Two blocks South of our house was a large stand of woods, land that had been bought for a housing development that never happened. I spent a lot of time out there. I'd climb trees and build forts, I'd skip stones in the pond. I loved those woods and thought of them as my own personal hideout from the world.

Most of the time, I'd just tromp on through like I owned the world. Sometimes, I'd practice being quiet like my oldest brother and my father had taught me on hunting trips. It was on one of those quiet days, approaching the pond like a hunter stalking deer, that the woods changed for me.

While I was still a ways from the pond, moving as quietly as I could, I heard a, two voices. As I came closer I heard a small splash from stones being thrown in the water. I figured It'd be fun to practice stalking so I decided to see how close I could get without being discovered.

It wasn't hard really. Whoever was there wasn't exactly being quiet and alert like a deer would be. I got within maybe 15 yards of the pond and I could just make out the water through breaks in the thick woods. About that time, things got

quieter. I stopped moving and listened. 'No way they could have heard me' I thought, not with the racket they'd been making.

I got lower and quieter, all but crawling, and made my way in. That's when I saw them, just between the break in the trees and the pond. It was Chris' older brother Ron, and some guy I didn't know. 'Shoot' I thought. 'What's he doing out here in my woods?' Ron had always been a little mean when he wasn't busy being indifferent. He was a junior in high school and way too smart and cool to be seen with his little brother or his friend.

Ron had his back to me and the other guy was on the other side of Ron. I heard the sound of a can opening and saw Ron drink. 'Hey wait,' I noticed 'that ain't soda he's drinking, it's beer!' After cracking the beer, both of them sat down and they stopped talking. I lost track of where the other guy was and could only see Ron's back. Just as I was wondering if maybe

the other guy had gone in to the woods to piss or something, Ron stretched out with his back to the ground and I saw the other guy. He had his head in Ron's lap. Being young and stupid, it took forever for it to register what was happening. It was only when the other guy stopped bobbing his head up and down and started licking the shaft of Ron's cock and rubbing it

on his face that I was sure he was sucking him off! Ron wasn't having any patience with the cock worship and grabbed the guy's head with both hands till his cock disappeared down his throat.

There was Chris' brother Ron, laying on the edge of the pond, pouring beer down his throat while some guy took his cock down his. I was just amazed! Ok, I wasn't just amazed, I was hard. My heart was thumpin', and my underwear was getting wet with pre-cum as I watched a live sex show of the type I'd fantasized about. In my fantasies though, it was Chris laying there and

me swallowing his cock.

I tried to stay quiet. I knew I'd get some sort of ass kickin' if they caught me watching them though, so I didn't dare try to sneak away. I just watched and rubbed myself through my jeans. After a few minutes Ron's voice got an urgent tone to it and he told the guy, who's name probably wasn't 'bitch,' to 'suck harder,' and to get ready to 'get every fucking drop.'

Ron grabbed the guy's head again and pushed it down till the big dick disappeared entirely. He held his head, even though I could hear the guy choking...almost yelling past Ron's cock. I thought he was going to kill him! Then Ron started jerking and I couldn't understand what he was saying anymore either. When he stopped, he went a little limp and the poor guy sucking

him off was able to get a little air. In a moment though, Ron grabbed his cock with one hand and the guy's head with the other. As he grabbed his cock, it gave off a rope of cum that hit the cocksucker on his face and lips. 'Get every fucking drop I said!' The guy obliged, cleaning Ron's cock with his tongue and mouth, wiping the come from his face and eating it

off of his fingers.

By this time there was more blood in my cock than in my hands and feet. I'd been staying so still for so long that everything was hurting. I carefully moved one knee back across the ground to start backing away. I'd crawled back a few feet when I heard the sound of wood breaking under my knee. Shit! Ron's head snapped in my direction, but I didn't think he

saw me. I stayed stock still, hoping he had not. He got up quickly and tucked his cock back in his pants. He took a couple of steps in my direction, then he turned around and said something to the guy who'd just swallowed his cum.

Before I knew it, they were both sprinting towards me. I got up and turned to run, but didn't get more than five feet before tripping over a fallen tree. One of the broken branches tore in to my side, there was a burning pain, but before I had a chance to think about it or get up again to run, they were on me.

Ron got to me first with the other guy just a couple of seconds behind. They hauled me up on my feet and Ron punched me in the gut. I doubled over and fell again. As they hauled me up again, Ron recognized me. 'Hey,' he snarled 'you're my little brother's jack-off budy! Hey Jason! (I now knew cocksucker's name) This piece of crap likes to jerk himself off over at my house!'

'I do not...' was all the pitiful response I could manage. 'Don't lie you asshole!' punching me a second time 'I caught you at it a couple of weeks ago. Stroking and coming under the sheets. Did you do my little brother first, or just get yourself off wishing you could suck his dick?'

I didn't answer.

'So now you're sneaking around watching me?' he said. 'NO!' I yelled back. 'Yea, you were watching. Bet you had fun. Bet you think it's too bad it wasn't your mouth I was fucking.'

'What are we going to do Ron?' Jason said, speaking for the first time. 'My dad will kill me if he goes blabbing about us.'

