I work for a very large service company. We visit customers homes and help with their subscribed services. You meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life in this business. I never get tired of it, or the people. Being older, I guess has tempered me and my outlook, as I usually find the good in people that I deal with. I have learned over the years to treat people fairly, give them the proper respect, and things will go well for you.

Coworkers are a little different. They too come from all walks of life. Some of them are in tune with what we do, but then there are those that are just here to fill their time and collect a check. It saddens me sometimes to see it, especially when we are dealing with the general public. Their attitude directly reflects back on the company, in the customers mind.

Now, being older, and having a greater amount of experience, I get to train these "youngsters". The training process is one on one, and I try to pass along my personal philosophy to each and every one of them. Most are receptive to it, some retain it, a few just ignore it. I guess you can't win them all, and that's what makes us human, I suppose.

I had ocassion to work with one person in the recent past. He is very sweet and very conscientious in what he does, and listens to what I tell him in my teachings. He always has a smile on his young face, and nothing seems to ruffle him. He has become my favorite "pupil".

We were working together one day at a house. He was his usual smiling self. The lady we were helping out even said something about it to me when we happened to alone for a moment. I smiled back at her and said that I was pleased with him. Later on, in the call, I noticed the way he watched me. I try to never get my hopes up, and have a rule about seeing or dating coworkers, but he would be an exception to that rule. I know that he is involved with someone, from his conversations with me. But, the way he looks at me, gives me mixed signals. My gaydar has never really been any good, it makes me laugh to myself.

We were packing up tools and supplies in the back of the truck. It has a shell over the bed, and unless youre a midget, you can't stand up in the bed. He was crawling up to the front, moving supplies forward, along with some tools. I couldn't help but notice his tight little butt in his low cut jeans. It seemed to me that he was doing his best to show it to me, as there was a couple of times that there were exaggerated moves to show it off. All I could do was lick my lips and raise my eyebrows. Once we were packed, he crawled out of the bed and stood next to me. He patted my shoulder and smiled. I looked over at him and smiled back, telling him, "good job".

As we had exchanged numbers, a point that I make with all of them, in case something happens and they need to get ahold of someone with the company. My phone rang one evening, it was him. He asked what I was doing, and said he just wanted to talk. We chatted for a while, as we hadn't seen each other for a while. He had gone out on his own by now, handling service calls by himself, and was doing fine. I had been keeping track of him. It was good to hear from him. He asked me if I wanted to go out for coffee some time, as he knew my weakness. I said sure, whenever he wanted, just let me know.

The phone rang about a week later. The soft voice on the other end asked if I wanted to meet at a coffee shop/bakery in town. I said sure, when. He said now was a good time. I laughed and said I would meet him in a half hour. He said he would see me there.

Once there, I found him waiting in a booth and slid in across from him. The server came up and looked at me with a smile. I smiled up at her, saying "just coffee, thanks". I turned my attention to him and asked the typical questions, how are you, how are things, etc... I got the typical responses, fine, ok. But, I could tell that there was something wrong. I pressed a little further, in a tactful way. And then I really looked into those deep brown, doe eyes. They were soft and glistened, like he was holding back tears. He looked down at his folded hands, as my coffee arrived. I smiled up at her my thanks, she turned and walked away. He began to pour out his heart to me, slowly at first.

Things weren't going well at home, with his lady. Apparently, there was some baggage from a previous relationship on her side, a couple of little ones. He was confused about what to do, as the father of the kids was still in the picture. It was causing some issues between them. I listened to every word, but kept my mouth shut. He kept talking, really just to get it off his chest, but, I was getting the impression that he waiting for me to cut in and say something. I just couldn't. I mean I was only getting it from his one side, not knowing her or seeing what was going on. Maybe the father had a point or maybe she was just trying to stir it up, I just didn't know, nor did I want to know the other side.

I sipped at my coffee, listenening, he kept going the entire time. Finally, he came to the end. I watched his face as he was starting to feel better mentally, I could actually see a change in his eyes. I felt a stir in my crotch. I received a refill from the girl, smiling again. I turned the cup in my fingers as it rested on the table, thinking of what to say. I looked up at him, and smiled briefly. He sat there, waiting. I told him that I really didn't know what to say, but asked, "what do you want to do about it?"

