After his attack, Hayden knew that he needed a way to defend himself, so he will learn how to box. He searches the Internet for hours; scanning google for boxing training schools. He found one and wrote down the address. After he wrote it down, he thought he should get some much needed sleep, so he turned off his computer, and laid down on his bed. Sleep was coming and he soon drifted off. But, even in his dreams, he is haunted by the bullies Rusty and Jason. He tossed and turned; pleading with them not to hurt him. "please..." he whispered in his sleep. His dreams haunted him with sights of him being beaten to death, picked on, and humiliated filled his already abused mind. Hayden had never experienced bullying like this before, and he won't let this happen to anyone else. "Justin!!!" he screamed as he woke up alone in his cool, dimly lit bedroom. Hayden rolled his eyes in defeat. His feelings have won, and now he needs to accept it. He remained awake until it was time to go to school.


Hayden meandered down the hallways, looking exhausted as ever, he slowly made his way over to his locker and opened it. He selected the books he needed and closed the door with a thud. Justin hid behind him. Hayden gasped in surprise. "stop doing that!" he said catching his breath. Justin flashed his signature smile. "how are you this morning, Hayden?"

"tired." he answered simply.

"did you have a nightmare?" Hayden tenses up a little when Justin asked him that. "n-no."

"what was it about?"

"things..." Hayden answered shyly as he walked down the hallway. "ok, well I gotta go to class, see you later, Hayden." he said as he gave him a peck on the cheek before heading to class. 

Hayden didn't know what to make of it, but it sure made him feel good. What was it? Love? did he love Justin? Hayden turned the corner as the people started to thin out, and there stood Jason. "hey, Miller. Hows your Butt-buddy Justin? Going to meet him for man sex?" he laughed. "no... I'm going to class." Hayden said trying to get by; Jason wouldn't budge. He pushed Hayden up against the wall and looked him in the eye. "do you like it up the ass, Miller?" he boldly asked. Hayden was seriously offended. "no!" he said forcefully. "I know what kind of boy you are, Hayden. 

Probably nothing more than a sleazy rent-boy." he laughed. "you want me, Hayden?" he asked. There was no doubt, Jason was a very attractive guy, but Hayden doesn't feel anything for him due to his passion for hurting people. Jason inched closer; their bodies almost touching. "get away from me!" Hayden yelled. Jason answers him with a forceful kiss. Hayden struggled to get free, but to no avail. He felt a hand on his crotch; "Jason's groping me!!" Hayden thought. 

He jumped a little when he felt his strong hand on his cock, and his cock was starting to harden. "woah... What do we got in here?" he said as he felt the smaller boy up. He knew that Hayden wanted him, and he knew that it's only a matter of time when Hayden's pretty lips are fully engulfing his 7 incher he was hiding in his pants. Jason was much stronger than Hayden, so when he tried to get free a second time, Jason stapled him to the wall harder. "where you going? We aren't done!" he hollered. "yes...we...ARE!" he said as he pushed Jason off with his left leg. This broke his grip long enough for Hayden to escape. "big mistake, Miller!" Jason screamed from behind as Hayden walked quickly to class. He would have dealt with the bullying, but as soon as Jason laid a hand on his body, Hayden will take him down.


After the hellacious math class, Hayden met up with Justin in the hallway. Hayden couldn't explain it, but he had this feeling when he was around him; it was so hard to explain. He gets butterflies in his stomach, his heart races, he can't even bear the thought of losing him, and he just met him! Was he falling in love with....? "hey, stranger." Justin said flashing his cute smile again. "H-Hey..." he answered shyly. "how are you, baby?" he asked. "um.... I'm ok. H-how about you... Uh... Babe?" he asked nervously. Justin giggled. "your so cute when you do that, Hay'. Hayden couldn't help but smile. Justin backed Hayden against a wall and put his right arm over Hayden's head; leaning on the wall and staring into Hayden's blue eyes. Hayden got lost in Justin's eyes too.

 All of his pain, and sleepless nights, vanished. For once, Hayden was happy to be gay, because he never would have felt what he was feeling with Justin. Hayden decided to take a risky move, so, he reached out his hands and gently rested them on Justin's hips. He then wanted to go one level higher, so he pulled Justin close, and laid a kiss on him. Electricity flowed down Hayden's spine with every return of the kiss. Hayden's heart was racing a mile a minute; he had never felt this before, but he knew he liked it. "ewwww! Get a room faggots!" some kid hollered. "dude, shut up!" his friend must've said. 

Hayden wanted to stop them from calling him names, but kissing justin was so much better. Justin broke it off. "your a good kisser." he whispered. "y-you too." Hayden replied. Hayden was just so excited; He had never experienced something like this, and he knew that he will grow to like kissing Justin. The two boys smiled at each other, and held hands as they walked to lunch. Hayden was a little worried though. He wasn't worried about his own safety, but rather the safety of his boyfriend. Justin isn't as tough as Hayden mentally, and That scares him. As they walked down the halls, judging grabbed the side of his head. Hayden notices a book on the floor and a boy laughing. Hayden got angry; he was going to kill this mother-fucker. But, when he started walking towards him, he felt a hand on his arm. He looked behind him and saw Justin saying something with his eyes. Hayden knew now that fighting wasn't the way. Hayden glares at the boy one more time and takes Justin to the nurse's office. They give him an ice pack and they continue down to lunch. They found a table, and sat down across from each other. "are you ok?" Hayden asked concerned about his boyfriend's health. "yeah, I'm ok Hayden. You dont need to worry." he said as he left to go get some lunch.

 Hayden wasn't hungry; too many things were going through his mind right now, that he can't focus on anything other than Justin. Soon, Derek and Blake sat down as well at the table, just as Justin came back over. Justin sat to the right of his boyfriend, and placed a hand on one of his lean legs. Hayden smiled. "oh, intro! So, Justin, this is my best friend Blake, and this is Derek, another member of our group. Guys, this is Justin...  M-my... Boyfriend." Hayden said shyly. "that's great bro!" Blake answered. "yeah... Great!" Derek said looking at the tray of food. What was he thinking about?


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