He's Country and I'm Proud Pt.1 of 3

By Entonces

The names have been changed to protect the guilty

I met Danny on one of my butt hunting expeditions. I had gone to a San Diego beach with my bike in order to ride around and meet new people, and drink beer. In those days before the idiots ruined it the beach was a fun place to hang out. The concrete board walk is 8 miles long and drinking on the beach was legal. I had a beer can holder on my handle bars that kept it close as I cruised all the hot people looking for opportunities to pick up a hot dude. It was a July weekend and the city was hot so the beach was a magnet for all the beautiful guys wearing the least amount of clothing and all looking for fun. Having a bike allowed me to cruise more guys over a large area. To me the beach can be like one huge club if I work it right. I am not shy and the 3 B's at the beach is a horny atmosphere I know how to work. 3B's you ask? Well when you combine Boys, Bodies and Beer anything is possible.

Along the concrete board walk was a waist high sea wall on one side and a beach rental houses on the other broken up with a few beach bars. Early on I found myself invited to pitch in for a keg of beer at one of those beach rentals. It was a mixed crowd of guys and gals that gathered to drink the suds. I noticed Danny walking along the board walk and hollered for him to come and join us. At a glance I could tell that he was a fellow sailor by way his blonde hair was cut and the Navy issued swim trunks he was wearing. I used the well-recognized code words to let him know that I was a sailor too. I hollered; "YO SHIPMATE COME ALONG SIDE, and join us." He did and my life was to change course from that moment on.

Until recently the Navy uniforms were definitely homo-erotic. From the dress blues to the working uniforms, all were properly worn, very close fitting. You size queens out there could tell if a sailor was circumcised because the uniforms were that tight. For us butt hunters we could see if a guy had a pimple back there. Danny's butt was so ample that the threads holding the seams of his swim shorts together were obviously strained. His original uniform outfitter never considered that all the exercise of boot camp would make an 18 year old's ass plump, and that happened so regularly I knew plenty about Danny with one quick glance. He must have graduated the day before from boot camp therefore I knew this guy was really horny and looking for action. I know this certainty because I went through the same situation when I finally completed 8 weeks of being converted from a civilian to a military man years before. Ask any of us if we remember that time in life. It is scary. There were days that we fall asleep so exhausted that you don't even think about sex or any loved ones. We are packed so close together and someone is always near that when you do have time to relax you can't whip it out and beat off a load. That is, most guys don't, I think. Even the toilets were open like in prisons so you can't sit there in privacy and take a load off your nuts. Once it is over we got a pocket full of cash and let out the front gate unaware of the surroundings and armed with a horny cock.

Bootters like Danny are fair game to old salts like me. They are naïve, horny and had plenty of cash. When they encounter another sailor like me who had been to sea, these guys would cling quickly. Allow me to explain the jargon. Anyone fresh out of Boot camp is called a Bootter or Boot. When you are out at sea and working, salt from the air will build up on your skin because your own sweat will attract it. In time you can actually brush salt grains off your skin making the term Old Salt for those that had this happen the most. Everyone has fear of the unknown. Until graduation from boot camp the only encounter any have with old salts are those charged with guiding them through the program. To have the opportunity to drink a beer with someone that has been in the fleet and has been promoted to a rank is a bonanza for a bootter along with being easy pickings for butt hunters like me. They are looking for information on what to expect, I am gaging their suggestibility. I had been in the Navy for 5 years by this time my game was tried and proven. When Danny came alongside he was reflexively responding to a friendly command we had learned in boot camp, to learn something new from an instructor. It is all too easy pickings for me. With any luck I would be instructing man to man sex tonight.

Danny came over and introduced himself. I melted immediately when I heard his southern drawl. American TV has homogenized regional dialects almost out of existence. To hear a deep rich accent makes the speaker uniquely attractive. Visitors to America like British and Australians have an easy time attracting people simply through their speech. I leaned on every word that Danny spoke. He is well worked out, from his years playing baseball and swimming in local rivers before he went through the physical rigors of boot camp. I love it when a guy has what I call the perfect V. This is where the torso is broad at the top and comes narrow at the waist. Looking at him from the side he was only 7 inches thick.

