I awoke the next morning at sunrise, my mind going a million miles a second. Thinking back to the night before, had that really happened? Tony still laying there asleep and naked, and he had a morning hardon that was standing straight up, thick and tall like a Pine Tree.

All I could think of was how gorgeous this stud was, and I wanted more to be sure, one little awesome night of sucking him was not going to be enough, of that I was possitive.

I leaned over next to his gorgeous muscular body and began to play with his nuts, they were just as awesome looking as the rest of his body. I began to rub them and his cock jerked as he had a natural reaction, and his nut sack began to tighten as I massaged his awesome balls, I leaned over and started licking them, the manly scent, his phenomenal manly aroma was making me crazy. I touched his awesome cock with my tongue and felt it slightly flex up tigher, but Tony never moved.

I raised my head up and slid my mouth down over the length of his shaft, I heard his slight moan, still asleep, I began to work that awesome cock over in the morning light.

I had been sucking several minutes on his cock, like a madman, when I felt his hands on the back of my head, and his hips started gyrating in a circular motion, 'Awe Fuck man, that feels fantastic.'

I kept the sucking up and taking all of his cock into my throat and it was a job, but I was able to deep throat him, Wow! had I just taken his cock to the root, I felt his pubic bush against my lips and tickling my nose, and I just held it there, No fucking gag reflex, now I knew I was into this.

It took Tony about five minutes and he let out a loud groan, and moaning he raised up on his elbows as he shoved my head to the balls onto his cock and I felt it jerking so fucking hard in my mouth I thought he would raise me up off the ground with his hard cum shooting cock.

'Holy Fuck man, What a way to greet the morning.'

I smiled as I licked that last little bit of his cum that came trickling out of the tip of his cock, beautifully pearly and white. 'AWH Shit man!' his body jerked at the sensitivity of his cock to the touch after his climax.

I Looked up at Tony and smiled as he pulled my face to his and we kissed passionately, 'Like I said, last night, Lets get married!' Tony said.

I knew he was just kidding but I would have married him in a heartbeat if it was legal in our state.

We got up, built the fire and made breakfast, I was enjoying a cup of open fire brewed coffee, now wearing shorts and tee shirt, when I noticed the other tent opening, and out walked Dylan, still naked and his morning wood sticking out like a big tree limb on a big tree.

I smiled at Dylan and said,'Hey kid, what you plan to do with that?'

'Anyone I can, and the easy one's twice,' Dylan said with a big morning smile, He turned around and took a good long piss next to his tent.

I looked up and noticed him standing next to me, with a smile, still naked and I just thought to myself, I wonder if he needs a morning blowjob too.

Then I came back to my senses, 'Have a cup of coffee.' I asked, 'Sure I'd love one,' Dylan said, still standing naked before, and his thick hard cock still almost straight out.

I smiled at Dylan, and said, 'Man, that thing don't go down very fast, Maybe you should take care of it,' He smiled at me and started laughing. I did, last night,' I smiled and said Really, it looks like it could use it again.'

Dylan smiled and sat down on a log, and took a cup of coffee.

Tony came back from getting fire wood, and smiled at Dylan's situation, 'Hey son, Keep that horse cock away from me,' then he laughed.

'Dylan's face turned red as he blushed and said, Awh, Dad your embarrassing me.'

Things got busy that morning, we went exploring thru that nature trails there, climbed a couple high cliffs and went on a cave exploration, then after several hours headed back to camp to get some more fishing in before it got dark.

I was noticing that Tony was sorta taking a liking to my son. Rubbing around on his neck, scuffeling with him and just enjoying being around him, just affectionate things, I really had no problem with it, actually I was pleased because I really like Tony too.

It was about eight thirty when I noticed Tony had dissappeared and so had my son.

I looked over at Dylan and asked where they had gone, 'On a hike I think, down by the river, Im not sure.' he said.

