We are it, we man the dispensary, Doc. Harris and me, Jerry Dunne. I am

just a pre-med student but I'm pretty good in emergency care. Doc. is

young, only 26, recently out of medical school. He can't earn enough from

this small operation at a Southern university so we also works part time in

the Emergency Room of the General Hospital in Town. I have purposely

omitted the name of the college and the city. I don't want to get sued or

lynched by an angry mob holding torches.

Doc. is a good looking dude, dark, hairy handsome and muscular. There's

some fire going back and forth between Doc and me, but neither one wants to

make the first move, but it'll I know. He's not the kind of doctors I grew

up with. What am I like? I'm going to level with you, no one's going to

read this anyway. I'm pretty sissy. I am 5'7', streaked blond hair, slim

body and waggle my hands around too much. But I am competent in medicine

and Doc says I will make a good doctor some day. I am thinking of

specializing in adolescent medicine but Doc says the temptations would be

too great and that I should go in for gynecology. I have to think about


We get college students who have trouble urinating after that fuck last

week. A few sprains for tag team on the lawn and naturally a few cases of

flu. We treat most as outpatient but if a kid is sick, but not critical,

we put him up in our four bed hospital for a few days. I act as nurse and

junior doctor. It's only me folks when the doc is away.

We had a slow week so far, we gave flu shots. That was fun. Some of the

tough guys sagged down in a faint. I had to give 'em a whiff of Ammonia

and slap their beardless cheeks while the others in line laughed, at least

until it was their turn.

On Friday two boys came in. Doc and I were both there. One boy was

holding up the other who seemed to sag with some bug that got him. The kid

who was helping him introduced himself as Wayne something. 'My roomie is

sick. He was up all night and his head is real hot.'

His roomie was a sensational looking kid in overalls. His eyes were slitty

with fever but you could still see that they were bright blue. He was

about six feel tall, baby face, puffy pink lips and a cute nose. Straw

colored hair topped off the irresistibly hot combination.

The doc whispered to me that it was obviously grippe or flu or some upper

respiratory infection and we told them out loud that we will keep Kermit a

few days so that he wouldn't infect the whole college. 'You can go back to

your classes. Visiting time is one to five.' Wayne, to his credit patted

the sick boy on the back and said, 'I hate to leave you pal, but the doc

and his assistant will get you well. See you tomorrow.'

Kermit mumbled something.

Doc did an efficient check of the limp boy. 'Just as I thought. Nothing

serious. Must be virus which mutated into throat and nasel infection.'

Doc looked at his watch. Late already for my shift. You know what to do,

get him prepped and two aspirin. I'll be back by four.'

I lifted the boy up. He really was pretty hot, I mean temperature wise. I

sat him on the bed and helped him undress. A tough job but someone has to

do it. I stood him up, naked and held out the hospital gown. He was a

beauty. Flat, strong farm boy muscle, natural tan, broad shouters, narrow

waist, strong legs. His poor pee pee was retracted from the cool air and

the fever.

He slipped on the gown. 'Kin I pee now?' He asked in a blurry voice.

'Sure the toilet is just outside this door. He got up. Oh, who ever

designed those gowns must have me in mind. As he walked away, it exposed

his ass as the fabric opened. It only went down just below his balls so

his great legs were in view. He reached the door and began to slump. I

ran over. 'From now on you'll use the duck, I'll show you how.' I brought

him back to the bed. 'Now, lie on your side close to the edge.' I brought

the duck close to his penis. I took it and lay it at the rim. 'Okay, let

er rip.' Nothing happened. The kid was embarrassed.

'I'm real sorry, you went to all the trouble to git this thing up at my

penis and I jes caint seem to deliver.'

'I think I know what to do.' I reached up and slipped my hand against his

warm smooth waist and tickled his ribs.'

He let out a coughing laugh and the urine flowed, and flowed and flowed.

'You musta drank a lot of water.'

'Yep, Wayne stayed up with all night and kept me drinking water. He said

it would make me better.'

'Water's good.'

I settled him back in bed. And brought the blood pressure machine over and

tongue temperature device. He only had one degree. His pressure was fine.

