He was pulling on my length softly, letting his fingers slide up and down from my base to the tip, twirling one finger around the slit, then sliding back down. I was breathing harder from him motions on me, loving every moment of it. I pulled myself back together and spun around on the bed, burying my face back into his crack, tonguing his hole. He moaned with pleasure at my forcefulness, going deeper with every thrust of my tongue.

I then felt a warmth on me, making me pull away and look down my body. He had swallowed most of me and was bobbing up and down on me, a free hand was tossing my balls back and forth as his mouth slid up and down. I smiled to myself in complete heaven and went back to thrusting into his hole. He moaned on my dick.

He pulled off me after a minute of two, lay his head back, still tossing my balls back and forth. "Turn around." He said softly. "I want you up here." I stopped and pulled away, turning my body around, sliding up next to him. I stroked his face with my hand gently and then kissed him softly. He looked up at me with those doe eyes. "Would you fuck me?"

My heart melted and I grew harder at the thought of his request. "Are you sure?" I asked softly.

"Oh, yes. So sure."

"Have you ever had it done before?"

"No, but, I want you to do it to me. I want you inside of me."

I pulled up his closest leg, sliding on my side behind him, letting his foot rest on my thigh. I gently started with one finger, entering him while I chewed on his neck and ear. I slid my other arm under his head to cradle him, he rested on my bicep. He was moaning with finger going in and out of him, then I slowly introduced the second finger, going slow with it. He moaned even louder. He reached back and dug his fingertips into my hip from the tension.

"I think we should wait." I cautioned into his ear.

"No, fuck no. I love it." He breathed heavy again. "Give me your cock. Put it in me, please."

I slowly pulled my fingers and immediately placed my tip at his entrance, pushing slowly up and in. It slowly broke through his opening, making him claw at the sheets, his head craned back and he moaned louder still, "Oohhhh, god!" he shouted. I waited a minute to let him adjust to me being inside, then felt him relax. I slid in some more, and the moaning returned.

"Breathe easy, baby." I whispered softly. "I'm going to pull out." A hand quickly went to my butt cheek.

"Don't you dare. Give me the rest of it." He gasped, then with clenched teeth, "I want it all. Don't stop."

I responded to his request, even though I thought I was hurting him. I went slowly in further, gradually, trying to give him time. I topped as I had bottomed out, completely filling him with my length. He moaned, as I slowly started to pull back out, then send it back in. He knew I was there all the way. He turned his head, reaching a hand back behind my head, pulling me to his mouth, sending his tongue into my parted lips. I sucked his tongue as he entered, drawing it further into my mouth, now pumping my cock in his ass faster and harder. He made more whimpering sounds than moans. I pulled back, releasing his tongue.

"Like it?" I asked, starting to breath hard myself.

"Oh, fuck, yes. I love it. I want it all the time." He whimpered again as I thrust in harder, "I want you to always fuck me." He was so turning me on with his talk, that and his tight little ass. "Fuckin cum in me. I want to feel you shoot inside me. Yes, yes. Oh, baby, fuck me," making me go faster as he pushed me with his words. "Yes, harder, harder. Pound my ass, fuck yes," he moaned louder, he took a deep breath as I had shifted slightly. I knew that I had hit his prostate. He made a high pitch whining sound as I pounded it over and over. "Oh, oh, oh, I feel it, oh fuck you're gonna make me cummmm..." I felt the pulse from his clamping muscles, constricting on me, and then I felt it in myself. We were shooting together, he was blasting all over the bed and I was sending hot strings inside of him. I kept pumping into him, as I shot the last of my load. His head dropped back on my arm, and he moaned softly.

I slowed my actions in him, he rolled his head and kissed me deeply, cradling my face with one hand, breathing heavy into my mouth. He pulled back, softly breathing into my mouth, looking at me with those soft eyes.

"I didn't even touch myself and I came." He rolld his head, looking at what was covering the sheets, turning back to me, he looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry I made such a mess."

I smiled back at him, then looked over his shoulder. "Not to worry. I love that kind of mess." I slowly let myself drop out of him, and got up from underneath him. I grabbed the sheet and pulled it to me, looking at him, taking the cum spots still glowing on the linen and rubbing them all over my stomach and softened cock. His eyes were wide, as I pushed the sheet aside and slid down next to him, rubbing my cummed self all over his stomach. "I always want your cum." I whispered at his face, kissing him softly. "I don't want it anywhere else but on or in me."

