The next morning I was woken up by my hairdresser sucking my dick. It grew big and thick and I felt his nice blonde thick hair when I caressed his head. I massaged his head and he obviously enjoyed it and continued sucking and masturbated his own dick now.

I felt my orgasm coming near and grabbed my curled hair with both hands and pulled the locks into my face. He then swallowed my shot of sperm at the same time he came himself. He managed to catch his shot and worked it all through my hair.

We then got up and went under the shower where we washed each other from head to toe. We took special attention of our dicks and our hair and washed both items intensively. I then watched my naked hairdresser styling his beautiful hair in front of the mirror while I was wanking my dick and shampooing my hair again under the shower.

He had beautiful dark blonde hair which was kind of short at the sides and back of his head but a bit longer on top. He took some gel and applied it to his hair and made the hair on top standing upright and so was my dick without using gel but only my hands.

When he had finished styling his hair he looked wonderful but he said:

'I'm thinking about a different hairstyle for me for a longer time now and I think I want to change my look today.'

'I would love to be your assistant then. What are your plans?'

'I have always dreamt of black hair and to cut it very very short. I tried it with my blonde hair years ago but it did look as if I had shaved my head completely bald which I didn't like. I want to see at least a glimpse of colour on my shaved head.'

'I would love to help you to change the colour of your hair and then cut it with a clipper down to one millimetre.'

'That sounds perfect and it would be very nice if you give me that new look.'

'I would also love to change my look a bit before you shave my head completely bald.'

'I would love to do that for you. I suggest that we give you a new hair colour as well and that I do a Mohawk for you.' But first we could style your hair as well a bit with gel and then we go out for some breakfast and I get the items we need for our transformation from the shop.'

He then emptied the whole rest of gel on my hair and worked it all through my thick dark brown locks. Then he combed my hair backwards with his fingers. I got such a huge erection with my styled hair and my hairdresser watched me shooting my sperm through the bathroom.

We kissed each other and got dressed and had a wonderful breakfast at a nice cafe round the corner. Then we went to his shop and packed the black hair dye into a bag. For me he chose a chestnut red hair dye. He also took a shaving knife and shaving soap and a brush for the soap. Finally some hair clips went into the bag as well which he would need for giving me my Mohawk.

We went back to my place then and started with dying my hair which would take a bit longer than to dye his shorter hair. I would dye then his hair while my new colour was developing.

We were naked again when the hair dying procedure started. I bowed my head over the edge of my bath and he took the hand shower and rinsed my hair with water. I then shampooed my hair when he stuck his dick into my ass and we did move simultaneously, he his penis in my ass and me my hands on my shampooed hair and on my dick.

He then rinsed my hair again and dried it with a towel. I sat down on a chair and he blew dry my hair with a hair dryer. My hair was standing in all directions now and he started applying the red colour. He worked it through my locks in all directions and when all my head was covered he combed my hair back again with a brush.

Now the time had come to give the hairdresser his change. This time we changed roles and did exactly the same than we had done it before but now the other way round.

I then applied the black dye on his hair and made sure that the colour was spread evenly all over. We then both stood opposite to each other and started a competition who would be the most successful and fastest wanker. My hairdresser won that competition in an unbelievable short time and when he shot his sperm in my direction I caught it and massaged my body with it. I then came as well and my sperm ran down his body.

We then both went under the shower again and washed each other again. The new colour on our heads was wonderful. My hairdresser looked stunning with his black hair and I loved my new red look. We then went to bed and dried each others hair with our hands and fell asleep for some time.

Again my friend woke up before I did and he gave me his special wake up call sucking my dick again. Fortunately I always have a clipper near my bed as I sometimes shave my head and whole body lying on my bed.

I grabbed the clipper and opened my legs. Then I asked him to kneel down between my legs and to continue sucking my penis. In the meantime I had adjusted the clipper down to one millimetre and grabbed his hair with one hand. With the other hand I started shaving the parts of his head I could reach in that position we both hands.

He gave a scream of joy and surprise when he realised that the shaving of his head had begun. I saw the skin of his head shining through the short black stubbles. Soon all parts that I could reach in our wonderful position were shaved and now I asked him to be on all four on the bed. I got behind him and stuck my dick into his ass and shaved the back of his head fucking him at the same time. He had his own dick in his hands and when I had finished shaving his beautiful had he screamed of joy again and shot his sperm all over the blanket.

I touched and caressed his head and he looked unbelievable sexy with his shaved head. I showed him his new haircut in a mirror and he touched his stubbles with both hands and was very satisfied with his new look.

Now it was my time to get my Mohawk. I sat down on a chair and he divided my hair again and fixed them with the hair clips. I would have a Mohawk then which would be about two inches wide and go from my forehead all over the middle of my head to the back.

He then took my Wahl clipper which shaves thick hair down to the skin without any problems. I had my dick in both hands when he drew a sharp line with the clipper all over my head at one side of the Mohawk. Then he did the same on the other side and I could see the Mohawk getting into shape already.

Now my wonderful hairdresser shaved my head carefully clean right and left from my Mohawk. I saw and felt my locks falling down on my naked body and I wanked my dick as fast as I could. After a few minutes my head was shaved clean apart from the wonderful Mohawk. My hairdresser took the hair clips out of the Mohawk and pulled my hair away from my head. It fell down in locks again and now I touched the shaved parts of my head and the Mohawk with one hand and with the other hand I was very successful working on my penis.

My friend then got the shaving soap and the brush and covered the shaved parts of my head with a lot of foam. Finally he worked the foam through my Mohawk as well and made it stand upright. My dick was also standing upright again when he started shaving my head with the shaving knife. It was such a nice feeling to feel the blade of the knife on my head.

When the shaving was finished my hairdresser pushed my head down over the sink and washed my shaved head and the Mohawk clean. When he had finished drying and styling the Mohawk I looked fantastic. I was standing in front of the mirror now and did another jerk-off.

We then made love to each other on the bed, he touching my shaved head and Mohawk and me touching his short cut. We took turns in fucking each other up the ass while touching, caressing and kissing the nice new looking head in front of us. In the end we were lying on top of each other, my Mohawk between his legs and his short cut between my legs. We the finally fell asleep sucking each other's dick.



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