He's Country and I am Proud Part 3 of 3

By Entonces

This is a true story where the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

One of the nicest things that a porn site can do is to allow you to see their models. After all it is their models that sell the site to us subscribers. You can find a Danny look alike on Active Duty.com. The model Asher and Danny could be twins in the face. Danny had more muscles and a better ass. You can find Asher from this web site review pages.

I have been very lucky in my life with having a beautiful husband and very hot looking butt buddies. Danny came into my life when he was 18 years old and recently graduated from the Navy boot camp in San Diego California. That day he was wearing Navy swim shorts which strained to cover his ample ass. Before the week end was over I was able to get inside that pure white ass only to end up in a serious fist fight. But that was not to end our knowing each other. Danny got hurt and was discharged from the Navy. He went on to getting married once in San Diego then became a father in his home state of Louisiana with his second wife. During this time we maintained correspondence over the Internet, which lead to our getting together for some hot make-up for lost time sex while he took a vacation with me in San Diego. Coming back to the big city lit a fire in Danny. Swamp land Louisiana is fine but the city is fun.

When Danny was on wife number three they moved to Long Beach California. One day after not hearing from him for an unusual two weeks I get a call from him informing me where he was. A normal drive from San Diego is an hour and a half; I made it in 45 nervous minutes. The whole way to his house I was on the lookout for the CHP as I did 80 to 100 MPH. Why would I drive so recklessly you ask? It was for one reason only. Danny was head and shoulders above all the rest when it came to sex. By now he was 26 years old and had grown into a very strong man. Danny has all the great looks that the model Asher has but he was even better built. How it came to be that I was enjoying this man has to be something I did right in my life. I am not in his class of good looks nor do I have the body of a laborer. Where I got lucky was in understanding that Danny is a straight man with a special need for dick in his ass. This meant that sex with him was more brutal than intimate and not to be discussed afterwards. Sure he had come to giving blow jobs but still it was nothing more than his sampling of dick before it went into his ass. At least he didn't have to fight after having the sex he wanted and I didn't always have to initiate the act.

Wife number three was a big problem but not for me. She was the most clinging wife Danny ever married. To get out this night would be easy for him because she was going to a hockey game with her girlfriend. He and I had long since found it good to have a few beers before we started sex together. I liked this approach because we would bond closer to each other and I used the opportunity to fully enjoy his company. Danny is a man's man that kept his boyish soft looks. During the past two and a half years that he had been in Louisiana he had really grown his muscles through the best process. He did it by working in construction. He also got away from the military hair cut style and his golden mop of hair underlined his masculine physic in its natural dishevel. He made no pretense like a gay man would, by having each hair perfectly glued in place. Danny looked sexy in his scruffy style.

Not knowing exactly when his wife would be home meant that Danny and I had to get inventive as to where we would have sex. After a few beers we went for a drive to find an isolated spot. Eventually we found a spot in an industrial park. Danny went for my dick like a starving man grabs at food. I was standing by my car and he had dropped my pants and breathed my dick into his mouth seconds. I wasn't even hard, yet he went to work on me and got an instant response. Danny's cock sucking technique is gentle in that he uses very little suction and more movement of his tongue. He would hold my dick at its base and move his head while his tongue messaged my rod. Right when I said it was time that he left a lot of spit on me so we could begin to fuck, a car approached. I have been caught with my pants down at least four other times. I no longer freak out. I told Danny to stay down and move to the front of my car so he would be out of sight as I casually bent to pull up my pants. I made it look like I was going to take a piss but was interrupted.

Needless to say we went looking for another place. Long Beach has a small beach and we went there. It was midnight and we both thought that no one would be there in the dark. We were wrong. It turned out to be a gay cruise area and very busy. We tried to go to the vacant life guard hut but that drew a crowd toward us. We walked along the beach still searching for a spot and were rewarded with a huge drainage pipe. We walked in there and waited a few minutes. No one followed so we began what we do best.

Danny loved to be fucked standing up. In this position we fitted together perfectly. He dropped his pants and placed both of his hands on the curved wall of the concrete pipe. I applied the spit needed for lube and went to work. Danny let out a barely audible grunt as my cock head eased into him. I slide into his snug hole like a finger fits into a glove. I could feel him surrounding me and said to him, "It is great to be home again."

