As I walk home, I think to myself, "Maybe being gay isn't that bad. Coach seemed pretty accepting. My team doesn't seem to hate me. Maybe everything will change for the better." Just then, a group of four guys in a red Cadillac speed by yelling "faggot" "queer" "homo" and "fairy". The rest of my journey home is made with my vision impaired by my tears.

I return home at 8:00 to a house smelling of spaghetti and meatballs. I instantly become sorrowful. Everyone in the family knows Mom had something important to talk about when she made that dish. She thinks about it all day and forgets about dinner. Then she suddenly remembers and tries to whip up something quick. I walk into a kitchen with perfectly played spaghetti and perfectly seated parents.

"Hello, Son," my father says. I could hear it in his voice. He usually makes cheesy jokes about Brett Favre or some other "dad" saying. He hasn't called me "son" since he told me that my grandma died.

"Hey, Dad," I reply.

"Take a seat."

"I was planning on it," I say sarcastically, trying to maintain the same light mood we usually have toward each other. I notice Mom hasn't said a word since a got home.

"Well, let's just jump right in. Son, we heard from the Pre-Calculus teacher that you were sleeping in class and had a gay wet dream. I know we've taught you better than that. You're grounded."

"You're grounding me because I'm gay? What the hell?!"

Mom speaks for the first time. "Who said we're grounding you because you're gay? We're grounding you for sleeping in class. You should have been more responsible. We're reinstating your bedtime of 12:00. The gay thing doesn't bother us." She and my father stand and give me hugs.

"You are so special to us. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't matter. You are to do great things. With whom to live your life is up to you," says my dad.

I walk to my room with my vision impaired by my tears.

The next day, I go to Pre-Calc. I sit in the back corner, hoping nobody would acknowledge yesterday's incident. People kept looking back at me. I tried to pay attention to the teacher for the rest of the period. At the end of the period, I go to the teachers desk and apologize emphatically and beg for forgiveness. As he is too busy grading papers, he quickly says everything is fine and ushers me out of the room. I turn back to see a nine inch boner in his pants.

I arrive to an empty coach's office and immediately get undressed. I lay down on his desk and wait for him to enter. He comes in the room and smiles.

"Hey, babe," he says as he closes and locks the door. He starts kissing me. This time, I feel like its going to be way more romantic. His tongue enters my mouth, so I just follow his lead. He starts groping and kneading my ass. my hands start roaming around his body. I feel his chiseled pecs. I play with his nipples, and he becomes more zealous. I used my legs to pull his crotch toward me. He gets off and I instantly drop to my knees. I fish out his dick and tease it with my tongue. He starts moaning. I then swallow his cock whole.

"Oh god! And you say you're new to this stuff?"


"It feels so good when you hum on my cock." I decide to moan more. I do this for a good five minutes before I feel his cock tense. I take his dick out of my mouth and turn him around. I bend him over the desk and dive into his ass tongue first. I give it sloppy kisses lick up and down.

"Fuck!!! Never stop!"

"I don't plan on it."

I do this for another 4 minutes until I flip him back over to suck his cock again. Suddenly, I feel a cold lubricant on my ass and a finger slipping in. I see both if Coach Ryans' hands. I turn around and see my Pre-Calc teacher, Mr. Heilman. He smiles at me as I think whether or not to let him fuck me. I stare him up and down. 6'2", brunette hair, dark brown eyes, prominent chin. How did I not see how hot this guy was before? He kept fingering me voraciously. As I kept sucking Coach's dick, Mr. Heilman started pushing his penis into me. He began kissing the back of my neck and sucking on my ears. He whispers, "I'm going to wreck you tonight."

"Go ahead, I need that cock in me," I reply.

He starts pistoning in and out of my ass relatively slowly. "Come on Mr. Heilman, fuck me like a man!" He began plowing me. He hits this thing in my ass every time that makes me want to cum. I feel his dick tense up. He shoots inside of me, coating my inner walls with his cum. He keeps his dick in my as he kisses the back if my neck. He slips out and starts eating my ass. He sucks my ass so well. Mr. Heilman sucks the cum out of my ass and kisses me after I pull off of Coach's dick. He slips me his cum. I spit the cum on Coach's dick to lube it up.

I tell the two teachers to switch places. Coach spoons me in the floor. As he enters me from behind, Mr. Heilman feeds me his dick. After ten minutes, I decide to deepthroat him. Heilman starts fucking my mouth vigorously. Coach pulls my leg up and starts making love to me. Slowly, he entered and exited me. The fact that both of these dicks are in me sends me over the edge. I shoot nine or ten spurts of cum out of my cock. Somehow, Heilman came more and forced my to swallow. Coach added to the bank of sperm in my ass. We had a hot three-way kiss. I remember that I'm not supposed to shower so I try to find my clothes. I walk outside the office and can't find my shirt, pants, or even my underwear. I go back to the office, but both teachers are already gone. All that's left behind is a note:

"I thought you were my friend.

If you want to salvage this friendship in any way, go to the first floor bathroom during 3rd period at 9:20."

Stay tuned for chapter 3




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