He wrapped his arms around my neck, pulled me forceably to him and kissed me so hard, it took my breath. I melted into him. Our arms were working each other so fast, his hands sliding up and down my back, fingers pushing deeply into my skin, digging across bone, I loved it, him being rough like that, I was growing hard again. He wrapped his legs around my hips, my stiffening cock was sliding up and down in his crack, teasing against his hole. I could feel his cock harden as well, as it crept up between our firm stomachs. I was totally in love at this moment, I had met the man of all of my dreams, as he lay underneath me.

"You are so fucking hot." He gasped as he pulled back. "I am so glad that I am here. I thought that I might have to find somewhere else to stay."

I smiled back at him. "Like I'm gonna let you go anywhere? You are fucking perfect. I have never had anyone make me feel like this before. You, my sweet, are going to be here for a very long, long time."

He smiled and then a tear welled up, it slowly ran out of the corner of his eye, down his temple, disappearing into his short hair. "Oh, that's so good to hear." He whispered. "You don't know what it means to me."

"I think I do." I whispered back, as I wiped the tear trail away. "I love you, too."

His look was that of shock. "You love me, too? How did you know? Was I that obvious?"

I chuckled, kissing his cheek softly. "Yes, and no. There were little things that gave me clues. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high at first, but then it really hit me when you called me, and we went out for coffee. I was so in love with you that night, and really, I think I always will be."

The tears were running freely now out of his eyes. He smiled up at me, tightened his arms around my neck and pulled me back down into a really tight hug. My cock was raging still at his crack, sliding up and down, dry humping him.

"You have made me so happy." He whispered in my ear. "Happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I don't know what took me so long to come to you. From that very first day I saw you, you melted my heart. When they told me that you were going to train me, I went crazy inside. It took every bit of control to keep me from getting hard when I was next to you. Now..."

"Now, you can get hard as much as you like." I finished for him. "I want you to get hard, all the time." I kissed his neck softly. "I want you to get hard as soon as you walk in the door, and stay hard alllll night long."

"Ummm, that sounds so good," as he nuzzled my neck from being kissed. "But, would you do something else for me?"

I pulled back, looking down into his eyes. "Anything."

He had that boyish embarrassed look again. "Would you make me like you?"

I was puzzled. "Make you like me? What?"

"I want to be shaved like you. Down there. It's so fucking hot not to have hair down there."

I smiled at him. It was true, I kept myself shaved or was bald with hair removal treatments. I liked feeling that way, in a way, keeping me young. Alex on the other hand, though smooth skinned or very little hair elsewhere on his body, was very bushy around his groin and his tight little ass.

"Are you sure? I think it's kind of hot with your hair."

"I have never liked it really. Would you clean it off for me?"


"Or later."

I smirked. "Now would be best, as you're hard as a rock, and it's easy to get to." I unfolded myself from around him, getting up off the bed. I pulled at his hand, getting him up as well, leading him into the bathroom. I spread a towel out on the counter for him to lean on, keeping away from the cold tile. He leaned up against the counter, his hard cock, standing up. I knelt down and opened the undersink cabinet to get out my shaving equipment. I saw the thick cock standing up, waiting for attention. I leaned over and licked at his tip. He gasped a breath when I did, making his cock flex with his muscles. I pulled out everything and set it on the counter.

I started running water from the tap, making it really warm, but not hot. I grabbed the cordless clippers and started to remove the larger areas of hair. He put his hands on the counter and spread his legs out. The clumps of hair went to the tile floor, between his feet. I slowly up up the underside of side hard cock, removing all of the hair, as well as over the top of it below his stomach, slowly I worked down his balls, cupping them in one hand. They were shrinking up from the touch and the vibration of the cutting head. He moaned, and ran one hand through the hair on my head as I did it.

I always enjoyed shaving myself, finding it very erotic, watching myself in a mirror, to make sure I got everywhere, but always had problems doing my own ass. Him, I turned him around and went slowly, first on the outside of his cheeks, then slowly to the crack, spreading one cheek at a time, getting as tight as I could. I looked up as his head was craned back over his shoulders as I went over his opening, he was so obviously enjoying it. Once I was done with the trimmer, I shut it off and set it down. He looked into the mirror, down at himself, then back into it at me as I stood up behind him.

