From Part 1......

Looking up into my eyes, he began slowly sliding his hand up my leg as he said, "I think we'll work together just fine."

As his hand slid up my leg, I could feel mu cock begin to stiffen. I had never been with a guy or had one make these types of advances, but it was turning me on. I knew I should stop him but yet I didn't want to.

I glanced over and saw his own cock steadily growing. I wondered just how far this was going to go. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it happened.


Part 2

His hand gripped my hard cock and a jolt of electrical energy shot through my body. His touch as like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I think I moaned slightly but I'm not sure. He smiled and looked into my eyes and as he slowly released my cock he said, "You've never had a man touch you before have you?"

"No, I haven't, but I never dreamed it would feel like it did."

"And just how did it feel?" he asked.

"Erotic, sensual, magical. Fuck man, I can't describe it but I do know I liked it."

"May I continue?" he asked politely. "If you say 'no' it will not affect your job in any way. I want you to know that up front."

"Fuck yes, continue. You have my curiosity going wild."

He smiled and began removing my boxers. I raised my hips to assist him and soon his hand was again gripping my cock, slowly stroking it, as I moaned softly.

Very casually, he grasped my hand and placed it on his hard cock. I had never felt another mans cock and it was unbelievable. I began stroking him as he said softly, "Yea, that's it."

After a moment he changed position and I stopped stroking him. He knelt on the floor between my legs and as he looked up into my face said, "If, at any time, you want me to stop, just say so."

I nodded and he smiled then slowly lowered his head, taking my entire cock into his mouth. As I moaned, I felt the tip of my cock press against the back of his throat. He held it there and began massaging my cock with his tongue.

He began working my cock in and out of his mouth and I was loving it. After a short while, I warned him I was close to climaxing.

He paused momentarily to say, "Good, I want to eat it and see how good you taste."

He returned to sucking me and seconds later my cock exploded sending at least six or seven thick ropes into his mouth and down his throat. He continued working my cock and once he had it drained, I watched as he hungrily swallowed.

"Fucking delicious," he said. "And so much of it."

"That was unreal," I said. "I've had females blow me but nothing can compare to that."

"Well, it a common fact that a man can suck another man much better than any woman can."

"I believe that now," I said.

He sat back up next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled e closer to him. I gave in and rested my head on his shoulders.

"Mark, thanks for letting me do what I did. I'd love to be able to do it to you often but if you would rather not, just say so. I'll understand."

"Clay, it was awesome, but let me think on it."

"Take your time," he told me.

With that, he turned his face toward mine and pressed his lips to mine and I experienced my first man kiss. We parted for a moment then we kissed again, this time exchanging tongues. It was the best kiss I had ever had to that point in my life.

I knew what I had to do.

I slid to the floor between his legs and as I did, he said, "Mark, that's not necessary."

"I want to see what it's like. Please don't stop me."

I lifted his cock and put my lips around the tip, tasting the clear precum leaking from it. It was exceptionally tasty and I began swallowing the rest of his cock. It took a while to take it all but I did it and totally enjoyed it.

I began working my head up and down on his cock and soon he warned me but I kept going. I wanted to taste his cum.

I soon got my wish and as his load filled my mouth, I swirled it around savoring the sweet-salty taste. I loved the consistency and taste and once I had it all, I swallowed.

Then came another kiss and afterward, I looked at Clay and said, "You can do me anytime you want as long as I get to do you afterward."

"Buddy, you got a deal!" he exclaimed.

We cuddled for a while and I found out that Clay had been gay since his senior year of high school. He said it was on his eighteenth birthday and he and a buddy were having a sixty-nine in the locker room. he said that they thought they were alone but ended up getting caught by the football coach.

When I asked what happened he said that the coach quickly stripped and joined in, sucking on them and letting them fuck his ass.

"Holy shit! Your coach?"

"Yep. We sure got good grades that year in PE. We'd get together usually once a week."

As bedtime neared, Clay asked "Would you like to share my bed tonight?"

"Sure," I replied.

We spent our first night together, cuddled in each others arms. The next morning before going to the seminar, we had our first sixty-nine.

That night, I got another surprise. After having dinner and returning to the room, we stripped and as he stepped up to me and kissed me he then said, "I want you to fuck me."

"What?" I asked. "You mean in your ass?"

"Definitely. I like it."

He got his lube and we headed for the bed. ha sucked me to a raging boner then lay on his back and pulled up his legs. "Lube us both up and go to it."

I did and eased the head of my cock into his hole.

"Ummm, yea." he said softly.

I continued my entry and soon had my entire cock buried in his ass.

"Now, fuck my brains out."

I began pumping his ass and he moaned in pleasure. Soon, I had reached my limit and fired volley after volley of hot thick cum deep into his hole.

"Oh fuck yea!" he exclaimed loudly. "I love you in me."

We kissed passionately as my cock deflated and slipped out.

"That was awesome," he said. "Thanks."

"Hell, I think I probably enjoyed it as much as you did," I told him, "but doesn't it hurt?"

"Mark, in the beginning, yes it does. It hurts like hell. That first time is a bitch. But if you get fucked fairly regularly, it becomes just a slight pressure when they make entry."

I began wondering what it would be like.

The next night we had another sixty-nine then returned home the following morning.

Once back at the office, we kept our sex limited to after work when everyone else was gone.

About three weeks later, I was speaking with another associate when he suddenly asked, "Has the boss made any passes at you?"


"Well, I've heard that he is gay and has made passes at some former employees."

"Well, all I can say is that when I've been around he has been nothing but business," I replied. "I think you may have been given false information from a pissed off employee."

As soon as I had a chance, I told Clay about the conversation and my reply.

"Thanks, but I really don't care if they know. I just haven't announced it."

The following weekend he invited me to his weekend beach house. I followed him out on Friday after work and we immediately stripped and did some nude surfing and swimming.

I had been doing some thinking and that evening I made a decision.

After dinner, I approached clay and told him of my decision.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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