For centuries humans ruled the earth. Due to greed many wars were fought. As time passed the technology evolved, but people didn't. Soon world war three erupted and nuclear war wiped the species completely of the planet. With humans gone the elements came from the shadows. Elements are creatures the control the enviornment. They worked together, and after they repaired the world then they seperated into four tribes.

The air tribe is the first one. They are innocent, and very naive. They fly around all day horse playing. There clothes consist of clouds for those who choose to were them. The can harnest the power of wind for defense, and can purify even the most polluted air.

The fire tribe is almost completely opposite. They are very aggressive, and are quick to fight. They spend majority of the day sparring. The clothes are made of molten lava, and clothing is not optional. The havethe power to contol fire, and keep there temperature at a high degree to withdraw fire whenever necessary.

The ground time is the reserved type. They are never found alone, but there demeanor would make you think otherwise. They are expert hunters, and have the power to control plants. There clothes are made of plants, and soil.

The water tribe is the calm nature. They spend majority of there life in water. There clothes are made up of seaweed. They have the power to purify water.

After a century each tribe had an heir to the thrown. When the children turned eighteen they would be sent to find mother nature. Mother nature is the creator of the elements. She controls the extent of there magical abilities. She also provides children to families whom she sees fit. Which also means homosexual couples could receive a child with both of there dna. No one knows were mother nature is so the four princes must travel blindly until they find her.

Although there are four tribes they are slipt into alliances. The air and water, and earth and fire. When flamon turned eighteen they ventured off on there journey.

'This is soooooooo boring!' Aerius whined while floating on a cloud. He has long blond hair, and bright blue eyes. He is five foot ten and very lean due to the fact he gets his nutrients from oxgen. He poses the same powers as his tribe, plus he can control weather to an extent. Since no one else has the talent he has to master it on his own. He only wears a skimpy pair of under garments made of clouds.

'We just started yesterday' aquan said. He is the prince of the water tribe. He has the ability to use water from any source containing it. He is dressed in finely grinded pearls made in skin tight pants that leave little to the imagination. He is six feet with long black dreads. His eyes are caramel colored and his skin is light brown. His body is as lean as aerius because he is a vegan, but he is also muscular due to excessive amounts of swimming.

As the two continued there quest they spotted a deer. Since the two didn't go into the forest often they had never seen one before. They started following it until aerius looked up and saw a handsome man about to shoot the deer. Aerius jumped in front of it.

'Would you mind moving so i could catch my dinner the man said. He was cute he was about six foot two. With short brown hair and brown eyes to match. He only wore pants made out of plants. He was very muscular, and slightly tan.

'No i don't care how cute you are i won't let you hurt him' he said folding his arms. It came as no problem to the water and air tribes when they found that the young princes were gay. Both tribes were known for there elegant, and feminine personalities. Just then another mean looking guy appeared. He had fiery red hair in a faux hawk, and emerald green eyes. He looked about six foot three, and very muscular. He too only wore pants, but his were made of coal. He glared at aerius.

'Get out of the way before i deep fry you!' He said. Aerius just stuck his tongue out. Furious the man threw a fireball, but quickly turned to mist as aquan appeared by aerius's side.

'You shouldn't have done' he said taking a fighting stance. A fight ensued, and the two men were gradually being defeated by there underestimated opponents. In a desperate attempt the man shot an arrow and hit the deer killing it. Aerius got distracted and ran towards it. This gave them man time to suhdue him, and aquan attacked him. Before he could take the first man out the red head took him down from behind.

Grasdon and flamon sat and cooked there meal while there two foes lie on the ground wrapped in vines unconcious. Grasdon was confused about his attraction towards the blonde one. He and flamon were straight, and often picked on the other tribes for being so feminine. This fight changed there minds after almost being defeated by them. Flamon kneeled over his fallen opponent with long dreads and stared. He had never seen such beauty, and it wasn't like him to be so awe struck. Both were huge ladies men who had sex regularly, but they never had this feeling before. Around dusk the two captives awoke.

'Ugh what the.......hey let me go!' Whined the blonde one. Grasdon smiled at his demeanor. The one with dreads just struggled not saying a word.

'We will let you go if you give us you identities' grasdon said.

'No way just let me goooooooo!' He whined again. Flamon looked at the blonde annoyed at how he was acting, and even more that he was almost defeated by him.

'Very well' grasdon said as he tightened the vines. He also had them move and massage there crotches causing both pain and pleasure. Aerius and aquan are virgins so the were not use to this experience. The vines tore at there skimpy clothes while massaging there six inchers. As they were groped the were also being squeezed. Aerius let out loud yells of pain and pleasure, while aquan was quiet softly letting out involuntary moans. Everytime they were on the brink of climaxing grasdon would back off and start all over. After about an hour aquan finally spoke.