It was so hot giving him the haircut, I was leaking out of my raging hardon, dripping on the floor below me. I put my hands on his shoulders and smiled. "What do you think?" I asked.

"It's good. I really like it. But, I want my balls and my ass to be completely bald. Could you do that?"

I almost came right then and there. "Sure." I swallowed hard. "Do you want me to razor you? Or, do you want the hair removal cream?"

He cocked his head slightly. "What's the difference?"

"Shaving lasts for about a week, then starts stubble, that can be uncomfortable in your underwear and pants. The cream, lasts for a few weeks, but can irritate your skin. We have to rinse it of in the shower, using a cloth and warm water."

"What do you do?" he asked softly.

"Well, I use the cream mostly."

"Then, I'll take the cream, please."

I snatched up the can, grinning at him, shaking it furiously, as I knew it had to be done. I tilted it and squirted some in my other hand, then set it down on the counter.

"Spread your legs wider." I said softly. "Once I put it on, it has to set for a few minutes, then we can rinse it off in the shower. It may burn a little, okay?"

He put his hands back on the counter, like he was bracing for an impact of some kind. He nodded his head. I slowly began to dob it aound his balls, covering them fully, careful not to rub them, then around the base of his hard cock. I grabbed the can, squirting some more onto my fingers and liberally spread it into his crack. He moaned at the cool touch of the cream. I had covered him everywhere very liberally, and then sttod up, washing my hands in the sink, then shutting off the tap.

"I may have to have you do this to me, too." I said as I kissed softly on the cheek.

"I would be happy to for you anytime you want." He said softly, then looked down at himself. "It's starting to burn a little."

"That's the chemical pulling the hair folicles out. We need a few more minutes, unless you don't want to do this. If we rinse it off now, it will stop it."

"No!" he almost shouted. "I want it to be gone. I've just never felt anything like this before. It's kind of scary."

I smiled at him. "It really freaked me out the first time, too. I went and paid to be waxed after that. That hurt worse, and cost way more than the cream." He smiled in return at my words. I went and turned on the shower.

I had had the bathroom remodelled some years back. I had the shower widened and lengthened. It could hold really, six people in it. It was all natural stone on the walls, giving it a stack stone look, the floor was like small little river stones, there were two rain heads overhead, and on the far wall, a bank of body sprays. I adjusted the temperature so it wasn't as hot as I always had it, leaving the body sprays off, only the rainheads. I grabbed a fresh wash cloth out of the linen cabinet near the shower and stepped in the open archway. There was a glass wall, looking into the bathroom. Alex watched me as I stepped in and let the water run over me. I ran my hands through my hair and threw my head back. I looked through the wall of glass and smiled at him.

"That should be enough time." I said to him. "Come on in here." I said as I made the wash cloth wet. Alex stepped inside and walked up to me. I knelt down in front of him and began to rinse off the cream with the cloth. Gobs of hair were coming off him onto the cloth. I took the time to rinse the cloth out, dropping the hair clumps on the floor, letting them go down the drain, then moving to the next area. He turned and put his hands on the stone wall, spreading his ass apart by arching his back. My hardon was raging still, leaking out more dripping precum. I rubbed the cloth into his crack, pulling out the hair, rinsing it with the water flowing with the rainhead, directly over us. He was so beautiful, his tight hole in front me, fingers came to each side of his cheeks, spreading them wider for me. I rubbed the cloth again, up and down, all traces of hair had been removed. I leaned in and kissed his opening, it sent chills up and down his spine, making him moan loudly.

I turned him around and inspected his tight balls, making sure that I hadn't missed anything. I traced around the base of his cock with the cloth making sure of that as well. His balls were completely nude now. They were shifting around, going tight and then relaxing. His cock was still a rock, standing up at full attention, his foreskin was even tight. He was absolutely delicious to me. He looked down at me, then reached out and took my hands, pulling me up.

"Thank you so much."

"Believe me, it was totally my pleasure." I said. He turned and grabbed the bar of soap off the stone shelf. He lathered up his hands and began to wash me, me arms, my shoulders, my neck, then my chest. I lefted my arms at his prompting, he washed my pits, taking extra time there, then down my sides, across my stomach, then around my screaming hardon. He cradled my tight balls, and sent a hand underneath them back toward my ass. The rainhead was rinsing me as he went, then down my legs to my feet. He walked around me, washing my back, then my butt, taking a long time, sending his hand up and down in my crack, rubbing my own opening, it was sending me over the edge. He reached around from behind me and wrapped one hand on my hardon, as his cock was now sliding up and down my crack. He was jerking me as he was in rhythm with his sliding. God, I was getting close, so close. I leaned my head back on his shoulder, letting him work me, when I moaned loudly and shot out across the shower, pulse after pulse hit the shower floor, as Alex was chewing on my neck and shoulder.

