There are moments when I literally hate my job working as night auditor for a national hotel chain, but then there are those encounters with HOT guests and co-workers that make going to work a bang...literally!

I had been on the job about six months when a group of engineers with CIE began staying with us. While all of the guys were super friendly and never caused any trouble, a couple of them were down right SMOKIN' HOT!

One of those two literally gave me a boner every time he walked in the door.

Waylon was just my cup of tea. Short (he stood all of five six), skinny (no more than one twenty), shaggy blonde hair, big blue eyes, ass like a ten year old boy and always a two day stubble on his face. My cock not only throbbed every time I saw him, it also leaked a gallon of precum.

Waylon was forty-two, single and owned a small home in a small town in central Missouri near the larger While all of the CIE guys made it a habit of stopping by the desk when they came in to check for mail, packages etc. I noticed that Waylon seemed to always hang around longer and chat.

These guys would pop in to stay on any given day, at any given hour. Turns out, I found out during a chat with Waylon, they were being called in to one of the major manufacturers based in our city to trouble shoot problems with the manufacturing equipment. It was nothing for these guys to head out to the plant at eight or nine in the morning and come rolling back in at one or two the following morning.

I've seem them come rolling in at two, coated in sweat, dragging their ass, so tired that they would slow as they passed the front desk and simply say 'Anything?', to which, nine times out of ten, I would simply say 'Not today.' and they would continue down the hall or head up their stairs to their rooms.

One particular Thursday night, at around one-thirty the group came rolling in. Don and Mike raised their eyebrows at me as they walked past the desk, and I simply shook my head. A couple of minutes later Waylon came in.

He was covered with sweat to the point that if I hadn't known better I would have sworn it was raining outside. I could tell from the look on his face that it had been one long ass day.

He stopped at the front desk, propped his elbows up the counter, put his head in his hands, looked at me and managed a smile.

'Hey you.' I said.

'Hey. How's it going?'

'Not bad. Man, you look like you've been run through the wringer!'

'Ryan, I'm beat. We left out of here just after eight this morning. My ass is literally dragging.'

I knew how tired he was, so just to get a laugh out of him and try to brighten what had obviously been a long day, I leaned over the counter and glanced around behind him.

' seems to be about a foot lower that where it usually is!'

He gave me the oddest look. 'Huh?'

'Your ass...dummy! It looks to be drooping about a foot lower!' I laughed, giving him a wink.

The light went on, and he shook his head as he let go a laugh. 'Thanks, I needed that.'

'I figured you could use a good laugh after a day like you've obviously had.'

I grabbed a handful of paper towels from under the counter and handed them to him to mop the sweat from his face.

'You might not want to get too close. I'm sure I reek of sweaty body odor. It had to be over one hundred in that plant today.'

To be quite honest, he did reek. I could smell all three as soon as they walked into the door.

But then, 'man scent' has always been a MAJOR turn on to me. So not only was my seven inches rock hard and leaking precum just from the sight of him, my balls were aching and my nipples were tight just from the smell of him.

'Doesn't bother me! You know, Waylon, some people consider that to be quite sexy!'

As soon as I said that, I regretted it. While I knew Waylon was single, I wasn't sure he was gay.

Waylon looked at me, grinned and winked. 'Well, if you ever find one who does, send him my way!'

That question was answered!

My mind thought fast.

'If I find one, and I just might happen to know one that not only finds it sexy but who also happens to be damn good at giving full body massages too, where should I send him?'

'Room 200, but you know that already. How soon can he cum?'

I shrugged my shoulders. 'Ten minutes okay?'

'I'll be waiting.' With that he turned and walked up the stairs which are located just across from the front desk area. I stood watching him climb the stairs, taking them slower than he usually did, swinging his hips just enough to show off his perfect, round, bubble butt ass.

I secured the front desk area, grabbed the cordless phone just in case it rang then popped into the back room where the employee lockers were located. I opened my locker, grabbed my backpack which I carry everyday, reached inside and pulled my bottle of Jungle Juice Platinum poppers out, then headed upstairs.

I knocked at the door of room 200. Seconds later Waylon opened the door, standing behind it as he pulled it open enough for me to walk through. It took a second for my eyes to adjust. He had all of the lights out. The television was turned on, but he had lowered the brightness of the screen so that it gave of a dim glow.

When my eyes did adjust, my cock nearly burst through my pants.

Waylon was standing there completely naked.

His chest had a nice covering of dark blond hair.

His legs were toned and smooth as a baby's ass.

His arms were muscular from working like he did every day. That ten year old boy ass was also perfectly smooth, with two of the fucking cutest little dimples you could ever want to see.

BUT, the prize (and surprise) was the rock hard nine inch cock that was sticking straight out.

For fun, and to tease me with it, Waylon had draped his bikini briefs over his cock. The bright red tiny briefs were draped over his cock like laundry over a clothes line.

My mouth began watering so fucking hard I couldn't control it. The drool ran out of my mouth and down my face like someone having a seizure.

'Holy fuck Batman!'

Waylon smiled up at me. 'You like?'

