Friday. Mom already stuck her head in to say goodnight. I was sitting up in bed reading. I told her I wouldn't be up much longer. I could still hear the TV on downstairs. Please God don't let Dad be asleep in front of the TV! I need him to be in bed so I can get out without being caught.

Nine o'clock comes and the TV goes off. I hear him walking up the stairs. He stops at the top, but doesn't come check on me. He used to check every night. I can't decide if he thinks I'm too old for that or if he's just tired of saying goodnight. He seems tired of everything these days. Anyway, tonight's not the night to worry about that sort of thing. I'm going to give him time enough to get to sleep before I go out. Ten-thirty comes and goes. I'm not sure he'll be asleep after only 30 minutes. Ten-forty-five...ok, can't wait any longer.

The window slides up silently since I'd hit it with spray oil earlier in the week. I'm on the roof and the window is closed behind me in under a minute. At the other end of the roof is the old tree I use to save the drop from the roof. I jump and grab a branch with practiced ease. It's a quick climb down and I'm off, running across the street and between the houses, through an empty lot and into the edge of the woods, my woods I think.

I run hard. It's almost 11 and Ron told me to be there on time. My heart races. He told me to be there and I'm going to be there. I am there...but he isn't. Ok, he said to wait. I guess he'll be along in a few minutes. I sit down next to a tree alongside the pond. It's my favorite thinking spot. There's only a sliver of moon and if I didn't know these woods so well, it would have been easy to get lost. No matter. I do know the woods, and I'm waiting where Ron told me to wait.

I can just make out the face of my watch, now that I've been in the dark for awhile. For 45 minutes now, I've been waiting at the tree. Didn't he tell me to wait no matter how long?

Eleven-thirty now, he still isn't here. Maybe he was just playing with me. Maybe he's off somewhere getting sucked off by Jason. That thought makes me very hard Maybe I should just jerk it right here and go home. God it feels good to rub the hardness and think of Ron. I'm remembering sucking Ron's cock...except I never touched Ron's was Jason that spurted in my mouth, nearly drowning me, making me love the taste. I wish it had been Ron. Now maybe I'll never...

'Hey little Stevie!' I hear Ron yelling from the direction of the road. He sounds funny. Why is he yelling? Someone might hear. No, we're too far out. 'Hey Ron!' I half-yell back. 'Here!'

When I see Ron coming toward me in the dark, I see he's walking funny too. 'Ron!' This time in a hissed whisper.

'There's my slut!' Damn, why is he so loud? 'I'm coming for you....' in a sing-song voice. Ron sits down hard on the ground next to me.

'See, 11 PM, just like I promised.' His words are slurred. 'It's almost midnight' I say sheepishly. 'Listen, you going to be my slut or a nag?' His breath smells of beer and something else I can't place. 'Yep, I've been drinking.' Ron slurs. Had a date too. Jennifer Lee, and damn she was hot!

'Ok,' I said. 'Well, you're here now and I'm here, just like you told me to be.' 'You're a good little slut aren't you? Here when I tell you to be, waiting half the fucking night. Heh, you must want it bad! Did you enjoy yourself, sucking Jason off?'

'Yes,' embarrassed and hard again at the recollection. Ron put his arm around me roughly, like I was a buddy. 'So tell me, what part did you like best? His cock down your throat or licking him clean? I got to tell you, that was pretty fucking hot.'

'Neither one of those,' I said, looking down. 'Oh c'mon? Give. I've told you to tell me and you know you have to do what I say. That's the game.'

'The best part,' I started 'The best part was you telling me to come.' 'Well shit, coming always the best part of anything I guess.' Ron said. 'No.' I'm not sure where the courage came from, but I'd thought about this all week, 'Coming wasn't the best part.' 'No?' he said, 'What's better than coming then?'

'I thought about it all week, every night.'

'I bet' he interrupted, 'I bet you whacked every night thinking about it.'

'Yea, I guess I did.' I had a hard time meeting his eyes. I was so hard from being near him. I wanted him to stand in front of me and push me to my knees. I wanted to taste him. 'The best part was you TELLING me to come. I knew it was ok, because you told me to do it. I thought all week of how much I wanted you to tell me to do things to make you hot and to make you come.'

'You talk too much for a slut, you know that.' There wasn't any anger behind those words. 'I'm too fucking drunk for conversation little slut.' The anger was back. 'I fucked Jennifer Lee good and proper tonight. I fucked her hard and the bitch slapped me! She said I was an animal, for fucking like that. She said sex should be sweet and soft. What the fuck does she know?' Ron's eyes looked hard as he ranted about Jennifer Lee. 'For that matter little slut, what the fuck do you know?'

'Nothing I guess.' He was scaring me.

'You damn right you know nothing. Nothing but what I tell you!' He stood. 'You came here to be told right?'

'Yes Ron.' I was still afraid, but my heart was doing that thing again. I got on my knees in front of him. He dropped his pants. He pulled his cock out and put it in my face. 'Put your face here.' He pulled my head forward till my face was buried in the hair around his cock. 'Lick and smell that slut. Yea, never smelled that before have you. That's pussy. That's what a man's dick smells like after fucking a girl.'

I licked him and buried my face deeper, taking in the tastes and smells.

'The bitch. Of course I fucked her hard. How else am I supposed to come with my dick in that nasty thing between her legs? Not my fault.' He put a finger in my mouth, felt my tongue, I sucked. 'Yea, sweet, hot mouth that likes a dick. That's what I need.'

He replaced the finger with cock, playing the head in and out and over my lips, the finally, inside. I reminded myself to go slow. I got him half-way in and felt myself starting to gag. I backed off, breathed, and took him in again. 'There you go. You'll get it all soon. Right now you're going get the cum that bitch Jennifer missed out on.' He began to shove faster and harder, fucking my mouth till I could barely breathe. 'Here it is bitch, here it is!'

His shot was more than I could swallow. I tried to keep it all in my mouth, but just as I got some of the salty cream down, he shot again. I put my hand around the base of his cock to keep it from running down and getting away from me. I drank and swallowed till the explosions ran their course. He pulled himself out and I sat back on my heels, catching my breath. I sat there, watching his half-hard dick, wet with my spit and his cum.

'Fuck yea!' he said between hard breaths. He stumbled a little and caught his balance. 'Fuck yea, I've needed that.' He grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed up to the head, catching the last of the cum on the tips of his fingers. 'You like the taste of mine as much as Jasons?' he asked. I sniffed, still trying to get my breath right. I licked some cum off my hand, to answer him.

'A fourteen year old cum whore. Suits me just fine. I've got a little more for you right here.' He held his hand out, but pulled it back before I could take it in my mouth. 'Mind your manners little Stevie. What do we say when we want something?' He sounded like a parent teaching manners to a child. 'Please?' I said. 'Please what?' he said, 'tell me what you want.' 'Please may I lick your fingers?' I spoke as meekly as possible. He was controlling me again, making me feel so helpless. He put his hand near my mouth. I licked and sucked his fingers clean.

'You know, Jason does pretty much what I tell him, but I don't think he likes it as much as you do. I think you just wanna be a little slave boy don't you? I think I'm going to find out just how good you are at doing what I tell you to do. Go home. I'm too tired to play with you anymore.' He turned to leave, but hesitated. 'Aren't you about due for another sleep over with Chris?' 'Um, it's been a few weeks, I guess.' I said. 'Next weekend,' he said. 'You ask Chris. He's wanting someone to jerk off with I bet. Ask Chris and I'll see you at my house.'



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