From Part 2....

I arrived the next afternoon, and he greeted me at the door totally nude. After a hot wet kiss, I stripped and tossed my clothes on a chair. He smiled and asked if I'd like to take a quick swim, to which I eagerly agreed.

We went out to the pool with beers in hand and dove into the pool. Soon we were kissing and groping each other. We played around a while and with cocks still hard, we headed back into the house.


Part 3.....

We entered and as we did, I froze. There before me stood four hot muscular naked men. After just a split second, I realized who it was. I first recognized Sean because of his red hair and red bush, and Butch with his hot hairy chest which I had admired back in high school. I then quickly recognized Chris and Zach.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

They all came over to me and began hugging and kissing me and groping my hard cock.

Butch spoke first and said, "If we had only known about each other in our senior year, just think of the fun we could have had."

"Well, guys, that's why I invited all of you over today. I think you guys need to make up for some lost time. You have all night tonight and all day tomorrow."

We immediately began a hot orgy there on the floor and before long I had sucked off all four of my buds as well as our former coach. Butch and Sean took turns sucking my cock and once I climaxed they kissed and shared it. After a brief pause, Chris and Zack did the same and shared my load.

After a couple more beers, I got on my hands and knees and said, "Okay guys, I'm ready to take all four of you on. It's just a matter of who's first."

Zach spoke up and said, "I am."

Seconds later he had his seven and a half in cock buried in my ass and was pumping away and I was loving it. After he filled me, Sean took over, quickly making his deposit, then came Chris and final Butch with his almost nine inch cock. When Butch had made his huge deposit, I whispered to him, "I wanted you way back in high school, and I ant you again."

"Only if I can get yours also," he replied.

"Any time you want it," I replied.

Later as we all sat out by the pool, I asked how they all got started with each other. Chris spoke up first.

"It was just before graduation. Zach and I had been out one night and after a few beers, we started daring each other to do things. Eventually the dares became sexual and we ended up nude. I stated getting a boner and Zach saw it and got one also. I saw him looking at mine and dared him to suck it. He said he would if I sucked him at the same time. The next thing we know we were in a sixty-nine sucking each other. It became a regular thing. Then one day after Clay had left the gym we were in the showers sucking each other when Clay came back unexpectedly."

"It turned me on," Clay took over adding, "I stripped and joined them. As I sucked one the other fucked me. that's when the three of us started."

Sean then spoke up saying that one night after graduation, Chris and Zach picked him up and they went out to the lake and were all skinny dipping.

"I looked around at one point and saw them headed for some bushes. I walked over and found Zach sucking Chris. When he notice I was there he motioned for me to come closer. I was boned and the next thing I knew he was sucking me and Chris began tongue kissing me. well, one thing led to another and I was soon sucking them."

"Then they bought me into the group on a campout. I had been curious since my junior year so when it began getting hot I was ready to join in. We wanted to try and get you involved but as you remember things were crazy that summer. I was soon joining Clay, Chris and Sean in orgies with Clay. We often wondered if you were into men or not. We were thrilled when Clay called us and set this all up."

We had sex most of the night and the next day. During our breaks we talked and I found out that Butch worked for company with headquarters in the town where I lived. "Maybe when I'm in the office at times we can get together."

"I'd like that," I replied.

If I make an excuse for not getting together tonight after the get together, do you think you could do the same? I'd really like to get with you just one on one."

"I'll pretend to not feel well," I said then gate him my suite number and hotel.

After the party I made my excuses and headed for my room. bout thirty minutes later there was a knock at the door. I peeked out and saw Butch waiting and quickly opened the door.

He came in and after a long passionate kiss, e began undressing and as we did, he said, "Mark, I was always interested in you our senior year. I felt sure you felt the same way by the way I always caught you looking at me."

"I was admiring your hairy chest. It always did turn me on."

"Well, you can admire and play with it all you want tonight, but only after you fuck me."

"How about while I fuck you?"

"That would be even better," he replied.

We had a beer then headed for the bedroom. Soon, Butch was on his back and legs raised and as I slipped my cock into his ass and began fucking him I leaned forward and began nipping on his big nipples. He moaned in shear pleasure before I stopped and began kissing him.

I soon filled his tight hungry hole and almost instantly he was in me and fucking my ass wildly. It wasn't long before he filled my hole. Afterward, we kissed passionately and cuddled.

"Mark, I've got something to tell you now that I know that you live in the same town as our home office."

"What would that be?" I asked.

"I'm a front runner for Vice President of sales, and if I get the position I'll be moving there."

"Holy shit! If you do why don't you room with me. I've got plenty of room."

"I'd like that but I don't want the others to know just yet."

"I won't say a word," I replied.

Butch and I had fantastic sex for the rest of the night and the next morning. That night was the big dinner and dance and afterwards we all went back to Clay's for one last night of hot sex.

The next morning after we had breakfast wit5h the rest of the class, we said our goodbyes. I had given Butch my address night he stayed with me and as we said our goodbyes, he winked at me and smiled.

I returned home with a new lease on life. About six weeks later I got a call from Butch that he was coming into town for an interview for the position. he said that the company offered to get him a room but he told then that he had an old high school football buddy that he could stay with. when he arrived he rented a car and came to my place.

As soon as the door was closed, he began kissing me and undressing me as I did the same to him. Moments later we were on the floor, hungrily devouring each others cocks. After feeding each other, we sat and talked.

"If you get the position, I hope you will consider moving in here with me."

"I'd love that if you really want me to."

"Baby, I'd like nothing better."

The next day he went for his interview and just incase he got back early I gave him a key to my place telling him to just keep it.

That evening when I returned home I found a note that read: 'I don't know how I went but hope to know soon. They had me scheduled on an early flight out but I'll call you as soon as I know something. Love Ya, Butch"

A week later, when I arrived home on that Friday, I unlocked the door and went in a d smelled something delicious cooking.

Butch looked out of the kitchen and said, "Welcome home, roomie."

"You got the job?"

"Yea but I wanted to surprise you. I'm all moved in and my furniture is in storage."

I was so thrilled, all I could do was run to him and kiss him. It was then that I realized that he was nude. I quickly stripped and joined him. After dinner, I looked at him and said, "Tomorrow we have some moving to do."

"Oh? In what way?"

There is a big empty closet in the master bedroom. We're moving you things in there with mine. And I hope you agree top share my bed."

"Damn, you'd think we were lovers," he said.

"I wouldn't mind that," I replied.

He turned to me and said, "Well, I have to admit that I love you more than anything, and therefore I'd love for you to be my life partner."

"My pleasure but I bet you don't love me as much as I love you."

"Yes, I do," he replied

"No you don't."

"Yes I do," he insisted and he pressed his lips to mine.

I called Clay, Chris, Zach, and Sean and invited them on a fishing trip. the agreed and once out on the boat I had leased, we told them the news. Our skipper was in his late thirties and I told him that we weren't doing any fishing but that we were going to have an orgy on the deck he just smiled and said, "Go for it."

We soon all stripped and when we looked up at the bridge the captain was nude also and soon joined in.

We have our own reunion every three to four months and have a full weekend of se. On those weekends the captain reserves the boat just for us at no charge if we want to have sex on the high seas.

THE END........................



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