Chris was my best friend in Jr. High. He was smarter than me, and better looking. His parents had money and he always had the best stuff. My first hard crush was on Chris. It was how I found out that I was different'that boys made me feel something girls did not.

I used to spend the night at Chris' house pretty often. It was good to get away from my brothers and sisters and our crowded house. Chris' parents were always nice, but pretty much not around. We had his big house and pool to ourselves on a lot of weekends.

One night, Chris got one of his dad's porn magazines and showed it to me. We were up late playing under a bedspread 'tent.' Chris showed me the pictures and talked about how he got a hard on whenever he looked at them. He asked me if I'd ever jerked off. I was pretty embarrassed because the fact was that I was jerking off about every night at that point. Just the night before, I'd got myself off and the last thought I'd had before falling asleep was of Chris' pretty boy face.

I told him, 'Yea, once or twice.' He said, 'Sure. If you've jacked off once, you've done it hundreds of times I bet.' I was so embarrassed I could barely answer. I think I admitted that it was more than once or twice.

We were sitting cross legged and facing each other. Chris had the magazine in one hand, and I soon realized he had his cock in the other. I couldn't see anything because the magazine was in the way, but he just sat there, stroking himself, looking at the pictures. I watched, too fascinated and horny to move and too afraid to do anything else. In a few minutes, he closed his eyes. He dropped the magazine down and I could see his cock in his hand. He jerked, I heard a small voice escape and then he came. He came on the magazine in front of him and he came on me.

We were both stunned.

He picked up the magazine and wiped it on the floor to try to clean it. He said he had to go to sleep and jumped in the bed without another word.

I just sat there for a minute, not sure what to think, and then I climbed into my bed. I felt something wet on my arm and realized it was his come. I half panicked and wiped it off my arm and on to my hand. Then I just layed there for awhile, confused and scared, with a painful erection.

I pulled my underwear down and put wrapped my hand around my hard cock. Chris' come was sticky in my hand, but mostly dry. I closed my eyes and remembered him coming and stroked myself. I came almost instantly'more intensely than I'd ever come before.

I opened my eyes again, and realized that there was way too much light in the room. Just then, the light went away as the bedroom door was closed by someone in the hallway. 'Oh hell,' I thought. 'Someone was there! Someone had seen me jacking off!' My heart thumped so hard I was sure I'd wake Chris. When nothing else happened, I told myself that they hadn't seen anything, and I went off to sleep.

In the morning, Chris didn't mention the night before. No one else said anything either, so I was sure his parents hadn't seen anything when they closed the door.

My parents picked me up in the early afternoon, after some yard work and a swim. I told them I'd had a great time. Over the next couple of weeks, I made plans for the next time I'd sleep over. I'd become determined to reach out and help Chris jerk off, or failing that courage, I'd at least I'd take a turn with the magazine and jerk myself off in front of him.

Ends up though, that wasn't the way things would go.




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