Seven o'clock finally rolled around.

Just before seven Billy, our hot maintenance man that I had been fucking for over six months, came in. Just one look at Billy made my cock rock hard. I put the 'Clerk Will Return Shortly' sign on the top of the counter and went into the employee room located just behind the front desk. As I closed the door behind me Billy entered by the side entrance door. I grabbed him, pulled him to me and shoved my tongue down his throat. I felt his cock stiffen against mine.

'Damn Ryan, you're sure glad to see me!'

'You have no idea! And I'm about to head upstairs for one hell of a fuck! You'll NEVER guess who I had last night!'

'I have NO idea.'

'Waylon. You know, with CIE.'

Billy's eyes went wide. 'You mean that hot little blond?'

'Yep. He's got his ass waiting for me upstairs right now! I'm about to go fuck the shit out of him. I had some fun with him during the night last night!' I winked at Billy.


'Ah fuck baby! You wouldn't believe the cock and the body on that piece of ass. If I play my cards right, you up for a three-way tonight?'

Billy reached down and squeezed my cock. 'What do you think?'

I squeezed his cock in return. 'Then make some excuse to that bitch of yours and be at my place at six.'

'I'll be there as close to six as I can. I'll run home and shower and be there as fast as I can.'

I grabbed him by the balls and squeezed...hard.

His eyes welled up with tears.

'Don't you dare shower mister.'

'But Ry, I'll be gross by the time I leave here. I'm working air conditioners all day. I'll be a fucking cesspool by the time I leave here.'

Putting my hands in his hair I pulled him close.

'You know I like it that way! Besides, I intend to work Waylon's ass over all day long, and trust me, neither of us will be shower fresh when you you get there.'

He winked at me and pulled me to him, his hot tongue parting my lips. I sucked hard on it, my hands tearing at his hair.

Suddenly we heard the automatic lock-entry of the door. AS we pulled apart, Virginia, our Assistant General Manager walked in.

'Hell, I just thought it was already getting hot outside. Looks pretty damned steamy in here!'

'Sorry.' we said in unison.

Billy made an excuse and slid out the side door.

'Virginia, I'm....uh...'

She laughed. 'Ry, don't sweat it. Hell everybody here knows he has the hots for you, and from the hard-on in your pants, I'd say the feeling was mutual.'

One glance down had me beet red. My cock was so hard it was fully outlined and standing straight up at attention.

'I'll be up front in a second to wait while you count the drawer.'

'No need. Take in any cash?'

'No. It was a quiet night.' I lied.

'Anything I need to know then?'


'Then get out of here. Go take care of that.' she winked.

I slipped out a door at the end of the hall in hopes of avoiding any guests in the front lobby. I drove my car around to the far side of the building, climbed the outside stairs and let myself in through a side door located just outside Waylon's room.

Taking a pass key from my pocket I let myself into his room.

Quietly I closed the door. From the gentle snore coming from the bed I could tell he was asleep.

I crept to the end of the hallway and peered into the bedroom area of the suite. Waylon was fast asleep, totally nude face up on the bed.

My cock stiffened yet again.

I slipped into the bathroom, stripped out of my clothes, used his toothbrush (why that grosses some people out, I'll never know, after all I'd had my tongue down his throat and up his ass), then went out into the entrance hall.

As I slipped silently around the doorway into the bedroom area Waylon moaned softly in his sleep and rolled over.

That ten-year-old-bubble-ass was right in front of me. My cock began to ooze precum.

Spying the bottle of poppers on the bedside table, I eased around the bed and began taking hit after deep hit. My head began to swim, the blood in my cock to boil.

Walking back to the foot of the bed, I eased myself onto it, slowly spreading Waylon's legs as I did. I licked my lips, saliva running from the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I took a few more hits from the poppers bottle, spread his ass cheeks further apart then in one quick movement rammed my tongue deep into Waylon's hot, moist asshole.

I felt his ass muscles tighten and another moan escape his lips as I began tongue fucking his ass.

He moaned again, slowly waking up.

As Waylon moved to turn around, I pulled my tongue out of his fuck hole and rolled onto my side.

'Morning sunshine!'

'Oh man...that felt so mother fucking awesome! Is it seven already?'

'Just a little past.' I answered, giving his ass cheeks a series of kisses.

'Come up here you.'

Maneuvering myself up the bed, I lay next to him. He was instantly in my arms. His musky pit odor making my cock throb.

He climbed on top of me then leaned down and forcefully began tongue fucking my throat. I grabbed his hair and roughly tore at it.

I have a tendency for hot, steamy, sweaty rough pig sex. Waylon picked right up on my fetish. He raised his head, hauled off and slapped me across the face. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his mouth back down to mine.

