The bus whined and bumped along. I sat in the back with the rest of the "newbies". I had been sentenced to 5 years for vehicular manslaughter. An eyewitness said she saw me hit the man I was accused of killing and then drive off. The bus stopped and I saw the electric chain link fence slide open. The prison looked more like a castle than a place for storing criminals. Cold looking grey stone with moss growing on the front.

The bus pulled up infront and one of the guards climbed on. "Ok Ladies, last stop. Everyone off!" We got off the bus and passed through the entrance that looked more like the dark, gaping mouth of some stone monster waiting to chew us up. The front hall was a disgusting lime green with tiles and paint on the walls, all the same color. A man waited their for us. Tall with short salt n' pepper hair, brown eyes and a smooth, unlined face.

He smiled when he saw us. "I am Warden Stevens." We remained silent. What could we say? "Hello Warden! Glad to be here!" Warden Steven's paced back and forth with an air of self-importance. "You're stay here can be a pleasant one or it can be Hell on earth." Again we said nothing. "Please follow these men into the inspection rooms. They will strip search you and issue you you're clothes."

We followed the officers single file into a room. "Ok, When I call you're name, follow the officer to the exam room." My last name (Martino) took awhile. When I finally heard it I looked at the officer who was selected to search me. He was tall and looked like an ex member of The Hell's Angels. I followed him into a room with one window. In the middle of the room was a table and a chair. "Ok, Strip" the officer said in a deep voice. I shyly began removing my clothes. When I got down to my briefs the officer, who I learned was named Stan smirked. "Loose the shorts!" I think I blushed as I removed my underwear.

Officer Stan stood there smiling. "You're gonna be very popular among the other guys." I stood there in my B-Day Suit with my hands covering my cock and balls. Officer Stans cold Grey eyes roamed over my body. He moved closer. I almost flinched when he began rubbing my head,obviously looking for sharp objects. He raised my arms and looked at my pits. He smiled when I felt him move my hands out of the way. His big gruff hand stroked my flaccid cock. "Gotta check everywhere you know." He turned me around and bent me forward. "MMM! Such a nice ass!" he exlaimed. I jerked slightly when I felt his hands on my cheeks as he pride them apart.

I almost cried out when I felt one of Officer Stans fingers probe my ass "You like that?" he asked. I did. My cock was beginning to respond inspite of myself. He inserted another finger and then another. I knew where this was going but was beyond caring. I felt my heart skip when I heard Officer Stan unzip his fly. "Now, I'm gonna probe you're ass with my big stick and you're gonna take it!" I gasped when I felt his bulbus head press against my hole. I heard Officer Stan grunt as he thrust forward. His cock was huge and it stretched out my hole.

He fed more of his monster cock up into me until I felt his balls against my ass. "Ready to be fucked out of you're mind?" I nodded. He grabbed my hips and began thrusting in and out. Officer Stan really knew how to use his cock! He was hitting all the right spots. I heard myself moaning and panting. "That's right!" Officer Stan growled in my ear. "Take my cock like the little bitch you are!" He pounded my ass, his big balls slamming against my ass. Soon we were both sweating.

Suddenly he pulled out. "Up on the table on you're back." I climbed up onto the table and raised my legs so my knees rested against my chest. Officer Stan inserted his cock and began jack hammering my ass. "Oh fuck!" he moaned. "Such a nice ass!" I felt his cock grow even harder. I knew he was close to cumming. "MMM! I'm close!" I reached up and tweaked one of his nipples. The sent him over the edge. He thrust deep into me and unloaded his hot seed deep into my ass. "UUUHHH!" he grunted. When I felt his cock grow soft he pulled out leaving a trail of cum. "Thanks for the awsome fuck!" he said zipping up. I watched as he left, while I still laid on the table, his cum dripping from my ass. I think I am going to like this place!

To Be Continued......



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