After my rather enjoyable run in with Officer Stan I was shown to my new cell. This would be my home for the next few years. Luckily I wouldn't be alone. My new cellmate Hector was laying on the bottom bunk. He sat up and smiled. "Welcome to the big house!" Tall with slicked back black hair, piercing brown eyes, young, boyish face and a lean, muscular body covered in mostly tatooes. I jumped when the cell door clanged behind me. Hector chuckled. "Let me take a look at you." He stood and walked around me, looking at me like a farmer looking over a prized cow.

"You a virgin?" I looked into those brown eyes. "Until just recently." Hector laughed. "Officer Stan." I nodded. I jumped when I felt Hector place a hand on my ass. "He is always a great fuck, no?" I nodded. Hector sat on the lower bunk. "So there are a few rules." I nodded. "Dont touch my stuff, stay outta trouble." I nodded. Hector smiled. "As the 'new fish' around here you also have to pay your dues to me." I didn't know what he ment until he stood up and grabbed his crotch. "When I say get on you're knees and suck my cock, you do it. Understand?" I nodded. My mouth watered at the prospect of sucking on his hot, Latino stud's rod.

He stood again and moved close. "W'ere going to have so much fun chico!" before I knew what was happening, he planted a kiss on me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I was going to like servicing my new Papi. We went down to the cafeteria and got our dinner trays. I followed Hector to an empty table. "See that big mother fucker?" he asked pointing to a large black dude with a shaved head. I nodded. "That's Tank. He loves new boys like you and if you dont watch you'reself, he'll tear youre sweet ass up." I nodded.

Later that night after lights out I was laying on the top bunk when I felt Hector poke me on the ass through my matress. "Hey, you awake?" I looked down at him. He had his hands behind his head. His chest was bare. His pecs had tatooes on them and he had a flat, ripped stomach. "You ready to suck my cock?" I jumped down and knelt infront of him. He lifted his hips up and pulled his pants down past his bony hips. His cock was beautiful. 10 inches with a glistening mushroom like head. His pubes were dark and curly and his balls were the size of lemons and hung low.

I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it. Hector smiled. "Yeah, that's it!" I felt the heat of his skin on my hand. I leaned in and licked my tongue across his head and heard him gasp. I smiled before devouring his cock. "Holy Fuck!" he moaned softly. I began working his cock in and out of my mouth. Soon it began to glisten with my spit. I would occasionally look up at Hector. He had his eyes closed and he was smiling.

"I knew you were a good cocksucker!" I stopped only long enough to tell him I had lots of practice. He stopped me. "I wanna fuck that ass!" I stood and stripped. My own eight inches stood erect and hard as steel. I climbed into the bunk infront of him. The heat eminating from his body made me even more excited. I felt him insert a finger into my hole. "You deffinately aren't a virgin." He probed my ass with his finger and then another.

When he felt I was loosened enough he pulled his fingers out. "You ready?" he whispered into my ear. I nodded. I felt the head of his cock press against my hole and push it's way in. Hector didn't have much trouble stuffing his cock into my ass. "MMM! So nice!" he murmered in my ear. He began thrusting, moving his hips back and forth. I felt his balls slap against my cheeks with each thrust.

Soon we were both panting and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. "God damn baby!" he cooed "You're ass is so amazing!" He reached between my legs and began jerking me off. Soon I felt him tense behind me. I knew he was close. He told me so. "OOH! I'm gonna cum!" he whispered loudly. He began pounding my ass. The only sound that was heard was skin slapping against skin. I felt his cock grow even harder and with a grunt he exploaded inside me. "UUUHHH!" The force of his cumming had me shooting all over the floor.

When we had cleaned up and I laid with him in his bunk he smiled. "That was nice." I nodded. "Did you do that sorta thing on the outside?" He looked at me with amusement. "You mean am I gay?" I nodded. He laughed. "Yep." I smiled. "Good". We fell asleep in eachothers arms.

More to cum.......



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