His abdomen was rippling with muscles and his body fat was none existent to the point that his ribs showed. Gazing upward Danny was thicker because of his well-defined pectorals tipped with straight poking male tits. This guy was everyone's dream boy. There is something beautiful about a guy in the middle of becoming a man. They have the beginnings of that manly ruggedness still softened by their boyish youth. Danny had that pre-shaving peach fuzz going on across his face and little hair on his body. His smile was easy and his teeth perfectly white. While we got acquainted I pulled rank by always sending Danny to fetch me more beer. As he walked away I took the opportunity to look at his awesome bubble butt. I swear his ass was so plump that I could use it as a shelf to place my beer if gravity would hold such an item on a curve. I had to have this man-boy who spoke so melodiously!

Our friendship was instant. That day we laid a foundation that would last for the next 18 years. Like me Danny was off duty that weekend but he had nowhere to go. My husband and I lived 5 miles away from where I was standing at that time. It was natural to invite him to my home the problem was that I had a bicycle. I had Danny get on the seat and began to peddle for home. I hit a pothole and sent him falling of the bike. I looked back and he was bouncing down the street on his bubble ass. He was sore and wears the scare from the road rash to this day on his right butt cheek. Since permanently branding my new recruit was not my intentions and he no longer could sit on the seat I called my husband to pick us up. My husband and I enjoyed a great relationship. Jealousy was never a part of who we were. Plenty of times I brought guys home and we both enjoyed them as he did for me. It's all in knowing for certain that your partner is loyal to you and no one can come between. I had that. If you have read my writing so far you can make a good guess what my man from Butte Montana looked like. 

Once at my house I had the fortune to treat Danny's scrape. With his swim trunks pulled down I surveyed the most beautiful, hairless, roundest asses any man could have. I got out some alcohol wipes then told him this will hurt before I cleansed his wound. His ass was soft to the touch but rock firm underneath. I had to find out more about this man-boy with a pure white butt. He had only a fine golden like down covering his ass, the hair much thinner than the sparse few he had on his legs. Allow me to describe Navy swim trunks. They are the original short, shorts. When a guy like Danny puts these butt huggers on then gets a tan, only his ass cheeks remain un-colored by the sun. I call this glow in the dark buns because even in a dark room you can find them.

Danny proved to be very outgoing and affable. His cuteness and accent drew friendly attention of my husband and our roommate and his boyfriend. He was new to California. I was wrong to assume that he had just graduated from boot camp. Actually he had been out for two weeks by the time I met him. He ran into some other gay guy and now he mentioned him and how the guy came onto him. He sat with a room full of gay guys and said that he learned that Gays are everywhere and you can't tell when you are talking to one. We were all sailors and we looked at each other and heartily agreed while we had a good laugh. Thinking ahead I cautioned him not to fight any gay guys because there is a law protecting them. I knew by this time that Danny was from Cajun country Louisiana, and I asked if the same was true there. He said that he did not know, but everyone that was rumored to be gay was always beaten up. Hum I thought. I will have to approach him with care.

Until recently anyone with a military ID was legal to drink. So I offered Danny something from my home bar. He said that he liked Wild Turkey which was the only thing I had that came close to bourbon. As with so many young men who are filled with cum and vigor; he took the bottle and up ended it to his lips, taking a huge swig. I knew where such actions would lead to so I provided a glass. The Wild Turkey that Danny was drinking was 100 proof and in short order he was very drunk. It was good to see that he is a friendly drunk like me who quickly passed out on my couch. Once all the partying ended for the night, I couldn't forget that I had a handsome young sailor in my living room. I waited an hour for my home to get quite, and then left my bed to do that gay creep thing. I brought a bed sheet with me in case I was caught. It was dark when I went over to Danny sleeping on his back. He was laying there uncovered. He must have been dreaming about sex because I could see the outline of a large hard cock pushing against his Navy swim trunks. I could tell that his cock is cut and slightly shorter than my 8 inches. He has huge and snuggly hung balls. All of this was perfectly clear through the thin cloth of his shorts. This young man's body is the same size as mine. Where we differ is in the ass. His was way plumper than mine. I made a Rick quote that amazes my friends. It goes as such. "My momma always did say. If you have nice buns you will have lots of friends." I pulled off those painted on Navy shorts and rolled Danny over. I knew then and there that he and I were destined to be great friends. I peeled his shorts off so I could get a better look at his beautiful ass. The outside light and Danny's pure white ass combined to give me the great view I was seeking. I consider myself to be a butt expert. I have sampled some very fine male asses. The perfect butt is firm, plump and round like a bowling ball halves. The valley separating the two halves should be deep and visible only as a line until separated by hand. Imagine buns made of bread baked closely together and you can picture what I am writing about. Danny had all of this and more. With the exception of the road rash he got from falling off my bike he had no blemishes. There was no hair that I could see in the dim light. I had to survey more of this man's beautiful globes.