"I want to fuck you, now. May I?" Alex whispered into my ear.

"I want to try something before you do, and then you can fuck me all day if you want."

"What?" he asked, excited at the thought of fucking all day long.

"Here." I said as I turned away from him. I stepped over to the controls and turned them. The body jets came on. I turned the temperature up a little. I turned back to him, guiding him over to the wall of jets, standing him in front of them. One, I had pointing up at a slight angle, which always pounded my balls. Since we were about the same height, I knew it would be about the same for him. I was right. He moaned as the jet kneaded his tight balls. Another hit him the middle of his chest. He turned with his arms raised, letting it pelt his underarms. I stepped up behind him, my cock now going softer, but still half hard at the sight of him, being blasted by the pulsating jets. I so loved this shower, and now loved it even more, sharing it with him, and his hot little body. I put my hands on his shoulders, sliding them over and down his chest. He leaned back against me with his weight, then rocked up on his tiptoes, letting the lower jet pound under his balls, pulsing at his line that led to his tight ass cheeks. He reached up and wrapped a hand around the back of my neck. I nuzzled in further sucking lightly on his neck.

"Bite me. Fuckin bite me." He said aloud, and I did, making him moan. He was stroking himself using the water running down him. "Again. Keep biting me." I did as he said. "Yeah, oh fuck, keep doing that, yes. Oh, oh, oh." I watched as he shot out, stimulated by the jet, his own stroking, and me chewing on him. "Fuck yes!" he shouted. He continued to jerk through several pulses, hitting the stone wall and jet head, shooting the cum back at him. I was getting hard again watching it all.

I cradled him in arms from behind. "You are so fucking beautiful." I whispered. "Still want to fuck me?" He spun around in my arms, kissing me deeply, then after a long minute, pulling back, looking into my eyes.

"More than you know." His eyes flashed side to side, taking mine in. "But, I'm starving. Let's go out for breakfast, and then I'll take you all day."

I returned the gaze. "No. I'll cook for you here. And you can take me while I do it." I felt his dick flex up into my balls when I said that. Obviously I knew how to excite him.

"Wow. That would be very hot. Me scrambling you as you scramble eggs."

I chuckled, and then let him go. I turned and walked over to the valve at the entrance to the shower, turning it off. I reached out and grabbed a towel, turned and stepped over to him. I dried him off slowly, delicately. I didn't want to rub any parts that had been under the cream of the hair removal. I pat dry him down below. He smiled as I did it, still half hard. I stood and he took the towel from me, drying me off now. He licked at my tip as he rubbed me down low. We stepped out of the shower. He bent down to pick up his shorts. I stopped him, pulling the shorts from his hand, tossing them over my shoulder.

"Fuck the clothes." I said, looking into his eyes. "I want you naked with me all day, all night." His eyes flashed as I turned and walked out of the room, down the hallway, into the kitchen. He sat on a stool at the island, watching me pull things from the fridge for breakfast.

"What is that you're making?" he asked softly, resting his chin in the palm of one hand.

I turned and looked at him. "Something very special. Eggs Benedict."

"I've never had it." He said, and started to get up off the stool. I stopped him by raising a hand.

"You'll like it. Mine is almost better than sex."

He chuckled. "I doubt that." I wiggled my eyebrows up and down at him, then turned and began to cook for him. He sat there and watched me. In my nakedness, he in his. It was absolute magic. I asked him to make some coffee for me, which he cheerfully did. It smelled wonderful as it brewed, while I was cooking. I carefully sliced some fruit and berries together, covered them in yogurt, then plated the Benedict. Alex poured the coffee, and we sat at the island, eating our first breakfast together, lusting after each other with our eyes. I couldn't wait to get done, I was shoveling it down my throat so fast. I had barely sipped half a cup of coffee, when by now, there would be more than half the pot gone by now. I was thinking to myself of what he was going to do to me all day and all night, making my ass dialate, when the doorbell rang. I looked up at the clock on the wall, it was only seven fifteen, on a Sunday. What the Hell?