Maybe the temperature device was faulty. Yeah, that's it. I better do a

rectal. I brought over the old fashioned bulb bottomed glass job and told

him to lie on his side. I lifted one ass cheek. A beauty and exposed his

hairless ass hole. I slipped the thermometer in. He grunted, then settled

down. I must admit I jiggled it a bit when it was in. I got the same


I let him lay back again and put the covers over him. When I got back with

the aspirins he was sound asleep. I lifted his head. :'Kermit, you can

sleep, but open your mouth and take these aspirins. They'll make you feel


He dutifully opened his mouth like a little boy and put out his shiny

cherry colored tongue. I put the aspirins on his tongue and gave him

water, then closed his full lips. He gulped and swallowed.

I had been heating a blanket in the centrifuge and tucked it in over his

body. He sighed gratefully and went back to sleep.

When we have a resident patient, I sleep on a cot in the hall. I had a

good sleep started when I began to hear moans coming from Kermit's room. I

went in, he was retching around in the bed and mumbling something. I put

my hand on his forehead and stroked it. He opened one eye, 'That you

Wayne. Sorry. Go sleep.'

'You need anything?' I asked. 'Water? Hot Tea? Some crackers?' (A blow

job') bit I didn't say that out loud.

'Maybe water, ifn you don't mind.'

I brought water and he gulped it down. 'You need to use the duck?'

'Yes sir. Bring it here and I'll do it right.'

He did. Another torrent of urine. I don't know where he keeps it all.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I jerked off. I slept good. At

eight in the morning I got up and washed up. When I got to my patient's

room, there he was, sitting on a chair next to the bed, his body bent over,

sleeping. I noticed the bed was carefully made. 'Hi Kermit You feeling


'Whal, I got a mighty headache but I'm cold now. I'm a little stiff in the

muscles. Is that normal?'

'Oh yes. That's from the fever yesterday. You need a little massage to

relax you, but first a wash up and breakfast.'

It was so easy to take care of this kid. He washed himself nicely and he

ate a fair breakfast of an English Muffin, jam and hot tea.

I brought in a basin and stripped him next to the sink. I quickly sponged

him off and dried him so that he wouldn't get chilled. I marveled again at

his stupendously nice body.

I lay a towel on the bed and he settled himself on his stomach.. I worked

on his tight neck and the muscles alone side his spine. He sure liked the

effect. He purred like a cat. I did his ass cheeks, then his legs. He

turned over as asked. His penis was different than yesterday. It had

relaxed to its normal flaccid state which was at least five inches. The

tip of his glans was peeking out. I massaged his chest and belly but

stopped before getting too close to IT.

I took his vitals and temperature. He was normal, everything good.

After the massage he got back in bed, propped up on the pillow. 'You want

something to read?'

'Naw, it's jes nice to lie here feeling better and better. Thanks to you


He stared at me. 'You look a little different than the guys in my class.'

'How's that?' I was interested.

'You got nice skin on yer face, like a girls. An' your eyelashes.....I

never seen such . They look real nice.'

'Thanks Kermit. I leans forward and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.'

He touched the spot. 'Wayne does that sum time.'

'You like Wayne a lot, don't you?'

'I sure do. He's three years old'n me, he'd like my father. My daddy's

dead many years. Wayne helps me to git alone in school. He taught me that

lap top machine. And I learned that when a guy gets all itchy and wantin'

that another guy kin help.'

My ears pricked up. 'How does a guy help another guy. Can you show me?'

'Sure, you hafta git on yur knees acrost my chest with yur dickie hangin'

down like a cow's teat.'

I laughed. This boy was fun. I got into position. I wasn't hard yet. He

slapped me gently on the rump. 'Nice bossy. Now you jes relax yur self

an' ol' Kermit gonna relieve yur udder cause it is hurtin and needs be

emptied. Say moo, bossy.'

I'm not stupid I said moo. He told me to say it again and again and then

to took hold of my cock hanging down and I said loudly MOO-o-o-o. He had

the finest stroking hands I have ever felt, even better than mine and I

have a strong affection for my own. He was softly stroking and patting my

ass. I was really enjoying this and in no hurry to end it when suddenly I

hear a voice at the doorway to the room. 'What the fuck's going here.'