Once again I received his backhand across my face. He grabbed my mouth and forced it open.

'I had a feeling you were probably the pig-ass rough type. Fuck if I wasn't right. I'll teach you to fuck with me.' With that he hacked up a mouthful and spit it right down my throat.

I was in fucking heaven. My cock was throbbing.

There was only one way to tame a wild bitch like him and I knew it.

Grabbing Waylon by his slender waist, I threw him onto the other side of the bed, causing him to land face down. Then before he could get his bearings I sprang up and straddled him facing his feet. I sat down on his back, pinning him to the bed.

'You're right. I do like to play rough, and you're about to find out just how rough I can get.'

I raised my hand and brought it down hard across his bare ass. He let out a cry. My hand stung.

Sitting straddled him, I beat his ass till he had red welts all across it.

Climbing off, I rolled him over. There were tears in his eyes and down his cheeks.

'I'll teach you to fuck with me you little bitch cunt ass.'

I grabbed the poppers bottle off of the bed, unscrewed the cap and shoved the bottle under his nose.

'Inhale, and do it deep. This is the only lube you're going to get.'

He followed my instructions, deeply inhaling several times. When I saw his eyes begin to glaze over I took the bottle and got myself good and high.

I put the bottle down, grabbed Waylon's legs and pulled them over my shoulders. I put my hand under his mouth.

'Spit bitch.'

He did.

I added a mouthful of my own spit to it, then reached down and lubed my cock up.

Grabbing him by the waist I pulled his ass up to my cock.

Then without warning I rammed my cock full force into his ass, my balls slapping against his cheeks. Waylon let out a scream.

I began pounding his fucking ass with all my strength. Slamming into him thrust after thrust. Waylon moaned on the bed. 'Fuck YES! Goddamn give it to me Ryan! Fuck my ass!'

I slammed his ass all the harder.

'You want this load bitch?'

'Oh fuck yes!'

I slammed even harder. 'Yes what, bitch?'

'Fuck...yes Sir!'

I pulled my cock all the way out then slammed it back in. Two more thrusts like that and I could feel my balls tighten, the sac so tight it hurt.

'You ready to take it?'

'Yes Sir, Sir!'

'Then here it comes!' With one last thrust I rammed my cock deep into his wet fuck hole.

I unloaded shot load after load of thick, steamy cum up into his hole.

The sweat poured off of me, dripping onto the sheets.With one last grunt I drained my cock and balls deep inside of him.

Pulling my cock out of his ass, I stood up on the bed then walked till I was standing straight over his face. I shook my cock hard, the final drops of cum falling into Waylon's eager mouth.

I knew what was coming. The same thing that always happens mere minutes after I fuck.

I began to piss.

The first spray caught Waylon by surprise, but he wasted no time in opening his mouth wide and servicing me as a urinal.

Little mother fucker was loving it. I sprayed his hair and his chest. When I finished I knelt down over him, straddling his chest. Ramming my cock into his mouth, I allowed him to lick me clean.

When he finished, I climbed back down onto the bed, pulled his ass to me and began to felch the cum out of him. I sucked and sucked till I had a nice hot, steamy mouthful of my own jizz.

Sitting up on the bed I pulled him up to me. He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck. We kissed passionately as I fed him the ass juice and cum from his hot ass.

We were both totally soaked...with sweat, piss and cum.

'Fuckin son of a bitch! That was goddamned awesome!'

'You liked huh?' I asked.

'Oh shit Ryan, when I think of all of the nights I've laid here in bed wishing I had the balls to come down to the desk and make a move on you!'

I kissed him again, this time more tenderly. 'Well babe, from now on, this will be part of every visit. How would you like that?'

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his stiff cock. 'What do you think?'

'That reminds me. I have a question for you. Do you fuck with that thing?'

'Hell yeah....well, certain guys I do. Why? You interested?'

'You'd better fucking believe it! And, know Billy, our maintenance guy?'

'Oh yeah! Long dark hair, nice tight ass?'



'I've been fucking him now for over six months. Any chance I can talk you into staying at my place the rest of today and having a three-way with me and Billy tonight?'

At the mention of a three-way Waylon's cock began oozing buckets of precum.

I looked down at his leaking boner. 'I'll take it that's a yes!'

With that I called Billy's cell phone. He answered on the second ring.

'It's a go. See your ass at six o'clock.'

Hanging up I looked at Waylon. Get packed, You're going to my place for the rest of the day. You can fuck my brains out there, then I intend to shove my fist up your ass and REALLY open it up good!'

'Oh fuck Sir! Yes Sir!'

I grinned at him and gave his face a playful slap as I stood to dress. be continued.



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