Clement Hall only got to town about once a year, during the county fair.

He walked down Main Street his eighteen year old eyes wide seeing all sort

of new things. There was this store selling ladies underwear. He thought

the statues wearing the little things were scandalous. His substantial

dick hardened in appreciation; an event that was frequent. He signed

thinking the City was so different than the little town down the road from

his farm.

He also was surprised that so many men stared at him. It was true that he

was wearing overalls, but still it didn't seem right polite for them to

stare. Several times he tried to fasten that stubborn one strap of his

overalls, but it kept unfastening and allowing one tan shoulder to be out

in the open. He also noticed that they looked at his mid-section and he

thought maybe his lower buttons were open. In some way he liked the

attention, though and stopped to look in store window and smooth out his

straw colored hair. He swept it back, but of course it immediately fell

over his corn flower blue eyes.

One thing that he noticed was that in this summer weather that guys were

wearing short sleeve shirts and a lot of them had a drawing on their upper

arms. One looked like barbed wire, another a letter repeated over and over

to form a bracelet over the muscle. He looked at his own unadorned arm.

He had a nice smooth muscle up there from hard work. 'It would sur look

fechin' to have one of those dark drawings 'round it.'

He sat down on one of those benches that people sit on waiting for a bus.

There was a young man about his age there. He was wearing one of those

undershirts that showed up his decoration up on his arm. The kid had a

pitiful muscle Clem thought, but still it did look better with the nice

drawing on it. 'Friend, may I ask you a question.' He held out his big

farm boy hand, 'Name's Clement Hall.' The other person stared at him.

'You selling something?'

'Naw, I jes' want to ask you about that handsome drawing you have on your

arm. Where can I buy one?'

'Oh,' the boy said, realizing this was some hick. You could see it from

his clothes. Still he looked kinda hot. The boy was a gay hooker and he

wouldn't object to this sweet farm boy as a partner. 'This is a tattoo.

You get it put in your skin with an electric needle.'

'Whew, that sounds like it hurts.'

'Well a little, but I can take a little pain,' he boasted. 'There's a

tattoo place just around the corner. The artist is named Bao, he's

Chinese. He does good ink work. Try the gas machine if you're afraid of

the pain. He can also teach you a few interesting things besides the

tattoo,' he said, grabbing his crotch suggestively.

Clem thanked the boy politely as Grandpa had taught him. It was easy to

find the Tattoo place. It was just where the boy had described. A sign

over the door said 'Asian Celestial Body Designs.'

Clement took a deep breath and pushed open the door. There were glass

panels that hit against each other gently making a pretty sound. Clem

laughed in pleasure and closed and opened the door several times to enjoy

the sounds again. It was strange, but he began to feel dizzy, as if he

were about to fall asleep. He guessed that those sounds were too relaxing.

He strode into the room and walked up to a fine looking young fellow. He

knew he was Chinese because he had seen pictures of Chinese people in his

school book. He always secretly admired their appearance. He liked the

slim waist and the even colored skin. The eyes were beautiful and

mysterious to him.

'Are you Mr. Bow? I'm Clement Hall from Brewster Falls, we got a small

dairy farm up there and you'd be most welcome to visit.' He reached out

his big, tan, smooth hand, a little rough from farm work and took the

delicate, long fingered hand of Bao, who was already in deep admiration of

the handsome boy in front of him. The boy's obviously innocent and

uninformed nature was captivating to Bao.

'Actually the Mister is not necessary and it's Bao rather than Bow. But

you may call me what makes you comfortable.':

The Chinese had such a musical voice that Clem felt he was swaying like a

hypnotized cobra.

'Please sit here and tell me what I can do for you.'

'Wal, I seen these purdy designed goin' round the arm muscle here in town.

I think I'd like to have one. Do they cost a lot? I have over thirty

dollars here in my poke.'

Bao smiled to himself. To be able to get close to the boy and perhaps

administer some gas was so appealing he probably would do it at no charge.

But aloud he said, 'Oh, that's too much. It'll cost less. But do you know

that once I put the design on your arm, it doesn't wash off. It is there

for good and ever?'

Clem thought to himself that this pretty tan fellow has never used soap

made in Gramp's kitchen. It'll clean away anythin'. 'I saw different ones

around here. Which do you think suits me?'

'That is your decision. Here is a book a over a hundred designs. Come

here and look them over.'

