Forced to incest - Chapter 5 – SLAVE LEO.

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Rather than fucking Jack, Dave was making love to his ass, slowly and affectionately. I could see how he fucked him to the hilt and then pulled his cock out and plunged it deep again and pounded him real hard, but not as a punishment but doing exactly what Jack was asking him. I could see Jack was the happiest man on Earth then, he looked at me and I spontaneously kissed his mouth and touched his sexy body. So even when one of us three was not working, he also pleased either of the other two or both. I also kissed Dave’s mouth as he was fucking. That was too much for him and after ten minutes he filled Jack’s inner depths with his semen. I took one of my fingers inside and savoured a bit of the mixture of tastes, Jack’s juices and my son’s cum. I was in heaven. Then Dave repeated now it was his turn to be fucked.

Soon after Jack’s pole was hammering the insides of my son’s crack, he said.

-Oh, man, why on Earth did you not rape me instead?

-Is it that you would have liked to be raped? –Jack asked.

-No, but I liked your body the moment I saw you, and your smell made me desire that it was precisely you who I had sex with. And it would have been so easy for me to do everything my father had to do and save him from doing it.

-Dave –I replied-, if I hadn’t been raped, our mutual happiness would never have come. I am grateful to Jack he made me please you or else we would never have had incest. And he made me see I need a master too, just as he is: smelly, sweet and dominant. So everything’s perfect as it is right now.

-I agree, Dad. Come on, Jack, have fun in my ass. You are a part of us now and you will always be.

Seeing the affection the three of us felt for one another made him finally blast a long stream of white liquid inside my son’s ass. Now the first battle of three had just ended. But Jack had something more to say.

-We have known one another in flesh but I am afraid you still don’t know my real name. In fact I am Jake. My full name is Jake Mayhew.

Dave laughed and said.

-It is never late to introduce ourselves. We are Peter and David Lamb.

And knowing that, we decided now to sleep, this first time me in the middle, hugged affectionately by my two men. We had told Jack he should move with us next day and we would tell everybody he was the son of my sister Barbra. I had no sister but that we would tell. He said we should be more careful now with everybody for his relationship with me would also be understood as incest then, even that of Dave and him, who were supposedly cousins. All of us understood the situation, but it was the best excuse we could give neighbours and it was accepted.

Next day I had a private conversation with Dave after the three of us had had our breakfast. I knew then what I had to tell Leo. I would tell him quite a different version of what had happened but I had to reassure him. I knew his relationship with Dave as a slave and I should make him calm and encourage him, for I was also a slave now and he should know.

So there in the mechanic shop, when the hour to have a break came, I called Leo and told him I would like to invite him to a beer and talk to him.

-Well, Leo, I know you won’t like the first words I tell you, but I know you are Dave’s slave and toilet.

He was blushing now, really red in the face, but I said.

-Why do I tell you this? Well, you should know what happened to me yesterday on the beach.

I told him everything but changing the characters. I told him I had been raped by a man who said his name was Jack, but whose real name is Jake, before my son, and he even ordered me to lick his whole dirty body and eat all his excrements. But I was gradually feeling something I thought Leo would recognize: the need to be dominated by a sweet smelly man. Before coming home I talked to Dave so we could invite Jake home and make him my master. And I had slept with him as his slave, calling him equally master or Jack, the name I thought he had then. I also told him both Dave and I were nudists and often saw each other buck naked.

-And after yesterday’s ordeal, Dave told me a lot of things. I knew then he was your master, knew of the pig things he usually does and knew something more. He finally told me his incestuous desires. Well, I like Dave just as he is. We often see each other naked and now I know I cause him the boners he usually has. I think I would be uncomfortable giving him real incest but I allow him to see me having sex with Jake and he is allowed to touch his father whenever he so desires, and my whole body. That’s how things are now. You should be ashamed of nothing, Leo. You are Dave’s slave; I am Jake’s slave. You are also his toilet and I am Jake’s toilet. So you know we are all in the same status quo.

