I guess the best way to start the story is to just tell how our relationship began.

My Son and I had lived alone for the past five years.

The old lady (ex) and I had divorced about twelve years ago, and I lived by myself untill Jason, (my seventeen year old son) began having major problems with that Drunken son-of-a-bitch his mother married.

Thats when I took her back to court, and at Jason's request, the judge granted me custody, Jason was twelve at the time.

Yeah, maybe I could have been more strict with Jason, but he has proven to be a good kid, and we got along very well.

He accepted proper correction from me without a question, I have had no problem with him in the area of school work, sports, working a part time job and just alround doing anything he's asked, He really is a wonderful boy, and to add to that, hes an amazing athlete in school.

Jason is built very well, he has done very well in Wrestling and football, he's short and stocky, with that thick bullish neck and he's built, really built, he has been lifting weights and working out ever since he came to live with me, I fot him a set of weights, the bench, actually the whole nine yards.

He loves swimming, actually just about everything that a well rounded boy likes, even playing his guitar, and of course his X-BOX 360.

And He's damened good at the guitar too, I know, Im a professional Musician.

Well to get on with the Story, About three years before Jason came to live with me, a new neighbor moved next door. Anthony and his son Dylan, purchased the house next door, his wife died of a massive coronary about two years after they moved in, neither of us as of yet had remarried.

Jason and Dylan had become very good friends, doing all the guy things together. I found out that they were just about two months difference in their ages.

It was really neat to see Jason having such fun, wrestling in the grass and playing around in the back yard with Dylan, I had put up a basketball Hoop on the garage they were always out there working up a sweat and sometimes even working out in the basement with the weights.

Anthony (Tony) and I had began to become aquainted and then that worked into a nice friendship relationship. We even began going to ball games together and the boys sporting events in school, and having back yard bar-b-ques together.

Tony was a construction worker, he worked up high, doing iron work, on high rise buildings.

He was very powerfully built, like an ox. I had seen him in some denim shorts, sneakers and a tank top shirt, Mother fucker he had a build on him.

Well several things happened and we just seemed to be getting closer and closer as good friends.

Tony and I had a couple discussions like what we do about sex, and just pretty much anything that came to our mind.

We finally decided to both take a couple weeks and take the boys on a Father-Son Campout, and fishing trip to Little Bear Lake.

We got the information from the conservation commission and found out that we could camp out privately deep in the wooded area around the lake, and we could even swim if we wanted too. We had to sign a paper that we would leave the campsight as pristine as we found it.

We headed off actually enjoying the knowledge that we were going to be bonding with the boys doing the father-son thing together.

We got to the lake, and found the dirt road back into the woods to the camping area, it was rather secluded, which was just what I wanted.

We built a campfire, set up two tents apart from each other, one for the boys and one for Tony and Me.

We got ourselfs ready and went exploring and finding a fishing spot, fished a while and caught our supper, and had a great time, what an awesome campout it was turning out to be. The boys were like brothers enjoying just about everything.

It was about ten oclock that first evening we were setting on big rocks around the campfire.

I was looking up into the sky and enjoying the sounds of the woods, listening to the night birds, I heard an owl in the distance hooting, It sorta scared Dylan and Jacob they had never heard that sound before, it was a screach owl and it sounded like a woman being murdered, it was funny to watch the boys reaction.

We finally had a few beers and we let the boys share in a father son beer together.

We said our goodnights.

We got into our tent and the boys went to theirs.

I had brought some shorts for sleeping and Tony was just in his boxers.

I just couldn't take my eyes off Tony's body, god Damn was he built, I was feeling these little twangs in my stomach, wasn't quite sure what that was. But every time I saw Tony's gorgeous muscular body there the tent, I would feel those feelings.

I laid there that night looking at his awesome body in the moonlight through the little air window int the tent.

I even found myself wondering what it would be like to make out with a guy like Tony, Jesus Fucking Christ, where the shit did that come from, man, I must be going nuts, Hardon and all.

The next day I decided to go down and fish a little and Tony decided to get some fire wood and stock pile it for us since we would be there for several nights. I came back to the camp site with a stringer of fresh fish to clean, and there up ahead besides the tents was Tony in a pair of tight jeans, his boots and naked from the waist up, god damned he looked so fucking hot I thought I would loose it,Jeeze man, Tony is so gorgeous, I caught myself even noticing his sweat drops that had formed on his body, What the hell is going on in me, I was thinking sexual thoughts about Tony and Fuck I had never in my life ever thought about anything like that.

Well we all got together and had supper and went down to the lake and went swimming, Tony and I wore shorts and the boys decided to skinny dip, I thought that was cute, and besides I have a nice sized cock but Tony's son, Dylan, Had a cock like a small horse, this fucking kid was hung, I mean hung. It looked like he missed a good chance to grow a third leg. And of course Jason is not that bad either.

I felt it just better to keep my meat hidden. We enjoyed our splashing and diving and swmming around, and yeah the horse play, Jason and Dylan, decided they wanted to play around and they came up under the water and as one knocked me over in the water the other one yanked my shorts off me, there I stood in my birthday suit in the water as they just laughed and held my shorts up in the air and tossed them back and forth, funny,Ha, fucking ha!. Well, I just said, hey guys Im not ashamed of anyone seeing my cock, shit we all got one.