It was the doc dressed in his scrubs. We froze. Then sweet Kermit said,

'Doc, I have a feelin' you'd like to join us. You want to play the milkin'


The doc cleared his throat a few times then said enthusiastically, 'Yeah.'

He slipped off his scrub clothes, revealed no underwear the dirty man and

got on the bed next to me. I squished up a little. There was plenty of

room. It felt so nice to have doc's hot body pressing all along mine. I

watched his face and his eyes rolled up as Kermit got his milking hand into

action. Doc was shaking with excitement and I can tell you I was in

heaven. Doc turned toward me and pursed his lips. I kissed him, There are

some guys who have to kiss when they are passionate. We were enjoying the

deep kisses and the soft pulling of our pricks and crooning away in

pleasure when a new voice came into our consciousness.

'Hey Kermit, you dog, you teaching them the milking game. I guess you're

feeling better.'

'Yep friend, I feel real good. How 'bout you joining in. There's room for

one more. Course I only have two hands but I kin rotate.'

Pretty Wane shucked his clothes. He sure was good looking, pure white skin

and a beautiful ass. His pubes were about as hairy as I ever saw but he

had enough cock to still show through it all. He got next to the doc. The

doc put his arm on Wayne's shoulder. 'Welcome kid. You do this before?'

'Oh yeah. Ooh, nice Kermie, yeah, take a little stroke on my ball sack

too. Ooh.'

'He's hard right off, 'Said Kermit from underneath us all. 'Wayne gits

hard ifn you just look at him.' \ Kermit got busy going from one to

another and we were all grunting like pigs, or cows, I guess. Doc kissed

Wayne. Wayne was a kisser too. They kept at it the whole time. I began

to use my hands to make nice to our pleasurer. I stroked his nipples and

he liked it judging from the sounds he made. I couldn't see his prick, it

was down there under Wayne.

Suddenly doc shouted. 'Oh shit, I'm cumming.'

Kermit said, 'A little milk is coming out now more , yur a good milkin'


Doc was really moving around making fuck motions with his hips, shaking us

all. Then at that moment everything went gray as my cum overtook me. It

snuck up suddenly but it was a biggie. I I was howling with the impact of

the power of it. Kermit kept patting my ass and comforting me through it.

'Oh Jerry, yur more fun than anythin' to milk. We gotta do this agin.'

Wayne had already started to tremble and make fuck motions as his cum

started. 'Oh, Kermit, you dog, you got me going again but I love it, Ooh,

ugh.' Wayne made the funniest sounds when he was cumming, more like he was


Finally the three of us got up shaky like. Me, always the nurse cleaned

off our milk boy's chest. We all looked down at this beautiful farm boy,

his face was red, his cock was stiff and laying across his belly and it was

jumping. His eyes were closed.

Doc said: 'Kermit's going to be discharged today. I think he needs a

discharge before his discharge.. Hey Wayne, you're his roomie, you take

the chest and face, Jerry will work on the ball sack and I as senior person

will suck off the shaft.'

We looked at each other a moment and then the work crew got to work. Wayne

began deep kissing Kermit and flicking his fingers over the pink nubbies.

He kissed the boy's ears and stuck his tongue inside.

I got right to the good smelling full ball sack. As soon as my tongue

touched it, his balls moved around and his sack thickened in pleasure. I

sucked each ball separately then got my tongue underneath and licked the

back of the sack. I would have liked to stick my tongue in his ass hole

but that wasn't assigned, maybe some time in the future.

The doc was slurping wildly on the generous cock shaft.

Kermit was mewling and crying constantly. Suddenly his body heaved up at

the trunk and he groaned out, 'Wayne, kiss me real hard I'm going spew.'

He grunted and almost gagged as his long delayed orgasm hit him. He

spanked the sheets on either side of him and his body locked then bucked as

he launched six heavy shots into the docs sucking mouth.

Finally we were all drained. We sat on Kermit's bed. Wayne patting

Kermit's hair and cheek. 'Guess it's time to take my boy back home.'

Doc, tried to look professional although he was still naked said, 'No class

today or tomorrow. Just hang out and read or something.'

Kermit's eyes twinkled. 'No sex, I guess.'

Wayne punched him in his arm muscle. 'A day without sex, is a day

without...sex, I guess.'



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