I reached down, grabbed his cock with my hand and lead him to the bed. Without saying a word, I sat down on the bed, bent down, took his briefs in my mouth, yanked them off of his cock and threw tossed them onto the bed. Then I turned back around and swallowed his cock.

While most nights at the hotel aren't this exciting, I make up for it on the weekends by visiting the adult bookstore out on I-40 and spending Friday and Saturday nights in the booths on my knees servicing cocks through the glory holes.

I was damned glad I did too, because it made deep-throating Waylon's nine incher so much easier. His cock was slender, with beautiful veins running the length of the shaft. At the tip was the most beautifully shaped mushroom head you could ever hope to suck. The piss slit was even fucking perfect! Waylon's nuts were the size of walnuts. He had a faint glory trail from his belly-button down and a nice thick dirty-blond bush.

As I tightened my lips around the base of his cock, Waylon arched his back and moaned.

I slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock, then kissed the head, slowing running my tongue in and out of the piss slit just to drive him wild with pleasure. I looked up with my eyes as I did, finding him looking down at me. I could feel his hands in my hair.

I pulled back from his cock and looked up. 'What do you think? You think I like it?'

'If that's a 'No', I'd fucking hate to see a 'Yes'!'

I stood up, took him in my arms and pulled him to me. I bent my head down (I stand six two) and without warning shoved my tongue between his lips and down his throat. He returned the kiss, deep and passionate.

I pulled away from him, and sat down on the bed.

'I'm on limited time...'

'I know.'

'I'll come back up once I'm off duty at seven. Are you going back to the plant today?'

'No, actually we're checking out this morning and driving back home. We finished up today, well, this round anyway. God knows we may be back next week.'

'Good then we'll have time for things to really get heated up. Let me give you a taste of what's to come!'

I laid back on the bed, pulling in on top of me.

I opened the bottle of poppers and took a few good hits, my head beginning to swim, my cock to tighten.

'Oh man! You've got poppers!'

'Hell yeah! They're my vice. Want some?'

'Fuckin 'A' I do!'

I handed him the bottle and watched him snort down a few good hits. I could see his nipples tighten even more. He hand the bottle back to me.

'These things turn me into a fucking little cum hungry whore.'

I winked at him. 'Same here man. Same here. Let me show you.'

After another deep kiss, I raised his right arm, leaned my face in and inhaled deeply. His scent was almost overpowering. My cock was throbbing. I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and began licking like a bitch in heat.

I licked the sweat out of his pits, sucked his pit hair till I could no longer taste his scent, then pulled my mouth away and began to blow. I blew a cool breeze into the bush to faintly dry it. Then I moved his body over, raised his left arm and began licking the sweat out of it.

For some odd reason, his left pit was sweatier and riper than his right one. I was absofuckinlutely in heaven. I nuzzled my nose in his pit and licked like crazy. When I began sucking his pit hair, I got a little too aggressive and pulled the hair a little too tightly, causing Waylon to moan even louder.

When I finished blow drying his left pit, I rolled him off of me, got up off of the bed, turned around and got down on my knees. I pulled h is body down to the edge of the bed, raised his legs up, bent down and buried my nose into his ass crack.

His crack was soaking wet with sweat. Sweet, zesty hot sweat. I licked up every drop.

Waylon laying back on the bed, said ever so softly, 'Of fuck Ryan.Damn baby that feels good.'

I raised my head up. 'Wait till you feel this. I lowered my head back down, took my hands and spread his cheeks apart, then shoved my tongue into his hot, warm, moist pink hole.

'FUCK!' was his only response.

And I did.

I tongue fucked his moist hole till he was writhing on the bed. I could feel his ball sac tighten against my nose. I knew that he was moments, if not seconds, away from exploding.

I pulled my tongue out of his ass and pulled his cock down just in time to shove the head and part of the shaft into my mouth before he began to shoot load after load of hot, steamy salty cum down my moth.

Like the eager cum hungry cock whore that I am, I didn't waste a drop.

After he unloaded what had to be a half-cup of cum down my throat, I licked his cock clean, then gave his asshole and crack one last good lick.

I pulled my self up and looked at him lying on the bed, once again covered in sweat.

'I'd better get back down front.'

He smiled up at me.

'I'll be back up after seven. I'll cut myself a key to the room, then come up the outside stairs and in through the door at the end of the hall so that no one down front knows what's going on.'

'I can hardly wait!'

'Me either.'

'I'll take a good hot shower, then grab a few hours of sleep. If I'm asleep when you let yourself in, wake me up.'

'Oh I'll wake you up alright, with my tongue up your asshole! But don't you DARE shower. I want you just as hot and sweaty and ripe as you are right now. Promise?'

Waylon stood up off of the bed. 'I promise.'

I gave him one more deep, long, slow, passionate kiss, tugged his once-again stiff cock a couple of times, bent down and kissed the head of it, then turned and let myself out of the room. I was grinning as I walked back to the front desk. I was also damned glad I didn't encounter anyone in the halls. The seven inch boner showing in my pants would be pretty fucking hard to explain, as would the wet spot on my slacks where the bucket of precum had soaked through my boxers.

Seven o'clock could NOT cum fast enough!



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