'He's not going to say a word,' turning to me 'are you...Steve. 'No, little Stevie isn't going to say a word because if he does, we'll tell everyone about how he sucked your dick Jason.' 'What?' Jason said. 'Yep,' Ron said. 'He's going to blow you right now. Then, being part of the club and all, he won't dare say a word. You do want to suck off my good friend Jason here, don't you little Stevie? Come here.' Ron pulled me closer, putting an arm around me. 'You're going to be a good little boy and do just what I tell you to do, right?' He ran his hand roughly down the front of my jeans and grabbed my cock. 'Hey, what do you know? His shorts are full of wet and sticky.' He gripped me hard, then ran his hand down my cock to my balls and gave a surprisingly gentle squeeze. I got hard in spite of the fear and anger running through me.

'Getting hard too aren't we little Stevie?' He stroked down to my balls and back up to the head, then rubbed his thumb in the pre-cum and circled my knob with it. I felt weak and scared, but I pushed myself up against his hand. A small noise made its way through my lips.

'There's my little slut.' He as almost purring in my ear. He'd turned so gentle so quickly. 'Get on your knees now. You've been wanting to do this and now it's time.' He pushed down on my shoulder and I dropped to my knees. He went to his knees with me, keeping a hand on my shoulder and a hand wrapped around my cock. 'Get over here Jason. The poor boy needs you badly.'

Jason moved his crotch to within inches of my face, he pulled my head in till there was only denim between my face and his hard cock. 'Lick me,' he said, rubbing himself against me. I put my tongue out and touched the material. 'That's right little boy. Here, let me get this out for you.' He unzipped and let his pants fall. I could feel his hardness through the cotton underwear, I could smell his sweat. Ron stroked me harder and I opened my mouth to wrap it around Jason's cotton covered shaft.

'Told you he wants it. He's fucking hungry for it. I love seeing a little slut at work.' Ron pulled down Jason's tighty whiteys...'In your mouth, now.'

I opened my mouth and felt the smooth hardness press in. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I couldn't believe I had a boy's cock in my mouth. It was so good and so right. I shoved my face forward, wanting it all. The head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged. I pulled back and nearly threw up. They laughed. 'Too fast little slut.' Ron said. 'You think you can swallow it whole first try?' He moved my head back to Jason's cock and I took it in again, slower this time.

'Oh shit,' Jason said. 'That's as sweet a hole as I've ever felt. You're going to have that come you want pretty damn quick.'

'Show a little control Jason! Geeze, ride him for awhile.' 'I can't Ron. Oh shit!' He moved faster, but only for a couple of strokes.

The first spurts of cum filled my mouth. It surprised me, it scared was so damn good!

Jason's knees gave way and he went down, first to his knees and then on to his back. I grabbed at his pants and pulled myself toward his cock, I didn't want it to get away from me. I didn't want to lose the hot sweetness after I'd just found it. I put my mouth around the base of his cock and he spurted again, all over his shirt. I licked the cum from the head of his dick and when there was no more to be had there, I sucked it out of the fabric of his sweaty shirt.

I collapsed on him, nuzzling, licking him, suddenly lost in tastes and smells.

'Natural born, cum loving little cocksucker.' Ron said. 'Hot damn. The little bitch is in heat! Get up and get lost Jason. I need to have a word with my new slut.'

Jason disengaged himself from me, a little reluctantly and I think a little angry. He was getting left out of whatever would come next, and Ron was showing way too much interest in me. He didn't want to end up losing Ron's cock. Even so, he did as he was told, pulled up his pants and shuffled off in the direction of his neighborhood.

'So little like cock sure enough.' I wiped my mouth, sniffed, tried to catch my breath. I looked at Ron and nodded. 'Yea,' Ron said. 'Sure enough. You've still got that hard-on in your pants I see. Pull it out, I want to see it.' I didn't hesitate. Whatever Ron said, I would certainly do. 'Nice! Big for your age too I see. Finish yourself off.' he said.

'What?' I said, not understanding. 'Jerk off. I want to see you jerk off!' The softness was gone from his voice, I stroked hard in response to his command. 'You are my little slut now, you know that don't you?' I Kept stroking. His eyes were holding mine. 'I'm going to have my cock in you more ways than you can imagine little slut. My cock, and every other cock I

can find.' His eyes still holding mine, his voice suddenly going gentle again to say, 'Come for me now.' he said, and I did.

I let fly like I'd never let fly before. I hurt deep in the base of my cock and my ass ached in sympathy. When the shudders subsided, my hand was white with cum and I was sticky from chin to crotch.

'Nice...very nice.' Ron said quietly. 'Be here Friday night at 11.' I nodded. 'That's 11 PM, late, after dark, got it?'

'Yea,' I said 'I'll be here.' 'You damn well better be.' He got up to leave. 'You wait for me here. I don't care how late I am, you wait for me here.'

'Sure Ron, right here, I'll wait for you right here.' I didn't want him to leave...ever. When he did leave, I felt empty and a little lost.

I stripped down to my shorts and went in to the pond. My clothes were filthy, covered in dirt, blood, sweat and cum. I jumped in the cold pond to hide the mess. I'd tell my parents I fell off a log.

Five days till Friday. I nearly tore my dick off every night, thinking of Ron, being his 'little slut.'



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