I dont know if I mentioned it in my previous stories but my name is Scott. I was sent to prison for a hit and run that I am innocent of. On my first day I was fucked by a large burly officer named Officer Stan. Then I made love with my new cell mate Hector who was a hot, young Latino stud. It was about a month after I had been in the slammer that I had my first run in with Tank. Tank was a big burly black guy who was built like a tank, hence the name. His body was smooth and muscular. He wasn't all that bad looking either. He was handsome in a Denzel kind of way. He'd been sent up on a robbery charge that went bad. He'd pleaded with the judge that he was innocent but the judge didn't seem to care.

One day I was in the showers when Tank walked in. His long, thick cock swaying back and forth as he walked. "Well, look what he got here!" he eclaimed. I smiled. "Hi Tank." He nodded. "How ya doin kid?" I shrugged. "Ok I guess." Tank and I had come to an understanding that I was my cell mate Hectors bitch. "Besides, you too skinny!". Tank stood under the hot water and lathered his beautiful, smooth, black body. I couldn't help but stare. "Like what you see kid?" Like a dumbass, all I could do was nodd. He turned to me and gently stroked his rod. "Wanna taste this?" I looked around. "What if Hector finds out?" Tank smiled displaying two capped front teeth. "I can handle that chicken shit." He leaned in closer and kissed me on the lips. "Come on baby! Daddy's horny!"

I knelt on the slippery floor and took Tank's cock in my hand. It was big. I could barely get my hand around it. I licked his purple mushroom shaped head before taking it into my mouth. "Yeah, that's it!" Tank moaned as I began working his cock. He put his big hands on either side of my head and began fucking my face. "Oooh! Baby! You got a mouth that was made for sucking cock!" All this dirty talk was getting me hard as hell. I reached between my legs and started stroking myself. Soon Tank had a good rythem going, his huge, smooth balls slapping my chin with each thrust. I put my hand on his beautiful ass. I felt his body tense. "Shit babe I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. He began jackhammering my mouth and with one loud, ferrel grunt unleashed volley after volley of hot, cum down my throat. UUUHHHHH!!" I felt my own cock twitch as I came all over the shower floor. "Damn baby!" Tank exclaimed leaning against the wall "Hector said you was a good little cocksucker but damn!" I smiled. I had been played. I didn't mind though.



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