Name's Swifty. At least that is what they call me at the brokerage house.

I make fast sales and at 25 hold the record this year and I get paid

accordingly. That's why I can indulge myself with this bright red Corvette

that I am tooling down the Route 17 in Rural New York state.

You think that rural and me and my coupe don't belong in the same sentence.

Probably not, but I was up in the Finger Lake area looking at a small

country home. Now that I had some six-figure income to spend I needed to

get away occasionally from the noise and pace of New York City. The reason

I was on the old Route 17 was to give my new Corvette a change to show its

stuff on the windy road.

Okay, you got the picture and the credits have stopped rolling. As I

rounded a curve at about seventy I saw a figure ahead. This 'thumber' was

smart to station himself at the end of the curve so drivers could see him

for about 500 yards in advance. As I neared and was about a 100 yards away

I felt a tingle and warmth in my 'fundamentals'. This figure quickly came

into focus as a young lad, a helmet of straw blond hair falling over his

eyes, a big white toothy smile and one tan naked shoulder, exposed from a

dropped Bibb overall strap, gleaming in the July sun.

I never pick up hitchhikers, but this was the innocent country and the kid

looked hot in both senses of the word, and besides my little head was

shouting at me to stop. I pulled up smoothly (What a car!), reached over

and opened the passenger door. 'Where you heading?'

'Jus' down 'bout ten miles to Pikesville Center.' He spoke with that sexy

hoarse teenage voice we all love so.

I motioned for him to get in. He was taller than he seemed on the open

road, maybe six feet. I judged him to be about 16 or so, his face still

baby smooth and unlined. He filled the small space with the smell of a

clean but sweaty teenager. They should bottle that for shave lotion. I

know I'd spay it all over myself. His one bare shoulder was glossy and tan,

as he entered I could see his smooth tight waist as the overall gapped.

This was a fox of foxes and coupled with his accent a walking manual of

many jerk off sessions to follow.

A moment after he entered the car he pivoted around and examined the

interior. 'Not much space in here. Ya caint carry much stuff. Smells

different than our truck.'

All I could do was smile stupidly. I found out his name was Dexter. I

introduced myself and he grasped my hand in his big (does that really mean

something?) warm slightly rough hand and shook enthusiastically, jiggling

my whole body and causing my pants puppet to rub against my blue jean


'Glad to know you Dexter.' I took a real chance and rushed things because

this was to be a very short acquaintanceship. 'You sure are a handsome

guy.' Uh, oh, he fell silent and color rushed over his face in waves. I

figured he'd ask me to stop or worse bop me. But instead he purred a


'Mum tol' me that. My two brothers, Jeb and Tony are even more comely.

If'n they were show animals at the fair, they'd win for shure.' He now

looked at me with a happy look on his face, making me weak. 'Yur mighty

pretty herself. Nice shiny dark hair and that nice moustache and billygoat

whiskers on yer chin. Makes me wish I could get you at milking time.'

I had no idea what he was talking about but I would learn soon. He was now

wound up, my compliment changing him from quiet to chatty. I learned all

about the family. Mom had died five years ago, Daddy ran off with a young

girl from the next farm and the girl's father was still looking for him.

'He was also a fine looking man,' Dexter confided. 'Loved milkin'.' There

was that milking reference again.

Tony was the eldest and raised the two younger boys and they all ran the

dairy farm. Tony was 20, Jeb 18 and Dester was indeed 16. 'Mum liked to

foal ever' two years, seems.'

I quickly caught on that Dexter, as gorgeous as he was, was one teet short

on the utter. A certain blankness in his fabulous blue eyes tipped me

off. His innocence invited boldness as he looked trustingly at the world,

happy and dripping sixteen-year-old hormones.

We had only gone less than half the ten miles. I never drove so slow. I

wanted to make this last.

I suddenly realized that he was staring at my shorts, at the pushed up

crotch from my 3/4 erection. Also little Swifty was bent in half. 'Looks

like yur 'proaching milkin' time. Should I do my chore?'

'God yes,' I croaked, now beginning to understand the milking reference.

I turned off into a small treed country road, and sat waiting. He unzipped

my shorts, reached a practiced hand inside and gently unwound my dick and

drew it up out of the fly. He held it softly for awhile and told me that

he was the best milker in the country, according to his brothers. Around

six o'clock each of them needed 'milking' most days and he did it. This

routine started about four years earlier, just after daddy absconded with

his underage squeeze.

As he began an almost imperceptible stroke he mused that I didn't have a

rag liken he used to catch the milk from his bothers. I shakily grabbed

some tissues from the box on the sunvisor and handed it to him. He opined

that it wasn't exactly right but might do when I spew.

