Waylon and I fucked around for another two hours, taking turns sucking each other off and rimming each others ass before the time came for him to check out.

After checking out Waylon followed me to my place. Once inside we immediately stripped down. I grabbed a fresh bottle of poppers out of the fridge and popped a porn flick in the dvd player. I turned the heat on, and soon my small garage apartment was hotter than a Chippendale strippers ass.

Sweat was dripping from our bodies.

My apartment has two small windows in the living room area and, since I work nights, I have black mini blinds on them, with black curtains over those. The furnishings are sparse. I have a sleeper sofa, a roll top desk which holds my laptop and dvd player, and a plasma tv mounted over the desk.

With the room dark, the sofa bed pulled out and a leather porn playing, Waylon and I wasted no time and attacking each others bodies.

I pumped his ass full of cum, the sent him to heaven when I raised his ass to my mouth and felched the cum out.

Waylon moaned with pleasure as I used my tongue, while roughly sucking my huge load of cum out of his hot ass. Once I had a mouthful I threw myself of top of Waylon and fed the cum to him in a deep, passionate kiss.

Around three o'clock we threw on our jeans and drove across the Garrison Bridge into Oklahoma.

Stopping in the adult shop, we bought a couple of bottles of poppers, then cruised the video booths for cocks.

An hour and several loads of cum later, we headed back out. As we neared my apartment I made a pit stop at the drive through of the liquor store and picked up a bottle of Jim Beam.

Waylon looked at the big bottle I had bought and gave me a wink. 'Looks like you're planning to get me pretty fucked up huh?'

'You have NO idea man!'

I was keeping Billy's arrival a secret. I wanted the three-way to be a total surprise.

Back at my place we wasted no time getting naked and hitting the poppers again. By leaving the heat turned on and up as high as it would go, my small place was like hell.

We laid on the sleeper sofa, guzzling down whiskey, sucking up poppers and watching porn.

It was fucking heaven!

Just before six there was a knock on my front door.

Waylon started to scramble to pull some cover over him.

I leaned over and kissed his cock. 'Relax dude, it's cool.'

I pulled the curtains aside and peeked through the blinds. Parked across the alleyway was Billy's old blue Chevy pickup.

As I headed for the door I reached over and gave Waylon's cock a squeeze. 'Have I got a surprise for you.'

I opened the door and literally pulled Billy inside.

'What the fuck?' he asked, a look of surprise on his face. 'Shit man, it's like a fucking oven in here!'

I pulled him to me, ramming my tongue down his throat. Billy had changed into an old dirty t-shirt and a pair of cut-off dirty Levi 501's.

I knew from experience he wouldn't have on underwear. He knew how much going commando turned me on.

I ripped the t-shirt off of Billy's body then reached down and unbuttoned his jean shorts. With my tongue still down his throat, I took my hands and slid his shorts to the floor, then clasp each of his ass cheeks with my hands and squeezed.

Billy moaned and stepped out of his flip-flops, kicking his shorts across the room as he did. Then placing both hands around my neck, he jumped up and crossed his legs around my waist.

I could feel his cock stiffening against my stomach.

I pulled my tongue out of his mouth and leaned my head in close to his. I shoved my tongue into his ear and felt his cock begin to ooze precum.

'I've got a surprise for your ass!'

'Oh yeah? Am I gonna like it?'

'Why don't you tell me!' With that I threw Billy onto the sleeper sofa. He landed partly on top of Waylon, his ass coming to rest on Waylon's stiff cock.

'What the fuck?' Billy cried with surprise. He had been so wrapped up in my greeting he hadn't noticed Waylon lying naked on the sofa bed.

'Surprise!' I grinned.

'Hey man!' Waylon said as he grabbed Billy's head and pulled it down onto his cock.

'Mmmmm' was Billy's response as he swallowed Waylon's cock and began sucking like a six week old on a baby bottle.

I uncapped my bottle of poppers and stuffed them under Billy's nose, alternating nostrils as he sucked in, deep breath after deep breath. The higher he got the harder he sucked.

