Luckily the back door was open for me to sneak into the house unnoticed. I jumped in the bed slept for what felt like ages, still wreaking of the sweat and cum of the night's activities. When I woke up, I smelled batter cooking and meat sizzling. Pancakes and bacon. I showered, got dressed, and met my mom downstairs. I was ready for school. As I drowned my food with syrup, I couldn't help but think about that note I found last night. I knew it was from Phil. I didn't know if I could face him today. I could avoid him for a while, but I had to meet him in the bathroom. What would he say? How would he react? I was not ready for school.

In years past, I always had the same parking spot. Everyone knew, that spot was for no one but me. When I went to park, I saw the word "fairy" written in chalk on the blacktop.

First period went by so slowly. Everyone looked at me like a freak. Even the teacher didn't acknowledge me. Someone passed me a note that said, "Is it me, or does your ass look hungry?" True, I would have laughed a couple days prior to the wet dream; now it was different. It was directed towards me.

Second period was better, but some of my "friends" started avoiding me. I thought they would like me no matter what. I guess their friendship was conditional.

Third period came and I went directly to the bathroom. Phil stood in the middle of the room, silent.

"So, you wanted to talk?" I tried to break the silence.


"So you know?"

"Of course. Everyone and their mom knows."

"What do you think?"

"You know what I think."



"Will you just talk to me?"

"What do you want me to say? My best friend is a fucking homo and I'm ashamed?! I'm ashamed because he felt he couldn't talk to me?! Let me tell you something. I have loved you like a brother for years! Not telling me the truth is the same as lying! Do you not see that!? Years of trust thrown down the drain. Why was I not important enough to tell? I had to find out from Carmen. That bitch CARMEN had to tell me? Nobody likes her and she knew before me! Then, I find out you're fucking the football coach and the Pre-Calc teacher on the side? I loved you like a brother. I loved you."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..." I started crying. No. Bawling. I lost my best friend. He came toward me like he was going to hit me. I tensed up and-

He kissed the tears off my face.

Confused, I looked at him, wondering where that came from. He came from a very strict Catholic background. Now he's kissing the tears off of my face? He began to kiss my mouth timidly. I took control. I shoved my tongue in his mouth and explored. He did the same. We were the only two people in the room. Heck, in the world. We stood there and kissed for what seemed like ages. Interlocked, becoming one through our connection. It felt like what kissing should be. Pure bliss.

He pulled back with tears in his eyes.

"This isn't right. We're both men. What are we doing? We should go back to-"

I interrupted him with my lips; he submitted. He started to feel each others bodies. We heard the bell ring for the end of class. We ignored it, for there were bigger matters of which to take care. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he groped my butt and pulled me closer to him. I felt like I was eternally his.

Someone started to walk into the bathroom.

"Unless you wanted to see some asses and cocks, get out!" I've never heard Phil talk like that!

I started to kneel down and pull his pants down. He was obviously hiding an anaconda in his shorts. I grabbed hold of it and it throbbed in my hands. I stroked it a couple times; Phil looked like he was ready to blow. I swallowed his cock whole. I made love to that thing. I moaned as his breath quickened. He started thrusting into my mouth. I grabbed his hands and put them on either side if my face. He grabbed my head and begs in fucking my face. I opened my throat and allowed him to get farther down. Never before had my face been fucked with such voraciousness. His cock became engorged and began to shoot multiple shots of cum. Next thing I knew, he was standing and ready for something else. I was about to bend over but he stopped me. He walked over to the sink. Put one leg up on the sink and bent over.

"Fuck me please, before I change my mind."

"Are you sure? It usually hurts the first time."

"I know. Just be gentle." And gentle I was. He was expecting a blunt cock to touch his entrance, but he got a surprise when I began licking his ass. I playfully bit is ass cheeks and then focused on his anus. It was like one sloppy make-out session. He began to moan.


I kept going and then slipped in a finger. He started bucking back against my finger. That was the "go ahead" to put in another finger. He was bucking like crazy! Then I added a third finger, and I deemed him ready. I put my dick against his opening and pushed.

"It's too big!"

"Just push out. You'll be fine." I started going slower to help him get used to it. I had to remind myself that I'm still a top virgin. After a while, I was balls deep in Phil's ass. I let him get used to my girth and then stared moving in and out.

"Oh. This is what it feels like? My g*d! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Oh yeah. Make me your slut. Make me your bitch!" I pulled my dick out. "Wait! No! Come on! Fuck me, please!!"

"Beg me." I guessed that was what I was supposed to say. I tried to say it with as much conviction as possible.

"Please fuck me. I need your cock! I need it up my man-pussy. Stuff me. Fill me with your meat! I'm forever your slut!

"Thanks more like it. I turned him around and picked him up. He wrapped his legs around my waist and wrapped his arms around my neck. I slipped my dick in his ass which made him scream in pleasure. He came again, but this time, he came on my naked chest and face. This made me cum in his ass. When he got off my dick, the cum started running down his leg.

"So, where do we go from here?" That was the same question I had.

"Well, it's up to you. This could be a one time thing-"


"We could become fuck-buddies-"

"I don't know..."

"Or we could become boyfriends."

Stay tuned for chapter 4




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