He continued this super light touch, driving me nuts. I kept lifting up

trying to get his touch going, but he had his method and wouldn't me rushed

or corrected. 'Yu get a good milin' with lotsa milk ifn you relax and let

the milkman take charge.'

In a few minutes I was almost gibbering, my forehead wet with sweat, my

eyes rolling around in delicious agony. He began crooning to me as one

calming a cow. 'That'sa boy, git with it, feel the feeling comin' on.

Don't fight the feelin' live it.'

Even thought I was orbiting in outer space I still noticed that Dexter was

also in a strong passion. He had his metal buttons agape and his long cock

sticking out. I reached down to grab a feel but he pushed my hand away.

'Now it's yur turn. Maybe I'll milk myself after.'

He imperceptibly increased his pressure and the speed of the stroke. This

new technique had me moaning like a two dollar whore. He laughed in glee.

He liked that. I guess it told him he was doing good. As for me, I didn't

know how long I could stand it. I wish he was up for sucking my cock. I

need a good hard come, but I was afraid to stop the fabulous feelings I was

experiencing. Suddenly he put his hand up near my mouth and stuck his

index finger against my lips. 'Take my finger inside and suck on it. That

always works for Jeb, gives him a big milk delivery. Tony likes other

things like my wet finger in his back hole.'

I sucked in that finger as though I could get honey from it. He seemed

pleased as patted my cheek in a brotherly way at the same time jerking

faster and harder, now making long strokes from root to head, paying new

attention to sliding my foreskin over the head and wanking there a bit. I

was ready to blackout because that was my own special way. This slow

witted farm boy was enslaving me to his expert and loving hands. Every

cell of my brain was concentrating on his activity. I had fallen in lust

with that hand, wishing I could take it home and keep it in my bedside

table for wanking duty nightly.

'Okay, Swifty boy, you can now spill yur milk, Dexter tells you to do it


Oh fuck, I was entering that great but scary moment when all of my life was

suspended. I was rigid, breathing shallowly. Suddenly the center of my

body sucked in then a dribble came out of the piss slit followed by a long

spurt, then a second and a third, finally ending in many dribbling spurts.

I was mewing in passion, Dexter was laughing outloud at the evidence of his

handwork. 'Good, good Swifty, yer doing good. Yu have more milk to give

than my brothers.'

He wiped it all up. The car smelled of sex. I lay back panting as Dexter

patted my cheek with the same affection he must use on the family hound.

When I was almost back to myself I remembered my manners. 'Dexter, thanks.

That was great, wonderful. You are very talented.' I looked down and his

farm boy organ was pulsing in agony. This was a cock that would win the

Blue Ribbon, not for size but for beauty, very tubular and unmarked by

veins or coloration, just one pale tan beauty. I gestured toward it and

moved my hands in the universal wank motion. He shook his head.

'If you don't mind, I'd like to do it myself. May I borry yur paper


'Sure, help yourself. Can I watch?'

He was already started and he grunted out, 'Yep I like when someone looks.'

Dexter was very serious about wanking. He pursed his puffy pink lips and

frown mightily. He held his breath as he forgot to breath, then let it all

out in a loud poof. It was an adorable process to watch. I longed to

swoop down and kiss him. One hand, rough from farm work, snuck onto his

lightly muscled chest and softly flicked a nipple. He was fast leaving me

as he entered his own private realm. His eyes alternately closed then

opened wide as a new shook hit his nervous system. Now he seemed to have a

permanent moue as if saying ooh. His breathing rasped and his chest filled

with air. I saw the beginning of a thrusting motion of his hips. His

mouth now opened for more air. Suddenly he called out, 'I'm goin' shoot

milk soon. When you see it, can you kiss me? Tony my older brother and I

like it when we are cumming and spurting. Can you please? I'm jes about

to spill over.'

I leaned in. Dexter made a kissing mouth shape. I pressed my lips to his.

His lips were burning hot and dry. I licked them and my tongue met his

slippery red cat's tongue. He tasted sweet, a little like coconut. Just

as our tongues met he lurched his hips upward and sent strangled cries into

my mouth. I was hard again. I looked down. Dexter was not a spurter but

rather a spiller. His cock brimmed over and heavy creams ran out into his

blond public hair, the area on the base of his cock formed a hollow that

filled with the grade 'A' stuff. He was almost in a faint from his

organism. He closed his eyes and I think he fell asleep for a few minutes,

at least I heard gentle snores. I held him lovingly. Finally he woke up

smiling and full of his former energy. 'Say Swifty. Let's turn around and

go back five miles to our farm. I'd like you to stay over tonight to thank

you for lettin' me milk you and keepin' me company when I did.

