I used to be a skinny guy during my formative years and sometimes felt embarrassed at the state of my health. I had posters of famous wrestlers and bodybuilding champions, which motivated me to improve my physique. During my high school, I decided to join a local gym. I knew that journey would be tough but I was determined to have an attractive physique. One more reason for joining gym was checking out hot muscle studs and hunks. Since my early teens, I knew I was attracted to males.

Hence my journey of transformation started which was about to bring some unexpected twists and turns. I entered inside the gym and noticed a muscular hunk sitting behind a desk. He seemed to be in his late 20s.He looked at me and smiled which made my knees wobble, but somehow I regained my composure and greeted him back with a smile. He stood up and walked towards me and my heart paced faster." Hey kid ,I am Mark and I am the main trainer here", he extended his hand towards me. I extended mine as we both shook hands. That physical touch almost took my breath away. "I am Ryan", I replied meekly. I completed all the pre-joining formalities and he asked me to join from the next day.

I kept thinking about that hunky trainer and masturbated twice that day. Next day, I went to the gym and reached a little earlier so that I could find some alone time with that hot hunk. I told him how badly I wanted to transform my skinny body into a muscular one. He smiled and said " I would definitely help you achieve your goal, provided you are ready to work hard". He took me on a tour of the gym and though he was telling me every minute detail although I couldn't help but notice his muscular body. He showed me the gym showers and locker room, seeing which I remembered some hot gay movies I had seen shot in locker room and gym showers. First he introduced me to some warm up routines and then we proceeded to dumbbells. Since it was all new to me, Matt gave special attention to my posture and form. He supported my skinny arm with his stocky forearm. I could feel his breath on my neck as he supported my arm from behind. This was turning me on and I could feel a pool of pre forming in my briefs. Matt's huge pecs were brushing against my back and his bulge against my ass.

Day by day, my lust for Matt was getting unbearable and I was determined to make the moves. Daily, I tried to grab his attention by deliberately doing exercises in a wrong way, but this was not helping the cause. 9 months had gone by and I could feel the change. My physique got transformed to a great extent and although I was doing well considering my goal of transformation, I wasn't faring well at the other front-Matt. One evening, I decided to stay back in the gym and Matt had some work as well, so he stayed back as well. I knew it was now or never. I went to talk to Matt and asked him if he was satisfied with what I had achieved. Matt smiled and asked me to turn around. I was kind of taken aback but I couldn't deny my hunk's order. I turned around." Ryan, indeed you have worked hard and it shows. I don't know how u would feel about this, but I have noticed one part of yours that has seen maximum improvement." My heart was racing faster as I asked him which part he was referring to. He stood up and the next moment, I felt his big calloused paw on my butts. I let out a slow gasp, as his big hands rubbed my bubble butts which had grown quite well. "I know one more thing about you kiddo." I was startled as he told me that he knew I had been checking him out since the day we met. I was happy at the same time, as I thought he was into me as well and man was I correct!

He held my waist and brushed his hot lips against my neck. I moaned and my body squirmed with pleasure. Then he planted a soft kiss on my neck and turned me around. For the first time, I was looking straight into his killer blue eyes which were making my heart throb to the maximum. His black buzzcut hair and designer stubble made me fall in love with this hunk immediately. His big hands rubbed against my back as he leaned in and before I could say anything, I was feeling his amazing lips on mine. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his broad neck. His kisses were so passionate that I melted in his big arms. His tongue slid into my mouth and I sucked onto it like a tasty candy. He towered over me as I was 5'10" and he was 6'4" tall. He pulled me up in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Holding me and kissing me passionately, he took me into the gym showers. He put me down gently as he took off his muscle tee." Whoa!!" I exclaimed as I saw his bare muscular torso for the first time. His delts were like boulders and his pecs seemed to be plated armor. With an 8-pack and huge guns, he turned out to be the man of my dreams. I lifted my T off and though I was small as compared to him, but he admired my smooth big pecs and big nips. Over the course of time, I had developed a lean muscular body and Matt was eyeing my torso. "Wow buddy! you definitely have worked hard", he exclaimed as he rubbed his big hands over my pecs. I massaged his huge pecs as he flexed them. I looked again into his eyes and he gave me yet another hot passionate kiss, probing my mouth with his thick tongue. He slid his shorts down and I did the same. I couldn't believe the thickness of his bulge and it seemed big as well. He grinned at me and said "Don't worry bud! I would make you feel so good with this". My own briefs were sporting a big hard-on. I slid my briefs and my 7X5" thick cut cock sprang out . "Nice cock Ryan", Matt smiled.