Clem leaned over the book, slowly turning the pages. Bao was right next to

him, his shoulder was against Clem's bare shoulder and he could smell the

perfume breath of the proprietor. 'I was kinda hopin' there was sumpthin'

like farm animals. You got that?'

'Not in this book, but I can draw anything.'

He grabbed a sheet of paper and using a marking pen he drew several ideas.

One was a line of pigs, each one having the other's little tail in it's

mouth. 'Sort of a daisy chain,' he said giggling. Another was clover

leaves. Clem liked that.

'I'll first draw it on you and then you can decide if you like it and what

size it should be. I do my work in the back. Follow me.'

In the windowless back room Clem felt a little dizzy. Maybe it was the red

lighting. He feel weakly in a chair.

Bao's tone of voice became a little different back now; deeper, more

commanding. 'Drop your overalls from your shoulders. Clem obeyed

immediately. It was nice and warm in here and he didn't mind being bare on

top. Bao sucked in his breath in admiration. 'You have excellent skin.

It is almost a silky as an Asian. It's here we will place the bracelet.

Unless you wish it lower or higher.'

Clem was really enjoying the attention and the warm hands moving up and

down his sensitive inner arm muscle was making him almost purr.

'Okay,' said Bao becoming professional, 'Let sketch this in.'

He help the arm gently and quickly sketched in the clover design. He had a

clear view of the farm boy's pits filled with corn husk colored hair. He

longed to push his nose in there. He was sure that this boy had natural

odors. The fumes from the marker was adding to Clem's sleepiness. His

head was beginning to sag down. Bao smiled in pleasure. This boy was very


When he finished, he used a mirror to allow Clem to see the design.

'That's fine as can be.. Will the real one look as good?' He was assured

that this was only a rough sketch and the permanent one would be much


'Well, first you must sign the release.' He produced a sheet of paper and

checked the places Clem would have to fill in and sign. That took quite

awhile, Clem hated paper work and read every caption several times. When

he finished, at last, Bao asked him to recline on the table so he wouldn't

squirm and ruin the design.

'Will this hurt. I had my arm bone set when I was nine and it hurt like

the fires of Hell.'

'No, this will be more like sharp pricks. I can offer you a gas that will

take away all the pain.'

'Yes the fellow on the bench tol' 'bout that. Sounds nice. I kin sleep

and it'll be over.'

'You don't exactly sleep unless you press this button too many times, too

hard. Usually the client just uses the button to make the pain dull.'

Clem hardly listened. He was looking forward to the gas, thinking it'll be

like when he has too much jug wine with Grandpa.

He rested back on the operating table. His eyes were tightly closed.

Suddenly he felt the rubber cup being placed over his nose and Bao took his

hand and showed him how to press the bulb. Clem tried it a few times and

he felt cool air that smelled a little like medicine entering his nose and

on down to his lungs. He now it was as if he was drifting off the table

and floating around the room. He heard from the distance Bao's voice. 'I

sterilized the needles and other equipment and I will begin in a minute.

Let me know if you feel anything.'

Bao went to work. The boy laughed a few times from the gas, but from his

relaxed posture Bao knew that he was pretty much out and was comfortable.

What he hadn't told Clem was that the gas he used was Nitrous Oxide and he

added a special gaseous mixture derived from a Viagra like medication. He

could see that it was working. The part of the overalls over the boy's

crotch was standing out from his erection. Clem was smiling partly from

the gas and partly from the sexy feelings overcoming him. The faint pricks

from the needle seemed to stimulate him more.

Bao finished his work. He was very pleased with the effect of the clovers

in dark green ink against the smooth tan muscle. 'This boy could blow all

the other male hustlers out of the water if he wanted to take up that

profession. Bao knew a lot of the boy pros as they loved to save up for

tattoos and special servicing by Bao. He switched on the pure oxygen.

Clem's eyelids with their thick blond lashes blinked several times. He

smiled as he did every morning when he woke up with a hard on. He sure had

one now. He looked forward to doing a rub off. Then he realized that the

Chinese Young Man was smiling down on him and lightly stroking his smooth

cheek. 'You were really good during the work. Feeling okay? It came out

perfect. You will like it.'