Danny's breathing had not changed as I made another position change of his body. This time I moved him onto his side and pulled the top leg up, bent at the knee so I could play with his cock that was facing away from my kneeling stance. He was still rock hard and will make a great handle as I began to probe his hole with my tongue. I had one hand stroking Danny from between his legs and the other was employed to lift a butt cheek. Damn his buns were so tightly packed together I needed both hands to pull them apart. As I tried to figure out how to do what I wanted, Danny's hand came around to give me assistance. He shifted perfectly and lifted his ass higher and separated his buns so I could finally get my face buried in his ass.

I get a huge stimulation from male smells. I made another Rick saying regarding this. "When they are young they have no bad smells." Certainly Danny was proof of this. I could detect the Navy issue Zest soap mixed with his clean sweat as I began to probe his manhole. My nose was perfectly snug between his muscular globes. Since I have an over bite I can touch my tongue to the middle of my nose. I am also one of the 6% that can roll my tongue into a tube. I used these skills to their fullest while probing Danny's butt hole. The muscle guarding his hole was tense when I started. It took several insistent poking before he relaxed enough to permit entry of my tongue. There are two things that straight guys rarely experience. One is a great blow job and the other is a soft tongue in their ass. Danny really enjoyed my probing. I could tell because my hand on his hard cock had more to hold as it expanded noticeably. Soon I was fucking his manhole with my tongue but his position hampered my best ability. I wordless had Danny reposition himself. Now his ass was hanging off of the couch since he was kneeling. He then used both of his hands to pry his butt cheeks apart. Now I could probe deeper with my tongue. My right hand continued to stroke his cock as I tongue fucked his man hole. I synchronized my hand with my tongue. As I probed deeper into Danny, my hand was stroking up toward his cock head. Over and over I worked both sides until his breathing quickened. I could sense his pulses quicken and pressure increase as his body signaled that he was going to orgasm. I rolled him on to his back, and then pushed my wet index finger into his ass as I engulfed his cock in my mouth. I began to finger fuck Danny and cupped his balls with my other hand as I bobbed my head up and down with his cock in sucked deeply into my mouth. My oral skills as far as sucking cock are not the best but it is enough to help him reach that point of explosion. And boy did he ever!

Danny's hole tightened on my finger as he began to cum. He is not the most copious shooter I had encountered but definitely the strongest. He had a tremendous force behind his ejaculation. His man juice hit the back of my mouth with a force as though it was squirted out of a high pressure garden hose. I increased my suction and lips gripping of his dick so I wouldn't be washed of as he shot another load into my mouth. With each pulse his manhole gripped tight around my finger then released after cum had shot through his dick. This time Danny was making his own delightful synchronization. Once he was done I removed my mouth and finger. I said nothing so he did not have to think about what had just happened. I learned that straight men gain remorse after they get off during gay sex and it becomes worse if you discuss it. I simply stood over him with the bed sheet and placed it over his nude body.

I returned to my bedroom fully charged up. My husband was sleeping but I woke him by probing his hole with my piece of man steel. He was to get what I wished I had done with Danny. I fucked my lover hard and rough as he liked. Finally spent, we went to sleep. The next morning we awoke to sounds coming from the kitchen. My lover and I went there to find a gorgeous blonde boy preparing breakfast of scrambled eggs with rice blended into it. I guess that this is a Cajun technique to utilize left over rice and is uniquely tasty. My husband made the coffee and the two served me like I was a visiting dignitary. Both men were very happy with me indeed. During the meal I was informed that my husband and his best friend were going to be out all day, and so will be my roommate with his boyfriend. Danny had nothing to do but drink beer with me. My husband offered our hospitality for the rest of the weekend if he wanted.

My apartment at that time had two showers, which we made use of separately. Then Danny and I spent the afternoon working our way through a case of beer and watching bi-porn that was mostly straight. I did not bring up what we had done during the night nor did I mention his gay encounter. I wanted my hot straight boy to be very comfortable and not sexually challenged.

