When I went to bed, I was having a sore ass but it was worth it, after all I had spent such a steamy time with my trainer at gym. Just when I was about to sleep, my phone beeped. It was a message from Matt and it read "What a great time we had stud. I hope we would continue these intense workouts. Good night ". I was excited as I knew that now I would be having sex daily with the hunky Matt. I slept and woke up early. I got ready for the gym and left for the place where I had spent such a hot time yesterday.

When I reached there, Matt was sitting in a crew neck T and it made him look more sexy. He greeted me with a big grin and patted my buts. "That ass doing well buddy?" Matt asked me . I replied "Yeah it was a nice massage you gave to me." There was still time for other guys to come. Our eyes met and Matt picked me up in his arms as if I was weightless, and started kissing me passionately. I got so horny and I started spitswapping and breath exchange with him. He took me to the locker room and pushed me against the wall. I started taking off my clothes and he took his as well, it was as if we had to catch a train. In no time, we were both naked. We both were so horny that we couldn't resist our desires. Matt lifted me up , spat on his leaking cock and thrusted his massive pole deep up my ass. I moaned so hard but my moans were subdued by his powerful kissing. He started thrusting his big sausage up my ass, with his balls slapping my ass cheeks. His bulging veins were massaging my smooth ass walls and I was moaning hard in Matt's mouth. I bounced up and down on his big dick and he spat in my mouth. Our bodies were covered with sweatdrops and he started fucking me faster, poking my spot again and over again. He let out a huge roar and jets after jets of hot thick cum filled my ass. I couldn't hold back either and spurted my juice all over his muscular hairy pecs and abs. I hugged him tight and he whispered "Oh Ryan, you are so hot stud." I moaned "You bring this out of me". He kissed me , taking me to showers,we showered and dressed up. He smiled and we proceeded for the routine workout. This became our daily routine and on weekends, I would go to Matt's home and we would have sex for hours, sometimes 5 or 6 times a day.

One day, I went to gym and found Matt talking to another built guy who seemed to be around Matt's age. Matt looked at me and got up. We hugged and kissed. Matt introduced me to the handsome man as his friend Rick. Rick and I exchanged formal greetings. Rick said " You look as good as Matt had described." I was kind of embarrassed as well as happy with the compliment I got from this hunk. I looked at Matt and he grinned, "Yeah Ryan, I told it all to Rick. He is my best bud and he's gay as well." I started tenting in my shorts when I learned that Rick was also gay. Rick stood 6'3" tall, broad pecs, big arms and guns,built delts and his stubble made him look like an absolute eyecandy. His lower body was as good as his upper body and he had massive thighs with sculpted calves . As far as I could guess, he was endowed very well, as I observed a huge bulge in his shorts. Matt said that he would be busy as he had an important work, so he asked Rick and me to get comfortable with each other. My heart started beating faster thinking that I would be alone with this hot built hunk. Rick asked me to come with him, we sat in his sports car and we started chatting as he drove the car to his home. By the time , we reached his home, we became good friends and he was such a great talker that I could listen him for hours .

We got out of the car and Rick opened the door of his house. It was really a nice place and Rick asked me to feel comfortable. He got coke cans for both of us and sat beside me. His leg touching mine and I started getting goose bumps. We chatted for some minutes before Rick asked me something that threw me off guard. Rick asked what were my favorite sex positions. I sensed he was as horny as I was and answered his question " Well, although any position is good if the top is good, but my favorites are Missionary and standing missionary." "What about side saddle ?" Rick enquired. I said "I have found it good in movies but never tried in reality". Rick grinned and rubbed my thighs and said "Would you like to try it today?" My dick immediately got rock hard as if it would rip through my shorts. I couldn't resist Rick so I leaned in and started kissing him. His stubble scraped my chin as we kissed each other passionately. Rick took off his T to reveal a big muscular, mod hairy chest and I was amazed by his big guns and strong arms. He smiled and took my T off, and started kissing me wet and deep. We both were moaning and breathing in each other's mouths as we sloppily kissed. He held my hand and led me to his bedroom, as we fell on bed with him on top of me,kissing me so deep n hard. He slid his tongue to my neck and I moaned in pleasure as I felt him nibbling and biting my skin. He kissed all over my pecs and then sucked my nips which made me almost jump from bed. His kisses were so sensuous and hot that I was just melting under this hot hairy hunk. He nursed on my nips and then slid his tongue to my abs, kissing each ab as he sent me into extreme pleasure zone. He slid my shorts down with his big powerful arms and my hard 7" cock flopped out. He slid his shorts down to reveal a massive 8.5" long and around 6.5" thick cock. I had taken Matt's dick but it was not as thick as Rick's thick sausage. Rick smiled as he said "Like it,don't you dude?" I moaned "Oh yeah that's a fucking thick cock man". He again kissed me as he grinded his muscular body against mine with his hard cock rubbing against my leaking shaft. Then wrapping his arms around my back, he rolled us over so that I was on top of him. I made love to his hot torso which made him moan hard. I rolled his nips in my mouth and he grunted so hard, shooting wads of pre on my abs. I grabbed his huge fuckstick as I licked the big bulbous cockhead,which was oozing loads of precum. I was amazed by the girth of his dick, and I started bobbing my head up and down his massive dick ,bathing his hot rod with my spit. He moaned as he started thrusting his huge dick in my mouth and his head fucked my throat muscles.