Tony just looked over at me and giggled as he said, 'Well Fuck Guys, I might as well make it unanimous, and he reached down in the water and took his shorts off too, Holy fuck he was hung like Dylan.

Well I began to realize that I was attracted to Tony by now, I missed a good chance.

We all walked around naked and just enjoyed that August night, actually we stayed naked all evening around the campfire and just got loose with more bonding taking place. Actually I was enjoying being so free, I never realized that I loved being naked.

I even felt my cock swelling up and getting hard once, Tony just smiled and said, 'Be careful with that thing, between your legs, you might hurt someone with it.'

I just smiled. Feeling a little self conscious.

Well we doused the fire and went into the tent, I was so drawn to Tony, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do but I wanted something.

I was feeling the pressure of my bladder needing to empty and I said, 'Hey Tony, I'm going to take a leak.'

I got up went outside, still naked and Tony tapped me on the shoulder and said, I'll go with you.

We stood beside the clearing at the edge of our campsite and drained our lizard, god it felt so good, I was looking over watching Tony's cock hanging there without his assistance blasting a stream of golden urine, and I felt my cock getting hard again.

'Damn Man, you need to take care of that,' Tony said.

We were walking back as quietly as we could to our tent and we heard something going on in the boys tent.

Tony held his finger to his mouth as if to signal 'Be quiet' and we snuck up closer to their tent, 'Oh Fuck Jason that feels so good, Oh yeah, thats it, suck it harder, take it all, oh yeah man, thats it. Suck it Yeah suck it, Oh yeah, Im going to cum.'

we pulled the flap of the tent opened just enough to see that Jason and Dylan were engaged in a 69 position sucking each others cock, damned I had never seen Jason's cock hard before and didn't realize it was so fucking big, but Dylan was a fucking horse, god he was big.

'Tony looked into my eyes and smiled and raised his eyebrows,' we looked back into their tent and they were still sucking each other like they had been doing it for a long time, after a couple minutes we say Dylan pull his cock almost all the way out of Jason's mouth and as his cock started shooting a massive load of cum Jason opened his mouth and took his whole load, then after a few minutes Dylan went back to sucking Jason's boner and it wasn't very long, we heard Jason moaning and sorta jerking as Dylan took his load and swallowed it.

We snuch away from the boys tent, I looked down and Tony's cock was standing straight out like a tree limb.

I just smiled and looked at Tony's face and said, Looks like I ain't the only one that needs to give his cock some attention. Tony just smiled.

We got back to our tents, we were both boned up like breading horses, Tony looked over at me and said, 'well they seemed to be enjoying themselves.'

'Yeah they sure the fuck did,' I responded.

Tony didn't look into my eyes but he sorta almost like he was embarrassed said, 'Have you ever done anything like that with guy before?'

'Not really but it sure looked like they were enjoying it alot.' I said.

'I'm fucking Jealous, damn getting my cock sucked had always been one of my favorite things.' Tony said.

'I just smiled at Tony as I looked at his face and saw his awesome looks, 'Hey man, Im up for it if you are.' I said.

Tony said, 'are you sure?'

'Fuck yeah, the worst that can happen is we end up jerking off together.' I said.

'Hey that don't sound so bad, but I have never done anything with a guy before. especially sucked a cock.'

'Well neither have I but I am willing to try.'

We slid over beside each other and like beginners we began to rub on each others bodies. God Damn was it ever exciting, I was getting so fucking hot I felt like I would melt, my cock was leaking precum and my foreskin pulled back without even touching it.

I reached down and felt his awesome cock, he leaned back and I began to play with his privates like I would have like mine to be played with, he was moaning at different things as I did them, life sucking his nuts, that is untill I had the desire to suck his beautifully cut cock.

I leaned over and slid it between my lips and I heard Tony Gasp as I slid my mouth as far as I could onto it.

'Oh Fuck man, that feels fucking fantastic, Awh Shit,' I felt his hand go to the back of my head as his hips started to rock upward with each gulp of his cock, I felt his cock sliding down my throat almost making me gag.

I rearranged my body to give him the chance to do each other like the boys had done.

I felt my hard cock as it's sensitive head felt his hot breath on it, and then I thought I would cum there and then as he took about five inches of my cock into his mouth.

Tony seemed to be doing a great job even tho he had never done it before.

I felt that old familiar buildup taking place in my lower parts, that boiling and churning sensation, I had just gotten to the precipice of my shooting it, and I felt Tonys body start contracting and his muscles tightened up and we both started shooting our loads at almost the same time. Holy shit it was fantastic, we came closer together that I ever had cum with my wife.

I must say that this was the most powerful climax that I had experienced in years. I had never been able to bust a nut when a gal gave me head. I felt I was in love with Tony, I just looked at him after we both calmed down, he set up and looked at me, 'Wanna get married,' he said, and we both started laughing.

That second night was just the beginning of the fun we had at the campsite, and I will bring more of it to you in the second part.



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