We fucked for almost an hour. With each thrust into his tight ass, Danny was pushing back so I could get further into him. Danny set a standard for the rest of my life. I can never look at gay adult entertainment where fucking is going on and not notice if the receiver is hard or not. When Danny was younger his cock stayed rock hard and pre-cum dripped is if he was a leaky faucet. Now at 26 he was dry but still very hard. When I got close I asked him to grip me tightly and his whole inside seemed to become tighter as I shot a two day load into him. It was Danny's turn for release, so I reached around him and kept on fucking with my sperm as a hot lube. He always came very quickly when we did this. One thing that did not lessen from when he was 18 is the force of his ejaculation. He shot his load out with tremendous force. He proceeded to paint the wall in front of him. Even when we spent an afternoon fucking several times Danny was always good for 3 long distance squirts. Each ejection was coincided with his back tunnel gripping on me as his load flew. I had learned to plant my dick deep inside him as he was shot his load so he would feel as he stated like my dick was forcing the sperm out.

Once we were both spent I told him to take off his socks, and with my own we cleaned up any remains of sex. He dropped his on the ground but while his back was turned I picked them up and put them in my pocket. I love a man's natural smells. Sniffing on his socks would be my souvenir for later. We went back to his home. He told his wife that I was too fucked-up to drive back to San Diego so I called my home and informed my husband who wanted me to be safe. Danny's wife wasn't so happy but he knew how to get her engines running and soon they went off to their bedroom leaving me the couch and a blanket. What a way to spend a Saturday night.

The next morning Danny's wife had to go to work. This meant that he knew how long that she would be away. Danny fixed us a heavy country breakfast and we went out to find a bar that was open so we could play some pool. The competitive streak in him had no lessened in the slightest. We drank and played until it was a danger for me to drive but somehow we made it back to his home and began our fuck routine. We had at least 3 hours before his wife was to arrive. I failed to mention that he had become a serious popper queen. Thank all gods of sex that I remembered to put a bottle in my pocket before I left home. Danny and I started fucking in the shower and walked around his home with my dick deep in his ass. I can still feel his soft yet firm ass, snug against my hip area. It was as though his ass was on a saddle and my dick was the horn. Then we got down to some deep fucking. Danny kneeled on his couch and I fucked him hard and deep. He did something that really surprised me by reaching between his legs to hold on to my balls as I plowed deeply into him. His colon's inner ring opened and gripped onto my cock head as I held on to his hips pulling him onto me ever deeper. I could feel his expanded prostate as I pushed way past it. He was working his inside muscles in time with my thrusts. All of Danny's manipulations inside and out were too much for me to hang in there. I started to cum. The liquid from all the beer must have converted to my sperm juice because I came in a volume most unusual for it to be a second time with in 24 hours. My juices were running down his leg so I scooped some up in my hand to lube his dick as I started to make him cum. Danny pushed back on me as he shot his first load. It shot across the room and landed on the TV screen. The next went beside it but on the floor. For his remainder I put other my hand around him to catch the last shots. Danny's man juice always tasted good to me. It was a half hour before his wife was due to return. We had some cleaning to do and set to it in a practiced manner. I would be gone before she got home. It was evening the sun was still up so I left for home.

This whole event left me horny. I went to a local gay bar in Long Beach and ran into Corey Monroe a porn star of a Falcon video "Spring Break and many more." Corey explained several things about different porn stars and answered one question I had about his performance. He always was the bottom in the videos. He told me that many of the bottoms simply liked getting fucked. I went on to tell him that I admired his work and soon we were in the back seat of my car fucking away. Corey was memorable only because he was someone I saw on a video. He could not compete with the straight guy I was fucking at least 4 times a week. I mention him here because it happened. He was the third porn star I fucked in my life time.

Writing about all of this makes me have to pause for some personal quality time as I write this. Look guys. I have had a very sexually active life. All the time with Danny; I made sure to take mental notes and pictures of our sex together. This telling of our story is very vivid to this day; because I approached sex with Danny, as a student takes notes during an important lecture. Sharing with all of you will make these past trips to sexual paradise last me into my future. Thanks fans for the inspiration to finally put this down in writing.

