From Part 1.....

As I watched the driver, another man entered.  When I saw who it was I was stunned.  He went into the stall next to me and as I sat back down, he was openly stroking his cock.  He almost immediately motioned for me to stick my cock through the hole.  Deciding to see if he was serious, I stood and turned and slipped my cock through for him.


Part 2......

The next thing that I knew, I felt his warm wet mouth close on my hard cock and his tongue caressing my boner.  I couldn't believe what was happening but it was very obvious that he had sucked many cocks in his lifetime.  I knew I shouldn't be doing this but there was no way I could stop.  I knew that after I fed him my load, I definitely wanted him to feed me his.

I was so fucking turned on, it didn't take me long to climax.  I could feel my cock swell as I neared my climax and moments later it exploded, sending volley after volley into his mouth.  It was so awesome feeling him swallow each huge volley of cum. 

Once he had me totally drained, I pulled back and immediately motioned for him to put his cock through the hole.  He did and instantly I took it in my mouth and swallowed it in it's entirety, burying my nose in his thick pubic bush.  I began sucking the awesome tool and quickly brought him to a roaring climax.  As each spurt entered my mouth I immediately swallowed and when I thought he was empty I started to pull off when he said softly, "Keep going!"

I returned to sucking his cock and in a short few seconds, his cock began to stiffen again.  My heart raced as I continued sucking his cock.  Moments later, he fed me a second load equally as large as his first. I couldn't believe I was getting a second load out of his beautiful cock.  

Once he was drained for the second time, he stood and pulled up his jeans, but before he left he slipped me a note that read, 'Let's meet again.  Tonight at eight.'  He quickly left and I knew I had to return later that night.  I stood and peeked through the crack next to the door and watched as Jim, the son of Clay, my best friend and occasional sex partner, left the restroom.

Jim was eighteen and a classmate and good friend of Mike, my own son.  They were both seniors in high school and both on the school football team.  It made me wonder if Mike had any idea that his best friend sucked cock.  I also wondered if Clay had any idea about his sons activities.

I made an excuse to leave the house that evening and arrived at the truck stop just after seven-thirty.  I took the stall I had been in earlier and found that the man in the next stall was caressing his own hard uncut cock.  I gave the signal and seconds later his cock was through the hole and buried in my mouth.  Being uncut, his cock was slightly musky tasting yet delicious.  I worked the foreskin back and cleaned the head with my mouth and tongue as the man moaned softly. I sucked him dry and as he left another man that I assumed was a driver, entered.

It wasn't long until I had a second cock in my mouth.  I worked it with loving care and soon was devouring another huge load.  As he pulled up his jeans he said softly, "Bud, you're better with your mouth than any pussy I have ever fucked! Thanks.

"My pleasure," I replied.

A minute or so after he left I heard someone enter and as I peeked out of the stall, I saw Jim entering and going straight to the stall next to me.

As he dropped his jeans I could see that tonight he was commando. After sitting down he immediately placed his open mouth against the hole.  Curious to see his reaction, I leaned forward and placed my open mouth against the hole on my side and extended my tongue. To my surprise and pleasure, he offered his tongue and we began sucking each others tongues and kissing. 

After a moment, I pulled back and stuck my cock through the hole.  He immediately swallowed it and after a couple of moments he stopped and held my cock.  Then, I knew what he was doing.  He was backing up to my cock, easing it into his ass.  Once the head was in, he pushed backwards and took me in his ass completely.  I gasped in pleasure.

"Fuck me," he said.

He didn't have to tell me twice. I immediately began to piston in and out of his tight hole and as I did me moaned softly saying how great it felt. I was extremely turned on and it didn't take me long to fill his ass with my load.  As I began filling his ass, I tried to decide if I wanted to eat his load again or take him deep in my hole.

After he pulled off my cock, I motioned for him to put his through.  He did and I lubed it with my spit then backed up to it. A second later, I had his cock buried in my ass.  It felt totally awesome and he began fucking me with gusto.  As he did, I heard the door open but I didn't care.  I was in heaven having this hot eighteen year old buried in my ass.

The man quickly figured out from the sounds what was going on.  I could see him peeking into the booth and rubbing his crotch.  Without hesitation, I unlocked my booth and he entered.  he climbed up onto the toilet seat and after dropping his jeans he said, "Suck me until he gets off  then I want to fuck you."

I began sucking him and moments later Jim filled my ass with his load. He knew I had let the other man into my stall and as he pulled up his jeans he said to the other man, "He has a tight ass.  Fuck him."

The driver I was sucking squatted down on the seat and I turned and sat on his cock and began to ride him.  He soon filled my hole with his load then as I started to climb off of him he grabbed me and buried his face in my ass. To my totally unexpected pleasure, he began sucking both his load and Jim's load out of my ass. Once he released me, he turned me around and we kissed and shared the loads that had been in my hole.  I was boned again, and he noticed and sucked me off.  

We both dressed and I followed him out of the restroom to see him climb into a large United Van Lines rig.  He gave me a wave as he pulled out of the lot.

I returned home that evening one happy man, and totally drained.

Roughly a week later Mike told me that he and Jim were going camping for the weekend with four other guys from the football team.  I wondered if Jim would be sucking them and giving them his ass. It made me horny so I called Clay to come over and spend Friday night with me.  He quickly accepted and once he arrived we both stripped, tossing clothes aside until late Saturday night when he dressed to go home.

The weekend was filled with making out, sucking, fucking, sixty-nine's, and some water sports.  Clay loved experimenting as much as I did.  We had been friends in college and started our sexual playing then.  We had both joined the Marines and continued our sexual play there. After being honorably discharged, we returned home and married, but continued sexual activities when ever we could.  Then, after our divorces, our activities became more frequent.  e knew every inch of each others body!

Time passed and I had made a standing date to meet Jim at the truck stop Tuesday and Thursday evenings at eight.  I always made sure I was there early to avoid him knowing who he was having sex with. 

Several months passed and I noticed that Mike began going out more during the week than normal.  I trusted him and didn't question him.

Then one weekend when the boys were gone, Clay invited me over to play.  When I got there, as he always did at my place, I stripped and after  a make out session then a sixty-nine, he said, "Mark, we need to have a serious talk."

"What about," I asked.

TO BE CONTINUED...................................



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