It was me now who woke up first and I brushed my hairdresser's dick and balls with my Mohawk to wake him up as well. I still had my head between his legs being on my knees left and right of my shorted haired lover. His penis got thick and hard again and I was in a perfect position that he could put his finger into my arse and find my sensitive areas.

I sucked his dick again and wanked my own at the same time feeling his nice finger inside me. We then had both our shots after a short time. I ejaculated on his tummy while swallowing his warm fluid.

We then got under the shower again and my hairdresser shampooed my Mohawk and me his whole beautiful body. We then kissed under the shower and looking into each other's eyes we got turned on again.

Getting out of the shower my Mohawk was blown dry again and now the time had come to get rid of the curls on top of my head. I asked my friend to jerk off and push his dick inside me from behind. I bowed down a bit forward that he could get deeper inside me. Then I took a pair of scissors and started to cut off my Mohawk down to the skin as close as possible. My hair was falling down on my body and on the floor and I had to wank again with one hand and continued cutting my hair with the other.

When all hair had gone on top of my head I handed the scissors over to my friend and he cut of the rest of the Mohawk which I couldn't reach myself. He did it still fucking my and I jerked off now with both my hands. Finally he took the clipper and shaved my head clean which caused the next shot of sperm I sent through the bath.

Now we filled the bath tub with water and we both went into nice nice warm water. My hairdresser started the barber job on me pushing my head under water and then took the shaving brush and the shaving soap and covered my head with a lot of thick foam. I was sitting in the bath and he standing over me with the razor knife in his hand.

Then I felt the blade again on my head scraping all remaining stubbles of. First he shaved my head with the grain, then he brushed my head again with soap and shaved it against the grain and then the finish was to shave my head in all directions. I was holding his thick penis and when he had finished the shaving business we both jerked off again, me still sitting in the bath and he standing above me. He came first and I felt his sperm on my shaved head and then his hands rubbing it into the skin. That was the point I came as well and my sperm shot through the water.

We got out of the bath then and went back to my bed. I was lying on my tummy and felt his dick finding its way into me again. While fucking me he touched my shaved head all over. After he had finished I turned round on my back and we kissed each other again, me his stubbles on his head and he my bald head. Suddenly he reached out to the table next to my bed and presented the razor knife which I hadn't realised that he had brought it.

He sat on my tummy now and said:

'You are not ready yet, there is a lot more to shave!'

He moved his hand over my hairy body and down to my dick and balls. Then he took my left arm and started shaving all hair off from it with the dry razor knife. Then he took my other arm and did the same there.

'You should touch your nice shaved head now with both arms:'

As soon as I did so he started shaving my armpits and then he changed over to my chest. I got a huge erection as he got closer to that rising part of my body and now I took my penis in one hand and wanked and the other hand was on his shaved head now. When he had finished shaving my chest he took over my penis and masturbated it so hard that my balls got hard and thick as well. A few minutes later my dick and my balls were shaved as well and I shot my sperm into his face.

Now only my legs were left to be shaved and he did that sitting on me and guiding my penis into his arse. Another ten minutes later I was shaved all over and had got rid of all my body hair as well. That was the first encore but the second that would follow a few minutes later was good enough for standing ovations.

We had a shower again and then my beautiful barber was standing naked in front of the mirror. He asked me to stand close behind him and bowed down forward a bit. Then he took my dick and pushed it into his arse again. He then took the shaving brush and the soap and soaked his head the same way he had done it with mine. While soaking his head he asked me to fuck him harder which was not really necessary to tell me.

When his head was covered all over with shaving foam he took a Mach3 razor and started shaving the back of his head against the grain. Touching his head with one hand and shaving it with the other soon the back of his head was shaved totally clean. Then he started shaving from his forehead to the back and after a few minutes his head was shaved as clean as mine.

As he had always shaved his body before we now both were shaved clean from head to toe. To finish our wonderful session we took turns in kneeling down in front of each other. I started with his penis while he touched my shaved head and then we did it the other way round.

We will now let our hair grow again to have another wonderful gay head shave session in a few months.




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