After a long day at work, I arrived home exhausted. I grabbed the mail from he mail room in the lobby of my condo and headed for my retreat on the fifth floor. As the elevator rose I scanned through the mail and noticed a return address of my old high school. I tossed it aside and headed for the fridge for a cold beer.

After changing and downing half the beer, I relaxed in my recliner and began reading through the mail. The reunion was scheduled for three months down the road and would consist of a casual cocktail party Friday evening, a family event at a park Saturday morning, and a formal dinner dance Saturday night. I debated about going and tossed the notice aside.

As time grew closer, I made up my mind to go and mailed in my fee for the events that were scheduled. I knew that I needed to find a place to stay since my parents had sold their house and retired to Florida. I made reservations for a small suite at the Marriot starting the Sunday night a week before the reunion. I would use that time as one week of my vacation.

The time arrived and I flew back home and rented a car before checking into the hotel. After settling in, I drove around town taking note of all the changes that had occurred. I drove past the high school and remembered Coach Baker. He was the Athletic Director and head football coach. During high school, I always thought that Coach Baker was attractive and had fantasies about having sex with him.

On Monday morning, after breakfast, I again passed the school and saw a new truck parked in the spot marked 'Reserved Athletic Director'. I decided to stop and say hello.

I entered the gym and after a moment Coach Baker looked my way and smiled. He quickly assigned some exercises for the class and walked over to me.

"Mark Rivers! I'll be darn. You here for the reunion?" he said as he shook my hand and gave me a hug.

"Yes sir, Coach. I came early to reminisce . I'll be here all week."

"Great, but first off, you're no longer a student, so call me Clay. And secondly, as you can see I've got a class going. I really would love to visit with you but can't right now, but what about having dinner with me tonight?"

"What about your wife?"

"Mark, we divorced six years ago and I've never been happier."

"Well then dinner sounds great."

"Good, I'll pick you up. Where are you staying?"

"I'm at the Marriott, suite 1210."

"See you tonight. Is seven thirty okay with you?"

"Sure. See you then."

We shook hands again and I left, thinking about how much hotter Coach Baker was today that he was when I was in school.

I continued driving around town, stopping later for lunch at the old drive-in where all the kids hung out. I later returned to my room for a nap before showering for dinner with Clay.

I awoke around six and after a beer from the fridge, I hit the shower. After showering, I stepped out of the large walk in shower and dried off. Just then there was a hard knock on my door.

I checked my watch as I walked to the door with only a towel around my waist. It was ten to seven. Looking through the viewer, I saw Clay standing there waiting.

Opening the door, I invited him before he said, "Sorry for arriving early, but I live out on the edge of town and I couldn't see driving all the way out there then back in, so I showered at school. I keep extra clothes there in my office.'

We shook hands again and I don't know if it was accidental or on purpose, but his hand caught the edge of my towel and it quickly dropped to the floor.

Looking at me he smiled and said, "Mark, you're even better looking than you were in school and damn sure better built." He looked me over then smiled and added, "In more ways than one."

I thanked him and as I did I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a bulge growing in the crotch of his pants.

Then he caught me off guard and hugged me again, all while my cock was slowly stiffening. after the hug he noticed and smiled. Then he stepped closer and to my shocked surprise, he leaned in and kissed me as his right hand began to gently stroke my cock.

AS we kissed, I felt his lips part and his tongue began to snake it's way between my lips. I responded by parting my lips and offering my tongue as my hand began unzipping his slacks and extracting his cock.

After a moment, our lips parted and as I looked into his eyes, I said, "Do you mind if we have a late dinner?"

"Not at all," he replied.

With that I led him to the bedroom and once there I began to slowly strip him as we again kissed. Once I had him as naked as I was, we lay on the bed and within seconds he was between my legs devouring my hard swollen cock.

He paused a moment and said, "Mark, I wanted to do this all through high school, but I'd never make advances on a student much less an under age one."

"I had desires for you also," I replied, before turning and getting into a sixty-nine.

Before long, we were feeding each other our built up loads, both of us hungrily swallowing the delicious loads fed to us.

After another long hot kiss, we lay cuddled and talked. As our cocks once more began to stiffen, Clay positioned himself over me and eagerly sat on my hard took and began riding me. It was awesome to look up into his sky blue eyes and see him smile as I massaged his hairy chest and nipples with my hands. After filling his ass we traded places and I had the pleasure of feeling him deep in me.

it was nearly eleven when we went to find something to eat. After dinner, we returned to my suite and Clay spent the night with me. Before going to sleep, we had another sixty-nine then I asked Clay if he had sex with any others in my graduating class.

Smiling, he said, "More than you would think."

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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