Waylon and I both took several hits, then I stepped up onto the bed and walked over to Waylon's mouth. 'No need on you doing without,' I said as I offered my cock to his waiting lips.

He deep throated my cock, then slipped both balls into his mouth as well. I threw my head back and moaned. Mother fucker knew how to suck cock!

Pulling my cock out of his mouth, I got down on the bed and spread Billy's legs, then shoved my tongue deep into his ass and began to eat him out. Billy moaned and began sucking Waylon even harder. I pulled my tongue out of Billy's ass, 'Don't you suck him off bitch boy. He and I have a special treat lined up for your ass hole!' I slapped his ass cheeks hard. 'You understand me?'

'Sir, yes Sir!'

Waylon looked up at me and grinned. 'Shit man, you have him well trained don't you?'

'Fuckin 'A' I do, and before the weekend's over I'll have your ass trained just as well!'

'I'm counting on it!'

I raised myself up and looked at Waylon. 'What did you just say?'

'I said I'm counting on it!'

Without warning I hauled off and slapped Waylon across the mouth, splitting his lower lip just enough to bring blood.

'Now then, let's try that again. What did you just say?'

Waylon wiped the blood from his lip, then pushed the long blond hair out of his eyes. He looked at me with just the right amount of fear and awe in his face. 'Sir, I'm counting on it Sir.'

I grinned. 'Much, much better! I told you I'd have you trained well!'

I stood up and walked to the head of the bed. I sat down and leaned my back against the back of the sofa. 'You two bitches get your asses up and come here.'

Both climbed up, one on each side of me.

'Now, let me have those pits!'

Both got up on their knees and raised their hands over their heads, offering their hot, sweaty, stinky pits to me for my pleasure.

I buried my nose and mouth in Billy's pits. His were moist and musky. VERY musky. I inhaled and my cock stiffened. I love Billy's bushy pits. I sucked as much of the hair into my mouth as I could and began sucking the sweat out of his pit hairs. After sucking both pits clean, I chewed on both his nipples, chewing on the hoop pierced in each nipple, making each rock hard.

Then I turned my attention to Waylon. Waylon's bushy pits were even muskier than Billy's. The odor stung my nose, and my cock began to literally throb with pain.

I sucked Waylon's long blond pit bushes clean, then sucked his nipples. I began biting Waylon's nipples till I felt his cock bounce up and down against my leg.

Then I pulled both close and the three of us began kissing.

'Billy boy, Waylon and I have a nice surprise for you.'

'Fuck Sirs, whatever it is Sirs, I'm ready for it Sirs!'

I winked at Waylon. 'Let's give it to him then!'

Waylon and I moved Billy to the center of the bed, facing the tv, and put him on all fours, doggy style. While Billy sucked Waylon's throbbing cock I went into the bathroom and grabbed the jar of vaseline. Coming back into the living room, I pulled Waylon's cock out of Billy's mouth and shoved mine down his throat. I let him swallow my cock, then grabbed hands full of hair and began violently face fucking him.

Waylon was turned on watching me ram my cock unmercifully down Billy's throat.

'Lube that hand of yours up and fist his ass!'


'Fuck yeah! Bitch can take it!'

Waylon followed orders, lubing his right hand up, then inserting two fingers into Billy's ass. He began to finger fuck him with two fingers, then slipped a third in. Billy moaned as a fourth finger found its way into his hole. Then as my face fucking grew more intense, Waylon slipped his thumb into Billy's ass. Waylon was getting more turned on by the minute. His nine inch cock was throbbing, bouncing up and down all on its own.

I grabbed Billy's hair and pulled it tighter. As I did I looked up at Waylon and nodded my head.

Waylon read my signal. As I thrust down Billy's throat with force, Waylon rammed his fist up into Billy's ass. Billy's body quivered all over. Tears welled up in his eyes. I began fucking his mouth even harder and after a couple of thrust, Waylon had his slender arm buried up to the elbow inside Billy's ass.

