Author's notes: This story contains non-con, mentions of CBT, urethral sounding, sexual slavery, anal and forced drug use. I do not condone the acts depicted in this story in real life. I live on feedback, so please do leave a comment, and I do take suggestions.

Despite the fact that Harvey was strapped to a table, completely against his will by a man he didn't really know, he couldn't really deny the fact that this whole predicament was making him incredibly horny. As much as Harvey tried to tried to tell himself that he didn't want any of this, that he hadn't asked for this and he wasn't enjoying it, his cock throbbed just at the thought of what he was about to go through. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this aroused, and somehow the fact that he had absolutely no choice about what was about to happen to him just made him harder. He had always had a bit of a kinky streak, and he was definitely a masochist (though he was fairly innocent to the extent of his masochism - the most he had experimented with was a bit of hair pulling and one guy had been amenable to pushing him around a little bit). The kind of porn he sort out was exactly the situation he was being faced with in reality, right that instant, and his cock was loving every second of it even as his mind rebelled.

The funny part was, if John had just asked, Harvey might have let him. Harvey had willingly gone home with him, after all. John was a handsome man, powerful in a way that drew Harvey, authoratative. The kind of man that brooked no argument. Harvey had been drawn to him immediately. And yet, the fact that John hadn't asked just aroused him more. Some part of him wanted to be forced, wanted to take it wihout having any option to back out or resist. Another part of him baulked at the very idea of what was going to happen to him.

John pulled a stool over to the table where Harvey was laid out for him. The boy's legs were spread open, exposing his helpless ass and groin. He had a large jar of lube with him. Normally, he might use toys, but he liked doing everything by hand, the first time. It let him get an idea of his new slut's body, exactly how much he could take and how much he could be pushed.

At times, John could be a cruel man, but he wasn't unnecessarily so. He liked causing his slut's discomfort, but in a very measured way. He wasn't mindlessly violent, nor was he brutal. He also liked the way that Harvey's cock stood before him, proud and hard and wet at the tip. It was a nice cock, well above average, and it throbbed and twitched beautifully. John was always appreciative of a cock that danced - it was so much more entertaining to play with, that way.

He dipped his fingers into the lube. "Don't worry, slut. You'll like this. At least to start with."

Harvey's thighs trembled as he made a useless effort to close his legs and protect himself, but there was nothing he could do. He was spread out helplessly, his thighs burning from how wide they had been locked apart. He couldn't see, couldn't talk, couldn't move.

John circled Harvey's hole slowly - it was a pink little pucker. It was obviously not the first time that Harvey had had his ass played with, but he wasn't a fucked out whore. John teased the boy, pushing his finger in just a little before pulling it out again, the slick lube quickly warming on his fingertips. Finally, he sank his finger inside.

Harvey tensed at the first feel of that finger. He expected it to be shoved into him brutally, but John was surprisingly gentle, taking his time. By the time John finally inserted his finger into him - just one finger, so easy to take with how well lubed up it was - Harvey almost wanted it. His cock twitched like it had a mind of his own, and he sucked in a breath through his nose, squirming at the penetration.

"I know," John said, soothingly. He had picked this one well, it seemed. Harvey's erection hadn't softened in the slightest. John sawed his finger in and out a few times, then pressed a second one in. He fucked Harvey on his fingers for a good few minutes, just feeling the way the boy clenched around him, his asshole greedy and wanting even if Harvey's mind didn't agree.

"God, your pussy is just begging to be fucked, you know that?" John asked. "It's just sucking me in every time, like it has a mind of its own. Your cock loves it, too. You love it, don't you?"

Harvey sobbed behind the gag. He didn't want it, but God help him, his traitorous cock had other thoughts. He clenched around John's finger at the mocking, humiliating words, his cock bobbing and drooling, flushed and aroused. He tried to picture himself, tried to picture the way his cock looked, twitching in front of John's face. He tried to picture how spread open he was, with the other man's fingers fucking his ass slowly, patiently, much more patiently than Harvey had ever thought the other man would. It didn't hurt. No, right now, everything just felt good, and that was the most shameful thing of all.

As if to punctuate his thoughts, John pushed his fingers deep, crooking them slightly. He rubbed gently over Harvey's prostate, making light, sweeping circles over the delicate gland.

Harvey responded like he had been electrocuted, jerking and tensing in place, giving an involuntary moan that was muffled by the gag. Pleasure washed through him in intense, shuddering waves. His cock jerked, pre-cum leaking from the little slit. He was in a mixture of sexual agony and ecstacy - ecstacy because of what those skilled, perfect fingers were doing to him, agony because none of this was something he wanted, something tha the had agreed to.

"Look at you," John said. "Look how hard you are. Look how much you want this. And we haven't even really started yet. I'm going to have such fun with you."