Bao held a mirror up. 'Jumpin' gehasafat, I am somethin' to marvel at. I

thank you very much. You are real good at this kinda work.' But when he

sat up to check out the work, his overalls slide all the way down to his

ankles and revealed his long cock sticking up and his balls, lying like

duck eggs in his nest of straw colored pubes. Clem blushed a bit. 'I do

git stiff like this when I sleep. If'n you don't mind, I gotta go and rub

this off otherwise I won't be decent on the street.'

Bao reached down. 'This is bothering you,' he said as he took hold of the

hot cock.

Clem's eyes rolled up. 'Oh mister, you don't want to do that too much. In

case I spew my milk on your fine body.'

Bao smiled at Clem. 'Consider this part of the service.' He took his slim

arm fingers and surrounded the rampant organ. He passed his other thumb

over the head and wiped away some of the pre cum that had formed. Clem

groaned in appreciation. 'That's fine sir. Kin you do that a few more

times or better move yur hand up and down. That's how cousin Ben does it

when he visits. Ooh, I'm my penis is gettin' real happy.'

He now noticed that the handsome Chinese lad's slim penis was sticking out

of his loose pants. 'Oh, you are in need of a good milkin' yurself.' He

reached his long arm down and grasped the stiff penis. He rubbed it up and

down the way his cousin loved. 'I hope yur feelin' real good. As fer me, I

could spew but I'd rather enjoy this rubbin' some more. 'Course I kin

spew, then rest a few minutes then go again. That's the way I am built.

My cousin kin hardly believe it. Ooh, ooh, yur hitting some fine spots,

specially near the top of my sexual organ. Kin you kinda jiggle the ball

sack a mite. Oh my, that's a mighty powerful a feelin'.'

Bao was transported by the kid's lovely body and his appreciation of the

wank, and the effect the farm boy hands were having on his own prick was

almost too much. Bao had learned ancient ways of lasting and he could stay

on the brink of cumming without tumbling over, but this boy was testing all

his training. He was moaning and huffing loudly. Then he got an idea.

'Sweet boy, how would you like to have me suck you? And better, how would

you like to suck me at the same time?'

Clem groaned in pleasure and his anticipation of such an activity. Bao

quickly got up, helped Clem off the table, then lifted the two sides making

a nice space, about that of a double bed. They both scrambled on and Bao

moved so his head was at Clem's cock and Clem knew his part from what his

cousin taught him. He immediately stuck out his tongue and whipped it in a

circular motion around Bao's purple, protruding cock head. Then he licked

inside the foreskin, around and around. Bao's head was whirling. He was

fast losing his celebrated control. He in turn had a strong lip and mouth

gripe on the kid's wholesome cock. He slide down to the base and then up

again, his tongue licking all the way. Clem backed off Bao's cock a moment

to moan loudly. 'Ye Gods and little fishes. I never felt anythin' so

powerful. I am squeezing my backside muscles to hold on a little longer.'

Bao also let go a moment. 'Sweet farm boy. You don't have to fight your

natural feeling. I tell you now that you should relax your body and allow

that wonderful feeling to take over.'

Hearing that permission, Clem let out a barnyard howl and relaxed his ass

hole and ass cheeks and let his body hurl toward a shattering explosion.

His cock seemed to pull in, then all his muscles locked and froze and then

stream after stream of rural spooge shot out like a fire hose out of his

piss hole. Bao's mouth was filled, he swallowed gamely, but the quantity

of milk the farm boy tendered was just too much for him to handle.

Bao gulped and swallowed and licked his lips now covered with Clem's

special delivery. The taste of the boy's ejaculation was so special, a

blend of new mown grass and sweet milk that the Chinese lad was totally

overcome and began huffing and puffing as his own cock began to spew

jasmine flavored cum that was eagerly accepted by the dutiful boy at his

crotch. At last his cum was over and the two boys lay back on the table,

trying to get their breathing under control.

Bao leaned over and pressed his hot lips on the farm boy's puffy ones. He

pressed over and over and finally Clem parted his lips, his pink tongue

slightly protruding. Bao pushed his tongue against the shy one and licked.

Clem, breathing hard put his tongue into play and the two excited each

other. Bao finally let the boy's mouth alone and moved down to lick his

pink nubs. They immediately rose into small erections. Clem sighing in

appreciation of the attention. Then Bao licked long strokes on the boy's

hard muscled belly. Back and forth the long tongue licked, sending Clem

into a dizzy panting ecstasy. Bao noticed that Clem's generous cock was on

the rise.