His precum coated my throat muscles as I gagged and sucked this hot hunk's big hard cock. He pumped my face, making me swallow his entire cock time to time. I got down to his balls as I licked them and sucked them hard, making him grunt like a wild beast. He pulled me off his cock as he kissed me hard and deep, spitting globs of saliva in my mouth which made me moan so hard. He rolled us over once again, as he got down between my legs, spreading them wider. He raised my legs and rubbed his nose against my hole, which made me grunt so hard. Then his thick long tongue circled my hole as he spat on my twitching pucker. I was moaning in ecstasy as he munched on my ass lips,probing my hole with his hot tongue. His stubble scraped my ass cheeks as I moaned harder. He wiggled his tongue in my ass as he mumbled"Fuck! Your ass is so hot Ryan,you want my big cock in it stud?" I moaned "Oh yeah,fuck me Rick ,shut my hole with that thick sausage." He got up and rubbed his wet hard cock up and down my crack. I moaned as I rubbed his torso. He slowly fucked my ass lips with his big cockhead. I was leaking profusely by this time, and I felt I would come right there. He massaged my ass cheeks with his big paws as he started pushing his thick dick in my hot ass. I moaned at the top of my voice as I felt his big head making its way in my hole. His head popped in and we both let out a huge grunt. I was in total ecstasy as he started sliding his massive pole down my ass,massaging my ass walls with his huge veiny cock. I screamed as he thrusted his full 8.5 inches deep in my hole,almost lifting me from the bed. He let out a huge roar as he grinded his big balls against my ass cheeks. He slid his cock back,letting just the head in and then again,he went deeper, hitting my prostate with his bulbous mushroom head. He started fucking my ass in slow long deep strokes. We both were moaning in heat and pleasure as his thick cock slid back and forth in my ass. Lifting my stocky legs up on his broad shoulders, he leaned over ,kissing me slowly and deeper.as I moaned in his mouth. He took his cock out and asked me to get on my side, "Oh Ryan, now you will know how pleasurable side saddle is", he grinned. I got on my side and he got behind me,hugging me from behind as he rubbed his wet big cock up and down my crack. He kissed my neck as he lifted my right leg and he slid his thick cock back in my hole, sending waves of pleasure in my body. He kissed my neck and started fucking me in this position which was new for me, but it was giving me so much pleasure. I asked him to fuck me harder, as he started power thrusts and his big balls slapped my ass, as his cock pounded my hole. He nibbled my ears,kissed my neck and buried his face in my neck as I grunted and without even stroking my cock, I started squirting a huge load onto the bed. My ass muscles tightened their grip on his cock as he exploded in my hole, flooding my hot ass with his rich creamy load. We both shot a huge load as he collapsed on me, panting and breathing hard in my ear. I grunted and panted as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately.

Rick asked me if I liked the position. I said "Fuck man! This position is now in my top favorites ", as I chuckled and he slipped his huge cock out of my hole. We showered and dressed up thereafter .I smiled as I thought "Gym isn't only a place for workout,is it?".

"End of Part 2, based on the reviews, I would start writing part 3. Your suggestions and comments are most welcomed"



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