"We got invited to That party, Hayden!" Justin yelled as he ran to his boyfriend. "what party?" he asked quizzically. "only the most popular party of the year, Babe. Tyler Hale's party?!"

"NO WAY!!" Hayden yelled. He has never been invited to one of Tyler Hale's parties, so this was a first for him. Ever since Hayden told Derek about he and Justin, it seems like Derek has been avoiding him. "did I break his heart?" he thought. "I couldn't have. He's way too hot to go unnoticed. He took Justin's hand and walked him home after school. "hey, forget going home, why don't you come to my house?" Hayden asked. "I thought your dad was a homophobe?" 

"oh he is, but my parents are down on Cape Huron for the weekend. We can be..." he said pulling his lover close to him. "...alone." he finished. He could help but notice Justin blush. He laid a small kiss and walked him back to his house; holding hands the whole way. Hayden pushed open the old wooden door to his house as it creaked, leading to a completely empty house. Hayden shut the door and looked deeply into Justin's eyes. He wrapped his arms around Justin's waist and pulled him in for a kiss. Hayden felt so in love with this boy, but he likes to take things slowly and romantically when it comes to sex. Justin was definitely more of an aggressive one. Justin forced his lips on him; savoring the taste of his lovers lips. 

Justin hoisted Hayden's shirt off and threw it down onto the floor. Justin examined his lover. "not a single flaw..." he thought. "what's wrong?" Hayden said noticing his lovers discomfort. "your body... It's flawless..." he said sort of in a depressive state. Hayden tried to get Justin's shirt off, but his lover refused to. "babe, I'm sure you have a fantastic body. Just take your shirt off..." he patiently said. Justin just shook his head; he didn't want Hayden to see his scars. "c'mon, baby... It's ok." Hayden said. Justin felt very self-conscious about his scars. When he was younger, and after his mom died, his father went into a deep depression and started drinking. He couldn't hold a job, so they were pretty poor for most of their lives, and Justin hated it. But, Justin knew that his lover wouldn't judge him, so he took off his shirt. He watches Hayden's eyes trace over his scarred body, and he knew that his lover was feeling his pain. There was no doubt that Justin had a pretty nice body, and Hayden liked the rough look that Justin's scars gave him, but his curiosity got the better of him. "how did you get these?" he asked. He looked into Justin's adorable eyes and saw nothing but pain, and sorrow. 

Hayden put a hand on his lovers knee. "when I was 9, my mom died in a car accident, and my dad started drinking, and couldn't hold a job. So, he... H-he...." Justin stammered as he wept. "did he... Touch you?" Hayden asked delicately. "n-no... But he saw me as a way to make money... So he brought his drinking buddies over and... M-made me do things... He would sometimes make $1,200 off of me in one night...."he cried. "and if I misbehaved, h-he would beat me and.... w-whip me." he said looking down to the floor. Hayden was mortified. How could something that terrible happen to the sweetest person in the whole school? But, with this new information, Hayden decided not to go any further sexually with Justin until he's ready, so he slipped on his shirt and sat on the couch next to Justin; holding him as he cried. "it's ok now... You never need to see that monster again." he whispered into Justin's ear. 


Justin and Hayden walked up to the Hale estate near Washington Beach holding hands. They presented their invitations to the bouncers and headed in. Music was thumping, people were dancing and yelling, there was a beer pong tournament going on in the loving room, and the dance floor was filled with people. The two boys walked up to Tyler who was behind his parents bar. "hey Hayden! 'sup Justin?" he asked. "hey Ty... Listen, my BF here has had a rough day, do you have anything to help with that?" he asked. Tyler smiled and reached for a red cup and poured some Smirnoff vodka into it. "I don't drink... Sorry..." he shyly said. "c'mon, just one?" Tyler asked. Justin couldn't argue the fact that he needed a drink, but he just feels so out of place doing it. Reluctantly, be took the cup and drank all of the clear liquid. It burned like hell! "got anything to chase with it?" Hayden asked. Tyler handed a cup of soda to Justin and watched him gulp it down. 

Hayden walked over to Justin who was already feeling the affects of it and sat him down. "y-y'know, I love you. I-I really do... Your like so nice to me... I don't deserve a person like y-you..." he cried. Hayden just listened; he knew that this was the best thing for Justin, to let it all out. "I-I didn't ask to be molested.... I-I loved my dad... Why did he d-drink? Am I a b-bad son for hurting him?" he asked. "what do you mean?" Hayden asked. "after his friends hurt me... I grabbed a knife a-and s-stabbed him." he said looking at his boyfriend. "you did what you needed to do to protect yourself... Remember that." Hayden said kissing his beloved Justin. 

Hayden could see Justin's cock stiffen and start to grow inch by inch. Justin is horny. He jumped up, fixed his hard on and walked around looking for a good looking boy to suck off. He walked up to Chris Yeager, a guy who was 6' 3" and 200 lbs of gorgeous muscle. "hey big boy." Justin said totally drunk. "hey look, it's the faggot." he joked. "a faggot that can suck better dick than your broad can." he said gesturing to Sonya Monroe, Chris' girlfriend. 

Chris grew furious, and Hayden stepped in. "sorry Chris, he's a little drunk." he laughed. Hayden could tell that hunky Chris was horny primarily due to the anaconda stirring in his pants. Hayden walked back to the couch; "alright... Now that we know what goes-- Justin?" Justin was gone, so was Chris. Justin must be relapsing into what he used to do. Hayden needs to find him, and very quickly.    


Aaron Heights



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