I was Danny's only anal plumber for 8 years by the time he was on wife number 3. My husband had been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer that was slowly progressing so he was still active and self-sufficient. I was retired from the navy and had begun my college education. I was 22 years older than Danny yet he loved sex with me. I finally started getting answers to some questions about him that I had always wondered about. First but not least; WHY ME? He is gorgeous he never professed love for me but he did consider me his only friend. What he answered astounded me. He said that if he wanted to have sex with a man they would have to be older and not be the people he grew up with. The next question I had was if he ever had sex with man before we met. I referenced the old man I wrote about in part one of this trilogy. The answer was an emphatic no. I wondered how it was that from the first time and until now that he could take getting fucked like a pro. I turns out that he simply liked having something in his ass. He told me that every time as a kid that he had a number two he would get an erection. Then one day I came along and taught him a new game. Wow! Lucky me!

Many a day I would be in class at school and Danny would call me because played hooky from his job. Danny looked good both scruffy and cleaned up. He will always have a problem with slack pants that fitted his waist because his ass strained in that area. I even mentioned it and he stated that he had a fat ass which was not true in the least bit. He had an ample male butt beyond what clothing designers could imagine. Fat asses sag and have cellulite. Danny had neither. We had long since learned how to get the greatest depth while fucking it by either pulling the cheeks apart or his position of chest down, butt up, legs far apart. Still I could get inside vary far while we stood. Would you believe that one time while fucking he had to get rid of some beer and we walked into the bathroom still plugged together as he relieved himself? To say that this man loved dick in his ass is an understatement. I think he loved poppers next and then me. I was not complaining about the order.

After going to straight bars with Danny and having him run off with a female or two, I decided that gay bars were better for us to play pool in. He knew that I am gay so oddly it wasn't a problem. One Friday night we were doing the beer and pool, thing when I suggested that we go to Los Angeles. The drive was a bit long but eventually we made it to Hollywood for a beer stop. I was hoping to run into Michael a guy I wrote about in my story titled with the Greek mythical god Eros. But he wasn't there and in fact the place was a bit too seedy for both Danny and I. Luckily I had an idea that didn't involve driving. The Hollywood Spa was right down the street.

We checked in and had a room to fuck in. Danny and I got going into our usual routine then I had another wild idea. I opened the door and soon we had a crowd watching. This man surprised me once more in his sexual progression. Having so many people watching use was a real turn on for Danny. We had attracted some other hot guys. I was hoping to get an orgy going. I had Danny standing facing outward while using the door sill to prop himself as he began to suck a dude's cock. Another guy tried to give Danny a blow job but was batted away because he didn't want to cum so soon. With Danny sex ends once he gets off. One hot little queen got very interested in the rough fucking that I was giving Danny so he entered the room and waited for his turn on my dick. To facilitate that I called on another dude to offer Danny his ass and as predicted he got off quickly. As Danny rested on the bed I fucked the guy that waited until he completed himself. As we drove back to his home Danny said that this event was the hottest sex he ever had. So the boy liked group action. Hmmm.

After two years of interrupted classes, Danny had to return to his roots. I helped him pack up what remained in his house. A cousin had come out and moved the bulk of their property and returned to Louisiana with his wife. That two last nights he spent with me at my home in San Diego. My husband's cancer had gotten worse so my being away had to be brief. Danny and I spent the last night fucking and fucking some more. I had a roommate return so all this went on in my living room. I had a couch that converted into a bed. That night I learned something new about Danny. My husband had a huge dildo that is about twice the diameter of my cock. I had Danny administer some poppers before I forced that thing into his ass. He loved it. It had a suction cup on its base so I fixed it to a wall and had Danny give me a blow job while I sucked on his cock. I gave him a sample of my man juice just before he fell over the orgasmic edge. He shot so hard that I thought I lost my tongue palette. We fell asleep on that couch-bed with my dick in his ass.

