John did not consider himself to be a cruel man. If he had seen his victims as something equal to others, he might have re-considered that. He was nice and considerate to people at work, he gave way at the appropriate places in his car. Most people would consider John to be a nice guy. A decent person. And John wouldn't have argued with that.

 However, the boy strapped down in his basement might have suggested otherwise. The boy was quickly learning that John, in the right circumstances, was not even close to a nice guy. Not when it came to his sexuality, at any rate. The boy was barely into adulthood - not a teen, but in his early twenties. He had short, black hair and his naked body was lean and just the right side of muscular. Not too much muscle, but enough to make John's mouth water. He had a thin dusting of hair over his chest, a line of which went from his navel down to his groin. There was an abundance of pubes - something that John would have to take care of later. He didn't like his boys to be too hairy, but nor did he like them hairless. The boy had nice, juicy balls that were the perfect size for torturing. John was looking forward to giving them just the right amount of abuse. He also had a surprisingly big cock. Soft, it was still thick and long, curling between his legs. A very pretty boy, with a very pretty cock. It suited him.

 John himself was older, in his mid-thirties. Some might say that treating boys like this was some way to feel more masculine, but there was nothing about John that suggested that. He was a big man, over six foot tall, and he was muscular and handsome to boot. He would have had no problems picking up men (or women, for that matter). In fact, the boy (his name was Harvey) had come to his house completely of his own free will, at the promise of a good fucking. Of course, that wasn't exactly how things had happened. John had slipped something into his drink, and now Harvey was just coming around.

 Harvey was spread out on a bondage table in the basement, his hands and feet cuffed into bondage cuffs on each side of the table. He was spread-eagled, tight enough to cause a little pain for his joints. Reflexively, he tried to move, pulling, but there was nowhere for him to go. He tried to speak, but all that came out were muffled sounds - there was a gag in his mouth. He couldn't see - John had seen to that. He wanted Harvey to concentrate on what he was feeling, not his other senses, like sight. It was amazing how much taking away sight could enhance the other senses, could make everything so much more fun.

 At the struggling, John looked up from his preparations, and smiled. "I see you're awake," he said, his voice soft and masucline. He put a hand on Harvey's side, which made Harvey jump.

 "Mmmph! Mmmmmph!" Harvey said. Probably an attempt at pleading, or asking to be let go. It just came out as nonsense.

 "I know, I know," John said. "But there's nothing I want from you. Nothing that will get you out of this, at any rate. All I want is your body. I want a slave that will bend to my every whim. Maybe, if you're good, I'll let you go when I'm happy. You're not the first one, and you won't be the last."

 Eventually, John would take off the blindfold and maybe take off the gag. He liked seeing the terror and pain (and maybe, eventually, unwilling pleasure) in his boy's eyes, and he liked to hear them beg. But for now, he wanted to emphasise exactly how helpless Harvey was. He wanted to make it clear that no amount of pleading would fix this situation, wanted Harvey to know that there was nothing he could do to change what was going to happen to him. He was going to be turned into a mindless fuckpig, and John didn't need any input from Harvey in order to do that.

 "You know, when I've got a fresh new fuckslave, I never know where to start," John said, conversational. "I'm recording all of this, by the way. Which you might think is a bad idea, but my buddies on the internet love to watch me play with pretty boys, especially new ones. Plus, I promise you that you'll never want to use this as any kind of evidence." John laughed. "Not with the way you'll be coming your brains out, several times. Why, people will think that you loved every second. In fact, if you don't behave, I might just make sure that every one you know gets a copy - your work, your family. They'll find out exactly how much of a horny little fuckslut you are. If you want to keep it between you, me and my friends, you'll have to be good, and when I'm done with you, you'll not say a word to anyone. Hell, if I tell you to, you'll come back for more, for as long as I want."

 Behind the gag, Harvey started to sob. The blindfold became wet with his tears. Despite that, despite the terror, the way that John was talking to him was sending bolts of unwilling arousal through him. His cock twitched, starting to thicken at his predicament. He'd always enjoyed being tied up, being made helpless. This was the kind of fantasy that he stroked himself off to in the middle of the night. Sometimes, when he was feeling particularly filthy, he read stories about boys like him being raped and tortured online. He kept telling himself that he didn't want this, but it was all his fantasies coming to life, and as much as he told himself that, he was rock hard by the time that John had finished his speech.