'........ugh.....please're killing us' he said barely audible. This plea almost broke flamons heart as he watched this angel in such pain. Aerius finally gave in.

'Im aerius prince of the air tribe, and he's aquan prince of the water tribe.' Grasdon released the hold, but didn't stop the vines from groping them. He stared intently as aerius blew his load and let out a sound that almost caused him to do the same. Aquans back arched as he began to blow his load, and flamon wanted nothing more than to drink every last drop. The two princes quickly feel asleep do to there exhaustion.

The next morning aquan arose. He looked over, and saw no one but aerius. He woke him up and the to carefully tried to leave wothout running into the men. This plan did not work as they walked straight into them. They were too weak to fight so they tried running. This also proved to be a bad idea as there bodies were really sore from the vines, and they fell to the ground. Grasdon and flamon carried them back to the caml they had set up. He gently laid aerius down in the grass he made strictly for him. Flamon didn't lay aquan down he sat down and held him as he wept from the pain. He kept his arms gently around his waist, and placed aquans head on his shoulder. He turned to grasdon who had started doing the same for aerius.

'Dont you have some kind of medicine to help them?'

'No sadly i don't, i didn't realise how bad i was hurting them' he said.

'I just didn't want you to hurt my first deer' aerius said crying into his chest, and wrapping his arms around grasdon.

'Aquan i wanna go home' aquan wiped his tears and nodded in agreement. They knew that if there fathers died before they found mother nature they could never be king, but elements can live for centuries. Flamon and grasdon felt horrible after hearing this. They had not only hurt there fragile bodies, but crushed there will to continue. Aquan removed his head from flamons head, and tried to stand up. He had forgotten how injured he was and quickly fell into his awaiting arms. He started to cry again in which flamon held him as tight as he could without harming him. After a little while aerius remembered something. On there trail the found a small waterfall, if aquan could get to it he could heal them. Grasdon and flamon quickly agreed and carried them there. The two cautiously walked into the water until the were complwtely submerged. After about ten minutes aerius shot out of the water naked and flew into a cloud. He came out wearing those same skimpy shorts. Grasdon smiled seeing that he was okay, but flamon was worried about aquan. Slowly something started rising from the water. Flamons eyes locked with aquans as he noticed they were a different color. Normally they were a caramel now they were gold in fact as he continued rising his whole body was gold. He stood on top of the water as the gold trickled off of him, and his eye color returned. His only differents were that he couldn't find any pearls, so he used what little diamonds he could find to make shorts longer than aerius, but basically see through. He walked on top of the water and was greeted by aerius as he reached land.

'Thanks i feel soooo much better!' Aerius said.

'No problem you know your my best friend' aquan said. Aerius flew down in front of him and gave him a kiss. They usually did this so aquan parted his lips to let aerius's eager tongue in. Grasdon and flamon were taken aback by there open displays of homosexuality. It was reluctantly accepted in there tribes due to the elders forcing them. Secretly it was still frowned upon, and they were treated differently. Both of them were also shocked when they sprouted boners. Flamon had more muscle than grasdon, but grasdon was larger in the groin area. He had a nine incher, while flamon was a seven and a half. They watched them kiss as if they were under a spell. The parted lips and aquan said.

'Lets go home' as the two turned to head home flamon spoke.

'Wait you're just gonna give up'

'Well yeah we couldn't even beat you two ordinary tribe members' aerius said. Flamon got pissed at the word ordinary.

'I am anything, but ordinary i am flamon heir to the fire tribes thrown. If you two fairies wanna run away with you tail between your legs then go ahead!'

'Okay' aquan said calmly as they started to walk off. Grasdon punched flamon in the stomach and spoke.

'Im grasdon prince of the earth tribe. Instead of giving up why don't we work together.' Aerius smiled at the request and flew around in the air. Aquan simply nodded. Aerius lost control and collided into flamon.

'Why you.....i should turn you to ash!'

''re mean!' Aerius whined and ran behind grasdon.

'Oh he's just full of hot air' grasdon said. Walking of with aerius. Flamon looked around for aquan who was standing under the waterfall. Everytime war hit him his body would turn gold wherever it landed. He just stared admiringly. He realised what he was doing and stormed back to the camp. He tried to convince himself that he wasn't gay. When he got to the camp his jaw dropped. Grasdon and aerius were rolling around the grass kissing. Images of him and aquan doing that crossed his mind. He was so deep in thought that he didn't see eyes watching him intently. These eyes belonged to the earths deadliest creature. A creature that was supposed to have been extinct, these were humans.



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