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Chapter 1

As the owner of a security company, I had to keep on top of the latest security devices and how they work.  In order to do this, I attend seminars and training sessions around the country when new technology comes out.  I attended one of those seminars a few months ago which lasted two weeks.  I soon found that I was missing the thing I loved more than anything else other than my son, who is a senior in high school.  He has lived with me since my divorce when he was fourteen. 

That one thing I was missing was the experience of having sex with another male.  Yes, I am totally gay and have been since my divorce.  And being in a strange town, I had no idea where to go to find what I was missing.

I had gone through one week of the seminar and on Sunday afternoon I was in the hotel bar when a man I judged to be in his early thirties came in and sat near me.  He was close to six-four,  and I judged him to be about one eighty or ninety in weight.  He was extremely well built and sported a shaved head and a nicely trimmed dark beard and moustache.  Then, I saw it.  there on his left hand was a gold wedding band.  My heart sank.

He spoke and said his name was Greg and I replied that I was Mark.  During the conversation we got to talking about the gym and he said he worked out regularly.  I said that I knew I should but at thirty-eight years old, there was probably no hope for me to develop my body to look like his.  He said I was wrong and said if I wanted to, we could change and go to the hotel fitness center and he could show me how to build myself up.  I quickly agreed, hoping to see more of his body.  We agreed to meet in the fitness center in half an hour.

When I arrived, Greg was already there.  we were the only ones in the center and he had me start on the treadmill at a slow jog. As we both began to perspire, he removed his tee shirt and revealed a very muscular hairy chest. 

Without thinking, I said, "Damn, you're hot!"  Then quickly, I said, "That didn't come out just right."

"Hey, Mark, it's cool.  I liked what you said.  I just wish my wife would say that sometimes."

"Well, she should, because it's true."

"Thanks.  I've been told I'm hot before, so I'm used to it.  I'd divorce her but her dad owns the business that I manage and she is his baby.  If I left her, I'd be out of a job in a heart beat.  So she does her thing and I do mine and we have sex only on rare occasions."

"Damn, man, I couldn't live like that.  I love sex too much."

"Since I don't see a ring, I assume you're single.  You can get all you want."

"I'm divorced," I replied. "I do get enough sex, but I am discrete so my son doesn't find out."

Greg just looked at me and smiled.  I wondered if he suspected what I was referring to.  He changed the subject and showed me routines on different equipment  to improve my physique. after he was done he suggested we go to the steam room.  I agreed and in a small locker room he quickly stripped and placed his clothes in an empty locker, keeping only his room key.  I immediately followed his lead, but seeing his beautiful body totally nude began to have a gradual affect on me.

We each grabbed a towel and after wrapping it around our waist, we entered the steam room.  I sat on one bench and he sat on the same bench with is back to the wall and one leg raised, giving me a clear view of his beautiful cut cock.  I couldn't help but glance at it periodically.  As we talked< he would casually reach down and rub it and expose it more. As his cock slowly stiffened, my own cock began to quickly stiffen, creating a tent under my towel.

Greg soon sat up and slid over next to me and slowly turned toward me and as he did he gently grasp my hard cock then, before I could react, gently pressed his lips to mine. Following his lead, I placed my hand behind his head and held his face to mine as he offered his tongue.  I immediately accepted it and offered mine.  After a moment he pulled away and said softly, "Let's go to my room."

"Lead the way," I replied.

We redressed hurried to his room and once inside quickly stripped and once on the bed, kissed and made out passionately.  Soon, after licking and sucking each others nips, we ended up in a sixty-nine and hungrily sucked each others hard hot horny cocks, soon devouring each others loads.

After swallowing each others load and a hot passionate kiss, Greg looked at me and said, "When you said I was hot, I was hoping you were into men."

Laughing, I replied, "It just slipped out, but now I'm glad it did."

"Me too," he said.

We kiss, fondled and made out for a couple of hours before he looked into my eyes and said, "Fuck me."

"It will be my pleasure but only if you promise to do the same to me afterward."

"Hell yea," he replied.

I had admired his hot bubble butt and quickly began eating it out.  After a few minutes of me eating and him moaning, he lubed me up and we went at it bareback. He was on his back and after I entered his hot tight hole, I leaned down and as I began to piston in and out of his fantastic hot hole, we kissed.  I took my time and after a while I unloaded a huge load in him.

