A/N: This story contains non-consensual (which will eventually be dubcon and then consensual) sexual slavery. This chapter contains urethral sounding, orgasm denial and begging.

Harvey was in sexual agony for almost two hours. To him, it felt much longer. Time has a way of slowing down when you have a hard, throbbing cock that is begging to be satisfied. Whatever John had dosed him with was showing no signs of fading. Every breeze, every sound, made Harvey’s cock twitch hopefully, made him moan longingly. His fingers twitched with every throb, his wrists jerking against the cuffs every time his cock gave an insistent, angry pulse of need. Somehow, even feeling the way he couldn’t satisfy himself, feeling how helpless he was, just made him hornier. Some part of him was loving every second of his sexual torture. He had never been treated like this before, had never been so horny without relief, and he had certainly never been made to wait so long and so desperately.

The sound of the door made him moan – it was a welcome sound. John had come back to play with him some more, and under the influence of the potent aphrodisiac and stimulant, Harvey welcomed it. Gone were the thoughts that he didn’t want this – replaced by one thing, and one thing only. He needed to get off. He needed John to touch him. He would do anything.

Harvey’s cock twitched longingly as he tried to beg behind the gag. He didn’t get very far – just made incomprehensible, needy noises.

John laughed, looking at the sight before him. The drug had worked its magic, perhaps even more so than usual. Harvey’s cock was exquisitely hard, drooling pre-cum with every twitch, like a leaky faucet. He looked like a single touch would set him off. Well, that wouldn’t do.

“Come before you’re told and I’ll dose you again and leave you here all night,” John said. It wasn’t an idle threat. Harvey would learn obedience, whether he wanted to or not. “If you thought the last couple of hours were bad, a double dose and some time to think will set you right.”

Behind the gag, Harvey whimpered, a sinking feeling in his stomach. If John started touching him, he didn’t think he would be able to control himself. He was a slave to his body, a slut to his cock, there would be nothing he could do.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to be too cruel,” John said. Though really, that depended on one’s definition of ‘cruel’.

Harvey jerked as he felt something wrap around his balls. He inhaled sharply through his nose as it started to tighten. It took him a second to comprehend what was happening, and by the time he worked it out, his balls were tight and aching. Some kind of cock ring. John tightened it further. It separated Harvey’s balls away from his body, making them tight and sensitive. It would also make it much harder for Harvey to release his load.

It was just tight enough to hurt, to send an ache of erotic discomfort through him. Harvey squirmed in place as best he could.

“Lovely,” John said. “Don’t worry, after I’ve spent a little time stuffing your cock, I’ll milk you dry. You’ll come so hard that you’ll never be the same.” He looked at Harvey. Really, he wanted the boy to see this.

He moved, pulling the blindfold off.

Harvey squinted against the light, his eyes watering. When he could finally see, his eyes darted around frantically, trying to see where he was. He quivered in place when he realised that he was in what could only be described as some kind of sex dungeon. A basement of some kind. Even the walls were soundproofed. His cock throbbed as his eyes went from one device of torture to another, and he knew with some certainty that he would eventually be well acquainted with everything in that room, and more.

He focused on John – still handsome, and watching him with the same quiet authority that had appealed to Harvey in the first place. Next to John was an open case, metal gleaming. Sounds, he knew, from his own horny research. Not that he had ever tried them before. He shivered – the sounds ranged from thin pieces of metal to thicker than a finger.

“I know,” John said, patting Harvey’s thigh gently. “Don’t worry, we won’t shove all of them in you. Not today.”

John looked over at the sounding kit with a soft hum, ignoring the way that Harvey was pleading with his eyes – pleading to be touched, or pleading to be let go, he wasn’t sure. Maybe both.

He picked out one of the slim pieces of metal – not the smallest, but definitely on the smaller side of the scale. He lubed it up generously, and placed it on Harvey’s naked thigh. Harvey was so tightly bound that he couldn’t do anything – couldn’t dislodge it. He whimpered with the knowledge of where it was going to go, knowing that he was completely helpless to stop it, knowing that his cock craved it, even though he was terrified of how it would feel.

