Forced to incest - Chapter 4 – THE SON, THE FATHER AND THE FATHER’S MASTER.

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The velvet of my son’s arse made me push deeper and deeper with real affection, with the commotion that I was making love with Dave. He had spent years desiring me and now I could feel in his moans that he was really happy, so it became easier for me to fuck him. He came to my mouth once and again and kissed me fondly and I had time to see my master madly jacking off at our affectionate incest. Dave asked me constantly to fuck him deeper, to the hilt and I did as he told me, knowing it was not painful for him. This first time I was fucking him, I intended to really please him and I had to resist. It was a long time, even though I knew well I loved fucking an ass now, but when I saw that Jack was cumming, now so deep that I was fucking Dave’s guts, I had to fill the insides of my son’s hole with my semen.

Still moved due to what had just happened, I wanted to strengthen our relationship dad-son lovers and with no pause I asked Dave to fuck me again. He said he would really fuck me now with a will. Now he knew I really desired his cock; no one was forcing me now.

I had not forgotten Jack and I looked at him often with the desire he could read in my eyes I would be pleasing him soon. But so far he waited for father and son to have all the fun they could with each other and madly wanked in that wait. Feeling again Dave’s dick in my ass was the resurrection of my lust. I also asked him to please go as deep as he dared. He hadn’t fucked me so deep on the beach, and it was painful again, but I needed him to open a hole wide enough in my ass for his cock to enjoy me later. I was moved with the way he touched my whole body now and kissed my mouth with so much affection that I almost cried. Our tongues were learning to wildly savour each other and there was time for him to say: “you hot man, how I have always desired you, how I desire you now, knowing you are the bravest man I know”. I talked to assure him I would always be his, and after now my ass was his without restriction; my ass and all my body, provided it was pleasant for him. At last he shot his load for the second time in my ass, but he had fucked me so hard and so deep that I knew my crack would always be ready for him and Jack to fuck. After cumming Dave told me he wanted to lick my pits. I had brought some sweat from the beach and he wanted to taste me. I said I also wanted to lick his pits but he told me I had already done and I would have more chances before he went to the shower. I said it was ok but I asked him not to have a shower for as long as he could now. He said ok and he started to lick my now sweaty pits.

Soon I saw that I really desired my son’s tongue in my pits. He was whacking off with my perfume and his face now was a poem of lust, where you could clearly see that he was enjoying the scent of the man he had so long desired, his father. But when he moved to my right pit he invited Jack to sit on the couch and I could lick my master’s pits at the same time. He said he could wait but I affectionately invited him to sit close to us and assured him I wanted to taste his dirty masculinity. I called him master, of course, and he said to me.

-You can call me master or sir if you really like that –I was going to stop him and tell him I really wanted to call him master, but he spoke first-, but you must never forget that you can always call me Jack here, but you should call me only Jack when we are outside this house. No one must know, except Dave, that we are master and slave. And first I want to check what things my slave can enjoy. I know I am the dirtiest man you can ever meet and I won’t make you do things you don’t like.

-But I am your slave, master, please let me obey you and please your whole sexy body.

-I know you like jacking me off, drinking my musty piss and I think you will also like to be fucked.

-I certainly liked being fucked now and I want to have an ass always ready for my lover son and my master to fuck.

-Good, slave, but now I want you to taste my body and then tell me. If you like my stench, you can go on, but if you don’t like it, please stop.

I was soon licking his stinking left pit. Months of unwashed pits have taken him to be the most reeking man in the town, but I was surprised my nose could like such a strong smell and it soon became heaven to me to serve my master’s stinking pits. I asked him if I was permitted to wank and he told me after now I should never ask. I had his permission to jack off whenever I was aroused at his master. So I needed, I really needed to have fun with my dick. The situation was making me hornier than hell. I liked my son’s tongue in my pits and I moaned and once and again told him that he was driving me crazy. He was wanking and so was I, and seeing the pleasure I was having, Jack also started to masturbate. I went to his right pit. I wanted to calm him and I could see my master was finally calm. I couldn’t help it. I soon filled my chest with my cum and soon my whole body was a river of thick semen. Then Dave and Jack also busted their loads almost simultaneously. The three of us were now heaving, really exhilarated. Next it was my son again who suggested we could have now a party at our feet. Curiously he was telling my master what to do next and Jack never complained and accepted this strange threesome we had become. It was the same again but now with our feet. Dave started to lick my feet and I took my tongue to my master’s left foot and I also needed to cum with the perfect flavour his stinking feet had. A new concert of three horny men jacking off and now Jack could check I really liked all his rancid smells. We shot our loads soon and Dave said now Jack and him would 69 with pits or feet. And Jack told me that when they had finished I could try and give him a blowjob.