The tears began, rolling gently out of his eyes, down his cheek. I was screaming inside to hold him. He told me that he didn't know what to do. I shrugged and said basically, if it bothers you that much, tell her how you feel, and that you don't want to be around when he comes by, and if it causes problems, you could always leave. His eyes flew wide open.

"Where would I go? I can't afford a place by myself right now."

I leaned forward, put a hand gently on his, "If you need a place to stay, I have plenty of rooms in the big old house I live in. Now, this is only if that's what you want to do, and leave her."

He smiled. Relief came over his expressions. The tears stopped. I think I was in trouble at that moment. I knew I'd been had right then and there. He was looking for an escape route and I just handed it to him on a silver platter, sometimes I'm an idiot. So many thoughts were going through my mind at that moment.

The server showed up and deposited the check on the table. Again I smiled at her and reached for my wallet. He tried, but I just looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He had learned by now, the look, and stopped, not even trying to argue. I threw out a bill and slid it to the edge.

"Are you hungry," I said, looking around the little shop, "for something other than pastry?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, with that look that was almost playful.

I sighed softly to myself. "Would you like to have dinner?"

"Thanks, but I can't." He looked down at his hands again, folded on the table. "I have to get back." He looked back up at me. "Thanks for listening, it means a lot."

I slid out of the booth and stood, he slid out as well. We looked into each others eyes. I leaned closer. "Remember what I said. Door is always open." He leaned in the rest of the way and gave me a quick hug in thanks. I patted his shoulder. We walked out of the shop together to the parking lot. His car was at the closer end, mine was further down the way. We said our goodbyes, and I swear I could feel his eyes on me as I walked away.

A few days went by without hearing anything from him, and to be honest I had let that day go out of my mind. It was my day off. I had mowed the lawns in the morning, and was out back doing some weeding in the planter beds, when I heard the bell at the front door. I stopped what I was doing, brushed off my hands and walked up the back steps, through the house to the front door. The door was open, with the screen closed to get the breeze through the old house. I saw a figure, turned away from the door, the sun was behind him, shadowing him. I couldn't make out who it was as I walked up to the door. I unlatched the screen and opened it. The figure turned. My eyes flew open.

"Alex!" I said in surprise. "How did you get my address?"

He was smiling his usual smile. "You told me where it was, once." He looked over his shoulder, toward the street. "It's not easy to miss your Jeep."

"Well, come in, come in." I said as I opened the door wider for him. He stepped past me through the doorway. I noticed him looking down at my short shorts. I smiled to myself.

I walked toward the kitchen, passing him. "Would you like something to drink?" I asked looking at the clock on the wall. "Oh, look at the time. It's five o-clock somewhere." I turned back to look at him. He was following me into the kitchen. "It's a little warm today. I feel like a margarita." I clapped my hands together and then rubbed them. "How about it?"

"Sure." He replied.

"What's wrong?" I asked, noticing he was looking me up and down.

"Nothing. It's just that I never seen you in anything but work clothes."

I looked down at myself and then back at him. "Sorry, day off. Doesn't scare you I hope?"

"No." he answered, clearing his throat a little. "I didn't realize how built you are. The work clothes hide it."

"Sorry. Was doing yard work all day. I'll go change real quick."

He stopped me with a hand to my wrist. "You're fine, really." Again with that smile of his, but with a boyish look now. My heart melted at the doe eyes. "Margaritas sound great." He said as he left me go slowly.

I got busy making the pitcher, salted the glasses, and then poured. Handing him a glass, we touched them together. I smiled and then sipped, watching him take a drink, a long drink. My eyes widened.

"I like the shirt." He said over the top of his glass. It was a sleeveless open sided ragged tee. The print on the front was all faded out, and you couldn't even read it anymore.

"Thanks, it's the best in my collection." I smiled back.

"Why wear anything at all?"

"Don't want to shock the little old lady next door. She watches me like a hawk as it is. I try not give the neighbors much to talk about." I paused for a moment. "What brings you here?"