“I’m going to take your gag off, now, Harvey,” John said calmly. “If you scream, I’m going to start with the biggest sound in the case. I’ll give you a reason to really scream.”

Harvey shuddered, looking into John’s eyes. Without a doubt, he knew that the other man meant it. As the gag was removed, he didn’t dare make a sound. He just worked his aching jaw and licked at his dry lips.

“Good boy,” John said, pleased.

“Please,” Harvey croaked, his throat dry.

John raised an eyebrow, and lifted the sound by the slim handle. He positioned it at the head of Harvey’s hard cock, watching as the boy looked down his body at it – that was exactly why he had wanted to remove the blindfold. He wanted Harvey to see this violation of his most intimate place. Gripping Harvey’s cock, he stroked once and then held it pointed up toward the sound. Harvey shuddered.

“Please,” Harvey repeated. Even he wasn’t sure if he was asking for more, or asking for it to stop. The aphrodisiac was driving him out of his mind. He was so sensitive that just that one stroke sent shudders of intense pleasure through him. If not for the tight cock ring, he might have come then and there.

“You want me to stuff your cock?” John asked, teasing the sound around the head, pressing the slick metal against the slit, threatening to slide it in but never quite getting there. “If you let me fuck your cock, I’ll let you come. You want to come, don’t you?”

God, he wanted to come so badly. “Y-yes,” Harvey said. “I need to come. Please.”

John smiled like a shark – he had Harvey exactly where he wanted him. “I think you better ask nicely,” he said, and teased the sound in just a little, just the very tip.

Harvey gasped and shuddered. It burned and itched, but there was something so sensitive and so good under that. Like someone dipping their tongue into his piss slit, except going further, too much, pain and pleasure all at once.

“Please,” he said, urgently.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” John said, and teased the sound in just a little further, less than an inch.

Harvey writhed in place. He wasn’t sure what John wanted, but he tried desperately to summon the right words. “Please stuff my cock,” he said, his voice low and needy.

John rewarded him with another inch of cold, slick steel. It was the most intense feeling that Harvey had ever felt in his young life. His hands curled into fists, nails digging into his palms as he whimpered and moaned. His cock felt harder than it had ever been, despite the pain of being violated like this. A completely new place, untouched, virginal… until now. He felt completely violated, completely owned, and his cock loved John for it.

“You can do better than that,” John said, insistently. He drew the sound out, practically drawing Harvey into a fit of sensation, pre-cum and lube leaking liberally from his cock.

“I don’t-fuck. I don’t know – ah – what you want,” Harvey said, barely able to put a sentence together.

“I want you to beg me like the slut you are,” John said, as if this were a perfectly reasonable request. “I’m not going to feed you your lines, pet. You’re going to have to come up with them all on your own. But do try to make them good.”

Harvey’s teeth clenched. He didn’t know what John wanted, didn’t know what to give him. He didn’t want to be so involved in his own debasement. His cock gave another throb and he whimpered.

“Fuck, fuck, please,” he said, his toes curling, his hips straining against his bonds, yearning upwards toward the sound, now being held so cruelly above his aching cock. His piss slit hurt a little, a sweet little sting where John had pushed the sound in – just a few inches, just enough to give Harvey a taste, enough to make him crave more. If not for the aphrodisiac, he might not have been quite so eager, but with the drug in his system, it seemed like any kind of sexual contact was enough to drive him wild.

Harvey licked his lips and took in a breath, his mind racing as he tried to work out what John wanted him to say.

“Please stuff my slutty cock…?” he said, a hint of a question to his voice, his cheeks flushing at the humiliation of saying the words, though his cock jerked happily.

John chuckled, and eased the sound down again, teasing it around the head, spreading lube and pre-cum into the slit. “Use your imagination,” he said, patiently. “I want you to talk to me. The more you talk, the more you get. It’s simple.”

Harvey took in another heaving breath. He could barely pull together enough to make a sentence, nevermind be creative with it. His hands curled. It was cruel. If John had fed him the words, he could have repeated them mindlessly. But making him think about it was just evil.