Well we decided to take a walk down by the river to see if we could find them. We had gone not quite a mile away from camp and we heard something up ahead in the bushes, thats when I heard Tony's voice say Damn kid, thats one tight ass there, I saw Dylan's face smile and we snuck quietly ahead and without being seen or heard looked thru the bushes, there on this flat grassy area was my son, and Tony.

Tony was butt ass naked, and had my son's heels up on his shoulder's and had that awesome cock of his buried into his asshole and was fucking him like mad. At first it bothered me, but I heard my sons reaction, 'Oh yeah man, shove it in all the way, thats it, fuck me harder,I want to feel you cum.'

We watched and instead of getting mad at Tony, I looked over at Dylan and smiled.

'Hey man, I know from personal experience He loves to get fucked,' Dylan said.

'Really, from personal experience?' I asked.

'Hell yeah Mr. Sims , I have been fucking him for several years now, and he has been fucking me too.' Dylan said.

'No shit man, does that feel as good as getting your cock sucked?' I ask Dylan.

'Well Mr. Sims, would you like to find out?'

'Well yeah, I guess, Sure, why not.'

Dylan and I went back to camp and into the boys tent, I was a little shocked,. excited but shocked. Dylan yanked down my shorts, and just engulfed my hardening boner with one easy suck. 'Holy shit Dylan, that feels awesome,' his mouth was hotter than his Dad's and felt just fantastic.

I felt his expertise at sucking and I knew what my son had been enjoying just the night before, I don't blame him for enjoying it.

'Are you ready Mr. Sims?' he asked.

Believe me I was ready. 'Oh hell yeah Dylan.'

We got down on our knees and Dylan undressed, and laid back on his back. He got the little bottle of lube he had there, 'I noticed you come prepared,' I said.

'Fuck Yeah Mr. Sims. I'm always prepared for sex.'

I felt his hand as he lubed my cock up nice and slick and then he pushed some inside his manhole.

'Just be gentle at first.' He said.

I was, and it took me about one minute and one good thrust, and with his thrusting back with his hot ass, I was into his asshole to the balls.

I just held it there to get aquainted with this new feeling, and what a sensational feeling it was.

'Now fuck the hell out of me Mr. Sims.' Dylan said.

'And fuck him I did, it was the first fuck I had had since I had divorced my ex, and mother fucker was it awesome, I don't remember pussy being this hot and tight, and what Dylan was doing with his ass muscles, WOW, he was Milking my cock with each thrust leting me know he had done this before, and he was an expert. I knew now from my own feeling just what Tony was enjoying with my son.

It took me about ten minutes and my nuts had gotten to the aching point and I knew that I was going to shoot my load into Dylan's asshole.

'I'm gonna shoot it Kid,' I said, 'Yeah I know I can tell,I want to feel your load inside me,' he said.

About that time he shoved his ass against my cock and buried me to the balls, and started milking my cock with is anal muscles, God damn was that ever phenomenal, and then he started grunting wildly as his cock started belching out a load of cum from that horse cock of his that shot all the way up on his face.

Seeing this was all I could take, and I shoved my hard throbbing,'s, aching cock to the balls into Dylan's asshole, and my cock started shooting round after round of thick, creamy cum, Fuck man, It was a little bit of heaven, Damn was it an awesome experience. After a couple minutes, Dylan smiled,

'I take it you enjoyed it Mr. Sims?'

As I gasped for air and slowly fell over to the side of his naked beautiful body, I felt his mouth go over my cock and he cleaned it off with his tongue.

I smiled at Dylan, 'Am I still alive man, if God had created anything better, He kept it for himself.' Dylan started laughing, 'We've got to do this again sometime Mr. Sims, I love to feel your cock in me and I got off from it too, You can really fuck.

Well to say the least the campout was a true Father-Son Bonding experience.

I never felt the need to have sex with my son, seeing that would be incest, but I had no problem with his having sex with Tony and me having sex with Dylan.

What an awesome couple weeks that was, we came back home a totally new bunch of guys, and the sex just kepts getting better, we are really close now, and Life is Awesome.



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