'Clem, my lover friend. Have you ever fucked anyone? My ass is calling

for your cock to make it feel good. Will you?'

'Well I never have done anythin' in the hindquarters area, but I have

thought 'bout it. Ben, my cousin sorta hinted 'bout me takin' his bull

sized organ inside me, but I gave him a hard punch in the ribs to answer

no. But you Mr.Bow, I am very warm to you. If'n you be very careful, I

could give it a try, but if'n it hurts...maybe we'll use gas, Ha Ha.'

Bao fixed the backrest of the couch so he could lean against it. He spread

his legs and invited Clem to face him, on his knees, his ass hole

positioned above the long slim Asian cock. 'Now dear friend, just slowly

lower yourself down on my prong. I'll help you with my hands under your

lovely ass cheeks.' Clem bit his cute lips, and squinted his blue eyes and

knitted his brows as he concentrated on achieving entry of the cock in his


As he neared the tip of Bao's cock, he groaned in anticipation. 'My ass

hole is pushing open like I hada shit. It's tellin' me to do it. Here

goes.' He allowed the tip to enter. He was huffing and puffing like a

steam engine. 'Oh, oh, I almost dizzy and faint. This is the most awful

and great thing I ever did.' He now allowed his ass to move further down

and the cock was halfway inside. Now he was crying with excitement. Bao

removed his hands from under the hot ass cheeks and the boy settled down to

Bao's black bristly hair. He stopped now his eyes open in amazement. 'Yur

inside. Damn! I feel like a milkin' can is in there, but it's makin' me

real sexed up in a new way. Maybe you might help me move up and down fur a

bit and see how that feels?'

Bao complied. He knew he was hitting the boy's prostate because Clem

called out. 'Oh my. What jes' happened? I feel shivers all over and I'm

sweatin' like a pig.'

'That was your hot button. Move up and down and I will rub it with my cock

as you move.'

Clem now used his own strong muscles to move up and down, howling with

pleasure at every lift and lowering. Bao was catching the boy's passion

that was written on his dear face and the physical excitement of his

insides rubbing over Bao's sensitive cock.. Bao began to lose his

urbanity, his eyes rolling back, his mouth open and his tongue lolling out

and dripping spit. 'Oh Clem, I never felt so turned on. Your rural

rutting is driving me happily nuts. I'm doing all I can to last and enjoy

this paradise.'

Clem heard the words, but he was so deep in the feelings if was as if he

was in his own world. Suddenly his felt a fluttering inside his ass. He

looked down, Bao's handsome face was screwed up in pleasurable agony. 'Yur

spewing inside me. That's so nice. I kin feel the hot milk hitting me.

I...oh no, here I go.'

Bao's body was jumping as he orgasmed strongly. It seemed to last really

long and he loved every second. He watched as Clem slide headlong into his

cum. The sweet kid pushed out his lips in a kiss, his smooth forehead

wrinkled and his hips began a fucking motion as his cock pulsed and shot

out streams of country cum on Bao's smooth tan stomach. Bao rubbed the

boy's shoulders as he came down from his cum high. They smiled at each


When they were dressed and in the outer office Clem took his leather purse

in hand. 'Bao, my good friend. You made me real happy and my sexual organ

real happy. Kin a pay you now?

'No, no. I should pay you. It was the best experience I ever had. Now

you must not touch the plastic. It'll cum off itself after you bath a few

times. If any problem, come back here.'

Out in the street, Clem hurried because he knew Gramps was waiting at the

motel. They planned to spend the night then ride back home.

On the way he passed the bus waiting bench and the boy who had told him

about the tattoo place was still sitting there. He looked half asleep.

Clem stopped a minute to talk to him. He patted his shoulder to get his

attention. The boy seemed groggy and spoke slurringly. 'Oh it's the hot

farm boy. You changed your mind. You want to party with me. I won't even

charge you. What do you say?'

'Well, I think yur payin' me a compliment, but I gotta hurry to meet

Gramps. I jes' want to thank you for directin' me to Mr Bow. I had a fine

time and looky here at my arm. See, I got one too. But if'n you mean sex,

I could do with some though Mr.Bow really drained me pretty good. Now you

take care.

The hustler looked regretfully at the disappearing figure in overalls. He

thought, 'Too bad, that kid it just the kinda fuck and suck I need.




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