The following morning I gave Danny one final work over on his ass as a good bye treatment. He sat on my couch with his legs up in the air as I sampled his ass for the last time until who knew when. My roommate came down the stairs while we were in the middle of what I was doing. The roommate was not surprised at all. He had met Danny years ago when his boyfriend took a hurt Danny back to the barracks after our fight. Time was critical. Danny had a 24 hour drive a head of his so I went to work on his ass with a quick fuck. Once completed Danny mentioned the night before and asked what it was that I had shoved up his ass. I showed him and he was genuinely surprised. He said; "I felt like a log was up my ass and it felt good." I think about this often. I could have had Danny fuck me while he was on that dildo. This missed opportunity has been the center of many private time fantasies to this day. I am a top but I can be a great bottom as well.

Danny drove off and I was not to see him for two years. During that time my husband succumbed to cancer. I had established web site that featured Latino models which was unique for its time, and it took off. With all that going on in my life; I called Danny and drove from San Diego to back water Louisiana. I brought with me a video camera. He met me in a big town where I rented a motel room. That night I would not have to rely on my memory I would record what we did. Seriously folks, I missed a calling as a porn star. I was able to fuck Danny in different positions, stay hard and move lights and the camera then go back at it. At 28 he had not lost any of his appeal to me nor his soft and firm butt. The resulting video was something that we both enjoyed. Come to find out Danny loved watching a dick going into his ass. I was there for 4 days of course I couldn't record all the sex that Danny and I had but we did have some interesting times. I sent him a copy on a commercial tape that began with nuclear bombs going off.

People in his area of the world really don't lock their doors. Visitors simply walk in. Danny wanted to get fucked one evening and he sent his pregnant wife 40 miles away to get something at a store. He was standing and I was on my knees with my tongue buried in his ass when the front door opened and one of his brothers walked in. I was not in view so I decided to play with this scene. I bit his ass hard as Danny tried to get rid of his brother without moving from behind the kitchen counter. It was fun hearing him shout his next word as I bit his ample butt. We were in that area because it allowed us to see if his wife had retuned early but with it being so dark in the rural area we didn't see his brother walk up on us.

I had a running joke with Danny. His wife treated me as if I was the OTHER WOMAN. Her instincts were true in a way. It was to her great relief that my short vacation ended and I returned to San Diego. My next visit was six months later from Christmas to New Year. He would send his wife and baby off so we could fuck. She being even more clinging would start a battle every time she had to leave. Danny made a mistake during one of these events. We were playing chess and he tossed the heavy set and pieces at me. I got up and said that I was going to New Orleans for the rest of my time off. That added even more fuel to the fire and before I could stop myself I said what every straight man fears. I said that I will tell about the tape. Danny and I are even when it comes to fist fights, chess and pool. Once we were both exhausted we drove off for some hot make-up sex in the woods. The next morning I left for my home.

It took his wife a few days until she found the video. For a month there was no phone or internet contact. I was able to get his younger brother to put Danny on the phone. This is how I found out what had happened. Two weeks after that I was locked up in a Mexican prison and had lost his number along with all my property. The roommate I've mentioned through this story kept in contact with both of us during the whole time; I was to learn after I got out six years later. Danny had left the clinging wife and married another one. Fathered two girls and left her. Now he is on wife number six. I moved from California to Florida to retire. I stopped by his home in Louisiana. Danny was looking older and so did I. But our sex was still the same. His ass at 35 was less firm but still soft. He remembered how to do all the squeezing and riding on my cock. It was easier to probe deep into his ass to that second ring which I believe is caused by a natural turn in the colon which my dick head would force into. Danny still loves his poppers too. If wife number 4 was clinging wife 6 was Stone Wall Jackson. There had to be rumors about us in such a small hamlet. One day she walked in and Danny was nude. My God I thought she was going to kill the both of us. We weren't having sex at that time. He simply came home from work and had taken a shower then walked out to tell me something while drying off. Bad timing I guess but I had no reason to stay past the next dawn. I saw hate in her eyes that made my hair stand up.

I have been one very lucky man to have had Danny in my life. Knowing him and the memory of so much sex with him helped me to survive my time in Mexico. The wisest thing I did was to recognize early on that this man was the jewel of my life. He was almost equal to my husband in his own way. I have access to man-boys and tetra-bites of porn yet I still think about sex with Danny. I sent him a text message that I hope he will answer.




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