle to come into his office.

'Kyle, get on the phone this morning and find me six or seven strong able body people. I need to fill a client's request and have at least part of the commitment filled by 07:30 this morning.'

'I think I can fill at least one, maybe two of those slots right now. The first one with my cousin from Tennessee,' Kyle replied to his boss laying an application form in front of Mr. Cash, 'Shawn has been hitchhiking across country this summer and is now looking for some work.'

The boss looked over the application and said, 'Bring him in.'

Kyle turned towards the door waving Shawn in. 'Mr. Cash this is my cousin Shawn Stiles.'

'Can you handle hard work in this August heat young man?'

Shawn answered back, 'Yes sir.'

'Good, I need five or six more bodies this morning Kyle. Oh, I hope you have some work clothes, Shawn.'

'Yes sir, they're at Kyle's apartment.'

'Well, get back there changed and back her in the next thirty minutes young man.'

Kyle gave Shawn the keys to the apartment. Shawn returned to Kyle's and put on his old clothes that had been washed and then ran back to the temporary employment office. By then another young man was in the office. He was a college student that Kyle knew. The client came by and picked up the two temps and told Kyle he would need the full compliment by 07:00 tomorrow morning.

For the next few days Shawn was working ten hours a day for his temp boss that was moving his entire operation from one town to another. On Friday Shawn met Kyle for breakfast and told him that he and the other guy would be going to the losing location for a week to help box things up and help with the move while the others remained at the new location to finish getting things ready.

Once again Shawn thanked Kyle for getting him the job. During the week away Kyle secretly began to miss the smaller lad in the bed next to him of a night. Since their first meeting nothing had happened between them except the blowjob in the theater and Kyle was looking forward to having the homeless waif back in his bed once the temp job was over.

The next week was lonely for Kyle waiting for Shawn to return from the out of town assignment. During this time Kyle had been notified by his boss that three of the boys were going to be picked up for more hours after the move and Shawn was going to be offered a full-time job. Needless to say, Kyle was overjoyed at the news.

Kyle went shopping to buy a few surprise items for Shawn. He also laid in a supply of condoms, Fleet enemas and lubricants. There is an old saying, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.' Kyle was beginning to become attached to the homeless waif and couldn't wait for his return.



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