Aquan is under the waterfall enjoying the feel on his skin when he felt eyes on him. He assumed it was on of the princes and continues under the waterfall. Suddenly someone jumps in the water. He turns around to see someone swimming towards him. He dosent feel any magical abilities at all. He is so focused on the mysterious man with black hair that he dosent notice the other man behind him. The guy injects him with something as aquan let's out a scream before falling into the mans arms.

Flamon is talking to grasdon and aerius who are now in a relationship. He hears aquan scream and run towards the waterfall. Grasdon quickly follows demanding that aerius stay behind. Aerius is sitting there nervous when something hits him in the neck as he let's out a scream and falls over. Grasdon hears this and runs back to the camp to find aerius gone.

Aquan woke up barely able to move, they must have injected him with human blood. Human blood has the ability to make an element temperarily lose his powers, and strength. But humans have been extinct for a century. He looked up to a pair of gray eyes. The man had black hair, and fair skin. He looked to be no older than sixteen, but he was very

muscular. He smiled as he lifted aquan up so they were face to face. Aquan could barely sit in an upright position as the man leaned in close, and spoke.

'Wow I've seen a lot of your kind, but never one as cute as you.' Aquan tried to stand up, but couldn't move. He looked at his captor and spoke.

'W.....what do you want from us?' He knew aerius was in the room, because he could sense him.

'Dont worry we won't hurt you, but you two belong to us know' aerius awoke to a pair of blue eyes. The man leaning over him had the same features as his dark haired colleague except he had blond hair, and blue eyes.

'H...human' aerius said trying to sit up. The man just nodded as he layed on top of him.

'We've been watching you two since you stumbled into the woods. Two pretty little guys like you should be more careful you could have got hurt' he said stroking aerius's face. Aerius was scared, but he felt a little better sensing that aquan was there with him.

'Please....just let us go' he said. Elements knew how destructive humans were, and how they seemed to destroy everything they like. Tears started rolling down his face, but he couldn't wipe them.

'Dont worry my little angel we aren't gonna hurt you' he said. Aerius kept crying, but aquan was slowly able to gain his power. The were laying in the grass so he collected water from it to gain his strength. As the dark haired man leaned to kiss him he blasted him into a tree. He turned towards aerius and shot the other man. He stumbled over to aerius and attempted to pick him up. The black haired human then shot him in the neck with more of his blood knocking aquan unconcious. The two men heard rapid foot steps coming, and were to weak to fight so they retreated. Grasdon and flamon appeared after sensing aquan before he fainted. They carried the two boys back to there camp and grasdon shielded it with attack vines. Aerius got movement of his body again and he walked over to aquan.

'Aquan.....please wake up!' He said shaking him. Too much human blood could do serious even fatal damage to an element. Flamon say aerius and grabbed him.

'Are you stuipd grabbing him won't do anything, but make the situation worse!' Aerius had tears in his eyes, and flamon cooled down.

' I'm sorry i know you're worried so are we. I didn't mean to yell.'

' its ok' aerius said looking at the ground fighting back tears. He wanted to be strong and masculine, but he couldn't stop the tears from falling. Grasdon came and held him as he layed by aquan and sobbed. Grasdon glared at flamon and held aerius tight. After about an hour aquan started to come to. Flamon rushed to his side.

'Are you okay? Do you need anything? Do you want some water? What hurts?' He said nervously.

'Yes, no, yes, and everything' aquan said smiling. Flamon gave him a hug which was very unusual for him.

' I'm so glad you're okay i thought you might....' he started to choke back tears. Aquan placed a hand on his face and said.

'Dont worry my friend I'm okay' aerius and grasdon had fallen asleep wrapped in flowers because the temperature drops drastically at night. Aquan started getting really cold.

'Flamon I'm....v..very cold....could you make' Flamon could have made a fire, but he layed in front of aquan and wrapped his arms around him. Aquan was so cold that flamons body temperature temporarily decreased. Flamon placed his hands on the small of aquans back and pulled him close.

'Th....thank you' he said. Aquan wanted to place his head on flamons chest, but he didn't want to make him uncomfortable. He knew flamon was slightly homophobic so it shocked him flamon held him in the first place. Flamon lifted aquan off the ground and layed aquan on top of him. Aquan had to lay on his chest, and the extra warmth quickly put him to sleep.

Grasdon awoke the next morning with aerius asleep in his arms. He wanted nothing more than to kill whomever was responsible for hurting him. He gently pressed his lips against his sleeping angel's. He tried to fight his feelings, but when aerius gave him a kiss thanking him for letting him tag along it released completely new feelings. Aerius awoke and looked into the eyes of his first boyfriend. He and aquan often kissed, but they were just best friends. He rolled on top of grasdon and straddled him. He leaned down and kissed him. They stopped when they heard flamon awake. He opened his eyes to his sleeping beauty still lying on him. Aquan awoke soon after and reluctantly got off of flamon. He was still very weak from all of the human blood. He could barely sit up, and flamon grabbed aquan and placed him back on top of him. Aerius smiled at this. He wanted so badly for aquan and flamon to have a relationship. Grasdon smiled a knowing smile at flamon, this seemed to give him enough courage to speak.


'Yes' he said readjuating his head on flamons chest.

'I really like you...... a lot and i was hoping you would be mine'

'Flamon could you take me to the lake?' Flamon was curious but obliged. Aerius knew what aquan was doing, but grasdon didn't have a clue. Aquan and flamon went completely under water, and what flamon saw shocked him. Aquan was a mermaid, but not the beautiful ones people assume. He was completely gold, his nails and teeth grew long and menacing, his dreads started to devlope sharp points, and his tail was more like a snake than a dolphin. If aquan weren't in his arms he would have drowned from shock.

'Flamon i would love nothing more than to be yours, but this is who i am can you accept me?' Although aquan was at his true form he could still barely move so flamon had to hold him. Flamon gently pressed his lips on aquans and held him there as he slowly exited the water. Aerius and grasdon had arrived and saw aquan true form. Honestly it scared grasdon a little. He knew all of the water tribe were mermaids, but none were gold, or looked as menacing.

They returned to camp and packed up. As they were packing flamon and grasdon started asking questions.

'Who attacked you the other day'

'Humans' aerius replied.


' its true they shot us with there blood'

'How many?'

'Two, but the way they fought makes me think there are more'

'They were trained by an element' aquan struggled to say. They all looked at him.

'Humans didn't even know about elements let alone our weakness.' Grasdon agreed as he thought of who would possibly find and help humans.

'Elder kai!' He said. Elder kai was one of the first elemental elders. He believed that elements should train humans, and keep them as pets. The other elders said he was insane and exiled him from all tribes.

'If there are anymore humans he's definitely controlling them all by now' he was exiled right before world war three erupted and hasn't been seen since.

They pack up all of there supplies, and continue there journey. All the while elder kai and his two human proteges watch from afar.



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