-You are a brave man, Pete. I cannot help but blushing, knowing you know my hidden secrets, but well I admit all you have said about me is true. But as for work, you are my boss and can still be as rough with me as you have always been. But I would really like to have more beers with you, Pete, and tell each other every day how things are going with our masters. And I am really grateful to you for not being shocked at the fact that my master Dave has some incestuous desires for you.

-He is the person I love most in this world, and he will always have me. He is a free man. You and I are also free men.

-I have always thought –Leo broke in-, there are no freer men than slaves in sadomasochism.

-I quite agree with you. Well, Leo, I will be rough with you or not, but now you know I also have a submissive aspect and the need to be dominated. And I also like dirty men and dirty things. One other day we can also speak of the repulsive taste of shit or puke. The break is almost over. Shall we return?

When the work day was over Dave told me he would be with Leo for a while, and I should return home with my new master and please him. In Leo’s house they both had to be very careful for Leo still lived with his parents, who were not always at home, and they took advantage of the hours they could be alone to be together, always in Leo’s bedroom with the door shut. If Leo’s parents returned they would tell them they were busy with papers or invoices of their work they have to deal with. Once inside the bedroom Leo told Dave what I had told him and said he liked the situation of me having a master also.

-Our situation here is insecure, Leo, and now my father knows everything, I think we should have sex in my house. Would you be shy to have sex with me before my father?

-I won’t, but will he admit you and I, master, having sex in there?

-He would. I think we should really be brave now, Leo, and I will tell you the real version of what happened yesterday. But first, I really need to piss. Open your mouth, slave.

Leo was used to drinking his master’s piss. All those things were his way of showing Dave his submission, but Dave liked him as he was, a really brave man, who even was dirtier than him. For Leo being a toilet all his life was a real need and he drank in real bliss one of the juices from his master, looking forward to savouring more products from him later.

-Perfect, slave, now show your master how you really desire him and give him a blowjob.

Leo did not hesitate a single second and pushed his master’s dick in his mouth, used to please his shaft with devotion, always willing to surrender to his manhood, always licking the pungent taste of his master’s balls, always proud to make his pole real hard, never abject humiliation but real lust for the man he worshipped. It was the battle he was used to, and he knew how to move his tongue in order to make his master cum in his mouth in ten minutes. Dave exploded again in Leo’s throat and filled him with his thick semen. Now it was the turn of one of the things his slave liked most.

-I will fill your body with puke now and then I will tell you a couple of things, slave.

It was a ritual for Leo to lie on the floor as he once again saw his master erupt a long stream of puke which dirtied all his body. Dave was careful to bathe his entire slave’s body with that substance he craved for. Leo turned so his master could fill his back too with that amount of nauseating puke. Once he was a spectacle of a very dirty man covered in rivers of puke, Dave told him.

-I know you like being covered in my puke. Now listen to me, slave. I know you are one of the bravest men I have known. I need you really brave now. First, I really need to tell you what happened yesterday.

And then Dave was slow telling his slave the real facts of yesterday’s rape and incest on the beach. Leo was moved and showed his master a happy face because now he knew his father had finally had sex with him and enjoyed.

-I always considered my boss, Peter Lamb, a hot man, master. And I am really happy of the situation you have with him now. You know I am not a jealous man, Sir, and I am glad he is your lover.

-Would you really like to eat my father’s crap or puke? But tell me the truth.

-I’d love to, Sir.

-And would you like to have two masters?

-Jake Mayhew?

-Do you know him?

-He is my neighbour. I have never wanked over him, Sir, for I only like using my dick to have private pleasures at home with you, master.

-Thanks, slave. But you can jack off thinking of whomever you want now. What would you think if I take you home now and introduce you as my slave to Jake and you also participate of my father’s lust and have sex with him?

-I think having sex with Peter Lamb and Jake Mayhew can be heaven, Sir, but never forgetting I belong to you. And I don’t want you jealous. You know you are my life, master.