I stepped closer to him and licked his neck up n down, as he moaned with pleasure. Rolling my tongue down to his nips, I sucked them and bit them gently. He moaned hard whenever I flicked his nips with my tongue tip. Getting down on my knees, I kissed each of his magnificent abs. I could inhale his strong man scent, as I kissed his pubes. Then I slid his briefs down and my eyes opened wide, as I saw his monster cock. It was around 9" long and 7" thick cut with a big flaring muscle knob. "Like it bud?" Matt flashed that killer grin as he looked down at me. I just nodded and grabbed his muscle cock with both hands, one hand couldn't reach it around. I gently licked his tip, teasing him. Those gay movies were now coming handy, as I began to stroke his cock up n down and swallowed his huge knob in my mouth. He let out a huge groan as his thick knob went inside my mouth. I didn't want to disappoint him, but his cock was damn huge. He sensed my uneasiness and asked me to take it easy. I relaxed and began swallowing his big cut cock, my mouth was getting full of his sausage as his head poked the back of my throat. I gagged and choked a few times before again trying and getting him deeper in my mouth. He held my face and gently pushed his big cock inside my mouth, opening my throat with his big knob. His precum coated my throat muscles and he started pumping more cock as his balls rested on my chin. I couldn't believe I took it all but that was it. I had that hunks' huge cock down my throat and we both were loving it. He opened the shower and our bodies started getting wet and shiny. He started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth as I slobbered over his delicious cock. Slurpy noises and his groans made me so hard. I knew I was about to shoot and when he plunged his cock back in my mouth, I moaned over his cock, shooting my hot load on the floor. I shot big loads and Matt was amazed to see so much cum. He picked me up in his big arms and kissed me hard, passionately, jabbing his thick tongue into my mouth. Then he licked down my body and I trembled with ecstasy, as he got down between my legs and clamped his hot mouth on my crack. I moaned loudly and he started poking my hole with his hot thick tongue. The sensations were erotic and so good, I felt my dick getting hard again. His stubble scraped my crack as his tongue slipped past my ring. He circled it inside my ass and that made me almost fell on his mouth, but he supported my stocky thighs with his big strong hands.

Having worked on my hole, he asked me if I would like to take it bare. Although,a part of me was afraid to take that big monster in my tight virgin ass but his manliness and my lust for this hot hunk allayed all fears, as I grunted. " Oh yeah Matt, want you to stuff my ass with that big sausage". Matt grinned and spat in my ass more n more, making it wet. He stood up, got behind me and lifted my legs, supporting them on the wall tiles, as my hands pressed against the tiles as well. He teased my hole, rubbing his massive cock up n down my crack, before positioning it. "Ok buddy, time for you to get your well deserved prize. Just relax and I would make sure you suffer minimum pain", Matt said as I felt a deep pain when his muscle mushroom head entered my hole, popping my ring. I hollered out loudly, as I felt an excruciable pain in my ass. He asked me to relax and pushed more of his thick cock inside my hot jock ass. "Fuck bud! You are so tight. This ass is amazing", Matt groaned as he slid all 9 inches deep in my quivering hole. He started grinding his big balls against my smooth ass cheeks as he, bear hugged me from behind and slowly started fucking my ass. Took it out until the head was in and then shoved it back again. I was having the fuck of my life with this hot muscle hunk, drilling my tight ass with his power tool. I was moaning constantly as his balls slapped my ass. He soon picked up speed and he leaked a lot of pre, which lubed my ass well. Pain was replaced by deep pleasure as he combined short jabs,grinding and long deep strokes to impale my ass with his hot big dick. I felt ecstatic whenever his cockhead massaged my prostrate gland. He would press my gland with his hot mushroom head and then again fuck me faster and harder. Then he turned me around, picked me up in his arms and started jack hammering my ass. We both groaned with pleasure and ecstasy as his speed increased. Now he was fucking me like a beast and our groans were just getting higher. I felt his dick swelling up in my ass, as he massaged my gland once more. It was too much for me, as I erupted again, shooting volleys of cum all over his pecs,abs and my abs.He followed me soon, as he exploded inside my ass, shooting ropes after ropes of cum in my ass. He was flooding my ass with his hot jizz, as he kissed me hard and passionately. As his cock slipped out my fucked ass, his hot cum oozed out of my ass and he grinned at me. "Got the much awaited gift stud, didn't u? " I nodded, grinning back at him and kissing him one more time.

We dressed up and he dropped me to my home, planting a kiss on my lips again. It was much hotter than I had expected it to be and I couldn't help but laugh when I had a sore ass for few days.



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