From Part 2........

Time passed and I had made a standing date to meet Jim at the truck stop Tuesday and Thursday evenings at eight.  I always made sure I was there early to avoid him knowing who he was having sex with. 

Several months passed and I noticed that Mike began going out more during the week than normal.  I trusted him and didn't question him.

Then one weekend when the boys were gone, Clay invited me over to play.  When I got there, as he always did at my place, I stripped and after  a make out session then a sixty-nine, he said, "Mark, we need to have a serious talk."

Part 3

"What about?" I asked, a questioning look on my face.

"It's about something that has happened, and I'm not sure about how to tell you.  I've debated about not telling you at all."

"Just spit it out," I said. 

"It's about Mike," he said.

"What about Mike?" I asked. "Is he alright?"

"Yes, when he and Jim left here everything was fine.  It's about what has happened in the past."

"Damn it, Clay, tell me what the fuck is going on," I snapped.

"It was a couple of weeks ago," he began, "and I had stopped at the truck stop, looking for cock. I know you have told me that you do the same, but I wasn't expecting what happened."

"Look, just start at the beginning and tell me what's going on," I told him, firmly.

"I had left work early that Wednesday and stopped at the truck stop.  I was in a booth, stroking and waiting, when I heard the door open.  The guy went into the other stall and dropped his pants and started stroking his.  I could tell he was leaning closer to the hole to see what I was doing so I leaned back to show him my hard cock.  He motioned for me to put it through the hole and I did.  He immediately began sucking me and he certainly knew what he was doing.  I could hear him stroking and it turned me on big time.  I shot my wad into his mouth and after he swallowed, I pulled back and instantly his cock came through the hole.  Of course, I went into action and sucked him off.  It was awesome, but when he left I peeked out to see if he was a driver or not."  He paused and lowered his head.

"And?" I said, remembering he had said it had to do with Mike.

"Mark, it was Mike that was in the stall next to me," he said apologetically.

"What?  Are you telling me that Mike, my son, sucked your cock and you sucked his?"

"Yes, and if I had known it was him in the stall next to me, it would never have happened."

"Has it happened again?" I asked.

"Yea, several times but I have never let him know it was me."

I sat down on the sofa, looking down, wondering if I should tell him about Jim.

"Mark, I hate that it happened but I have to admit that it was fantastic.  Are you pissed at me?"

I started laughing hysterically.

"What the fuck are you laughing about? I just admitted to having oral sex with your son."

" I stopped and looked at him and finally said, "Clay, just so you know, Jim sucks cock also and also takes it in the ass."

"Man, don't try to get back at me, telling me things like that."

"Clay, sit down.  Now it's my turn to confess."

I started at the beginning and told him about my first meeting with Jim and subsequent meetings.  As I told him of the different encounters, I noticed his cock steadily stiffening. 

Once I completed my speech, he looked at me and said,  "Well, they are both of legal age and free to make their own decisions," he said, "and I can't help but suspect that with them spending as much time together as they do, that they are having sex together."

"I'm sure that they probably are," I replied. "Personally, I think we need to find a way to let them both know that we know and that we do not condemn them, and that we enjoy man to man sex also." 

"I agree but for now let's concentrate on our own pleasure."

Within seconds, Clay and I were wrapped in each others arms kissing passionately while fondling each others cocks.  Moments later, we were in a hot wild sixty-nine working to devour each other's cum load.  Later, we lovingly fucked each other's ass as we kissed passionately.

We assumed that the boys would be in before long and as we dressed, Clay's phone rang.  It was Jim, saying that he was staying at Mike's house for the night.  Just seconds later, my phone rang and it was Mike saying that he was spending the night at Jim's and watching movies.  I looked over at Clay and just before Mike disconnected the call, I heard just a short sound of a semi horn.

Clay told me what Jim had told him and I smiled as I looked at him and said, "Mike just told me that he was staying here tonight, but just as he hung up, I heard the sound of a semi horn.  I'll bet you that they are getting a room at the motel next to the truck stop."

"Probably," Clay replied, "and I Know who can tell us. Let's go."

We finished dressing and with Clay driving, we headed to the truck stop.  As we drove, Clay admitted that Rex, the college student that worked nights as the clerk at the motel, was gay and that they had engaged in sex a few times.  I knew Rex was hot and had wanted sex with him, but I didn't know he was gay. I quickly admitted to Clay that I would also love to get Rex in bed.

We arrived at the truck stop and parked in a dark area.  When we entered the office, Rex had a curious look on his fact.  I had scanned the lot and pointed out Jim's car to Clay.

Clay asked Rex if he was busy and he said hat he had only had one check in that evening. Clay pulled out a picture of Jim and asked Rex if he was the one that checked in.  Rex said he was and I showed him a picture of Mike and asked if he was with the other boy.  He said yes, that they were in 105.  Clay asked it the room had a king or two singles.  Rex smiled as he replied, "One king bed."

Clay told Rex that I was gay also and hot for him and how we found out that our sons were into male sex also and that they had each told us that they were staying at the others house. 

"Hey, 106 is out of order," Rex began, "having some sheetrock replaced. There is only one sheet of sheetrock on the connecting wall.  You should be able to hear anything said in 105 extremely clearly.  Want to try?"

"Fuck yes," Clay replied.

As we walked to the room, I told Clay how hot Rex was.  Clay informed me that Rex was twenty, a body builder and was on the college wrestling team.  I told him that Rex's beard really turned me on. and he agreed to try and set me up with Rex.