He pulled his fingers out with a humiliating slick sound, and reached for some more lube. He was being very generous with the lube. Normally, he might be a little less careful, but he was enjoying the way that his new pet was reacting. John was  a man that got off on making his pets love what was happening to them as much as they hated it. He loved wrenching unwilling orgasms from his boys, loved making their bodies feel good despite their minds protesting.

Harvey's hole twitched as John pulled his fingers out. He felt dreadfully empty, and some part of him yearned to be filled, to be stretched, to be fucked and owned. His toes curled as he tried to raise his hips, looking for some kind of stimulation for his aching cock, but cuffed to the table all he could do was strain against his bonds slightly. He wasn't going anywhere.

"Don't worry, we're not done," John said, his voice mockingly soothing, like he could tell exactly what was on Harvey's mind. "I said I'd stretch your hole, and so far I've just played with it a little. It's already looking so nice, though. All slick and open for me. You should see yourself, it's lovely. The internet is going to love you."

Harvey whimpered behind the gag - the reminder of the fact that others would be watching made his stomach twist. They would be able to see how much he was getting off on this, however unwilling he was.

John slid three fingers into him. This time, it was a little more of a stretch, though he didn't encounter much resistance. The lube made everything so much easier.

Three fingers burned and ached a little, but in Harvey's private, sexual hell, the ache was erotic. Like taking a big, thick cock. He always had liked taking men that were on the thicker side, liked it to hurt just right.

The fourth finger was where things started to get more difficult. It took John a little more time to work that one in, stretching poor Harvey open wider than he had ever been stretched before. John's fingers weren't small.

Harvey grunted with pain, but his cock never flagged, still stiff and twitching with every move that John made. He squirmed, trying to keep relaxed, experienced enough with having his ass played with that he knew that tensing would just make it worse. He panted for breath through his nose, his ass aching and burning, more stretched than it had ever been. Deliriously, he prayed to a God that he didn't believe in that John wouldn't fist him. This felt like about as much as he could take, though he knew that he could take more - that John could force him to take more, and there would be nothing that he could do about it. John could work on his ass for as long and as hard as he wanted, could stretch him and play with him until his ass was a gaping hole, and there would be nothing that Harvey could do to stop him. He would just have to take it.

Lucky for him, John wasn't a man that believed in opening all his presents at once - he didn't want to ruin his new pet on their first session. As much as a brutal fist-fucking would appeal to some sadists, John preferred to take his sluts apart step by step, to make them crave being violated. If he chose to ruin Harvey too soon - why, that would suck all the fun out of it.

Harvey made a few urgent noises behind the gag as John pulled his fingers out, leaving his hole twitching and slick, opened up by the stretching. He felt sure that John would re-lube his fingers and open him up further, felt sure that he would stretch his helpless hole without mercy.

John could sense Harvey's panic, and he knew exactly what the boy was thinking. "You're lucky," he said, surprisingly soothing. "There are plenty of men that would love to ruin your lovely, tight hole. That would love to turn it into an open pussy for them to fuck."

Harvey trembled in place, his chest heaving - he wasn't sure why that counted as 'lucky', so far.

"I like to take my time a little more. That doesn't mean I won't open that hole up eventually until you can take things bigger than you ever thought possible. I just like to draw it out." John wiped his hands off and looked at the boy. Lovely. Sweating, helpless, his hole stretched open, his cock thick and twitching. What a beautiful sight.

"I have half a mind to see if you love having your cock stuffed as much as your ass, but I think I'll take a little break, let you think about your predicament and what your life is going to be like from now on," John said. He stood. "One thing, before I go, though."

Harvey jumped as much as his bonds enabled as he felt a sharp prick high up on his thigh. It took him a second to pinpoint the sensation - a needle.

"I like my boys nice and horny," John said. "Not that that seems to be much of a problem, for you. But still, a little help never hurts. I had this made up especially for my use. By the time I come back, you'll be so desperate that you'll be begging to come. I might even take off the gag and let you."

Harvey whimpered at this news. He was already so horny, his cock dripping pre-cum down his rock-hard length, his balls heavy and full. He could already feel the drug taking effect, letting out a low moan. His nipples hardened, feeling so sensitive that even just the faintest breeze made them tingle and tighten. His cock, already so hard, throbbed in time with his heartbeat, itching and tingling as the drug took effect. Delirious, he squirmed, making muffled noises into the gag - already begging. He so desperately wanted to touch himself. He would have given anything to reach down and jerk himself off, but tied down as he was, he couldn't do anything to relieve his aching cock. He writhed in place, trying to fuck air, to get any kind of stimulation, unbearably aroused.

John crossed the room and shut the door behind him, leaving Harvey to his private, horny hell. He had a nice, ice cold beer waiting for him in the fridge, and unlike Harvey, John could stroke his own hard cock as much as he wanted to.




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