Fire Captain Roy and John had to go down to the Coliseum to check out the Pyro that the world's number one Heavy Metal band well be using for their show tonight. They got to the Coliseum shortly before the band had to go on stage for their sound Check. They have just meant the Pyro Technician name Tony as they were about to hit the massive stage that will be used for the show tonight. Five huge flames shot up well over 30 feet into the air, Roy and John were so impress by it all they ask the Technician to hit the switch again.

John was a huge Metal fan as he got to meet his Hero name Rob during the group sound check.Rob was dress all in his black leather outfits along with all of his wrist bands, studded collars and Bikers Boots. Rob was also open about his sexuality and was very interest in someone much younger then him.

Rob got a good vibe from John and Roy before he invited them to join him back at the hotel after the show for some drinks. John was all excited because himself and Roy got great seats for the concert that night from the group Manager. Roy was not much into Heavy Metal music put he was very interested and seeing what the hype is all about.

The time was just after 9 pm when the Group hit the stage for their 90 minutes show. John love all the explosion along with the loud sound coming from the speakers hanging from the ceilings on each side of the stage. Roy was some what impress by the show as he was driving to the Hotel were the group was staying at. John knock  a few times on Rob room door before he came over to open it up for them, Come on in fellows he shouted at them as they approach the table and chair over in the corner of the suite.  

What would you like to have for a drink fellows ? John order a rum & coke and as for Roy it was just a can of Bud light. The time was close to 1 am when the 3 some began to go all down. First it was John and Roy 69 ing one another as for Rob he was sitting there on the chair jerking and rubbing his tool.

How about my cock up your ass son ? That would be great, But you have to put your leather pants and jacket for me. Poor Roy didn't know what to make of this matter ,That all he can do is watch it all go down in front of him as he just sat in the chair.

Rob nice 7 inch cut cock was sliding in and out of John hole with ease as Roy stood behind Rob playing with his hairy sweating hard nibbles as the climax grew. How does my cock feel dude ? As he got more aggressive as his cock was now in full throttle. Roy began to get real turn on even more now as he drop down to his knees and pull Rob leather pants down to his ankles. He then began to lick and spread Rob ass checks apart as he was about to eat him all out.

The tongue was deep inside Rob hairy ass hole as all 3 of them were moaning with great sexual pleasure, It was not to long after that Rob shot his load off into John ass. My God Rob that felt great he told him as he was hitting into the bathroom to grab and shower.

Roy was standing there with his cock hard as rock as he watch Rob all spread out on the bed ready for him to fuck his hairy ass  up juicy hole. Rob deeply enjoy the cock slowly moving up his hole all the way to the Man's G-spot, Roy pounded his ass for a good 20 minutes plus before he had a huge orgasm in his hole. The room smell of sex order as Roy began to pull his cock full of  his cum and ass juice . They both took another shot of booze as they waited for John to get out of the bathroom so they can use it to get all clean up.

It was well pass 3 am when Roy and John finally left Rob Hotel room. It was now Lunch time at the fire station when the new Rookie name Bill ask the 2 of them about the concert last night, Roy told him that they had a great time at the show and he will properly do it again when that group is back in town for another show, As for John he was sitting in the corner just chuckling about it all that was said.

Roy look at his watch and notice that he got to meet with his old Buddy Bill who is in town for his Roller Derby Game down at the Coliseum, Roy love watching the team practise on the bank skating track as the girls were slugging each other very good. It was 5 pm when Roy got back to the station to finished his shift that day. Over the next few day's Roy and Bill got together along with their wives as they all went out for dinner each night.

Roy and Bill had just made plans to meet each other for a weekend in Las Vegas over the Memorial Day long weekend during dinner that night. The game  was real rough for Bill because he was skating against arch rival Paul Roberts who Captain the Mid-West Team. During the game they had a few slug fest as Bill got a nice cut just above his eyes. His wife Georgie was not please with him at all, Because of him fighting and planing a trip with Roy to Vegas with out her and Liz.

The time went by very fast as Roy was out the door and hoping in the Taxi on his way to the Airport to catch his Flight to Las Vegas for the weekend. As for Johnny he was a little jealous about it all as he felt that their is something going on between Roy and Bill.

Part 2 to Follow




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