My son and Jack were for ten minutes enjoying each other’s pits and feet and I was so happy to see that the third couple liked each other’s tastes so much. In that moment Dave seemed my master’s master, but soon I could see it was not going to be always like this. He was affectionately turning Jack into a member of our family forever and teaching him to be with me just as he was being with him, always dominant and sweet. After ten minutes of enjoying each other, Dave said to Jack.

-Now my dad is all yours, Jack. You can order him whatever you like.

-Thank you, Dave –and addressing me, he said-, now, slave, you hot man. It is time to see if you can enjoy giving blowjobs to your master. Be as sincere and as brave as you have been so far. Blow me, slave, and tell me.

The different taste of my master’s dick and that of my son didn’t stop me. I knew it would cost me some time to get used to this dirtiest flavour but I also knew I was not gonna stop. I was really happy that I finally was allowed to make my master cum again but Jack, seeing me so aroused had his shorter time now and soon he filled my mouth with his white thick cream. It was wonderful to be now savouring Jack’s nectar of life. I said to myself that after today I would always make him cum many times. But soon after he blasted his load I saw myself asking my master how I could please him next. He asked me if I really wanted to be fucked now. I answered I really desired his dick in my ass, fucking me for the first time, not raping me anymore.

He thrust his shaft then unceremoniously and I started to wank and loudly moan for I wanted him to see me enjoying his dick now. He must always feel reassured that I was willing to be fucked by him many times every day and I wanted to take off his mind the word rape forever. He kissed me and I allowed him to be sweet with me now, just as sweet as Jack would always be with me afterwards. I knew it was not the moment to call him master now; his dominant side had to wait. So I kissed him all the time saying “thank you, Jack” and I knew he was grateful to me for that. I felt no pain now. Rather than hammering me this time or forcefully lashing me with his big dick, he was making love with my ass now. I could feel his heartbeats every moment he sweetly plunged his prick in the depths of my guts. I asked him please to cum soon because I could not hold it and needed to erupt again. And then came the harmony of master and slave for the first time, when both of us shot our loads together. I filled my chest with my load and I felt my master’s seed filling my ass. I had become one with him. Or rather three horny men had just become one for Dave busted his load next and I affectionately licked my son’s chest in order to cleanse his sculpted chest. I was a while licking his nipples and I was so happy that both my men were moaning.

Jack then told me that he would leave puke for tomorrow but he asked me if I really wanted to taste his crap. I answered frantically: “please, master, I really want to become your toilet in earnest.”

-Then, slave, you will have to heed my words. I have always been a shiteater, and I know you have already tasted shit and enjoyed. Now you will taste mine but first you will have to shit in my mouth.

-Jack, please, I also want to taste my father’s crap. What if he shits in both mouths?

-Master, please –I implored him-, could I please shit on the floor? If you want to taste it, you can share my poop with my son this first time. But either of you can stop the moment you want. I want to make both of you happy and if you really like my shit, I will have to feed you often. But I think the three of us are learning how to make this threesome work. And we all have to be sure what we like or we don’t.

-Ok, slave, I like your common sense. You can shit on the floor.

I thanked him and squatted on the floor. I wanted to know what effect my crap would have on them. I was a happy shiteater and I would never reproach either of them for being just what I was. When my first turd was visible I saw them both wanking furiously and they asked me to give them a big amount of shit so they could enjoy. I don’t know how many turds I shat but the floor was soon a brown heap of foul-smelling shit. Then I saw both my men with the same impulse and squatting on the floor and sharing my crap with an appetite. Both of them congratulated me for the taste of my digestion. I was moved. I was really crying as I saw those two beautiful men enjoying what my stomach produced. Not a single morsel of my shit remained on the floor. They had affectionately shared my poop and their stomachs were then as dirty as mine. I understood why they did not want to try puke that day. My stomach was a mixture of tastes and they wanted to taste the flavour of my natural puke. Now it would be Jack’s turn to shit.