-I know, and I won’t be jealous. Come on, Leo. Let’s have a shower and next we will go to my house, which may also be your house now.

An hour later the door of my house was suddenly open and both my son and Leo came in, surprising me and my master Jake naked and having fun.

Jake was an electrician and was working all morning and after his working hours he came home and told me he was going to begin the move. He asked me again if I was sure we wanted him living there and when I repeated I was sure and implored him not to ever leave me, he said ok and I offered to help him with the move. So we were for two hours bringing things from his former house to his new house, ours, and at a certain point, I discovered in one of his closets a cat-o’-nine-tails and I asked him if it really was used for what I suspected. He told me he used to whip his slaves with it, and I beseeched him to use it too with his new slave.

-Is it that you also like pain, slave?

-I have never been whipped, Jake, Sir, but I’d love you to whip your slave.

-Ok, Pete, you hot man. We will try here and you will tell me what you are feeling. If you don’t like it we can stop. Please, slave, pull down your pants.

I did and he kissed my mouth first. Then he made me lean against the bed and soon the cat-o’-nine-tails was caressing my buttocks. I felt a strong desire to belong to him like this too and asked him to punish my ass real hard. Now he increased the strength of the lashes on my helpless but grateful ass. It really hurt me but I asked him please to go on. I liked that pain and it was not him who was giving me the pain with his own hands; it was the whip. I was lashed for five more minutes and the more he whipped me, the more I liked this feeling of dependency, of being his without limits. But finally he kissed me again and said it was time to return home at once. We should continue with the move tomorrow.

At home he asked me if I wanted to be whipped a little more. I said I really wanted to have a red ass for Dave to see when he returned home. I was then severely punished for five more minutes and then my master said he wanted to fuck me. I answered approaching my red ass to his dick and rubbing it on his burning shaft, saying I wanted to be impaled. He pierced my crack, reaching my prostate in a single onslaught and there I was, painfully fucking that cock that was penetrating me. I clenched my butt muscles, making him moan with the pressure and just when he was filling my ass with his sperm, we felt the key in the door and in came Dave and Leo, who caught us just in the act of fucking, stark naked and heaving. With no shame of the situation Dave came to me and kissed my mouth.

-Hi, Dad. I hope you are not embarrassed. I have brought Leo home with me. I know you are already aware of each other’s inner secrets, but forgive me, Dad, if what I have just done does not seem correct to you. I have told Leo the true facts of what happened yesterday. He is a hot open-minded man and really understands the new situation. And I want to have sex with him at home too. Why don’t you kiss each other?

It was inevitable that both Leo and I were blushing then but both of us were thinking of my son’s happiness and fuck, Leo was a hot man too. Nervous as we were, we managed to finally kiss and the saliva of my son’s slave mixing with my saliva was a good sample of the tenderness Leo and I soon shared for each other. We could be blushing but we knew we were beginning something new.

-Jake –my son then asked-, would you like Leo to also be your slave and share him with me?

-I think he is the one who must answer.

-Sir –said Leo, bravely facing his neighbour and maybe his new master-. I could have creamed my pants thinking of you and in fact I did cream my pants thinking about my neighbour’s smell before I was so lucky and knew my master Dave. It would be heaven for me to be your slave too.

-Then, with Dave’s permission, I accept you. But you should know that father and son are always first. You will have two masters but Pete will only have one: myself. He and Dave will always do what they want with each other. So what do you want to start with, Dave?

-I want to blow my father and now, Dad, it will only be me who pleases your hot dick.

I couldn’t remember how many times I had blown him or he had blown me, but I was aware that it had always been publicly, and now once again we had an onlooker. I wanted Leo to feel at home and Dave told him.

-You can jack off, slave.