"Stay here." I said softly. "Probably one of the neighbors looking for their dog." I got off the stool, stepped around to the kitchen doorway. The front door had beveled glass in it. You could always see out, but not in. There was a male figure at the door, obviously not one of the neighbors. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. "I'm gonna go get some shorts on and answer the door." Alex jumped up as we both crossed the kitchen together. The doorbell rang again. Fuck!

I stepped into my cargo shorts I had pulled out earlier, Alex was looking for the ones I had tossed over my shoulder. If I hadn't been in such a hurry, it would have been funny to watch. The doorbell, again. Whoever it was, was going to get a lecture about time of day etiquete. I stormed out of the bedroom, through the hall, into the living room, grabbed the door and threw it open, thinking it was some kind of salesperson, my eyes flew wide open. Holy Mother of God! It was my boss, standing on the front porch. He smiled at me.

"Did I wake you?" He asked.

"Uh, no." I composed myself carefully. "Was having breakfast, actually. Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure, that sounds great." I motioned him in, shutting the door behind him. "Something smells good. What are you cooking?"

"Eggs Benedict." I said flatly. "I have a house guest, whom you know. Have a seat, I'll get the coffee." I walked across the living room, into the kitchen to get coffee, and saw Alex in the hall doorway with a puzzled look on him face. I motioned for him to stay back, as I hand signaled that I was pouring coffee and going back to the living room, he could then return to the island counter. He nodded his head slowly as if he understood my signals. I pourd coffee and walked out back into the living room. I handed Amos his coffee. He smiled up at me. Amos had been here several times over the years of working for his company. He always confided in me with different business related issues, and I thought that was why he was here now. But, really, bad timing! My ass was really crawling, waiting to be filled by what awaited in the next room.

"So, who's your house guest? You said I knew him."

"Yes. Alex. You know, little Alex. I trained him."

The light bulb went on with Amos. "Ohhh. Really? Is he okay? You never take anyone in."

"Yes, he's fine. Needed a place to stay and, well, I have all this room. So, Amos, what brings you to me on a Sunday morning?"

"I want to talk to you, in private, away from the company." Amos set his coffee down, and put his hands together. "I've been thinking about this for a long time now. You have been with me for so long, that I can't really count the years. It's time I made you an offer. One I hope you'll consider." I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I want you to become a partner in the company. It is more like a management thing, which you do anyway, but, it will give you an office, different responsibilties, and more money, of course."

"Why now?" I asked flatly. "There has to be a reason, why now, why not a few years ago?"

"I'm not trying to make you mad or anything. You're right, I should have offered it to you a long time ago, but, truth is, I just couldn't let go of control. And now, it has been forced on me." I looked at him with a puzzled look. "I saw my doctor three days ago. He has told me that if I don't slow down, get some help, take it easier, I'll probably be dead in less than a year. My heart." He dropped his head. "I can't let Mary and the kids down by dropping over dead. My first grandchild is on the way in the next few months. I would really like to be there." He looked back up at me. I was almost speechless.

"I don't know what to say?"

"You could say, yes."

"Alright. We can finalize details tomorrow if you'ld like." He looked at me with questionable eyes. "It would be a yes. If that puts your mind at ease."

Amos stood up, reaching out his hand. I took it in response, shaking it. "Yes, it does put my mind at ease, very much. Mary will be so happy, thank you. Sorry to bother you on a day off."

I escorted him to the door, opening it. "It's not a bother. Glad I could help, you know that. Give my best to Mary, Amos."

"I will, thanks again. I'll see you tomorrow." Amos turned and went down the steps. I watched him get into his car and drive away, when I closed the door. I turned around to see Alex, leaning in the kitchen doorway, smiling his famous smile at me.

"The boss, huh? Anybody else at work know where you live?"

"A few, actually. They've never shown up before, but that might change now. So, let's finish breakfast, shall we?" I asked as I retreived my coffee cup and the one for Amos. I walked by Alex, my hands full, but wanting to tweek one of his naked cheeks. I set the cups down on the island and returned to my stool. Alex came up behind me, bending down slightly, kissing the back of my neck, then returning to his own stool.

"Whatever you want, boss." He said with a smirk. I looked back at him, just staring.

"You are so fucking hot. Screw breakfast. Come on, you're gonna fuck me all day, remember?"

"Whatever you say, boss." Another smirk as I took his hand, and led him toward the hall.



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