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Moments after we dressed up, I received a phone call from Matt and he said that all work was done and he would soon be at Rick's place. I was quite excited , as I expected a threesome in the next few minutes. Soon, I heard horn of a car and I knew it was Matt. I got out to see him with his heart-piercing smile. I rushed to him and we both kissed passionately, as we got back to Rick's house. Matt grinned at Rick and asked if he took good care of me. I blushed a little as they both chuckled. Matt knew about what transpired between me and Rick and I was glad that he was not mad on me or Rick. Three of us got along very well and then they asked me if I was ready for the threesome, to which I nodded in affirmation.

We undressed and proceeded to the bedroom. It was great to see 2 hot hairy muscular hunks together and I was feeling so lucky being there with them. They both signaled me to jump in the bed. I got in the bed and then we all got to our knees, as I got sandwiched between Rick and Matt. Matt came in front and started rubbing my pecs, as I felt big strong hands of Rick massaging my back, with his hot breath falling on my neck and giving me so much pleasure. They trapped me in between them and started grinding their hot bodies against mine. I was in pure ecstasy, as I felt Rick's hot mouth kissing my neck and back, with Matt kissing me so passionately on lips. I moaned in Matt's mouth when I felt Rick's hard cock sliding against my crack. Then, I got on all fours, as Matt's big 9 incher smeared precum on my cheeks and Rick's hands massaged my ass cheeks. Matt's big cock pried my lips open as I swirled my tongue on his fat purple mushroom and Rick buried his hot face in my crack, his stubble massaging my ass cheeks. Matt began thrusting his big dick in my mouth as Rick started tongue circling my hole, both hot hunks taking me to new heights of pleasure. I moaned on Matt's big cock as I swallowed it deep to the base,sniffing his manscent, as Rick started munching my ass lips with his tongue sliding in the warmth of my hole. I was in ecstasy being tag teamed by 2 muscular hairy hunks. I began bobbing my head up and down on Matt's dick, sucking his big juicy cock as Rick started tongue fucking my hole, making me squirm with pleasure. I was slobbering over Matt's dick as Rick got up and positioned his big cockhead against my hole. He started circling my pucker with his big slimy cockhead which made me moan on Matt's big cock.

I felt a glob of spit on my hole, as Rick started pushing his fat knob in my hole. I let out a huge moan but it was subdued by Matt's huge cock,as it plunged deep in my throat. I hummed over his cock as both of them moaned in heat. Rick's cock started sliding deeper,his bulging veins rubbing my silky smooth ass walls, and Matt started fucking my mouth and throat, My both holes were getting filled well by the 2 horny hairy hunks. Rick started banging my ass with his hot rod , rubbing my gland over and over again, making my body spasm with pleasure. After fucking my mouth and ass for sometime, they switched their positions and I started feeling so ecstatic, as Matt slid his entire 9 inches deep into my tunnel. Rick started giving me his delicious sausage as I sucked on it deep and hard. All the slurpy,gushing noises were making 3 of us moan and grunt with pleasure. They withdrew their huge meatsticks from my ass and mouth. I was curious to know what was going on in their minds,as they both grinned at each other. Then, they looked at me ,came closer and started kissing me so passionately. Those kisses were fiery and intense and we swapped each other's spits. Then Matt leaned in and sucked my ear lobe,whispering "Stud, you have made both of us so happy and now we both want to make you happy at the same time".

My heart started beating faster as they both stroked their heavy logs. FUCK! They were about to double fuck me. I had never thought about getting my ass double fucked, though it made my cock leak heavily,as I thought about having those two huge cocks up my ass at the same time. I was brought out of my thoughts by Rick , who started kissing my ear lobes, whispering "You gonna have a great time stud". Then, they both asked me to relax and laid with their heads on the opposite sides of the bed. They interwined their stocky legs and rubbed their cocks together. The sight of these two muscle hunks rubbing their huge cocks and smearing precum over them,was too enticing. Both of them smiled and signaled me to get on their huge poles. My ass was gonna be stretched so good by their huge dicks. I took deep breaths and squatted down on their erect leaking cocks. They rubbed my hole and smeared it with their profusely oozing pre. Then, I started pushing down on their cocks. I screamed as it hurt so bad, but I knew it would be followed by such an amazing pleasure. They thrusted their dicks up my ass, and I felt as if I was gonna pass out. I moaned and they grunted as my ass started enveloping their hot rods. My ass was on fire as it engulfed their thick veiny meatsticks, it was totally ecstatic. They were giving me so much pleasure, which I had never felt before. I was in heat and so were they,as soon my ass cheeks pressed on their big balls. They held their cocks still,letting me take my time. There was no hurry. I was having the night of my life with these hot hairy hunks. Once, I was comfortable, I started grinding my ass, it felt so damn good. "OHHHHHH FUCK!" ,they both exclaimed together, as their dicks probed my hot ass. I started sliding my ass up and down slowly. GOSH! Was I dreaming !!! We all moaned and grunted with pleasure, as I started riding their big dicks. It was so erotic , they started thrusting faster, as I moaned loudly. Their breaths got heavy and I knew they were close. They grinned at each other and held me by the waist,pumping my ass with their big cocks. They were applying constant pressure on my lovebutton as I wasn't able to hold my load back and erupted hands free, I shot huge load, splattering my cum all over the bed and my legs. They both let out a huge grunt as they started flooding my ass with their hot spermload. I was feeling as if my gland was getting fired by their jets. I felt as if they would never stop cumming. They both shot their heavy loads in my ass. We were breathless, panting and groaning for sometime.

I slowly pulled my ass up, as it started oozing their thick white cum on their cocks .As their mushroom heads popped out of my ass, I let out a huge moan, feeling their hot load running down my crack to my legs. Matt got up and started eating my ass, sucking the hot cream out of my ass, as Rick swallowed my cock, sucking the remaining jizz on my cockhead. Then they got up and offered me their hot tongues. We kissed each other for about 10-15 minutes, it was the best sex I ever had. I couldn't believe I took their massive rods at the same time. Both of them exclaimed"You are one amazing stud". We laid down on the bed, with me sandwiched between these masculine hunks, as they caressed my body and we kissed once more before dozing off to a peaceful sleep.

We used to have a lot of fun together and it continued until I graduated from school and moved to other city for the beginning of my college life. I miss them so much. That time was awesome. I joined a gym nearby college, and hope I get a lot of action there as well.

To be continued......Part 4



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