Billy's own cock was beet red and throbbing. Waylon and I synchronized our thrusts. Waylon pulled out to the wrist, then violently thrust his arm back into Billy. Billy could hold back no longer. His cock spewed forth load after load of hot, thick cum. Once Billy's orgasm was over Waylon and I both pulled out.

'Now bitch boi, get down there and lick up every drop of cum you spilled on my sheets.'

Billy obeyed, not missing a drop.

'Now then, feed it all to Waylon.'

Billy turned and pulled Waylon's mouth to his, paring Waylon's lips with his tongue. Eagerly Waylon sucked down every drop of cum.

Billy turned to me for further instructions.

'Now, lick Waylon's arm clean of your ass juice, then feed it to me.'

'Sir, yes Sir.'

Waylon stretched forth his right arm. Billy began slowly, methodically licking Waylon's arm till it was completely clean.

Then he turned to me and pulled my face to his. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close as his tongue parted my lips.

I sucked greedily each drop of his ass juice. The hot steamy mixture made my nipples hard and my cock began to ooze precum.

Looking into Billy's eyes I whispered, 'Now get ready to have your ass filled up.'

We put Billy back on all fours again and Waylon and I both lubed our cocks up.

I handed Billy one of the bottles of poppers.

'Here,' I said, 'you're going to need these.'

Billy began snorting, taking hit after hit.

Waylon and I followed suit, passing the bottle back and forth between us.

Rock hard, Waylon and I kissed, then I stood up behind Billy. Placing my cock head against his ass hole, I shoved myself in all the way to the bush. Billy let out a gentle moan. I gave his ass a couple of thrust, then pulled out. Waylon stepped in front of me and placed his cock on top of mine. Then, Waylon's hands guiding us in, we double-dicked Billy's ass, ramming both our cocks deep inside him.

'OH FUCK YES!' was Billy's only reaction.

We began to double fuck him, working our rhythm into perfect strokes.

Waylon took more snorts off of the poppers, then placed the bottle under my nose. After a few more hits, I was a fucking mad man.

I began to violently fuck Billy's ass, showing no mercy. Waylon, turned on by my sadism, began matching my forcefulness. We showed Billy's boi ass no mercy as we fucked the shit out of him.

Billy moaned with pleasure, his only words 'Fuck me harder! Please Sirs, fuck me harder!'

Waylon and I were wrapped around one another, kissing passionately as we slammed into Billy's hot ass.

With one final thrust we both exploded inside his asshole. Load after hot load shot deep inside Billy's hole.

When we were both spent, we pulled out and collapsed on the bed. Without saying a word, Billy turned around and dropped onto the bed between us. Waylon and I lay in each others arms and kissed, me licking the sweat off of his brow and taking mouthful after mouthful of his hair into my mouth and sucking the sweat out of it.

Billy meanwhile, got to work cleaning our cocks, sucking first myself, then Waylon till both our cocks were spotless.

Then he slid up between us and kissed us both.

'Holy fuck Sirs! That was awesome!'

I reached down and pushed the hair from Billy's eyes. 'I told you we had a surprise for you! Did you like?'

'Mmmmmm, fuck yes!'

'Would you like it again?' Waylon asked?

Billy grinned. 'Just say when!:

I reached over and grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the table beside the sofa. We each lit up and took a deep drag.

I blew out at thin blue cloud of smoke. 'Let's us reload our cocks and then we'll fill you up again!'

Billy and Waylon both looked at me and grinned.

From the looks on their faces, it was going to be one HOT night full of fucking.

Since that night, Waylon, Billy and I have had more three-way's than I can count.

Six months later Waylon bought a small place just outside the city. He figured making as many trips into the city as he was, he would come out ahead expense wise by not having to rent hotel rooms all the time. He turned the large master bedroom into a playroom filled with nothing but a king sized bed, sling, cross and rack after rack of sex toys.

Billy has learned to not only be double dicked, but double fisted as well.

Waylon is looking forward to retiring early and just spending time with his fuck buddies.

He and I figure if we play our cards right, we can rent out Billy's ass for sex parties and cum out WAY ahead!



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