From Part 2....

The following weekend he invited me to his weekend beach house. I followed him out on Friday after work and we immediately stripped and did some nude surfing and swimming.

I had been doing some thinking and that evening I made a decision.

After dinner, I approached Clay and told him of my decision.


Part 3

When I walked up to Clay he looked into my face and knew I had something on my mind.

"What wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing really," I replied "It's just that I've decided that I want you to fuck me."

"Are you serious"

"Oh, yea. I've experimented in everything else so why not go all the way?"

"Well, not quite everything else, but we can get into that later. When you want to get fucked?"

"Right now," I replied.

He led me to the bedroom and after retrieving his lube, he began working my ass with his fingers. Before long he looked into my eyes and said, "Here goes."

I felt the head of his cock press gently against my puckered hole as he said softly, "Just relax."

I did, and very slowly I felt him begin his entry. The pain was slight to begin but as the head of his cock popped in, it felt like a hot poker had been shoved up me. "MOTHER FUCK!" I screamed out.

"Take a deep breath and try to relax. The worst is over."

He held his position for a few moments before slowly easing his cock deeper into me. As he did, he leaned forward and began deep tongue kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Moments later I felt his balls resting against my ass cheeks.

"You all in?" I asked.

"Oh yea. You got every inch up you. How you holding up?

"I'm okay. Fuck me. I want to feel you shoot your load in me."

Clay began slowly pumping in and out of my hole. Slowly, the pain began to subside and I began to totally enjoy what was happening.

As he began to speed up, I looked at him and said, "That's it. Fuck my ass. Shoot that load in me."

Seconds later, he began breathing heavily and said "Get ready. I'm almost there."

Suddenly, I felt his cock swell and all hell broke loose and he began firing volley after huge volley deep into my hole as he cried out in pleasure.

"Mother fuck!" I cried out. "It's an awesome feeling.'

Once he was drained, he slowly pulled out and after another kiss he swallowed my cock and gave me one hell of a blow job, sharing my load with me after I climaxed.

Afterward, we showered together and as we did he asked, "You think you might want It again?

"I'm fairly certain that I will," I replied.

That weekend, I had Clay fuck me three more times and I loved each one of them.

I began spending nearly every weekend with Clay. Our sex was awesome and he soon introduced me to rimming and water sports. Feeling his hot piss flow across my body was such a turn on.

A couple months later, I attended an out of town conference with him and the first night there, he informed me that he had invited a friend to stop by our suite.

When his friend arrived, he immediately hugged Clay and began tongue kissing him. Stunned, I watched and after the kiss Clay introduced me to Brad Thomas. Brad was a fellow business owner that Clay had met several years earlier.

As we were introduced, Brad gave me a hot tongue kiss. Within moments, we were all three removing our clothes and were soon in bed.

It was my first time sucking a cock other than Clays, and it was hot to look up and see Clay watching me.

Shortly later, I was on my hands and knees on the bed and as I sucked Clay, Brad was shoving his cock up my ass. I was getting fucked in both ends and loving it. I never dreamed that sex with men could be so hot and fulfilling.

My relationship with Clay continued and couple times during the week and every weekend was spent together. He had even given me a key to his beach house and the alarm code.

After a year and a half, I was promoted to a VP position. And I'm sure you can imagine how it raised a lot of eyebrows.

Then things really turned interesting when, one weekend at the beach, Clay asked me to marry him. Of course I immediately said yes, as I had fallen deeply in love with Clay.

We were married with several friends in attendance one Friday evening, and after a week long honeymoon, we returned to work and Clay called a meeting of all employees.

His first announcement was that I was now co-owner of the company. Everyone began glancing around. Then he made his second announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have one other announcement. One week ago Friday night, Mark and I were married by a Justice of the Peace. We are now one couple. If any of you can not accept our union, let me know and we'll work out a severance package which will include a letter of recommendation."

As he stepped off the podium, we first heard one person began applauding. Then another, and another. They began standing as they applauded.

As we left the stage, everyone began congratulating us. It totally caught us off guard and only one person asked for a severance package.

Clay and I have had several employees, both male and female, come to us and reveal that they are gay.

We have been married three years now and are still very much in love. We have an open relationship and we play together and separately. Our trust in each other strengthens our love.


Coming soon...... PUPPY LOVE



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