Two weeks after being kicked out of his house, Phil finally adjusted to our way of life. We had to break him of some bad habits. For instance, if he had a problem, he had to talk about it. In his old house, he had to bottle his feelings and suppress them. He became a much happier person. After Mom reminded me of graduation, that night I applied for Berkeley for both Phil and me. I check their standards and I accidentally fit the bill. So did Phil. I looked into scholarships and because we're both in the top 5% of our class, we can both get full rides and other grants. College will be no problem for us.

I was awoken with full, plump lips on my cock. "I could get used to this every morning," I thought to myself. I seems like he'd been working on it for a while because I was already about to blow. I held his head on my cock and let him have it. He came up to meet my lips with his and we snowballed the cum between the both of us. We both wanted it, so we silently agreed to split it and swallow.

Phil broke the silence. "Good morning, babe."


"Hey, I laid out your your clothes." I took a good look at him. He was wearing a burgundy sweater with a white shirt paired with dark jeans and brown boat shoes. "Your mom and I cook breakfast. We had an hour 'til we have to be at school." Where was this coming from. This guy was a MAN'S MAN. Now he's laying out clothes and cook breakfast. No to mention the early blowjob. "Get your ass out of bed!" Okay. Now he was back.

I got ready and headed drove to school. We walked through the doors, and Phil grabbed my hand. We walked through the hall together until he stopped, took me by my waist and pulled me into an aggressive, hot kiss. Everyone's mouths hit the floor. Some people even cheered! After the kiss, I grabbed his ass for the last touch before getting to his locker. He walked me to first period and gave me a goodbye kiss...for five minutes.

A guest speaker came in and talked to us about graduation. I got a text from the coach that said, "Come to my office during your study hall tomorrow. Bring Phil." I had a full pack of teacher's passes and was great at forging signatures. Getting out of class would be easy. Especially since it's the last day if school.

Later that day, when we got home, Mom brought in the mail. Two giant envelopes. I had to come clean.

"Phil, I applied for Berkeley."

"Oh. Well I hope you get in," Phil said with watery eyes. He thought there was no way he could get in.

"I applied for you too."

"Really? Thanks."

"Let's open them at the same time."

"Sure." We both tore open the envelopes. We both read at the same time:

"Dear Applicant, we are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted into The University of Berkeley."

Phil's excitement was short lived. "How are we going to pay for it. How am I going to pay for it?" Dad brought in the rest of the mail. A giant mound of smaller envelopes.

"I applied for a couple scholarships as well," I understated. "We don't have to worry about finances. All we have to know is where we want to live. Books, classes, dorms. All paid for."

"Did you want to try for an apartment instead?"

"I was hoping you would say that." We hugged each other because we knew we would have four years with each other. We hoped for a lifetime.

My parents decided to go on a date, so Phil and I knew what tonight was. The second the door closed, Phil said, "Practice was hard today. I should take a shower."

"Me too," I agreed.

"We should take one together to keep the water bill down."

"Yeah, to keep the water bill down." We sat there for a couple of seconds and then ripped each others clothes off. He kissed each other all the way to the bathroom. While lip-locked, I felt around for the shower knob. I found it, turned it, and stepped in (all while making out with the man with whom I wanted to grow old. I grabbed the soap and lathered in my hands. I rubbed it all across his chest. I knelt down and fondled his legs. I worked my way up from his feet to his prick. His was already extremely hard, but I decided to tease him. "You're not allowed to cum until I allow you to."

"Okay, babe," he replied. I began planting kisses on his cock. "This is going to be harder than I thought."

"Just warn me when you're close."

"K, hun." I proceed. Then I take his length in my mouth. I have to deepthroat it. I loosen and contract my throat muscles to give him the BJ of his life. He and I moaned uncontrollably. "Baby, I'm gonna cum." I quickly pulled off and turned him around. I spread his legs a little and separated his ass cheeks. I brushed my finger across his anus and he shuttered. I lightly brushed my tongue against it. "Oh baby, don't stop. Don't stop!"

"I wasn't planning on it." I turned him back around, after playing with his ass for a while. I wrapped my arms around his neck and had him pick me up. Legs on either side of his body, he pushed his prick in my slowly. When he got fully inside me, I whispered in his ear, "You may cum now." This lit a fire under him. He fucked me like the Tasmanian Devil. He put me down and pulled out.

He turned off the shower and said, "I don't want to become a prune."

"Okay. Lets go to our room." He looked at my funny, but apparently disregarded whatever thought that had flown into his head. We picked up our clothes and ran to our room. We jumped on our bed, and then I realized: I'd started calling 'my' things 'our' things. I put him on his back and rode his cock until I felt him shooting in my ass. We fell asleep naked, holding each other through the night.

We woke up spooning (me the little spoon.) I turned around, gave him a peck on the lips, and snuck out of the bed. It was so early, but I needed to get ready for school. He did too, but he usually wakes up later than me. Knowing that today is the last day in high school made me anxious. I was excited for the new experience but scared about the unknown.

The morning went like usual. I had my study hall when I remembered to go to Coach's office with Phil. I used the pass Coach gave me to get out of class. I went to Etymology and said, "Principal Rowlings wants I see Phil. He says it's extremely important." When we were out of the room I said, "I have a surprise for you."

We got to the office and saw the Coach's desk with only a chest. "Looks like the surprise is mine as well," I said to myself. The chest had a letter:

"From Mr. Heilman and Coach Ryans. We are so grateful for all of the good times you've shown us, Brett. We know you and Phil are meant for each other and will stay for a long time. It's time we tell you that we, Ryans and Heilman, are lovers. Actually, we're married. We got married right out of high school. We've decided to give each of you $5,000 to start of your college years right. Know that our doors are open at all times and we are here for you whenever you need for whatever you need."

I had said I had a surprise, but it was actually Phil that had the surprise. He dug around in his pockets and then got a satisfied look on his face. He got down on one knee and said, "Do I have to say it, or do you know?"


"Ye 'you know' or yes 'you'll marry me'?


We decided to skip the graduation ceremony and move into our apartment in California. Now we're going to try married life in college.

Stay tuned for chapter 7.




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