He just about emptied his glass. I picked up the pitcher and refilled his glass. He stared at it for a moment and then at me. "This is pretty powerful. I probably shouldn't. But, it tastes really good."

"I'm known for them. So, what's up?"

"I was wondering, does your offer still stand?"

"My offer?" I asked, trying to be bewildered. His expression dropped. I had him, in the palm of my hand. "Oh, the other night." Acting like the light bulb just went on.

"Yes." He said softly.

"Follow me." I said as I walked out of the kitchen, down through the hallway. I opened the first door and swung it open. He looked in as I continued down the hallway to the next door, opening that and swinging it open. I leaned against the doorjamb as he walked up. "Either one is yours."

"They are both so beautiful." He said, looking around in the second room. "Where's yours?" he asked, slowly looking at me.

I smiled back, and turned. I walked to the last door, turned the knob and swung the door open. He stopped at the doorway and just looked in. "Wow." He said softly. I walked back toward the bedrooms, I stopped in the hall, turned and watched him walk toward me. He stopped at the doorway closest to my room.

"Bathroom is between both bedrooms. Plenty of towels in the cabinet. I have a cleaning lady come in once a week. She takes care of things for me, except dishes and laundry. Groceries are no problem, I cook, and cook well."

He was just standing there, staring at me. I widened my eyes, as if to say, "well?"

"This is so nice. God, I hope I don't mess it up."

I chuckled, then took a drink from my glass. "Don't worry, if you do, you'll take care of it. So, when were you thinking?" He started to say something, but couldn't, he just stared. "I'll take that as a, 'now.' " He dropped his head. I put an arm around his shoulder and turned him out of the doorway. We walked that way down the hall, turning into the kitchen. I let him go and walked over to the pitcher and refilled my glass. "Well, I guess you can have another one of these." He smiled at me. "Do you have everything with you?" He nodded his head in reply. I refilled his glass. "Go get your stuff whenever you're ready. There's clean sheets on both beds. She changes them regularly, whether they're used or not." I shook my head, thinking about it. "It's almost like living in a hotel. Okay, you go get your stuff, I'll start dinner." I turned and set my glass down on the counter. I turned back, he was standing right there. He put his arms around my neck, kissed my cheek and hugged me, tightly. My God, he felt so good. I hugged him back with only one arm, resisting the urge to throw him to the floor and ravage him.

"Thank you. You don't know what this means to me." He whispered in my ear.

"I think I do." I whispered back. "And, you're welcome."

We let each other go, he turned around and headed toward the front door. I watched that cute little butt all the way to the door. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Dinner, have to do dinner, I told myself. I started to get busy after I washed up. Soon, I was into prep mode, and dinner was well underway.

Alex walked in with a suitcase and a duffel bag over his shoulder. I leaned back from the counter and looked through the kitchen doorway. I smiled to myself. "Dressers are empty in both rooms and each closet has hangers in them. Pick which ever one you like. Dinner will be ready in a while."

Alex stepped up behind me, he looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing. "God, that smells so good. What is it?"

I looked back over my shoulder at him, "Stuffed sweet peppers, rice, with couscus. I made a bean salad yesterday that should be marinated enough by now. Steamed brocolli." I turned rather than kinking my neck, "Is that enough? Or would like something else?"

Again, another hug, although the duffel was hindering, and all I got was one arm around my neck. I settled for it, and returned it one armed as well. Another kiss, this time behind my ear on my neck. It sent my to the ceiling, I definitely felt a stirring in my shorts.

"It's perfect, thank you." He whispered in my ear, making me smile.

"It's no problem. I love to cook." I whispered back. He let go, turned, and I watched him walk to the hallway. I watched until he was out of sight. I wasn't sure which room he chose, and, really it didn't matter, as long as he was comfortable.

Alex returned in a bit, changed from the clothes he was wearing, into sorts and a half shirt, which was so sexy. It came to just above his six pack abs, showing his naturally tanned skin, from his latin descent. The shorts were longer than mine, since mine had probably gone out of style in the 80's, but they were tight at the waist and went down to mid-thigh. He had little, if no hair on his legs, with his bare feet. I smiled at the look, being hot and sexy. His hair was a little ruffled and out of place, I loved it, it almost looked like bed hair.

