He's Country and I'm Proud Pt. 2 of 3 By Entonces This is a true story where the names have been changed to protect the guilty

The week following the fist fight with Danny was both tumultuous and exciting. The apartment manager where I lived offered my husband and me the largest unit in the building. It was a three bed room place with a much larger living room. We took it over and within 2 days were fully moved in. Our home phone number was not changed and this was lucky too. Danny called and asked if he could come over. I bore him no ill will so I said of course and drove to his base to pick him up.

I figured out what had happened between Danny and I after the first time we had sex. He was angry because he enjoyed getting fucked. During the whole time my cock was deep in his ass Danny's was rock hard, and when you take in account what people from where he grew up think about gay sex; liking this type of sex was in direct conflict. Also it was way too easy for me to put my sizable dick inside him. Had he been fucked before? There is one last detail. Danny really was attracted to women, the eyes don't lie. I watched what he looked at and it wasn't other guys, yet he had no objection to watching bi-sex porn. Hmm, this young man is complicated.

Once Danny was at my home; my husband laid down the law. He said, "I don't want you two to get into any more fights. This is my man and you will have to deal with me if you do." He said to Danny. My husband had his shirt off and flexed his pectoral muscles for effect. I knew that I was married to a tiger but God damn! Danny and I proceeded to drink beer and while the day away. Oddly I made no attempt to fuck him. When it was late I showed him the new spare room. It was my husband's workout room but had a single bed in it. Again I waited until the house was quiet and did the gay creep thing. This time when I opened the door to where Danny was sleeping he sat up and asked what took me so long. What? He was waiting for me? Wow! I had to ask if this was going to end in a fight. Danny answered no. Then I said that I wanted some light on so I could see his beautiful body. I placed a towel over the bedside lamp to make some subdued lighting. I get a charge out of seeing his beautiful body.

Long before I joined the Navy, I had a hot butt buddy that wasn't a blond. He was a short guy about 5'7" that had a nice ass needing regular service. I always fucked him with my front to his back either doggy style or missionary. The main reason is this. I love how a man's ass feels against my pelvis when my cock is inside. Sure there are other positions but the best for me are those two. When fucking I will always try to get most of the time in those positions even when the catcher prefers to sit or legs up positions. With Danny these two are his favorite also. But one thing he told me before I got started was that he hated my finger in his ass.

I began to give him my full treatment. I love to lick a man from toe to head which I proceeded to do with Danny. But he wanted me to get to the point without too much foreplay. Yep he is bi-sexual at a minimum. So I went to work on his seven inch cock. Ever notice how some guys have brown spots or moles on their bodies? Danny had none. He was golden like a potato chip, highlighted with fine gold hairs. His cock is circumcised and had no blemishes either. I am a butt man so when I say that Danny has the prettiest cock any man can have you can take it as the truth. I have nothing against being on the bottom, in fact I think flip sex is very hot. After working Danny up I asked if he wanted to fuck me. I could feel his dick shrink in my hand as I asked him. He answered no. So I rolled him over and got him to the doggy position. Danny knew what to do. He spread his butt cheeks apart so I could bury my tongue into him. His hole is amazingly hot looking. It is perfectly round. Most have slit like manholes. Others have skin that bunches up around the opening. Danny's hole looked like the smooth letter "O" on my computer keypad. I could make it dilate with my tongue probing. This also allowed me to get him ready with the perfect lube. Spit.

There are rules for having sex with straight men. One is the most important. Be very careful in making them cum. Once they get off, all hell may break loose. This is due to the fact that passion is gone and so is their fragile sense of manhood. Our first encounter was all wrong in that I got him off first and then took my time to reach orgasm With Danny I am lucky. Now I knew what to expect. He by contrast loved long cessions. When we started fucking what I had to do was hold down my speed until he was use to my cock in his ass. We began at 10:30 PM and continued to fuck for the next 4 hours. I had re-lubed him twice with my own man juice and was very spent. I asked him if he wanted to get off. Danny surprised me by answering no. We rolled over and spooned with my cock buried deep in his ass. I can't sleep like that and neither can my dick. It would take an hour or so and I would begin to gently message his insides with my still hard rod. This went on until daylight and I finally withdrew from his passed out body. He never got off but showed that he really loved my cock in his ass even if we weren't actively fucking. Praise all the gods of sex that I have the ability to maintain a hard rod for hours even after getting off.