He was also shy to start, even though he knew well that both Dave and I were happy shiteaters. But I understood it was his first time and respected his shyness. He was a little constipated and it cost him five minutes to shit just two turds. Then he said it was impossible he could shit more. Dave and I looked at each other and in our eyes could be read what to do next. With the same impulse both of us squatted on the floor and he approached the right turd and started to eat with no repugnance. So the left turd was for me. It was a communion of father and son, of two lovers, knowing perfectly well what to do. I liked him being so dirty and he felt admiration for his father. We devoured Jack’s turds with no doubt, but it was just a little time. Then we thanked Jack for the food he’d just given us and assured him we would always like to eat more from him. We said it was time to wipe our asses and brush our teeth again and then go the three of us to bed together for the first time. After the short time in the bathroom we affectionately invited him to our bed. But he asked.

-Are you really sure you want me in your bed? I could return here every day and have some time with my slave and some time with Dave and be happy with that.

-We need you, Jack –I said sincerely-. I can’t understand my life now without my master too in my bed.

-Ok, then –he was moved and crying-, but it must always be you and your son first.

There was room enough in our bed for three dirty men to sleep together, always with the perfume of our three dirty bodies. Both of them asked me not to be so strict with showers and smell a bit for their pleasure. I could not refuse and I promised I would go to the shower now only once a week. Jack really was crying now, when his body was in contact with ours. He asked us please to begin, but Dave answered him he should follow Jack’s advice.

-You cannot order me, Jack, but you can suggest, and I would really like to know what you might prefer to see.

-I would like to see you both blowing each other, but of course do as you prefer.

We did not hesitate and started to 69 with our hard dicks again. It was the third blowjob I would give Dave that day, the second blowjob he’d give me. It was becoming natural for both of us to have incestuous sex once and again. I knew I would never get tired of the taste of Dave’s dick. I wanted it every day in my mouth. I was elated with the situation of having turned my son into my lover. God, I desired him so much. But I could feel him groaning, savouring the taste of my dick and becoming fulfilled having sex at last with the man he had always desired. Jack wanked desperately, watched us and cried. It would not be easy to convince him that now he was a part, a necessary part, of our family. I don’t know how long we could hold back our orgasms but I seem to recall that we shot both our loads at the same time. Jack was talking.

-I have not deserved you.

-You have earned our affection, Jack –Dave then said-. My father really needs you as a master. It is a necessity for him to obey a man now. You’ve changed him and believe me: it is years since the last time I saw him so happy. And as for me, well you can be sure the moment I set eyes on you on the beach, I really liked your body and felt the strong desire of having sex with you, more when I could finally sniff you. And the situation you forced us to has made it easy for me now not to have any more secrets with my father and I have told him things I never thought I could tell him, and he has understood me and respected me just as I am. You have made us reach heaven and we are in heaven now. So we don’t want you to ever have any remorse for what you have done. We are grateful to you. Welcome to our family, Jack.

-Welcome to our family, Jack –I also told him.

-Now it is the turn of master and slave. My father is all yours now. Order him.

-Ok, slave –Jack was himself again, the sweet dominant man I needed-, now I will fuck you.

I didn’t hesitate and turned. I showed him my ass again and told him this was the arse he owned and I wanted him sure that it would always be his to fuck whenever he wanted. With a huge boner he then plunged his cock in my ass and pushed deep in my inner depths and he pulled back and went deep again making me discover a pleasure and a real need. I wanted to be fucked by my master as long as I lived, many times a day and I told him and never stopped moaning. He kissed me sweetly then and with his dick in my ass we were becoming two men who really needed each other and I told him having a master was a real need for me and I would be crushed if I couldn’t be allowed to have him by me in the future. He understood me and pleased me, pushing deep in my guts and sometimes pulling back and entering again. It took him longer than a quarter of an hour now but his sperm finally arced inside me, moistening my hole. He asked me to cum too and I came on my chest and Dave was soon licking my damp semen. I could feel his tenderness again and cried of emotion. Then Dave talked to Jack again.

-Now it is finally the turn of the third couple. I would do everything with you, Jack, so you choose what we should do.

-I would like us to fuck each other, Dave. First it will be your turn and if you really want, I will fuck you later.

-Perfect, Jack. Then turn. I will fuck you and you will finally become a member of this family.

The third and final move began and the three couples begun to be consolidated. We had to change Jack, a really remorseful and downcast man, into the third vertex of our new and everlasting triangle. Dave plunged deep in his crack and I wanked frenetically watching the beginning of the third couple and I was still surprised and moved at what I saw.


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