 "Hmm?" John asked. "Like that, do you? Fascinating. Well then, you're in for a treat."

 Something wrapped around Harvey's cock - a hand, he recognised. He made a muffled groan around the gag, trying to say that no, he didn't want it. He couldn't help the way his cock betrayed him, twitching and jerking as John stroked him slowly, teasingly. Fuck, that felt good, in all the wrong ways. It also made him feel stick to his stomach. He couldn't believe how hard he was, the tip of his cock already dripping pre-cum as John pulled the foreskin back slowly.

 "I love a boy with foreskin," John sighed. "So much more sensitive, that way. I'm going to make you regret you weren't cut a long time ago. At least you don't have to worry about me cutting you myself - some of my friends aren't a fan of uncut boys, but they're my preference."

 Harvey just trembled, making a protesting, terrified noise behind his gag.

 "Maybe if they like you enough, I'll sell you to one of my friends, eventually. Then you might get to experience what life's like without a foreskin. We'll see." John swirled his finger tips over the head, making Harvey writhe and buck against the table, straining against his bonds. "Lovely and sensitive," John said, laughing.

 Harvey whined against the gag. He already felt like he could shoot if John just kept stroking him, but that hand pulled away, leaving his cock trembling and throbbing, his balls tight. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. Some part of him was hoping that this was just a joke, or a fantasy. Maybe this was one of the guys he'd shared his perverted fantasies with, maybe the guy was just trying to fulfil that. Probably, nothing he was saying he was true. The guy was probably just going to play with him a little and let him go, right? That had to be it.

 "Mmm, where to even start," John said. "I know your ass has seen plenty of action, so we could start there, see exactly what you can take before it really starts to hurt. Or maybe I could start stretching your tits." John looked over the captive boy. "Or your balls, they look like they could do with a good beating, and then a draining, too. Or maybe I'll start with a good cock-fucking. Have you had your cock stuffed before, Harvey? Or is that something that's new to you?"

 Harvey made a whimpering noise behind the gag. He had already been curious about that, but he'd never had the courage to try it for himself, and he'd never met anyone that had suggested it. He wasn't sure that he would have let them if he had. It was something that intrigued him, but it didn't seem like it could be pleasant, and it was such a sensitive place.

 John brought him back to reality by fisting his balls, squeezing hard. "I asked you a question," John said. "Nod your head yes or no."

 After a brief pause, Harvey nodded no, and the pressure left his balls.

 "Good boy," John said, sounding pleased. "Well, since you're being so good, how about you decide? I must tell you, all of these will happen to you, and more. I'm going to stretch your ass and your piss slit and your nipples. I'm going to torture your balls. It's just a question of what order. So, which do you think? I'll give you the options again, and you can nod at which one you'd like to start with. And if you don't pick, I'm going to start whipping your balls until you pass out, you understand?"

 Harvey just sobbed, tensing. None of the options were good, and he didn't know what to pick. His cock jerked like it had a mind of its own - apparently, it liked the idea of all the options that had been presented to it. Suddenly, John slapped his big, heavy balls, making Harvey jerk and wail.

 "What did I tell you? When I ask a question, I need an answer. Do you understand?"

 Harvey nodded his head frantically - yes, he understood.

 "Good boy. Let's see. So, let's see, shall we stretch your tits?" Harvey shook his head no. "No? What about your cock? Shall we stuff your big, slutty cock?" Another shake of Harvey's head. "That's a shame. What about your ass? Shall we start with your ass?" Harvey paused. He didn't really want that either, but the remaining option was to have his balls beaten. Out of all of them having his ass played with seemed the easiest - it wasn't like he was new to that. Taking a breath in through his nose, he nodded.

 "You want your ass stretched?" John asked, sounding delighted that he had such an obedient boy, one that was ready to obey and play. Harvey nodded again. "Good slut. Good boy." He gave Harvey's cock one long, sensual stroke as a reward, making Harvey moan behind the gag. "Well then, let's get started."




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