Leo immediately started to wank at what he was watching. He could see how his master moved in a hectic rhythm around the head of my cock, and moved up and down, and licked his father’s balls sometimes. I wanted to give Leo a good show and was for more than ten minutes holding my orgasm but when finally I came in Dave’s mouth, I moaned so loudly that caused Leo to have one of his best orgasms and he filled his chest of stream after stream of thick cum. Jake asked Dave what the next movement was. Still my son seemed the master’s master and Jake always needed his advice to go on and my son was the one who orchestrated everything. He suggested that now he should try his new slave and fuck Leo, and he could fuck me at the same time. Of course Jake agreed and soon I had my son’s dick ramming my ass again and Leo had Jake’s dick, his new master’s dick hammering his inner spots. Both of us slaves looked at each other and smiled. The tension between us did no longer exist and our looks spoke for ourselves. We were very close and kissed each other. The masters were happy with this new situation. I felt pain again with Dave’s cock in my ass: he was thrashing me but I moaned. He was not my master but I was glad he could give me some pain. He would tell me later that seeing my red ass had made him go wild and had the will to punish my burning crack. Meanwhile I guessed Jake was battering his new slave’s ass hard. Leo and I just looked at each other, kissed each other and laughed. We liked this foursome. Finally I could feel my son yelling and blasting his juice inside my guts. He was also kissing Jake and I could also feel the moment he came in Leo’s ass. Two of them had cum but Leo and I kissed for a few seconds and erupted two new amounts of cum. The four of us had cum, almost simultaneously.

-Dad –Dave asked me then-, you have just shot your load, do you feel like going on?

-I want to go on, Dave. What should we do now?

-And do you want to do pig things before Leo?

-We’re getting used to not feeling ashamed before each other. And both of us know well what a pig the other is. So I think we should lose our inhibitions and do pig things too.

-Then with Jake’s permission, I would like to see both of you shitting each other. You could shit in Leo’s mouth and then it will be him who shits in yours.

-You can be sure I will eat your shit later, Leo –I told him-, do you want to try my crap?

-Certainly, Peter –he always called me thus.

-Then approach my ass and have fun.

His tongue was a tender tool pleasing my ass then. I waited. I wanted him to get acquainted with every spot of my body. It was Leo who asked me to fart and shyly I farted once and I could check he had really enjoyed the smell and wanted more. So I kept on farting and soon mustered courage and started shitting. He started to swallow my shit, really aroused and moaning, saying it was the shit of another hot man that he could taste now. Quieter now, I shat him little by little and kept on farting. It was four minutes of shitting. I could see that he had been wanking and when he knew I had no more shit to feed him, he blasted his load.

Now it was my turn to have another shit meal in a new restaurant, Leo’s ass. It was curious for me that I had never paid attention to my employer’s ass and now I was horny seeing his buttocks, the scarce fuzz, the hole that had just been fucked by Jake. It was Jake’s cum the first thing I could taste in Leo’s ass but soon I was enjoying the spicy flavour of his crack and also asked him for farts. I had to show him I was just as pig as he had been before. I was soon massaging his hole with my tongue and some farts reached my throat and made me moan. I was patiently waiting for his shit, conscious now that I really wanted to taste a new flavour. And when it finally came, I started to make love with Leo’s shit and treated it so fondly as if it were his dick. I also wanked and the smell of shit in the room increased. I was eating slowly so that the pig meal could last for longer. Wanking, getting his farts, eating his shit, rimming him affectionately, all this convinced Leo I was just as pig as he was and I could perceive how he shat me calmly. I told him I had to cum and he stopped shitting. I finally busted my load and Leo became so aroused watching me cum with his shit that he also came and the room floor was soon a river of semen.

Dave said that today he had not shat his slave. He would shit on the floor now and the four of us could take part in a new shit meal. I was horny seeing my son squatting on the floor, showing his perfect twin globes and shitting shamelessly there for all of us to see. Jake was jacking off, so Leo and I started to masturbate too. He had little to shit today but when he finished he was the first to taste his own shit and then invited us to eat something if we so desired. In the same impulse, Jake, Leo and I knelt and started eating Dave’s poop. And even my son continued to eat some more. The four men were on the floor and suddenly and unexpectedly we all started to kiss one another and our four pig faces glimmered with real lust.