Timing is everything. I mentioned this in one of my other stories. We were sitting on my couch. I left to pump out some of the beer that I was only renting and returned to fake a stumble so I fell on the couch within arm's reach of Danny's dick. I waited for a moment then reached for his cock. I didn't grab his manhood I merely slid my hand over him slowly and without speaking. He knew what I was doing and responded with a rapidly growing cock. I increased my petting to a full on stroking. All I said was; "Let's see what you got." I tell you this. Hot men have hot looking dicks. His 7" rod was veiny but not too much. His cock head was as well formed as his body. I never say this because I am a butt man, but Danny's cock is downright pretty. It invited me to suck it, which I started doing. He removed his shorts and made his pole more accessible. I went to work with intent. I used the same technique that I had the night before. I sucked on his cock while my hand cupped his jumbo egg sized balls. I didn't put my finger in his ass because I always lead with my tongue first and it was not time for that yet.

I sucked on his cock until I could sense that he was getting close. At that moment I raised his legs so I could see Danny's hole. Damn if he didn't have the prettiest man portal I had seen. The muscle holding it closed was perfectly round and had no pucker. He had no hair crowning it. I lifted his balls and examined the area I call the tween which is between his testicles and boy hole. The flesh there formed a v where it is wide at his balls and almost to a point at his butthole. It's like an arrow pointing the way to his joy pit. I put my face at this point with his heavy ball sack lying on my nose and began to gently suck on his tween area. Danny let out a gasp as I vacuumed him there. Eventually I went to work my tongue on his man hole. Danny is the same as me when it comes to maintaining an erection. I stopped and pulled a bottle of poppers from my pocket. I showed him how to inhale the potent fumes by pursing the lips on the side of the little bottle and sucking. This causes air to flow over the liquid. Soon you have a mega hit of the mind rushing chemical and no redness to the nose which is the other way people use it. I could feel Danny's heart beat more rapidly, a side effect of the chemical. Another side effect and why it is used during sex is in how it makes one's butt hole more receptive for invasion. I probed his hole deeply with my tongue because he relaxed his muscle immediately upon using the chemical. As soon as he came down he took another draw on the little bottle. This cycle was repeated for a few more minutes as I pulled my cock out of my pants and got it lubed up with spit. I asked him to roll over on to his stomach.

Taking a long draw on the bottle I handed it over Danny's shoulder, encouraging him to do the same. As his face turned pink I simultaneously pushed my cock into his well lubed hole. He was very tight but did not complain. Timing. I took advantage of his butthole dilating due to the popper effect and eased my dick deeply inside. Again I placed my hand on hid handle as a diversion while I slowly stroked him. Danny took another draw on the potent bottle then all his muscles inside relaxed their grip on my cock slightly. I began to fuck his ass with an increasing tempo. It surprised me that Danny's dick was rock hard as I fucked him. He reached around and pulled on my thigh so I would not slide out as he stood up. We continued to fuck standing as he held on to the arm of my couch. He then placed one leg on that arm and I could bang my cock head deeper inside him. Timing. I missed my cue and Danny began to cum. He shot a load that spanned my 6 foot long couch and splashed on the lamp beyond. The next one hit the wall even further away. I was not ready as he was spraying my couch with lower pressure loads. He tried to wiggle off but I held both his hips and pulled him in as I began to go inside. Then he elbowed be off his ass, then sat down to pull on his shorts.

Before I could get my pants up Danny stood and hit me in the jaw. Read me carefully. I am no wimp. I am no classless snipe either, but this young man hit me in my home and the fight was now on. I said, "You want to dance, okay. Let's go outside and show me what you got." I walked out behind him and pushed him hard so there would be distance between us. I really do know how to fight street style and this is a tactic to control an encounter. Country boy was a scraper from way back as well. I had a real fight on my hands. After I pushed him he turned and took another poke that landed on my chest. That made me breathless and before I could react he grabbed me. The boy was extremely strong. He got me in a head lock and proceeded to bang my body against a rough textured wall. I picked him off his feet and we both fell. Now I have a scare to remember for the rest of my life from the scrape I received from the wall. In this seated position I grabbed his jumbo egg sized balls and began to squeeze hard. I shouted, "Let me go." My roommate and his Navy Corpsman boyfriend suddenly appeared. Danny let go of my neck and was helped to his feet by the corpsman. Everyone looked at me as though I was an ogre. Danny was hurt from my efforts and was taken back to his base by the corpsman. This part of the story ends here but there is way more to come.




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