Looking up into my face, he said, "Baby, that was one of the best fucks I have ever had.  I want it again before you leave."

"Sure, but for now I want you in my ass."

He did as I had done and began to hungrily eat my hole.  Moments later, I felt the head of his lubed cock press against my hole and gently slide in. I moaned softly in pleasure as I felt his large firm balls rest against my ass.  "Oh yes, baby, fuck me."

As he fucked me lovingly we kissed again, and soon his speed accelerated and his cock swelled before exploding deep in my hole. Each of us moaned in shear pleasure.

We paused and had a beer from his mini-fridge.  I found out that he was indeed in his mid thirties, thirty-four to be exact.

Later in the early evening, he eased between my spread legs and with me on my back and him on his stomach, he began to make love to my stiffening cock and balls, not just suck them.  After an unknown amount of time, I moaned heavily and he knew I was close to climaxing.  With much gusto, he sucked my cock and I soon filled his mouth with my load.  Without hesitation, he came up and kissed me, and as he did we shared my load of cum.

After we each swallowed part of the load, I got between his legs and did the same to him.  Eventually, he fed me his load and we again kissed and shared the delicious cum load.

After more making out and fondling we again fucked each other before going to the shower. As we dried each other off and kissed, I asked,  "Will you be here tomorrow night?"

"No, damn it. I fly out at seven tomorrow evening."

"I wish we could have another evening together," I told him.

I dressed and as I left for my room we kissed and each agreed that it had been a fantastic evening.

The next morning, I saw him in the dining room having breakfast but one of the other attendees called me to sit with him.  I did, but wished I was with Greg.

The seminar started and after the mid midmorning break, I got a surprise I didn't expect. The moderator of the seminar began introducing the vice president of Atlantic Securities, Mr. Greg Thomas.

There before me was the hot stud I had had sex with the day before. He began his presentation and I noticed that he paused slightly as our eyes met.  Then at the lunch break, he managed to get me aside and we had a good laugh about the day before.  Then he whispered, "I've already checked out and the desk is holding my luggage, but I have to see you for a minute or so."

"I'm in 526.  As soon as the meeting adjourns, meet me in my room," I told him.

"I'll be there."

As the speaker thanked Greg for his presentation of some new devices, I slipped out and went to my room. Moments later Greg slipped in through the slightly open door.  We kissed and  wished me had more time together.  

I reached into my pocket and handed him one of my cards. 

"Damn, Mark, you're the fucking owner?"

"Yes, I am, and if you are ever in the area, you had better stop and visit me. And if you ever loose your job, you automatically have a job working for me."

Smiling, he said, "You just might be hearing from me."

"I hope so," I replied before another kiss as he left. 

I wasn't lucky enough to fine another stud for sex before the seminar ended and I returned home horny as hell and hungry for cum.  My home is in a small community thirty miles from a midsize  town.  We have a small truck stop in town and it has a very nice glory hole in the men's restroom.  I had to stop.

After going into the restroom and occupying one empty booth, I dropped my pants to the floor and as I began looking for new notes on the walls, I heard the door open.  Seconds later, a man in jeans and boots entered the stall next to me. He dropped his jeans down and pushed them lower around the tops of his boots before leaning back and casually began fondling his cock.  I watched for a moment then leaned back myself and fondled my cock.

I could tell he was leaning closer to the hole and I made sure he could see my stiffening cock. A second later, his finger came through the hole and motioned for me to stick my cock through the hole.  I did and he immediately swallowed my entire shaft.  I soon fed him my load and could feel him swallowing my load.  I then motioned for him to put his through for me to suck. I soon got his huge load and swallowed.  He pulled up his jeans and as he left the stall, I stood and peeked through the crack next to the door.  The driver appeared to be in his mid to late twenties and sported a hot firm ass, one that I would love to eat.

As I watched the driver, another man entered.  When I saw who it was I was stunned.  He went into the stall next to me and as I sat back down, he was openly stroking his cock.  He almost immediately motioned for me to stick my cock through the hole.  Deciding to see if he was serious, I stood and turned and slipped my cock through for him.

TO BE CONTINUED....................

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