"Ready for dinner?" I asked, breaking my stare.

"Can I help?"

"Absolutely. You can get some plates out of the cabinet there. I need one for the peppers, please." I said as I bent over, opening the oven door. I didn't hear any chinking sounds from the plates being pulled out.


I turned my head and looked back, still bent over in front of the oven. I had pot holders in my hands, sliding out the tray holding the peppers. "What?" A smile was out of the corner of his mouth.

"Your shorts. Nice."

I stood up and set the tray ontop of the stove, closing the oven door. "Thanks for noticing my ass." He looked shocked.

"No, I was..."

I turned and smiled at him. "It's okay. Better you than the little old lady next door." I reached past him into the cabinet and pulled out a plate. I picked up each of the peppers and placed them, then drained the steamed broccoli, placed it on the plate next to the peppers. Alex pulled himself together and got a couple of plates out and followed me out of the kitchen. We set up the table quickly. I grabbed the salad, and the pitcher of margaritas, set them on the table. I motioned Alex to the table. He sat as I grabbed silverware and our glasses. We ate with no conversation at all, I knew that would come later, when he was ready.

With dinner over, we cleaned up, rinsing dishes, and placing them in the dishwasher. We had polished off the pitcher and both of us were feeling it, too much tequilla. My head was doing a little spin, probably from too much sun, I thought. Dishes finished, I was drying my hands at the sink, and turned around. Alex had his hands on the counter, his head hanging down.

"You okay?" I asked softly.

"Yeah. Just not used to that much drinking."

"Guess I made them a little strong, sorry." He lifted his head and looked at me as I spoke. "Let me help you to your room." I said as I scooped up one arm and threw it over my shoulder. We walked across the kitchen toward the hallway, turned and walked down the hall. "Which one?" I asked.

He pointed toward the last door, closest to my room. I reached the door, turned the knob and pushed it open. His suitcase was on the floor at the foot of the bed, and the duffel was at the closet door. We crossed the room and reached the bed. I turned him, removing his arm from my shoulder, and sat him down on the bed. I pulled the covers back, fluffed the pillows.

"You gonna sleep in your shorts?" I asked, steadying him.

"No, I sleep naked." He replied, looking up at me. I looked down at his shorts and could see his bulge in them. I bit the inside of my bottom lip, and shook my head softly.

"Stand up. Let me help you with those." I said helping him to his feet. He chuckled. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." He slurred slightly.

"Well, at this point, I'm gonna see it anyway. You can see mine later." I said as I put my thumbs into his waistband at each hip, and pushed down. The shorts dropped to the floor, he had no underwear on. I sat him back on the edge of the bed and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, his arms were like jello. I dropped his shirt on the floor next to the bed, ontop of the shorts. I got his legs, and swung them up onto the bed, laying him out. I covered him up, and went to turn off the lamp next to the bed. I looked over at him, as he reached out and pulled me to him. The hug came again. I waited for the kiss on my neck, but it was different this time, he was sucking on my neck this time. I gently pulled away.

The covers pulled back by his hand. He was exposed down to one hip. God, he was beautiful. I felt my shorts starting to argue against my stiffening cock. I leaned down as he rose to meet me, one arm going over my shoulder. I kissed him on the forehead.

"Lay down, now. Take it easy."

"Wont you lay with me?" he asked in that boyish voice.

"Not now. I have to go lock up the house. Lay back and relax. I'll come back and check on you in a bit."

"Okay." He said softly, collapsing on the pillows. I smirked to myself, yeah, he'll be out in a minute, probably before I get to the door. I had the door knob in my hand, turned and looked back at the bed. I was right, he was out like the light. I shook my head as I closed the door behind me.

I went back into the kitchen, finished up in there, went into the living room and walked to the front door. I shut it and locked it. I thought I would have to find the spare key for him. I wondered where I had put it, had to think about that one. I started to turn off lights as I was leaving rooms, working my way to the hall. Switching off the kitchen light, and into the hallway, I stopped at Alex's door and listened. Not, hearing anything, I went into my room and shut the door. I walked into my bathroom and started the shower. I sighed out loud as I stepped in onto the cool tile, letting the water run over me. There was too much to think about with all of this. I settled on resolving everything tomorrow. I finally shut the water off, dried myself and walked into the bedroom. I pulled back the covers, fluffed up the pillows and climbed in. I turned off the lamp and closed my eyes.