And...and....the kiss.' He said the last shyly. I couldn't help it. I

gave him six short kisses and he said 'hmmmm' each time.

I drove up the bumpy back road to the really poor farm. The house needed

paint and the serves of a good carpenter. The barn, however, was in good

shape. He ran ahead and showed me the barn. There were no cows in it. It

was still daytime and they were in the field. 'I'll bring 'em in 'bout two

hours from now. I have to do it all 'cause Jeb and Tony are in town

getting feed and food. Ifn you want, we could go in and wash up and do

whatever pleases you.'

The boys had rigged up a makeshift shower at the end of the one large room.

There were three identical beds. Dexter pointed to the middle one.

'That'uns mine so I can reach both Tony and Jeb at night.' He let out an

unaccustomed giggle that I thought was charming and showed that he was

still a kid.

We got naked. He was not shy one bit. He had a great build. Narrow waist

and hips, long cock and hanging large balls. His ass was framable. He was

practically hairless on his arms and legs but his pits and pubes were

unusually bushy. It was a sexy contrast to his smooth body. I wished at

that moment that I could push my nose into the sixteen year old public

hair. It must smell heavenly. When I was naked he appraised me like the

judge at the horse show. 'You set up real nice.' He passed his hand over

my fuzzy rump and peered between the halves of my ass and made a doctor

sound of more humms. 'Hairy around the hole. Me and my brothers have no

hair there but I like it. Does it catch a lot shit?' I assured him that I

keep it clean. Then he knelt down. I thought for a minute he was going in

for a blow job but it was my legs. He stroked them. 'Pretty black hair

all over from toes to cockle,' he said with pleasure of discovery. I was

beginning to firm up. He noticed. 'Want a milkin' agin'? You sure firm

up easily and often, like me.'

I told him that first I'd like to wash off. Then we will see. I was

salivating for another mind blowing cum from his hands but I tried to play

it cool. After all he was nine years younger and I didn't want to be a

perv, which I was.

After the cool shower we dried off and he said we should rest. 'I'm

getting' real sleepy, he said and without a pause he flopped down on the

cot. 'Yu can lie here next to me, it'll help me sleep.' But he hardly

finished the sentence before his eyes closed and he let out a sign and then

turned into a soft snore. I lay down next to him and drew his head onto my

chest. He hummed in satisfaction and burrowed into my pecs, his mouth

perilously close to my tits.

I was hard but I still fell asleep. I woke up a long time later. My

Concord Mariner said four o'clock. Must have been two hours sleep. I

heard chuckling at the foot of the bed and there stood two stalwart lads.

I waved back. My cock was fully hard and Dexter's hand was lying against

it though he was asleep.

The younger of the two resembled Dexter except his hair was dark. He was

an altogether beautiful kid. Tony was blond like Dexter but he was much

taller and very muscular. His mouth was wide while Dexter's and Jeb's were

small feminine, and curly lipped. These three boys could grace the cover

of any men's mag, gay mag, muscle mag or print ad.

The younger kid spoke first. 'I'm Jeb. I guess you had milkin' duty from

young Dex. He's the best, ceptin' for me,' and he reached out and cuffed

Tony on his budging arm muscle.

Tony spoke seriously to me. 'Dex is still out. He can really sleep. I

want to warm you that you can have fun with us and milin' with Dex but

nothing more. Dex is not too bright, but he is the best boy in the whole


I told him that I know that already. 'I would never do anything to harm

him. His character is pure and just asks for protection.'

'Right,' they both said. Then Tony continued. 'You're a stranger and it's

easier to talk to you. Jeb and I do a lot of messing around when Dex isn't

around. We like to suck each other and...'

Jeb cut in. 'My dear brother Tony, tough as he looks likes to get fucked.

Not me, I'll a fucker and a sucker.'

Dex began to stir. He looked up and saw his brothers. 'Hiya bros.

Welcome back. Ooh, I see the light is changing. I gotta get the cows in

the barn and do some milkin'.' Then he laughed and punched me in the arm.

This was apparently a family trait. 'Don't mean man milkin'.' Then he

doubled up in childish laughing. The brothers hugged him and told him to

get dressed so he doesn't scare the neighbors or get his cockle caught in

the barn door.

They all trooped down to coral after Dexter slipped on his overalls. They

all shooed the cows into the barn and each one in their stalls. They owned

six. I don't know about cows but to my city eyes they looked very healthy

and were beautifully marked. The three got busy cleaning the teets then in

short order they milked each cow and carried the full pails into a

refrigerated storage shed. 'They go to the dairy early tomorrow,' Tony

said. 'Now lets eat some of the food I brought.