“I want it so bad,” he said, defeated – trying despite himself. His cock demanded it. “I need you to do it. Please, just put it in me.”

It wasn’t the most creative, but it was earnest, and perhaps it was the earnestness of it that deserved a reward. John slid the sound back into Harvey’s cock, deeper this time, an extra inch or so, opening him up.

Harvey squirmed, whimpering at the overwhelming sensation. “Fuck, yes, oh fuck deeper please, rape my cock.” The return of the foreign penetration flipped a switch in Harvey – all he could think about was getting more, saying anything he could to get more.

John smiled, and let the sound slide deeper, all the way in. “You’re getting the idea,” he said, watching Harvey’s face. The boy was crying, just a little, overwhelmed by what he was feeling.

“I’m gonna-,“ Harvey warned.

“No you’re not,” John said, calmly. He reached down and fisted Harvey’s balled in a crushing grip, pulling downwards, aborting Harvey’s orgasm as the boy whimpered and panted, the sound still in him. John let go of the sound, letting it work its magic. The boy’s body did the work for him – every clench made the sound shift, squirting out a little before settling back inside again. Gleaming, slick metal was visible with every involuntary jerk and clench.

“How does it feel?” John asked, calmly.

“Hurts,” Harvey grunted, which was only half-true. It did hurt, in a strange way. It burned and ached. He didn’t want to think about what it would feel like later, when he needed to use the bathroom. It also felt wonderful, an indescribable sensation that was far too sensitive, driving him to heights of lust with every involuntary squirm and clench. The sound was fucking his helpless cock, and it was using his own body against him to do it.

John tutted, and reached for the sound. He drew it out, halfway, threateningly, making Harvey jerk in place at the sensation. Having it pulled out like that was too much. His head thumped back against the table as he tried to process.

“Do you want me to take it out and leave you like this?” John asked.

“No!” Harvey said, panicking. “No, no, it feels- ugh. It feels good,” he said, taking in a sobbing breath as John slowly let the sound settle back into his aching cock. “It feels so good. Please.”

“Please?” John asked. “Do you want to come, little one?”

“Oh God, please. I’ll do anything. Fuck, please let me.” There was no question there – Harvey was absolutely aching for it.

“Alright,” John said, and smiled. “You’re so desperate for it that the cock ring won’t even hold you for long, and we have a long session ahead of us. I want to be able to stretch your piss hole without worrying you’re going to blow at any moment.”
Harvey just shuddered – at that moment, as much as those words scared him, the idea of having his urethra stretched by the sounds seemed ridiculously erotic. As if on cue, the sound inside him squirted out nearly halfway before settling back in again, making him sob.

“Just one thing. If I let you come, you have to agree to let me have it all before I let you go,” John said.

Harvey didn’t even stop to think about what John meant. “Yes, please, whatever you want,” he said, his agreement instant.

“Good,” John said. “Good boy.” He worked the cock ring off slowly, keeping a tight hold on Harvey’s balls so that the boy didn’t blow before John was ready.

Harvey’s cock throbbed urgently, like it knew what was coming. He was so close that he could taste it, just from having the sound in his cock.

It happened so quickly that Harvey couldn’t have helped himself, couldn’t have stopped it if he had tried. John let go of his balls and gripped the tip of the sound, twirling it inside his cock. Just one rotation was all it took. Harvey’s balls drew up and he came hard, his head hitting the table, his cock pulsing and his toes curling as he screamed. Pleasure raced through him, zipping up his spine.

Worse, John held the sound in place, not letting the contractions of Harvey’s body eject it, forcing Harvey to come around it. It stung, sending Harvey’s orgasm to new heights as he writhed, coming and coming until he thought he would pass out. It was the best orgasm of his young life, his stomach covered in creamy spunk, his chest heaving.

“There, that’s better, isn’t it?” John asked, watching the sweating, trembling boy try to come down from his mind-blowing orgasm. Slowly, he removed the sticky, cum-covered sound, making the boy tremble and whimper.

“Now, I think you can take one a little bigger, don’t you?”




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