The morning came. It was my custom to rise around five, before the sunrise. I have always loved the morning, and all that it brings. Clean, fresh air and the scents of things growing, the dew and its moisture in the air, birds always singing their best, and the first smell of coffee. Yeah, my favorite time of day. I threw back the covers and swung out of bed. I stretched my arms, yawning, my feet on the floor. I stood up and walked over to the dresser. I opened the bottom drawer and reached in for a pair of shorts. Something wasn't quite right. I turned my head to the left and saw the bedroom door open. Alex was standing there, in his sorts from the night before, smiling, but looking a little peaked. I smiled in return.

"Wow, you are built." He said softly.

I grabbed a pair of cargo shorts and stood up. I used a foot to close the drawer. I was staring right at him the whole time. He was looking me up and down. He obviously liked what he saw, as I could clearly see his bulge growing in his shorts.

"You're up awfully early." I began, "What's up, besides you?" I asked, pointing toward his growing bulge. He looked down, and then back at me.

"I have today off." He said, as he crossed the room toward me, stopping in front of me. I looked down and saw his bulge had began to tent out the front of his shorts. He reached up and ran his fingers over my right nipple. I sighed softly at the touch. "I was thinking, maybe we could get a let start this morning. There's so much I want to tell you." He said softly, as I felt something else touch me, down low. I looked down and saw fingers from his other hand fingering around the head of my cock, which was starting to stand outward on its own.

"I would love to have you crawl into this bed with me and let me ravage your body," I whistled through clenched teeth, "but, I don't want to ruin what has just gotten started."

I moaned as I felt his hand gently stroking my length. I looked into his eyes and threw all reason away at that moment. I reached out and grabbed him , pulling him to me. My mouth open and my tongue forced through his pursed lips, forcing his mouth open. I ran my tongue in, over the top of his toward the back of his throat, making him moan in my mouth. My hands slid around to his back, pulling him into me. I was sliding them up and down his back, then slid one into the waistband of his shorts, down into his tight little crack. I could feel him melting into my pressure against him. Our cocks were rubbing against each other as I pressed into him, and then I found the magic with one finger. He moaned loudly as I touched his entrance. I pressed further, gently, making him moan deeper in my mouth, still tonguing his mouth furiously.

His hands were free and were rubbing up and down my sides and back. He was still moaning as I probed further into his opening. He pulled his face back to get breath, tipping his face toward the ceiling.

"Oh, fuck, yes." He moaned, "Take my ass, yes, please take my ass." And take it I did, running my finger in further into his hole. He spread his legs out a little more, trying to give me better access.

"Let's get these off you." I whispered into his ear, turning him, pulling my hand out of his waistband. I did the thumb trick again, like last night, forcing the shorts down. They hung up on his hardon. I slowly worked the band over it, making his cock spring back, slapping his stomach. He pulled away from me, and got to the edge of the bed and sat down, he lay back, lifting his legs up into the air. I dove in quickly. My tongue hit his hole as my hands hit his cheeks, spreading them. He moaned loudly from the entry. I had dreamed of this, but, never thought I would be here ever. I was so happy at this moment, but also terrified at the consequenses. I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper. He was rolling his head side to side on the bed, obviously loving every moment of what was happening to him. I slowly pulled my tongue out, and stood over him. His eyes were glassy.

"Come here. I want to taste myself." He whispered. I bent down, laying on him. He hungrily swallowed my tongue, giving me a very passionate kiss, his hands on each side of my face, holding me tight. I was truly in heaven at this moment. He pulled back the voracious tongue and pushed my face back.

"I want to taste you." He said softly.

I smiled. "What do you want to taste?"

He returned the smile. "This." One word was all his said, as his fingers were wrapped around my cock, slowly dry stroking me. The feeling was so good, and I wanted to cum so bad, but not yet.



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