When a sailor gets time off it is called Liberty. Danny spent nearly all his liberty time at my home and on my dick. I had to initiate what we did and alcohol had to be a part of the equation. My husband never felt threatened by Danny so what he and I did met no resistance. We built and deepened our friendship. I tried to get him to tell me about his past experiences but he was always closed mouth about that. I did learn things like his being an athlete who got into trouble a lot. He also spoke about having two younger brothers of different fathers, I learned about life in rural Louisiana, but for him to speak on messing around with dudes; he said nothing. He worked for a while as a cabinet maker, and had a brain for mechanics. This young man loved to fuck women and went on and on about all his girlfriends. I thought that he was lying until one day he brought a girl over with him, to announce that he was getting married. This would be the first of 5 wives he would have.

I provided Danny something that none of his wives could or would. He loved my tongue probing and he loved my cock in his ass. These things he stated directly. What we would do is find those motels that could be rented by the hour. My husband had no problem with me fucking Danny, but his wives would learn quickly not to keep him from meeting me. As for any of them what Danny and I did was never truly known. We kept our sex on the down low. One day he called me to help him work on his car engine. Yes I know about cars too and he knew that also. His first wife worked in a hospital and would not be home for hours. We replaced the head gasket and it was time to clean up. Both of us were covered with engine grease. By this time sex between us was no longer experimental. As he unlocked the front door of his house I was behind him pulling down on his pants. "Wait" he said, "Let me get into the house first." We piled our greasy cloths by the front door and I slicked my cock with spit. Danny bent slightly and I drove deep inside him. We stayed connected as we walked to the shower. If it wasn't for the bath tub being too high for us to stay connected we would have remained together for the total time. Here I learned how much Danny loved to get fucked in the shower. This man was full of surprises. I would hold on to his hip bone and draw him on to me as I thrust deeply into him while we fucked standing up. It was as though we were made to fuck together. To be honest my husband liked one position only. He wanted my cock while his legs were reaching for the ceiling. Danny wanted me to bang on his firm butt when we fucked, which is my favorite as well. I am a man committed to service fine asses.

One night Danny came over and was very serious looking. He asked me to help him grant his wife a fantasy they had talked about. She wanted two men at one time. I never stuck my dick into any pussy before and I wasn't going to either. What happened was I put Danny in the middle and he got fucked while fucking his wife. It was great feeling him slide on to me and out with only my cock head still inside. I could feel his muscle gripping on me so that I would not escape his hole. The boy could not dance but he sure had the coordination of an athlete when it came to sex. This proved too much for him and he got off too quickly for her or me. Yikes!

On his 21st birthday I took Danny to a good motel. His wife complained but he didn't care. By now we had some well-practiced positions. He loved getting fucked while kneeling on a chair or couch. He also liked it when he was in a ball with his butt hanging off the side of a bed. I would pound into him as hard as I could. This he referred to as moving his kidneys around. Later we moved to the floor and he assumed the doggy position with his back arched so his ass was angled upward. I would get over him in the push-up position and pound down into him. On his birthday Danny gave me the best gift of all. I am 8" long. This does not happen often with most bottoms; while I was fucking Danny that evening I kept banging on a wall he had inside that gradually opened enough for my cock head to slide in. Damn! He had two rings. One ring guarded his opening and another about 7.75" deep inside. The outer ring dilated easily. His inside ring had to be pounded open and then it simply gripped on my cock head. Danny was becoming the best fuck of my life. He would grip me tightly as I entered him then relax a bit to hold me inside only to release me so I could repeat the process. That inner ring was an added pleasure.

