After my last head shave my hair had grown for a whole year and was really long now. Bust just to shave it off again without having some fun before would have been a waste.

I know a nice guy who is a hairdresser and I asked him for advice what I could do with my hair before my head was shaved bald again. He then suggested that the length of my hair would be perfect for giving me a perm. We then had an appointment for the next weekend in my bath.

When he came on Saturday morning he brought all the stuff that is necessary and we both threw or clothes off and started with our business. I kneeled down in my bath and my hairdresser stood in front of me. I took his big cock in my mouth and started to suck it. Feeling his cock getting hard and bigger mine went straight up and got hard as well. I wanked my dick with both hands continuing sucking the hairdresser's penis.

He took the hand shower and turned the warm water on and wet my hair. He took a lot of shampoo and washed my hair. My head was full of shampoo when we both had our first orgasm nearly at the same time. My hairdresser cummed on my shampooed head and I splattered my sperm into my hands and massaged it into my hair as well. We then both shampooed my hair with shampoo and our sperm.

Then my hair was rinsed with water and we got out of the bath. With my wet hair I now sat on a comfortable chair and my hairdresser started to divide my hair with a comb into sections for the curlers. He started rolling up my long hair from my forehead to the back of my head on big curlers. Watching my hair being curled up like that my dick got hard again and I had to wank it again.

On the sides of my head now came smaller curlers and soon I had my hair curled all around my head. Now the fluid for the perm was coming on the curlers and after that was done we had to wait for the result. We did not waste time while waiting and we now both were rubbing our dicks looking at each other being the perfect wank material for us.

Very soon we had our jerk-off and this time we splashed our sperm towards each other's body. It was a nice feeling to massage my body with the sperm of my hairdresser and he did the same with mine.

Now the time had come to check my perm. The hairdresser took one curler off and found that my hair was permed enough. I got back into the bath and kneeling down again my hair with the curlers was rinsed again with water and then all curlers were taken off. I bowed my head and when the next rinse of water fell on my head I saw my new curls in front of my eyes.

My hair was wahed again now with shampoo and I felt that there now was a wild forest of curled hair on my head because my hairdresser had some problems to work his fingers through my hair. I was wanking my penis again and now I leaned my head back for the final rinse with water. All my curls wer falling backwards now and that was the next time when I shot my sperm away.

My hairdresser had a huge erection now himself and he did help himself. Again he cummed on my head only a few seconds later. Another rinse of my hair and then we got out of my bath after my hair had been dried a little bit with a towel. Now my hairdresser was standing behind my and stuck his cock into my ass and fucked me while he was continuing drying my hair with his fingers.

I stood in front of the mirror and saw my head with all the curls and I was so satisfied with my new look that I had to jack off again. When my hair was dry again we sent our sperm away, the hairdresser ejaculated into me and I let mine fly all the way through my bath where it landed on the tiles.

To finish the session for that day now my hairdresser kneeled in front of me and sucked my penis and wanked his own. This time I swallowed his shot and he caught my own again to massage it into my new locks. Then we went to bed for a rest. I was happy with the sperm inside me and in my curled hair and I fell asleep with both my hands in my full head of thick curls.



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