It was a cool early morning when Colt got a called from Fire Captain John Toros. He told Colt that he book a flight for himself to meet him at his cabin the last Friday in April. The months came by fast as Colt was backing up his gear to head out the door to pick Captain John up at the Airport. Colt is now waiting at the sliding doors for Cap. John to walk through anytime now, They both saw each and gave one another a huge hug before they got into Colt new Ford pick up Truck.

The drive up to Colt cabin is a good 3 hours plus from the airport and a good 10 minutes drive from the main highway just off 69. Captain was amazed when they arrive at the log cabin as he look over the lake area that is was built on. They each help themselves  with their luggage and other items that they brought with them for the weekend trip.

The time was well into the afternoon when they decided to take a trip with there fishing poles out onto the rainy lake. " My God Captain this is nice " as the rain is coming down lightly onto the two of them . " You got that right Colt " came from Cap. John as there are now having a few beers together while there are fishing. " Time to hit on back " Yelled Colt as the wind started to pick up real fast and strong. 

They got back into the cabin all wet from the rain, Colt gave John a towel to dry himself off as he was standing in the bedroom in his Black spandex underwear. Captain gave Colt a nice sexy smile before they started kissing and touching each other. Captain John was flat on his back as Colt started to tongue Cap. John body from the neck all the way down to his thick 7 plus semi cut cock.

" Let me fuck you Colt " ! As Captain John was totally horny by now, " Sure Captain John put you got to take it slow dude " Before Colt go onto his homemade log frame king size bed. The captain walk over to his sports bag to get some lube, condom and poppers out for them. " Have you ever try popper Colt " ? It was a good few seconds before he told him a long time ago Sir. Colt then watch Captain John roll on the new Trojan Heat release condom all the way up his hard thick shaft right to his huge balls. 

Cap. John then began to push his hard cock into Colt tight hairy hole real easy, The both of them took a few snort of the poppers until Cap. John was all the way inside of him. It was a few minutes as Cap. John was banging  Colt ass good and hard as the sweet smell of Boss perfume started to pour out of Captain John body. Colt was amazed by Cap. John large penis as it slide in and out of his hole as he was morning of sexual pleasure. 'Fuck me Sir, Fuck me Sir " Colt started to scream while Captain John cock was now in full motion slapping his hairy balls against Colt tight hole.

The time was around 2 30 pm when they stop for a rest as Colt then got up from the fuck and headed out to the kitchen to grab some beers for the two of them. They both decided  to head out to take a hot tub. Colt waited a good 10 minutes before the Captain walk out in his tight Red Under Armour underwear with his huge bulge showing along with the out line of his cock. " My God you look Hot Captain " Colt told him before he got into the tub. Colt was now sitting at the side of the tub in his new brown spandex swim suit. The Captain began to move up to Colt Crotch and spread his hairy legs apart and began to suck and lick Colt hard bugle that was now showing in his trunks.

The Captain then took a snort of the poppers before he pass the bottle to Colt to try. Colt cock by now was hanging outside the side of the trunks as Cap. began to lick and suck it. The blowjob lasted a good 10 minutes as Colt shoot of his load once again all over Captain John greyish moustache mouth. Now it was Colt turn to blow Captain John cock, Colt watch Cap. pull back his foreskin over the head of his massive thick cock before he began to suck it. Colt started to deep throat him all the way down his shaft right to his balls. Colt was now sucking Cap John real good and hard as his pre cum was pouring  out lots of his hot juice into Colt nicely trim goatee and mouth. " Fuck I am close dude " as the Captain was getting to shoot off his load. They both took one more shot of poppers before the Captain shot 2 loads off seconds apart all over Colt goatee and mouths. "Fuck you cum is very sweet sir " Colt told the Captain before he lick the rest up that was hanging on the foreskin of the Captain cock.

The rest of the weekend was great as the two of them fuck and suck each other off many of times at all hours of the day. It was the last morning of the trip before they headed of to the airport Captain John as Colt to break open his virgin ass ?  The Captain was laying on his back as Colt started to eat and tongue out his Virgin hairy hole. Fuck the Captain was now screaming as his ass juice was all over Colt goatee and month, Colt then told Cap to take a few snort of poppers as he was now about to break him open. Colt took it real slowly as he inserted his cock into the Cap. nice tight ass, You can here the Cap. gasp of pain a few times until Colt was all the way inside. Cold huge 7 plus dick was fucking the Captain hole in full throttle now. The Captain was screaming of pain and pleasure as Colt was well into 15 minutes of the fuck. It was shortly after that Colt shot off his load onto the hairy checks of the Captain bubble butt ass. " Fuck that was nice dude " As Captain John told Colt before they headed off to take a hot shower. Colt then got dress and stood over by the bedroom door before watching Cap. John started to get dress. He first put on his sock and they a fresh pair of white Jockey's briefs and t-shirt that match. Then next thing he put on was his black 501 Levis jeans before his dome button Levis shirt, Cowboy boots and the hat. They drive back to airport went very well as they stop a couple of times for a drink and a piss. 

They hug each other 1 more time at the Security check point before Captain John went through the sliding doors. Colt never heard from John until a good few weeks later as he got a nice e-mail from him. He wanted to know if he would go on a Gay Bear Cruise with him in the fall. Colt wrote back to give him a date and time.





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