'Ugh I'm bored again' aerius whined while twirling his hair.

'Aerius its only been a week, and no one has ever found her before.' Since they are the first princes of each of there tribe to walk the earth, they were the first to be burdened with the task.

'We don't even know what she looks like, we might have passed her like a million times' he continued whining. Its true no one knew anything of her appearance, nor location.

'Would you like to take a break my love?' Grasdon asked. Elements could sense who there soul mate was after there first encounter so they would waste no time falling in love.

'Nooooooo i wanna finish this, are we almosr there?'

'We'll get there when we get there!' Flamon said quickly getting aggitated.

'Honestly your like a little girl!'

'And you like a grumpy old man no one likes!' Aerius retorted. Aquan let out a small chuckle, while grasdon just shook his head.

'Why you little bi.........mmmmmmmmmmm' flamon exclaimed as aquan interrupted him with a kiss. All of his anger quickly left as he was overcome with lust. His tongue pushed past aquans lips as the kiss got more passionate. Flamon wrapped his arms on the small of aquans back.

'I wanna kiss too' aerius said quickly flying over to grasdon, and planting a small kiss. Grasdon eagerly accepted, and both couples were in a complete makeout session.

'Its getting dark, we need to set up camp' aquan said struggling to pull away from flamons lips. Aerius and grasdon ignored him and kept at each other. He tried to resist flamons lips, but the passion he could feel from his soul mate was too strong and he submitted. Flamon ran his hand through his lovers locks, while the other carresed his backside. Eventually camp was set up, and the young princes set up booby traps just in case the humans decided to return. All of the princes drifted off to sleep except grasdon. He laid in front of aerius so they were face to face, and he just stared. Never in a million years did he expect his soulmate to be a man, and from a rivaling tribe no less. All of that didn't seem to matter right now as he wrapped his hands around aerius waist, and he too drifted off to sleep.

Aerius awoke first looking at his beautiful boyfriend. He loved being so protected, and cared about. He placed his head on grasdons chest, and just laid there while everyone slept.

Flamon awoke next as he held the love of his life in his hands. He felt a stirring in his pants, and he was hopeful not to awake aquan. He'd never met someone who could calm him down as quickly as aquan. A part of him was scared that someone had this power over him. Was this the reason he was hesitant to attack during there battle? His thoughts were interrupted by giggling. He looked over to see the two other princes rolling in the grass leaving a trail of flowers behind. He quickly looked back at aquan as he started moving. Aquan opened his eyes and felt something pressed against his backside.

'Um flamon you seem happy' flamon rolled on top of him gazing into his eyes.

'Im always happy when i see you' aquan smiled at this. Aquan had never felt attracted to anyone other than aerius, and his attraction to flamon was a million times stronger. But he worried about how emotionally attached he was, and the fact that he was no good at expressing his emotions. Flamon noticed a strange look on aquans face.

'Are you okay?'

'Yeah, just thinking'

'Im all ears my love' flamon said. He wanted aquan to trust him completely.

'I would rather not?' Flamon was hurt. He assumed aquan was having doubts about there relationship. He started to speak when suddenly aquan shot a blast of water into the woods. They all got ready for a fight, but a rabbit ran out of the woods.

'Sorry i guess I'm a little rusty' aquan said. They all laughed and packed up. Aquan wasn't wrong, elder kai and his two apprentices were barely avle to move in time to avoid the blast.

While on there search flamon couldn't shake the feeling he had about aquan. Everytime he came on to him, little to nothing was ever recipricated. He reached out and grabbed aquans hand. This made aquan happy as he followed flamons lead,but he never grasped flamons hand back. Flamon let his hand go completely.

'Fl....flamon' he said barely above a whisper. He was hurt by flamons actions.

'Aquan its clear that you do not love me, i think its best if we don't continue this relationship.' It was the hardest decision of flamons life. Aquans world came crashing down, to him everything was perfect until now. Tears ran down his face and he started shaking. Aerius rushed to his side and sat him down putting his back against

a tree. Flamon had stormed off and grasdon chased after him.

'What the hell is wrong with you?' He said finally catching up.

'Grasdon he dosent love me'

'Are you serious, he's shown you more affection than any water tribe member has ever shown. Flamon had forgotten the water tribe had trouble potraying there emotions. He ran back as fast as he could to apologize. He arrived and saw aquan being held by aerius as tears fell down his face. He immediately sat down beside him. Grasdon called aerius to the side so the two could be alone. Flamon didn't know where to start.

'Flamon whatever i did I'm so sorry. I......i thought i was making you as happy as you were making me' he said.

'Aquan its all my fault, i forgot that you had a hard time displaying affection. I love you so much please forgive.'

'I.....i love you too' he said. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop crying.

'Do you forgive me?'

'Yes' flamon knew he had messed up big time.

At dinner aquan was quieter than usual. He couldn't shake the fact that his lack of affection was hurting his love. Meanwhile aerius was pissed. He ignored flamon, and glared at him whenever they made eye contact. Normally flamon would react, but he knew he deserved it.

Aquan excused himself, and went for a walk while the sun was still up. He was hoping to find some large body of water to make him feel better. As he was walking he heard footsteps, he walked faster as did the footsteps. He turned around and prepared for a fight. He was relived to see it was flamon. Before he could say anything flamon connected there lips.

Back at camp aerius and grasdon were both naked. Aerius had worked his way down until he had his lips on grasdons crotch. He slowly licked the head while grasdon moaned. He licked the slit of his penis while blowing air inside it like on the air tribe can do. He slowly took every inch while blowing extraordinary amounts of air on it. He swirled his tongue around it so the cool air he blew kept him with a tingling sensation. Grasdon could do nothing, but lay there in complete ecstacy. Aerius drank the precum in the process, but whenever grasdon was about to climax he would stop.

'Oh my.......aerius....uhhhhhh...please!'He cried. Aerius showed no mercy as he continued to tease grasdon with his tongue. He reached up, and pinched his nipples causing more moans from grasdon.

'Aerius this is torture!' He then remembered what he had done on there first encounter. It all made sense, but he still couldn't move. He also realised that aerius has lowered the amount of air he received to keep him helpless. After about an hour aerius let him release his load, and due to his little need for air he swallowed all fifteen squirts. Grasdon laid there panting while aerius lay on top of him. He'd also climaxed while having so much fun. They quickly wrapped up, and fell asleep.

Flamon lay on top of aquan kissing him. All of a sudden aquan sucks all of the air out of flamons mouth. He is scared to death as he looks up at the face of elder kai, and the two humans.



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