I had been with Baxter Advertising for just over a year, having started with them straight out of college. I wanted to go as far as I could with them. The pay was good and the hours were satisfactory.

One Monday morning, as I stopped at the small café in the lobby of the building for coffee and a Danish, I took a table off in one corner. At the table near me were two other gentlemen talking.

"His Majesty wants me to schedule appointments for four of our employees to meet with him. He seems to think he needs an executive assistant."

When I heard him say 'his majesty' I knew he was talking about Clayton Baxter III, the president and CEO of Baxter Advertising. Everyone referred to him by that name behind his back. He insisted that everyone refer to each other by 'Mr.' or 'Ms'. No first names were used in his presence.

Clayton Baxter III was 33 and inherited the company from his father. He was just over six foot tall and about 200 pounds of solid muscle from his stint in the Marines and regular work outs at the gym. His hair was dark brown and his eyes an emerald green. Women fell at his feet, but he was rarely seen out with one.

It was a position I could only dream about since I had not been with the company near as long as some of the others.

Shortly after nine, my phone rang and the head of personnel advised me that I had a meeting with Mr. Baxter in his office at one that afternoon. I knew that there was no way I was being considered for the position. I wondered what I had done wrong.

I could barely eat lunch as my appointment drew near. I was at his office early and at one sharp he stepped out of his office and called me in.

I soon found out that he had been observing my work and was extremely pleased and liked my fresh new ideas and that he was considering me for the position of executive assistant. If I got the job, I would be responsible for over seeing advertising ads for our clients and passing on to him for approval only the ones I deemed would be successful.

After an hour and a half, I was excused and told that I would hear something within a week or two. I was also told not to discuss my interview with anyone.

I was on pins and needles every day after that, waiting for some news. Then, on Wednesday of the second week, I was again called to Mr. Baxter's office.

Nervous as hell, I entered when called and was told that I had received the position. I found out that I would have the office connected to his by a bath room and dressing room combination. My salary doubled slightly and I was given an expense account.

I couldn't say anything until the following Monday when the official announcement was made.

After the memo went out, he led me to my office and told me to get settled and that we'd meet later for lunch.

Lunch was brought in to his office and as we ate, he said, "Mark, you will be my right hand. I'll also expect you to keep me on schedule and travel with me when there are trade shows to attend."

"Not a problem. sir," I said.

"One other thing. I know everyone calls me 'His Majesty' behind my back. What can I do to make everyone more comfortable?"

"You might not like what I'm about to say, But you asked."

"Spit it out," he said.

"Well, sir, stop with the last names. Get close with the employees. Call them by their first names and let them call you Clay or Clayton. Put everyone on a first name basis. Make it more like a family."

"You think that would work?"

"I'm almost positive it would. Think about it."

I returned to my office and went out to see some of my fellow workers that I had become friend with. They were cordial enough but not as much as when I was just another employee.

A week later, an e-mail was sent to every employee in the office. It read simply:

"To All Employees...I want us all to work closely together and in order to do that there need to be less tension in the work place. On the advice of my new assistant, effective immediately everyone is free to be on a first name basis, including myself. Personally, I'd prefer you call me Clay instead of Clayton. Let's become a family."

After the notice went out, every employee I ran into shook my hand and thanked me. When Clay would be out and about there was always the sound of 'Morning, Clay,' and he in turn would respond with their first name.

Things ran smoothly for a few months and everyone was more relaxed, including myself. Clay and I seemed to work well together and I was glad about that.

He had had me bring a couple of suits, shirts and shoes as well as a tux to the office in order to change before an important evening with a client.

When one such meeting came up, that afternoon as the time drew close, I heard him enter the shower in the restroom between our offices. Moments later he came out with just a towel around him and said, "It's all yours."

I took the hint and immediately went in and stripped down to shower. After my shower, I stepped out with my towel around me to find him standing totally naked at the sink shaving.

Seeing the startled look on my face he said, "I hope your not offended. I'm not bashful at all and besides, I'm more comfortable this way."

"No, I'm not offended. I just wasn't expecting it."


I also began shaving and as I did, my towel loosened and suddenly fell to the floor. As I quickly tried to grab it, Clay laughed and said, "Hey, it ain't nothing I haven't seen before. Besides, You have a nice tool. You shouldn't be hiding it."

Turning red, I retrieved my towel and rewrapped it around me. I couldn't help but notice that as he stared at my cock, his own cock seemed to twitch slightly.

A month later, we had to travel out of town to meet with some possible clients. Clay booked a large suite for us with two bedrooms, one on each side of the living and dining area.

After out meeting, we returned to the suite and Clay grabbed two beers out of the fridge and handed me one.

"Let's get comfortable then relax some before we start trying to come up with any ideas for his ads," Clay stated.

We each headed for out own bedroom and later when I emerged shirtless and barefooted yet still wearing my shit pants, I found clay sitting on the sofa totally nude. As he looked up into my face, he said with a smile, "I warned you. Why don't you get more comfortable."

I smiled and not wanting to offend him, I returned to my bedroom and returned wearing just my boxers.

"That's better," he said upon seeing me. "Here, have a seat here next to me."

I sat down and a moment later he moved closer to me, saying, "Mark, I really do enjoy working with you. You are great with the clients."

"Thank you, Clay. I think we make a good pair."

"So do I," he replied as he lay his hand on my leg just above my knee.

Looking up into my eyes, he began slowly sliding his hand up my leg as he said, "I think we'll work together just fine."

As his hand slid up my leg, I could feel mu cock begin to stiffen. I had never been with a guy or had one make these types of advances, but it was turning me on. I knew I should stop him but yet I didn't want to.

I glanced over and saw his own cock steadily growing. I wondered just how far this was going to go. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it happened.

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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