We entered the room silently and as we were told, the wall in the room we were in had no sheetrock on the connecting wall.  We could hear the boys talking clearly laughing about how they fooled Clay and I.  We heard what we assumed was kissing before Mike suggested a sixty-nine.  We could hear them clearly when the door opened and Rex walked in. He whispered that he  put a sign up in the office that he would return soon.

The three of us listened as they each said how good the blow jobs felt and that they were looking forward to each being fucked.  Then we heard Mike say he wondered what their dads would say if they knew they preferred cock to cunt.

As we listened, Rex began unzipping my pants and was soon sucking my hard cock .  After eating my load he then blew Clay to a climax.  As he was sucking Clay, I made it a point to suck his huge cock dry.  Before he left I whispered into his ear that I wanted to get him in bed. 

"Anytime!" he whispered back.

After listening to the boys suck and later fuck each other,  we left our phone numbers and asked Rex to let us know anytime the boys returned. We left and Clay asked me how Rex's cock was.

"Awesome," I replied. 

"He loves getting fucked hard and deep," he told me.

"I wonder if he would like two cocks in his ass at the same time," I replied.

"He has said he would love to be double fucked or fisted," Clay replied.

Knowing the boys were in the motel, we returned to Clay's house and after stripping we went to bed  had a hot passionate sixty-nine.  

The next morning, Mike returned home and we both acted as if everything was normal. I couldn't help but wonder what his reaction would be if he found out I loved cock also.  I almost told him.

I then made a decision.

A few nights later, Mike was out and I was in my room in bed, edging my cock.  I had decided that I would pretend to not hear him return home and let him walk in on me stroking my cock, since he always stuck his head in and said goodnight.

It wasn't long until I heard him enter.  I began steadily stroking my cock and when he stepped into my room, He froze and said "Dad what's going on?"

"Hey, Mike, I'm only human. Self gratification is normal.  Don't try to tell me that you don't do it also. Feel free to join me if you want to. It's just one thing more that we can do together."

He smiled and asked, "Are you serious?

"Sure," I replied.  "I see nothing wrong or shameful about it."

"Cool," he said before stepping to his room across the hall and quickly stripping.

He returned to my room, his rock hard cock pointing the way and a moment later he was laying next to me jerking his hard cock.  Before long, we both climaxed, shooting  loads out onto our stomachs.  At my insistence, he joined me in my large walk-in shower and we showered together. After we dried off I grabbed him and pulled his hot naked body to mine and said how great it was that there was something else we could do together, and that anytime he us to jerk together all he had to do was tell me.

He went to his room and closed the door.  I eased close and listened and heard him on the phone talking to Jim and telling him what had happened. "I'd love to have sucked him," I heard him say.  If he only knew how much I wanted to suck his cock.

He was of legal age, nothing had been forced, and he was free to make his own decisions. I would leave further action up to him.

Two days later, he asked if I was in the mood to jerk off.  I said always and he began to laugh.  We stripped and as we began jerking, I confessed that as a teen a bud and I used to jerk together and then started jerking each other.  I asked if he had ever done that and jerked another guy off.  He reluctantly admitted that he had and admitted that he had enjoyed it. I then went further.

"Well, would you like for us to jerk each other?"

"Sure, I think it would be hot."

Instantly, he grasped my cock and began stroking me and I did the same to him.  I watched and noticed that he couldn't take his eyes off my cock.  Soon, we both climaxed and again showered together.  I knew I wanted things to go further and I felt that he did also.

 I called Clay and told him what I had done.  He decided to try the same with Jim.

"Clay, you know that Mike has probably told Jim what is going on. If you try the same with Jim, they will probably figure things out."

"Would that be so bad?" Clay asked.

"Not at all."

Clay put his plan into action and we began to compare notes.  He and Jim were stroking each other and cuddling just as Mike and I did.  Then e decided to bring it all out into the open.  I invited Clay and Jim over one Friday night for dinner.

They arrived and as planned ahead of time, once they arrived Clay and I hugged and to their shocked surprise we kissed passionately.  Both boys froze, seeing us.

"Shall we get comfortable?" I asked.

"Sure," Clay replied.

As the boys watched open mouthed, Clay and I began stripping, tossing our clothes aside.

Looking at the boys I said, "Why don't you two join us. We know you are both into having sex with men.  So are we."

They looked at each other and we began telling them everything, about Jim and I having sex through the glory hole and then about Mike and Clay.  We told them that we had been having sex together for many years.

Soon, the boys stripped and everyone relaxed and began to swap stories.  we were all boned.  After dinner, and with everything cleaned up, we headed to the den and to start things off, I began stroking Mike's cock   Clay did the same to Jim.  Then, without warning Jim and I both leaned over and swallowed our son's cocks.   Seconds later they began kissing passionately before turning and getting into a sixty-nine with us. We were finally getting to suck our sons and eat their cum.

Before the evening was over,  Mike had engaged in a sixty-nine with Clay and I had done the  same.  They spent  the entire weekend with us sucking and fucking.  Clay and I loved watching our sons get fucked by the other.

Everything was out in the open now and it brought Mike and I so much closer.  When muscle stud Rex was off, he would join Mike and I for sex. He quickly began taking us both in his ass at the same time and we loved it.  We love feeling each other shoot our load in his ass.

Mike and Jim graduated high school and both joined the Marines.  Clay and I became lovers and when the boys were home sex was rampant.  They had sex together most weekends when on leave and when overseas, anytime there was some privacy, usually out on patrol.

They are home now and have started their own business, a security firm.  We are so proud of them.  

THE END...............................Coming soon....HOMELESS



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