When all the crap from my son was finished, now Jake’s turn came to shit and we all prepared to keep on fulfilling our pig selves with a new amount of shit to enjoy. None of us four was shy anymore and three horny men started a new masturbation as Jake was shitting, but this time Leo and I jacked each other off. The smell of Jake’s shit helped the rhythm of our hands. Dave wanked and stroked my back and Leo’s. We were happy seeing Jake’s turds that we were going to eat next. My master was the first to try his shit. We all licked our lips in anticipation of our next pig move. And no words needed again three horny pig man were ready to taste a new sample of shit. It was foul-smelling, but none of us made any objection and ate with an appetite and of course Jake joined us. We repeated again and again the act of kissing one another, four shitted mouths very careful to kiss the other three. It was a perfect combination of tastes, the shit of four men. We were a quarter of an hour eating Jake’s shit and then devouring one another in real long pig kisses. Then common sense came to Dave again and told us we’d better go to the toilet and wipe our asses and brush our teeth. He would make us all a suggestion later, he said. When the cleaning works had concluded, he said.

-I would like to take my father to bed and have private sex with him at last. There is another room with another bed that could be for Jake and Leo. What do you think? –And kissing Leo, he added-, I will never let you down, sweetheart. It’s only that I need a night with my father.

-I know how you have always desired him, master. Be with him and show that hot man, your father, all your sweetness that I know so well. And I will still desire you when I am with another man, my master Jake. But he must talk.

-I also think that father and son need a night for themselves. And going to bed with Leo is heaven. Come, Leo, come with me. We should first have a talk. It is what any master and slave should always do: know each other well and learn the things they get off about and what the slave’s limits are.

We then separated and I was alone at last with my son in the same bed.

-I think I really needed to spend a night alone with you, Dave. I have always liked you but now, as hours pass, I am happier that I am not your slave, but your lover.

-And as your lover only you will always see me, Dad. Are you sure you want to do everything with me? I could be the only one pleasing you tonight.

My answer was approaching his right pit and licking it. He approached my left pit and licked too. I was glad I had some smell on me and knowing he enjoyed me more, the more sweaty I was. Words were not necessary in the ten minutes we were licking our pits and he shot his load. I didn’t but told him I wanted to cum now with his feet. We had a second smelly party, now at our feet and we sweetly licked and licked. I came after ten affectionate minutes and asked him please to let me suck his cock next. So, always following the same ritual and starting at his balls, I savoured his manhood in a blowjob of affection. “I know you often have sex with Leo, and even with Jake, but no one is gonna make you cum like your father”. I increased the tempo, faster and faster, and he busted his load in just five minutes. Now it was his turn. Being alone with him and seeing his lust for his father made me blast a long river of cum in my son’s mouth. Then it was a new party of dad-son tenderness when he turned and asked me to fuck his lover. The vision of my son’s perfect mounds almost made me cum then but I was for a long quarter of an hour hammering him and kissing him. It was really making love to Dave. We could fall in love, but it didn’t matter. We could always have sex with each other and he would have his slave and I would have my master and everyone’s needs would be fulfilled. I finally came in his arse, yelling as a madman and instantly I turned so he could fuck me. We repeated the same act of sweetly taking communion with our desired incest life and his dick in my ass convinced me he would be there pleasing me every day. Dave knew his father needed his rod now daily pleasing my ass and he touched my whole naked body till he finally shot his load inside. Then we were for two hours talking about the strange foursome we were living and I agreed with him that was the way we four should live. I even contrived a plan for next day, the four of us on the beach, and Dave accepted.

We returned to the beach at the beginning of July, the four of us in Dave’s car. Leo was also a nudist and we had a wonderful hot day to sunbathe, but we all liked swimming in the sea more and we were all day horsing around with one another, playing tricks with our bodies and the strength of the waves. When we were about to return home, we located the same spot where I had been raped and forced to incest and Jake aimed his toy gun now at Leo’s temples and asked him to stop. Then Jake told him that his name was Jack and that he was going to rape him. But we had planned an erotic fantasy for Leo. And when Jake had started to fuck his ass, he said.