The food was hamburgers. I found out that they can only afford meat once a

week so I held back and only ate one. The boys each had three. We each

had two beers and Tony handed out cigars. We lit up and relaxed on the

little porch and felt like millionaires. They asked me about my work.

They listened politely but I don't think they understood it and surely

didn't think it was real work.

It was getting toward nine o'clock. Jeb explained that they are usually

ready for bed around that time. 'And for a nightly milkin',' offered


We all trooped upstairs. Jeb and Tony pushed the three beds together.

'Now there's room for four. An' there's have a lot of milkin' to do.'

We stripped. I got the same appraisal as I received from Dexter. Tony

grumbled that I needed more muscle. 'But the skin is nice and soft and the

hair at the center of your chest is a real fine thing.'

I ended up stretched out with Dexter on my left, Tony on my right and Jeb

next to Tony. No one did anything. We just lay there. I think the boys

were a little shy because of me. I decided that I'd have to do something

to get it started. I reached own and softly took hold of Dexter's dick.

He sighed in pleasant surprise. His brothers usually received but did not

stimulate him. My other hand I placed on Tony's chest and stroked his pert

nipples. He hummed in pleasure. Then I felt Jeb, who claimed to be the

best milker rub my belly lightly, exciting the treasure trail and then

sliding down to take hold of my dick. His technique was much different

than Dexter's. He was more insistent and very quickly had me breathing out

loud. 'Nice,' He said, 'I like it when my guy appreciates my talent.' He

stroked the head of my oozing slit with his thumb, back and forth, nearly

giving me a heart attack of sensation. Meanwhile Tony turned his back to

Dexter. That was a signal for Dexter to wet his finger and slide it into

Tony's waiting hole. The boy now was the boss of the older one.

Tony thrust back to get more stimulation and Dexter laughed with exitement.

'Yu really like that big brother. Shake that ass back and get shagged with

my finger. Oh yes, I feel that button inside.' Tony was howling with

excitement as he hot button was stimulated over and over.

I began stroking his cock to give him double stimulation and in a few

moments he called out loudly that he was really to give milk.

Jeb said, 'City boy's balls are rising up the shaft of his dick. He's

almost ready too.'

Dexter was working Jeb's shaft with his usual expertise and Jeb was huffing

and puffing while he brought me to the peak. 'Jeb is really to spill it,'

called out happy Dexter. In a moment Jeb spew great ropes of cum on Tony's

chest. It was joined by Tony's larger load of heavy cum. He thrashed and

moaned like a crazy man as his orgasm hit him. Then me, Jeb ignored

himself and rapidly shagged me until I shouted out my cum.

We all relaxed until I said, 'Pretty Dexter is laying there, stiff and

hurting. Don't you guys want to help him.'

Jeb said, 'He like to do it himself, while we watch. That's the way it's

always been.'

I clucked with impatience. 'Well it's going to change right now.' I

leaned down to Dexter's crotch. It smelt heavenly. I took his cock in my

hand and brought my lips to the tip. I looked up. His eyes were tightly

shut, but he asked in a a small voice, 'Jeb, Tony, is it okay ifn I yield

to this. It sure feels good. It must be right.'

They both okayed the new activity and I got to work. Dexter really liked

it, he messed my hair and tickled my ears to show appreciation, he sang and

moaned and jumped and gasped. His chest was pink with blushing excitement

and his face was dripping with sex sweat.

Tony looked down on him lovingly. 'Okay little brother. It's your turn to

have your head blown off with excitement.' Tony rubbed his pink soft nips

and Jeb kissed his lips and licked tongues. I think that Dexter was close

to passing out with hyperventilation when he stiffened and cried out 'Milk,

milk is comin'' He body locked, then began pulsating up and down. He

delivered a pail of cream into my waiting mouth. It was delicious.'

Finally we all sank back. Suddenly we heard snoring. Dexter fell asleep

like he apparently does when he cums. Tony leaned down and smoothed the

boy's hair and Jeb kissed him once on the lips.

A watched this lovely brotherly action for a moment and then slipped into a

heavy sleep. It was light when I woke up. I was alone. I figured they

were milking and putting the cows out to pasture. I stretched and yawned.

Back to sleep again. Until Dexter woke me by tickling my left pit (the

most ticklish one.) 'Wake up city boy, eggs and ham hocks waitin''.

I said goodbye to all of them and told them about my possible house

purchase. They knew that area and said they'd all pile in the old truck

and come up and give a hand moving in.'

I made three friends and three sex buddies that visit. Before I left I

slipped a hundred bucks on the night table and jotted a note that it wasn't

for the sex and wasn't for the food but a construction loan and I hoped

they would buy paint with it and that my favorite color was white, like




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