You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy. Danny's first marriage was forged in hell. He stayed married for only a year before they divorced. Danny stayed with me and my husband for only a month then he had to go home to his mother. Every time we had sex I had to initiate the act. His last night in San Diego my husband knew that I wanted to give Danny a great fuck so he went off with his buddies to leave us alone. I got on my knees and gave Danny a quick bob on his cock to get him up. While he remained standing I spun him around and bit one of his cheeks. The boy was beginning to enjoy a little pain with is sex. He then bent over and pulled his butt cheeks apart so I could probe his perfect "O." Once he was fully wet I applied some of his and my favorite lube to my cock. I stretched out and had Danny sit on me. The time before, I noticed that Danny was beginning to push back on me. It was time to see what he do would his ass fucking on his own. He sat down on me until I could feel his balls upon mine. Instead of lifting off he started to scrub his ass back and forth driving me into him with this motion. He proceeded with his gripping and releasing while he moved horizontally over my pelvic area. The view was fantastic. His ample butt, narrow waist, broad shoulders all moving as one on my body while he worked his inside muscles; almost made me to go right then.

Once Danny had returned to his tiny hamlet in Louisiana he called to complain about how bored he was. We established a means to stay in contact through the Internet. He and I had a fierce competitive friendship. While together we competed in pool and chess. On the phone there was plenty of smack talking. We even had an ongoing chess game set up online. A year had passed and my husband planned on going to visit his family. I asked if I could stay home and invite Danny to come out and visit. It was okay so I sent him a two way plane ticket and waited for his arrival at the airport.

My husband and I had moved once again into a home we were buying. We had a guest room that I made ready for Danny. All the time, I had talked of his coming out to visit me the main subject was that I missed his friendship. Believe it or not he became my best friend mainly because we had a mutual admiration for each other. I told him that if you have more than 5 friends then you don't know what friendship was. I answered with: "I have one friend and that's you." Sex was the icing but not all that he and I were about. We drank like the old days and soon it was time to go to bed. All the time we were drinking I made no mention of wanting sex with him. I went to my room and took a shower only to find Danny on my bed nude and waiting. I do respect my husband enough not to have sex with someone other than him on our bed. I chased Danny to the guest room.

I entered the room. Danny was sitting on the side of the bed. I walked close and he pulled off my bath towel took my hard cock then put it in his mouth! This man was full of surprises tonight. Every time we had sex, I had to initiate it. Not only was he nude and on my bed, but now he is sucking on my dick ever so gently. OMG! I never imagined that I would see his beautiful face with my dick in his mouth. I eased out of his face and then we found a new position that will become a staple for the years to come. We started our own 69 position. I got over him so he could continue to give me head while I pulled his legs back and buried my face in his ass. After a few minutes Danny spoke about sex for the first time too. He said; "I bet you want to move my kidneys around. Don't you." I was too stunned to answer. I got off of him and he rolled over so his ass was aimed at my dick.

I pushed into Danny with too much force. He didn't pull away. Instead he said; "Go a bit slower man, I want this too but you know the last time I got fucked." So I bent over and applied my tongue to his ass to ease his pain then added more spit to my cock and slowly re-entered his tight hole. It took no time before we fell into our old rhythm. I'm getting hard again as I type this. Danny loved to be fucked as hard as I could pitch my dick into him. He remembered the entire sphincter squeezing that I loved. I could feel his prostate grow larger with my internal messaging and that back wall slowly opening deep in his colon. I was getting his full treatment. Both of his rings were working on my dick. To reach this deep into Danny I had to pull on his hips as I thrust into him. Now he was pushing in sync. with my thrusts. Danny always was a strong man. I held onto his hips to keep from being butt banged off of him. We fucked like we were making up for the year we had been apart. We slept with my cock in his ass. It was 8AM before I pulled out of his ass. I am sure you get the picture. There is more to tell. Look for part 3.




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