-Now, the man you are watching beside me is not your master. He is now your son and you will blow your son as I am raping you.

Leo instantly went mad with arousal knowing the story we had told him would be now repeated to him, and soon he adjusted to his new role, and really believed the man he worshipped was his own son now. So he soon started to lick Dave’s dick and soon thrust it in his mouth, as Dave told him.

-I’m sorry you have to do this, Dad.

Leo sucked like crazy and really believed he was having an incestuous experience with the man he idolized. But I was not left behind. I stroked Dave’s buttocks meanwhile. I was supposed to be a friend of the rapist and of father, Leo now, and son. Soon Dave blasted a huge amount of hot cum inside Leo’s mouth and soon afterwards Jake filled the inside of Leo’s guts with his own semen. I waited now as Jake told Leo the same schedule he had told me some days ago as Dave claimed that he could do all that and spare his father. Leo was rock hard, and I was moved as I replayed the events that had made me worship my son’s spectacular body. But now it was Leo who was playing myself. He started to lick Dave’s pits and being my son’s cock unoccupied now, I sucked his dick. Jake was jacking off. All our four cocks were having fun now. The rancid smell of my son’s pits soon made Leo cum. It was a chain reaction. Dave came in my mouth and Jake and I came on the floor. It was the first time my son pissed in his presumed father’s mouth. Of course Leo relished in a flavour he was used to, and added he was really becoming incestuous and Dave answered they would have sex at home later. “You’re so sweet, Dad.”

Then a new orgy started again as he savoured Dave’s feet, really committed to them and we four started to wank again. A new cum for us four had to come and it came. Then Dave spat in his mouth and Leo searched for some snot in my son’s nostrils and something he ate. Now he had to taste Dave’s crap and a lot of farts. I sucked Dave’s cock again and Leo had a new taste of Dave’s shit, at the smell of which Jake and I shot our loads again, and Leo later as he was eating. Finally Dave came in my mouth.

Now it was the time to eat Dave’s puke and Leo screamed obscenities as he swallowed and did cum again with my son’s digestion. Jake repeated Leo would have to do nothing with him, but invited me to also puke in Leo’s mouth, which was something new. I didn’t hesitate and filled Leo’s stomach with digested lentils. I was proud as he blasted his load again, enjoying the taste of my stomach too.

Finally Dave shoved his dick in Leo’s mouth and he screamed saying “fuck me, sonny, you’re so sweet”, as I had said, and he also said he needed a master or two and Dave, unlike what he had said to me, accepted him as his new slave. Leo also wanted Jake as a second master, and Jake, whom he called Jack, of course, said he would also be his master. We could all hear Dave’s last scream of pleasure as he blasted stream after stream in Leo’s ass, then pulled his dick out and shot his load in his face too.

We all returned home after that fantasy, and Leo also jacked Jake off in the way home. Then he and Dave, “his son” slept in the same room and I went to bed with my master Jake. That’s the way we do it now. I sleep with Dave one day, the next with my master Jake and the next with Leo. What have we explained to neighbours, workmates, etc? Very simple. The truth is always the best. He finally told his parents he was in love with Dave and came to live in our house. They didn’t quite accept this new situation but finally they saw they had no chance and resigned. In our mechanic shop he is more or less understood and everyone knows now Dave and Leo are a couple. None of them know, of course, they are also master and slave. I am the happy father of a gay son and Leo is my dear son-in-law. So far nobody knows I am gay and Jake is my master and Dave my lover. I hope I am never discovered. Jake will always be the son of my sister Barbra’s, my nephew. We live all four together and we have gone many times to the beach, not to repeat anymore the fantasies of raping or incest, but to sunbathe and swim. We went many times in that torrid July.


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