From Part 1....

It was nearly eleven when we went to find something to eat. After dinner, we returned to my suite and Clay spent the night with me. Before going to sleep, we had another sixty-nine then I asked Clay if he had sex with any others in my graduating class.

Smiling, he said, "More than you would think."


"Fuck! Fill me in," I said.

"Okay, but just a little to tease you. I'll give you more details tomorrow after class if you'll let me come back over."

"Clay, you can come by as often as you want while I'm here, now start talking."

Laughing, he began.

"Do you remember Chris Donaldson, Zach Simmons, Butch Wilkins and Sean O'Leary?"

"Hell yea! The five of us hung around together all the time. Don't tell me that they are gay also? Hell, Zach even went pro."

"I know and yes all four of them are gay also."

"How did you find out?"

"Well, the year after graduation after classes began, Chris and Butch came to me asking if they could use the equipment in the afternoon after class. It's against policy because of possible injury, but I had the hot's for them so I said yes. After they got out of class at the college here they would come by. After a few weeks, I happened to walk in on then having a sixty-nine of one of the benches. They saw me getting boned and asked if I would like to join them. After locking all the doors I stripped and joined them. It became a regular thing. Zach and Sean also started college here. From what I was told, Chris and Butch eventually came out to Zach first then later Sean. It seemed that both of them had also been curious about sex with men. Before long the four of them started spending weekends at my place and it was one big orgy. We all talked about you and what it would be like to have you join us."

"Fucking hot, but I thought you were going to wait on the details until tomorrow."

"I was but I knew you'd bug me to death for the details."

"I can't believe that my four best friends are all gay also. Maybe we all had those urges and it showed to the others and that's why we were all close friends."

"That's possible," Clay replied.

We kissed again and cuddled and soon fell asleep in each others arms. Upon awakening, we kissed then began a hot sixty-nine. Although Clay was close to forty, he didn't look older than maybe thirty, and his cock still got as hard as steel and the load it produced was huge and thick. And delicious!

Clay had said that he had been in touch with the others and that they were going to be at the reunion. I couldn't wait to see them and hopefully somehow we could all have sex.

Tuesday night Clay had a meeting to attend so I visited the local gay bar on the outskirts of town. Since it was just outside the city limits, none of the obscenity codes that the city had were unenforceable. It was surrounded by parking lot and woods, all owned by the bar owner. On the rear was a huge patio where clothing was optional. Sex occurred both inside the bar and outside on the patio.

After entering, and ordering a beer, I began to circulate around. I soon noticed a hot extremely muscular stud in his mid twenties wearing a leather vest and leather jock with a pouch that unsnapped for access to the cock. He also wore a studded collar. Our eyes met and I saw him lick his lips. Slowly, I made my way closer to him and as I did, he stepped closer and said "Master, Sir, may I have the honor of servicing you?"

"Yes, you may slut," I replied.

"Thank you, Sir," he replied as he dropped to his knees and unzipped my jeans and taking out my cock. He hungrily began sucking me and after a while another masculine stud standing next to me watching leaned closer and said, "When you shoot, he loves for you to shoot in his face."

"Thanks for letting me know," I replied.

I soon reached my climax and as I did, I pulled out and he began jerking me off aiming my load at his face. Once I was drained and his face was covered with my cream, he stood up and looked at the guy that had spoken to me and asked, "Was that satisfactory, Master?"

"Yes, this time it was."

"Who should I service next, Master?" the slut asked.

The master pointed out another man and away the slut went. I watched a while, my cock still hanging out of my pants like most of the others. I got a fresh beer and eased my way out onto the patio. About half or two thirds of the men were totally naked, many either sucking cock or getting fucked, many doing both at the same time. I went to an open locker that was provided and stripped locking up my clothes.

As I made my way around the crowd, I found a guy just barely old enough to be in the bar. His ass was hot and bubbly. I walked over and began rubbing his ass cheeks and as I did, he turned to face me and smiled, then bent over.

I eased my cock into his pre-lubed hole and began fucking him. After a moment, I felt a hand pubbing lube on my ass. Seconds later, I felt a hot thick cock head making it's way into my hole. I paused long enough to let him get in balls deep. Then as I was getting fucked, I was fucking the kid. When the guy fucking me reached his climax, he pushed me over the edge and I filled the kids ass. It was awesome, not only fucking and getting fucked at the same time but having numerous guys watching the performance.

Before the evening was over, I had fucked another hot stud and sucked numerous beautiful cocks. I left a happy man.

Wednesday, Clay called and asked to come over after he left the school. I told him to hurry. We had several hours of hot sex and before he left he asked if I would like to go to his place the following evening for burgers and a swim. I said definitely.

I arrived the next afternoon, and he greeted me at the door totally nude. After a hot wet kiss, I stripped and tossed my clothes on a chair. He smiled and asked if I'd like to take a quick swim, to which I eagerly agreed.

We went out to the pool with beers in hand and dove into the pool. Soon we were kissing and groping each other. We played around a while and with cocks still hard, we headed back into the house.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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